Chapter 21: Sensational small county
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There is also a companionship, reception, asking what the fat man needs to buy? His attitude was warm.


When Zhang Xiaofan walked over, these guys regarded him as air one by one.


The smile on the face is still the same, but when the eyes pass over Zhang Xiaofan, it is clearly full of contempt. I will ignore him directly.


In an instant, Zhang Xiaofan only felt that there were thousands of angry horses running in the heart.


Do not dress a bit shabby, carrying a country talent to be able to carry bamboo basket? Need such disapproval?


The younger man is good at coming in to sell the elixir, at least a hundred gold coins or more.


Get the little boy to the fire, buy two directly and bring it back to be a slave.


Call you arrogant, that you can look down on people.


"Excuse me where ir recovery medicine?" Zhang Xiaofan found that the treasure chest was as big as a palace, and there were many guests.


You can't tell a stranger from a stranger.


You can only ask the guys who look at the ceiling with these eyes.


"Over there, look for yourself!" Zhang xiaofan stared at the man, more than twenty years old, very handsome. He covered his nose with his hand, and, with a look of disgust, pointed to a point inside.


"What attitude?” Zhang xiaofan wanted to curse him.


These people put high-value commissions and don’t take them. They have to look at people with low eyes and can only blame them for their own eyes.

Among the five buddies, which one is enthusiasm for Zhang Xiaofan, in the spirit of serving the guests, will not miss this opportunity.


Zhang Xiaofan went out a few meters away and faintly heard the voices of several folks behind him.


"I don't know where the poor peasant came from. His sour smell almost killed me!"


"He was dressed up in a very old-fashioned way, and sold herbs as old-fashioned as the others. It must be worthless junk!"


"This man is not at all self-aware. Or what is this place? It's not a place where poor people come."


The conversations of several buddies were passed into Zhang Xiaofan’s ears without fail.


Suddenly, Zhang Xiaofan only felt that his head was smoking.


He took a deep breath and suppressed his anger.


Don't worry, wait until you see the dog eyes of this group of people. Let them cry and scream, and regret it.


After a search, Zhang Xiaofan finally found a row of windows dedicated to recycling various treasures.


Different identification knowledge is required due to the recycling of different treasures.


So classification.


He went straight to the window where the herbs were recycled.


Two very old people sat inside. Herbs are the most difficult to identify.


Because of their wide variety, grades, attributes, years, etc., need to be accurately identified. It is extremely difficult, and it also tests a person's knowledge and eyesight and experience.


It is estimated that this is why the appraisers are all old people.


"I want to sell a Lingcao, please help me identify it!" Zhang Xiaofan took the variation of passion fruit from the back.


The two old appraisers have a slightly brighter eye.


With their rich identification experience, it can be seen at a glance that this is a grass.


"The passion fruit grass-level passion fruit is also rare!" The white-bearded old man on the left said faintly.


"One hundred years, lingcao first rank!” The old man on the right, unwilling to be outdone, felt it carefully and reported a conclusion of identification. Two elderly  appraisers looked up at zhang xiaofan.


"Oh..." Both of them are stunned. Because of the smile on Zhang Xiaofan's face, they are too familiar.


After the conclusion of the appraisal is usually reported, the most fearful thing is to see the guests show this smile.


Many guests have already known about their treasures before they took the treasure to identify them.


"Are we mistaken?" The old men didn't want to smash the sign.


At once both fixed their eyes on the grass on the table.

"The year is right, the first-rank lingcao is not wrong... just the fragrance that comes out, it seems to be different from the ordinary passion fruit. Its fruit, color, and appearance are also different. The fruit has gold and red. Five stripes of green, yellow and blue, intertwined..."


The eyesight and knowledge of the two old appraisers are quite strong.


They have discovered many anomalies.


Faint can see there is a fine sweat from their foreheads.


The appraiser's salary is extremely high, the work is easy and comfortable, and very decent. The pressure that is only to withstand is also particularly large.


The most afraid is' blind ', identified the conclusion is wrong.


That is definitely a stain in their career.


How could they not be afraid of being beaten in the face in full view of the public?


Zhang Xiaofan looked at the two old appraisers, sincerely fearful, like a thin ice, my heart could not bear it. He has a heart to tell the two people real confidence, but doing so is not in order.


There are also some who hurt their self-esteem.


"Young man, this kind of grass is very special. In order to ensure the accuracy of the identification, please wait a little longer." White beard appraiser looked up and smiled.


"Okay, I am not in a hurry!" Zhang Xiaofan's attitude is very cooperative.


I saw two old appraisers moved in a variety of tools to study Zhang Xiaofan's spirit grass as a monster.


