The Trials of Power Finale
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Aura's hands begin to shake as she touched the glowing whitish orb, suddenly her body is shocked and she bounces backward and falls down. Jon swiftly catches her before she fell.

"Are you alright?" He asked. He actually cared for his younger sister.

"Yes... My heard hurts... What was that?" Asura asked the Battle Maiden whose aura was the most powerful in the shrine. Asura starts to rub her forehead and blush as her brother holds her petite body. Her heart beating fast as her lips were close to Jon. If only she knew they crazy sexual things she had done with her Onii-chan.

"That was the true power of your system. Your Element will soon awaken. Remember one thing. Every System is different and it determines your life. It is up to you on how you choose to use it. But know this. I am always watching," The Battle Maiden said as she gently rubbed Asura's chin.

"Such a pretty one. Your healing aura is incredibly strong. Such a pure girl," Battle Maiden smiles as she sniffs Asura and glared directly into her aqua eyes.

"Uh...Okay... Thanks, I guess?" Asura gulps with a confused face.

Jon didn't really know much about the Battle Maide, all he knew about her was her war stories in the Army and powerful she was in battle. However, he didn't know what System she had. Jon was thinking of buying a System Scanner for his next skill in the Netori System. He was quickly seeing that the Netori System was more of a Cheat System rather than an offense or defensive system.

Emerald was next in line and touches the orb she gets shocked as well and Jon is there to protect her. Both his sisters were 'head over heels for him' since he was more powerful and actually now stands up for himself. He was no more a pushover. But would Jon choose to keep his system a secret or show everyone tody and tomorrow his true power? Jon had something scheming that was for sure.

Emerald falls back on to Jon's hand and he consoles her.

Jon pats her head as sees a surge of aura spark around Emerald. It looked like the orb was continuing to shock her body.

"T-thanks for being here for me," Emerald cutely blushes a little.

"No problem," Jon smirks and grabs her waist tightly and then smacks her supreme big booty in front of everyone.

"You really are the worst!" Emerald pouts with puffy cheeks as she jumps off from Jon's muscular hands.

"Arrrrgh," Emerald goans out as she grabs her stomach. She gritted her teeth in sheering pain.

"Are you alright?" Jon asked her with eyes furrowed. 'Shit don't tell me she is already pregnant?' He remembers how he creampied her hard.

Emerald looked like she was in pain but soon got better as Jon hands over a water bottle to her.

'Oh shit you really are fucked up. ' Lilith said with a sly smirk. Jon sighs, 'I guess I have a choice to make,' He looks at his Netori System and knows what must be done in the 'future'. Jon quickly releases Rias and Aneko from his Spatial Tattoos. They were super confused but just proceeded to continue with the Ceremony. Their memories were slightly erased only for today.

Right now each student one by one goes to the touch the orb. Erza, Asuna, Sera, and many other students started touching the orb and all of them now were chosen to get an element.

Jon was the final one up to the touch orb. He looks at the Battle Maiden who was smiling as she showed him the orb.

"Ba! That orb won't give you any element! Only the most powerful students are granted an Element!" Asami shouted with a vexing snarl.

Jon touches the orb and an extremely powerful surge of dark Qi swirls around his hands. It was so powerful that the orb itself explodes! And shatters into a thousand crystal shard fragments. Everyone could feel the insanely chaotic Dark Aura exploding out of Jon's entire body.
Everyone was beyond shocked. No one had ever seen the sacred Orb of Tribulation destroyed by a mere mortal! Let alone someone without a System! The students now knew that Jon had a System. But Jon quickly Erases their minds with his Memory Wipe skill. He had finally got what he wanted. He had passed the Ceremony without even trying and using his Netori System which cheated the system of Prestige Academy of this world!

"NOOOOOO WAYYY!!!" Everyone screams out in shock including Jon's sisters.

"IMPOSSIBLE!!!" Asami blasted out as her silver eyes widened with complete disbelief. The Netori God had awakened. Now his full revenge was set in motion. He had gotten the Infinity Sword and his element from the orb. Which he didn't know yet.

"Netori System, show me my Element," Was all he said. His power was now at its Apex.


A/N: This chapter needs to be edited.