Chapter 40
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|3rd POV|

Jullian and his men quickly jumped down the wall. They take their shield and spear from the ground and quickly make a formation.

"Shield! Brace for impact!"

Jullian is the first one to take action. He raises his shield and blocks the cyclops' attack. Julian feels his body shake at the impact, but he stands tall. He pushes the club away and sees the cyclops fall to the ground.

He jumps high and swings his sword. Jullian grits his teeth as he pushes his sword deeper into the cyclops' brain. The monster thrashes around for a few seconds before it finally stops moving, dead.

"Let's show them the power of Fenrir!"


The Fenrir shouts their battle cry and moves as one. The one holding the shield is the one getting the monsters' attention, and the one holding sword and dagger is attacking while the monster is busy.

However, even when their teamwork is flawless, they are outnumbered quite badly. Slowly but surely, the monster will defeat them. Lucky for them, Fenrir will always hunt in pairs.

"Heal the one where light touches. Make a shield for the five people to the east. Archer, focus on the one outside the gate. Aim at the cyclops' eye. Ignore the Bomber Bunny and focus on the cyclops. Mage! Focus on shielding! Make a shield to support the shielder."

Leading the Okami is Sonia. With her mastery of magic and keen eyes, she orders her group on which people need the most help and keeps the mana consumption to the minimum. With both groups working flawlessly, they hold the marching of the monster.

Even after the castle gate is destroyed, they hold the monster with their shield and bodies.

While Fenrir and Okami hold off the monster, a group of people runs on the wall. The one leading this group is Freyja.

"Get ready!"

Freyja loudly shouts as she looks at the monster outside the wall. She takes a deep breath and activates her talent.

"Let the Wild Hunt begin!"

After hearing her words, people start to jump down the wall while their bodies glow. This is the power of the [Wild Hunt]. This support-type talent lets her boost up to a thousand people with great physical power.

However, the more people she blesses, the faster the blessing will disappear.

"Quickly! Charge!"

The people under her command start swinging their weapons when they land on the ground. They start running and butchering through the sea of monsters before them. Freyja and her group are making a pincer attack.

With the monster focusing on Fenrir, who is holding them back behind the gates, she and her group will be the ones who kill the monster from the flank.

Freyja and her group did not care about anything but killing their way through the battlefield. They did not care about the monster attacking them because they had already left their life in the hands of the Okami.

And their trust holds true, as each time a fatal attack comes their way, a magic shield appears around them, and when someone is fatally injured, healing magic hits them. At first, Freyja hesitates to do this tactic because it is high-risk but gives a high reward.

However, after seeing that her people slowly get near the gates without anyone getting killed, she knows that the Okami is doing a great job as a support, and now they are reaping the reward.

Freyja and her group manage to kill their way through the monsters and get inside the city through the gate.

Seeing all of the Wild Hunt members get inside the wall, Jullian looks at Sonia and shouts.

"Sonia! Close the gate!"

The homunculus nods and uses a large amount of mana. A second later, an earth wall appears from the ground, blocking the hole in their gatehouse.

In the distance, Yulia grits her teeth when she sees the hole is quickly fixed, and her monster only manages to kill a few of those people. Even with thousands of monsters coming their way, they manage to hold.

She takes out a crystal from her pocket. This crystal is another item given to her by her lord. It has two functions. It can control up to a hundred monsters within a three-kilometer radius. Sadly, this function cannot control a powerful monster and can only give a general order like attacking that or this place.

The other function will destroy the crystal into pieces, but in return, she can control one very powerful monster for an hour and even can give a complicated order.

Yulia looks at the crystal for a few seconds before nodding her head. She looks around, searching for the dragon. She even looks to the sky, but she cannot find it. She starts to frown as she knows the dragon is her only hope.

Her thought gets interrupted when a massive thing falls to the ground, creating a crater. She covers her eyes, and after a few seconds, the dust disappears, and her eyes widen when she sees the dragon is dead, and on top of its corpse is a young man.

Gwyndolin kills the dragon.


I cast [Fly] and follow Ophiuchus, who flies at the dragon. When I get near them, I point my staff at the dragon and say.

"[Triple Cast: Iron Thorn]"

Triple Cast is some type of Metamagic Enchantment that lets the user change the spell slightly. This Metamagic Enchantment allows users to cast three of the same spell in a single casting time. The downside of this enchantment is that I can only use it for level fifty spells or below.

This is another reason why I love [Iron Thorn] so much. It is a great debuff spell.

I can see thirty roots appear around the dragon. I nod and cast another spell.

"[Forest Shroud]"

This is a level ninety concealment spell. This spell is not the best, even among the concealment spells in the Second Life. However, this is good enough for now because Ophiuchus is busy distracting the dragon.

I slowly get closer to the dragon. I make sure I'm unnoticed, and when I'm close enough, I throw all seven tarot cards around me at the thorn around the dragon. My weapon easily cuts the thorns.

However, instead of seeing the black dragon screaming in pain, I see the wound on its body from Ophiuchus' attack start to heal.

My eyes widen as I know what kind of dragon this is.

The Life-Drain effect is a Necrotic attack, and only one type of monster gets healed when they get hit by a Life-Drain effect.

"Necrotic Dragon. We are fighting a Necrotic Dragon. Shit."

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