I even invited another source beast appraiser from the identification window to help identify it.


After working for the better part of an hour, they breathed a sigh of relief.

"The appraisal has been preliminarily completed. The young man can listen to our appraisal conclusion first. If you have any objection, you can raise it at any time." The white beard examiner lowered his position.


This is not the way they usually treat their guests.


The reason why Zhang Xiaofan is so friendly is that he is afraid of being beaten in public.


"First-order variation of lingcao and passion fruit, aged about 100 years, when the fruit is mature, the exotic fragrance emitted by the fruit can attract falcons to peck at it. Its value is twofold. The first is that when the fruit is ripe, it can be used to feed falcons to improve their practice and longevity. Second, it can be used to trap falcons."


After the results of the appraisal were announced, the two appraisers looked at Zhang Xiaofan slightly.


"The identification results of the two old gentlemen are very accurate, exactly the same as I have seen." Zhang Xiaofan seriously recognized the identification results of the two.


At this moment, you must remain serious.


The hearts of the two appraisers finally fell to the ground.


"The young man wants to sell it. There are two ways. The first one, our shop directly reports a price recovery. Second, we provide the venue, provide an appraisal book, and help you sell it. First set a reserve price, then the guest will Bidding. The price is high. After the transaction is successful, we need to draw ten points."


After Zhang Xiaofan listened, his heart moved.


The jewel house business is so big that it has its merits.


Did not expect a simple recycling business, can do so fine. The service is very considerate.


"I choose the second way to sell!"


Zhang xiaofan thought for a while and decided to fight.


Bidding for sale, maybe you can sell a higher price.


"This matter will be handled by Xia Bing for you personally!"


The white beard appraiser waved at a beautifully dressed woman, and she walked over with her swaying posture.


The woman looked 27 or 28 years old, with a delicate face and elegant dress.


A faint intellectual beauty is also revealed from her face.


"Xia Bing, this is a variant of Lingcao, we have issued an appraisal book. The guest chooses to sell it by bidding. The reserve price is 500 gold coins." The white beard appraiser succinctly explained a few words.


500 gold pieces of big sheet, Xia Bing looked at zhang xiaofan's expression, full of surprise.


You can never judge a book by its cover.

It’s really unappealing.


Who can think of a poorly dressed country poor boy who actually has such an expensive treasure.

The net worth of 500 gold coins is even in the middle of the county.


Zhang Xiaofan listened to this price, and his heart was very excited.


I did not expect the variation of Lingcao to be so valuable.


You'll be rich this time.


"Hello guest, hello, my name is Xia Bing. It is one of the management matters of Treasure House. If you accept our service, please sign a commission agreement!" Xia Bing is very beautiful, plus that A kind of noble temperament, let Zhang Xiaofan face a red face.


He looked very embarrassing in front of her.


Fighting ~!


Xia Bing saw that he was so behaving, covering his lips with jade hands, laughing and swaying.


"Guests don't have to be afraid, this sister is not a tiger to eat people!" Xia Bing smiled and teased Zhang Xiaofan, but also intended to ease his nervousness. "There is a form here, you just need to fill in the name, and then at the end write a promise to voluntarily entrust the treasure house to sell, and then press a handprint."


Under the guidance of Xia Bing, Zhang Xiaofan quickly filled in and pressed the fingerprints to get everything done.


Xia Bing was very enthusiastic about him, which made him feel very useful.


I believe no one will reject the enthusiasm of a beautiful sister.


"Well, Zhang Xiaofan's younger brother can watch it next door, but please don't have any words and actions that interfere with the customer's bidding. Otherwise, it is considered a breach of contract and needs to compensate us for the loss."


Xia Bing seriously explained the precautions.


She first packaged the variated passion fruit beautifully before holding it to a bidding room in the middle of the store.


There are a lot of bidding treasures here.


This is a kind of lingcao grass, even if it is placed in the county, it is not a junk.


Immediately attracted countless eyes.


"This is a mutant grass, very rare. After the strict identification by many appraisers of our treasure house, the corresponding appraisal is issued. If it does not match the appraisal result, our treasure house bears all the consequences. Its year, attribute All are clearly written, welcome everyone to buy, the price is high."


Xia Bing briefly introduced the rarity of the mutant flower, and then let the guests bid on their own.


She wrote a piece of bright spot sign even more personally, by her this big beauty is held personally, stand beside mutation 100 flower and fruit.


The flower is more beautiful, and immediately attracted the attention of countless guests.


And the news is spreading fast.


The influence of the Treasure House in the county is very large. And the credit is extremely high. Many of the richest people are moving in the wind and coming to watch the mutant grass.