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>[Netori System]<

[Element]- Dark Lighting and Dark Flames- Shadow Elements- Ultimate Techquines and Cultivation Arts.

'Interesting. So this Shadow Element I have is a more powerful element than the original elements I assume and it may be the source of my Netori System and Race,' He scans through his Netori System. Jon now is ready for tomorrow and once again absorbs Rias and Aneko back into his Spatial Tattoos without anyone noticing. He Freezed Time to do this he also did many other insanely chaotic things with this Time Freeze without anyone noticing a damn thing, he was like a Netori Ninja. As everyone was frozen, Jon realized that his Time Control skill was OP as fuck and that now he could use it about 3 times since he is a higher level.

"You are meeting me right in my office this instant!" Asami thunders with a loud growl as she pokes Jon's chest. Her mature maiden looked very sexy right now, even when she was angry she still looked extremely gorgeous with her long raven hair and beaming silver-moon eyes.

Jon slaps Asami's thick ass again, "Whatever you say Assami," He smirks.

"That's it! Death! IN MY OFFICE NOW!" Asami goes to choke the living hell out of Jon but the Battle Maiden stopped him. Asami's long black hair dangled over her maddened silver eyes, she at the moment was wearing sexy sectary glasses. She was one smoking hot principal with a hot short temper.

The Battle Maiden looks at Jon, 'This boy aura is something I have never felt before... Can he really be the one?' She was interested in Jon's powerful element and his System. The Battle Maiden then looks at everyone, "Congratulations on passing the Ceremony! Step forward Jon Storm for being the highest passing student!" She gives Jon a golden award medal and a sweet kiss on the cheek.

Everyone gasped in shock. All of the high-tiers and Royals were in shock that a low-tier like Jon had defeated them and no was awarded the highest award in the Prestige Academy Ceremony! This truly was Jon's day. His chaos was just beginning.

Silver, Hyssei, and just about everyone checks their phones and sees that their money is all gone! Even their credit card information and own personal information was taken! Jon smiles as his full-plan was unfolding, he need to gain some extra cash in order to fully get his revenge on everyone. He wanted this all the happen. He wanted to put most of the Royals into his Geass control, he had gained control over Asuna, Kirito, Rias, and Aneko. His sisters were now apart of his harem and were already on his side now. Jon had destroyed Gold with his Infinity Sword, the real one behind his betrayal, and now all Jon needed to do was take over Prestige Academy day by day.

Jon passes by Asami, "See you tomorrow Ass*ami," He winked his gold eye and walks out of the temple shrine with his sisters wrapped his arms.

"I will show you no mercy! I will give you a whipping of a lifetime tomorrow!" Asami stomps her sexy black-laced combat boots on the ground below her hard as fuck. Jon really wanted to fuck her right now. But he had to plan for tomorrow. Now that he had finally passed the Ceremony after 4 years in Prestige Academy! He always dreamed of passing the Ceremony and now he finally did!

All the students now leave the temple shrine and walk back to the battle arena which looked like the Rome Colliusem. They returned to receive thier Ceremony Badges. But Jon got the highest award so he was the first to step forward.

The Battle Maiden hands over Jon the Grand Torphey in front of everyone who was all beyond shocked. He was now the most powerful student in Prestige Academy, but no one knew that they all still think he was the weak Jon without a system, they had a feeling he was 'cheatin'. Tomorrow they all were about to get a rude awakening of chaos. Jon was going back home to plan out everything and modify his Netori System which had gained more levels. And now he wanted to check the Netori Shop for more skills and of course, he needed to do something else today.

'I am kind of low on Netori Points. Time to recharge,' Jon looks over at Emerald and Asura, his two stunning beautiful sisters. He also glares over at the many gorgeous maidens in Prestige Academy like Rin, Ino, Asuna, Erza, Sera, and many other girls he didn't even know, but looked fucking angelic and virginal. All of their virginities were ripe for the picking.

'All these girls need someone like me to 'take them away',' Jon licks his lips. He was going to create a massive harem like no other. 'But first comes my full revenge. I am just getting started. All the pieces are ready,' He holds up the Queen chess piece at his palm, 'Rias. I haven't had my fun with you yet, it is coming,' He glares over at his hidden demonic tattoos which now kept Rias and Aneko. Gold was defeated and so was Silver. Now it was time for him to take his heavenly treasures from the Royals in Prestige Academy. Meaning all the beatuies of this world!

Jon evilly laughs to himself on how his whole planned worked out today. The only probelm he made was that he creampies his older sister, he hoped she wasn't pregnant but had something 'To fix that', he could always reverse time and just pull out of her pussy and bust his cumload on her face instead if he wanted to. He was a literal god now.

All students now feared and respected Jon. All the girl students were swooning over his power and godly looks they all gave him seductive stares.

Jon wraps his arms around his two sisters like a boss and walks out of the battle arena.

Asami gives him a cold firece glare, " I better see you in my office tomorrow!" She snarls and grips her leather whip tightly.

" Wow did he really defeated Silver and Gold!? " Some students shout to each other.

"Not really! He just had luck coming in first place of the Ceremony! He is probably cheating! Just wait till the Grand Tournament! Gold and Silver will destroy Jon that weakling! They are going to kill him!" The popular boys in the academy shouted. Shiro, Hyssei, and Kirito were still shaking in fear by Jon but also chanted in hatred towards Jon.

The Battle Maiden waves goodbye to Jon and blushes. She still remembered his face buried deep within her massive heavenly blossoms. 'I want to know more about him, he reminds of someone special' She holds her heart dearly.

Sera glares at Jon with a suspicious face. She knew 'something' was up.

Asuna, Rin, and Erza follow behind Jon and want to ask him a lot of questions. They wanted to know more about the mysterious powerful Jon.

As Jon goes to leave someone grabs him by the shoulder and everything turns dark. His sisters and everyone around disappears into the darkness. A knife is held at his neck as his body was teleported into another dimension.

"You are using an illegal System. I have finally found you," darkly whispers an unknown voice. Jon turns his eyes to the side, It was the same hooded figure from before. An assassin sent to kill Jon.


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