Chapter 42
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I stab the handle of my sword at the dragon's corpse and get down. I get down and look around for a second before my eyes land on a woman standing near me. She is wearing a pure-black dress with a silver ornament at the edge of the sleeves. She has light pink hair and pink eyes. She is also holding a white book in her hand, but for some reason, my body shivers at the sight of the book.

I focus on the book and [Solomon's Wisdom] active on its own and a rush of knowledge with something horrible. It is a book about plague, viruses, bacteria, and curses. Among that knowledge is about the Black Plague and how it can raise an immortal zombie from the corpse of the people who died from this plague.

"You… You are the one who caused the plague."

The woman before me smirks for a second before it becomes a scowl.

"And you destroy it! How dare you?!"

"How dare me?! Your creation will kill thousands of people! Thousands! Not only that! You also defile their body and make an abomination from it!"

"So what?! I do this for the good of the world! His holiness will bathe in the blood of all humanity and be reborn as a majestic god! He will ascend and we will bask on his light!"

This woman is not right in the head. Not only that, she is a cult member. Shit. This is the worst scenario. There is a reason why the people in my previous life will exterminate a cult that demands sacrifice.

The last cult that does sacrifice ends with a thousand people dying in a mass shooting and burning of people alive. It was not a great image.

"You cannot be cured. You need to be exterminated."

"Hehehehehe! You want to kill me, huh? What a wild dream! Come! I shall kill you and continue his holiness plan on this kingdom!"

After she says that, the book in her hand opens up and releases a sickly green smoke. I quickly slam my staff on the ground and activate my spell.

"[Canis Major: Sirius]!"

After I activate that, the green smoke disappears, and I command my companion.


At my word, all my companions appear in front of her and attack her. I can see her body torn apart and only her head falling to the ground. I frown a little. This is too easy, and something is wrong. My instinct tells me there is something more. However, I don't know what it is.


I look at the bodiless head on the ground and see she is still alive. I decide to activate the [Solomon's Wisdom], but her head floats and shines before I can do that.

"Hahahahaha! I know that I cannot beat you. However! I shall sacrifice my soul to the book of pestilence and create the ultimate killing machine! It will be the weapon his holiness uses to show the world his light!"

After she says that, I notice something. Two massive Void Cracks appear next to the floating head, and monsters start pouring out of the portal. However, instead of another stampede, the monster dies when they leave the void crack.

I quickly command my companion to retreat and see as the head starts to suck all the corpses of the monster that leaves the portal.

It lasts a minute, and I can see the mad woman's head change into a monstrosity. She is now taking the form of a giant fly and bee hybrid. She is a twelve meters monster with wings. She is hideous.


I wince a little when the monster screeches. I jumped away as fast as possible when my instinct screamed at me. I look at an almost invisible long needle stabbing the ground. I frown a little when I see the ground change color into a sickly green.

My [Druid] class is screaming at me to purify it because it hurts the land. Whatever it is, it can kill me if I'm not careful. It looks like I need to get serious. I need to get my Boss-Raid Equipment.

"Go all out. Keep her away from the city and make sure she did not spread her plague. I will be back."

I clap my hands, and a portal appears in front of me. I get inside the portal and appear inside my guild base. I quickly go to the stair and get to the vault of our base. I open the vault door and walk into the deepest part of the vault. When I arrive in front of a massive golden statue of us, I take a deep breath and say.

"Three is the Alpha and the Three shall be the Omega!"

After I say that, all of the statues of the three founding members of the [Trinity Guild] move and reveal a secret path. I take a deep breath and take the secret path underneath the statue of me. As I get deeper, I can see a lot of weapons I got in the past and stored in this place. The vault is the guild vault, but this one is our personal storage.

This is where I store the most powerful item and equipment I got in the past. I continue to walk deeper into the hidden storage and reach the deepest part of it, where I can see a statue of me. The statue is wearing a green robe, and floating above its palm is a star globe with seven cards spinning around it.

These are my Boss-Raid Equipment. My current gear is great equipment and my most powerful gear for a normal grinding season.

I touch the statue, and my current gear swap with the one on the statue. I take a deep breath and say.

"Let's do this."


|Hildegard Brinan Luzia - Third Princess of Luzia Kingdom|

I look at the massive fight in the distance and pray for Gwyn to win. I can see the massive bug monster fighting the creatures he summoned earlier. I see him walk through the portal earlier and wonder what he plans.

A negative thought appeared earlier, but I managed to suppress it.

I believe in him. I know he is not running away but rather planning something. Something that let us win this fight.

My thoughts get interrupted when I feel something pressing against all my being. The same portal that Gwyn gets into appears once more. The pressure gets higher and higher every second,

Ten seconds later, I can see Gwyn getting out of the portal, now wearing new clothes.

The pressure is coming from him. I can feel it. I can feel his power so powerful that my instinct is to run away from him. However, after looking at him for a few seconds, I know that his power is not directed at us but at the monster near him.

I can see him look around for a few seconds before his eyes land on the bug monster. He looked at it briefly before pointing his finger at it. I know I should not be able to hear him, but I know all the people in the city can hear him.

"Die. [Starfall]"

And the clear sky gets even brighter.

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