Chapter 20: Get into trouble
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[Name: Mutant passion fruit, first-rank grass. ]

[ Age: 100 years old. ]

[vitality: 100.]

[Attribute: After the fruit is cooked, it emits a fragrant smell, which can attract the falcon source beasts within a radius of 500 miles. ]

After reading its new attributes, it is both unexpected and with a little surprise.

Falcons are highly sought after birds of prey, but because they are scarce, they are extremely vigilant and difficult to capture.

The source of the beast-class raptor is more rare and estrange.

Because they are brave and fierce, they are air hegemons, so they are deeply loved by some big nobility. It is more like a sign of wealth and identity.

Many great nobles were proud to own a falcon.

Unfortunately, they are too difficult to catch, belong to the existence of no market.

Zhang Xiaofan saw the great value of this mutant passion fruit.

Make sure it can return to normal as soon as possible.

After nearly two hours, the moment is approaching noon, Zhang Xiaofan finally rushed to the county.

Even when it is close to noon, there are still many people entering the city.

There was a long line.

Zhang Xiaofan’s official title has not yet arrived, and he can only line up behind him honestly.

The official Chen Chen, is posting notices.

As a result, Zhang Xiaofan behind the team was seen at a glance, and his eyes suddenly brightened.

This is a chance to curry favor with Zhang Xiaofan.

The last time Old Yang personally sent Zhang Xiaofan to go out, he still remembers deeply. Because there are only a handful of people who can climb into friendship with Yang Lao.

Old Yang's distinguished guests, how can let him like civilians line up?

Never allowed.

Chen Hu immediately walked to Zhang Xiaofan.

Suddenly, something went wrong. Because Chen Hu is an officer, the notice just posted is to arrest a murderer.

Now, dressed in official robes and with a sword slung over his waist, he went straight to a civilian, immediately caused a burst of tension. A lot of people stare at Zhang Xiaofan with with vigilance.

It’s true that people know each other and don’t know what to expect.

The young man, with his handsome face, had no idea that he was a criminal.

The official messenger guy ye this time affirmation want to take him down, catch to return a court of law to try to punish.

Zhang Xiaofan was also frightened. Fear of officials is the nature of the people. He was nervous. What did I do? This person wants to take me?

Who knows that a dramatic scene has appeared.

"Master Zhang, is this preparing to enter the city?" Chen Hu came over and smiled and said hello.


Suddenly, He was shocked by the eyes of the land.

Looking at the lively people who eat melons, I was so shocked that I couldn’t keep my mouth shut. In the previous second, they also treated Zhang Xiaofan as a criminal to prevent it. At this moment, they knew that people were not only criminals, but also a small one.

Even officials try to please him.

"You are?” Zhang Xiaofan looked at the officer with some doubts, only to feel a little familiar.

I seem to have seen it somewhere.

I can't remember it for a while.

He is sure that he has no power, and he has absolutely no official friends.

"Master Zhang doesn't remember me? My name is Chen Hu. Ten days ago, I almost had a misunderstanding with you in the official house." Chen Hu looked him with a good smile, but he did not take Zhang Xiaofan as a beggar.

"Oh -- yes, a little." Zhang Xiaofan suddenly saw the light.

"Go, I will take you into the city!" Chen Hu took Zhang Xiaofan directly to the green channel.

Suddenly envied the other civilians lined up.

Due to the county arrived late, Zhang Xiaofan also did not refuse Chen Hu's kindness.

Through the relationship between Chen Hu, he entered the city smoothly.

Not only did not have to line up, but also saved 50 coins of copper coins into the city.

"If Master Zhang needs any help in the future, just ask me. Most of the time, I worked as an official in the county government.” Chen Hu smiled warmly.

"Okay, thank you, Chen Brother for your attention!" Zhang Xiaofan still can't understand, why should Chen Hu be so friendly and welcoming to himself?

"I have to stare at the notice, I will not accompany you, goodbye!" Chen Hu heard Zhang Xiaofan call him Chen Brother, and his mouth could not be closed.

After Zhang Xiaofan and Chen Hu bid farewell, they ran straight to the trade zone.

He plans to set up a stall to sell the mutant passion fruit,and then pick one of the best jewelry shops and give Wang Yuanyuan two fine jewelry.

So far, his habilites have not been revelated in front of outsiders.

Wang Yuanyuan is so beautiful, so good, but she is willing to choose him as a poor boy. This made Zhang Xiaofan particularly moved and also cherished it.

Entering the trade zone, Zhang Xiaofan began to look for a stall.

It turned out that all the good places with a lot of flow were taken.

Ok, then choose a handicap position.

Anyway, he has confidence in his goods, and the grass is taken out and placed in front of him like a pearl in the night sky. Definitely able to attract others to buy it.

Just picking up the back, this hasn't started yet.

There were two men open-chested, open-faced, mixed-handed weapons. They are full of viciousness.

"Boy, sell goods?" Asked one middle-aged man, aged 36 or 37.

“Is there a problem?” Zhang Xiaofan sensed the cultivation of the two people, all of which were just temperament.

In the eyes of Zhang Xiaofan, the source of the warrior, one hand can beat them flat.

"There is no problem with the stalls. You have to pay for the rent! Not much, just a silver coin." The middle-aged mixed-handedly wrote down.

Not much for a silver coin?

How much did some people sell for?

These people are a bunch of vampires, the scum of the people.

"If I remember correctly, this is a public area, and the stalls are free, right?" Zhang Xiaofan raised his own doubts.

No one's silver comes from the wind.

Why give these two men a silver coin?

County respect adult income city fee, they are not so ruthless.

"Don't talk nonsense, no money, no stalls here. Get out of here." The other was a burly man, also in his thirties. The tone and attitude are even worse.

"My mother never taught me to roll, only to walk. Why don't you go and show me?" Zhang Xiaofan is honest, but his bones are very hard.

Don't mess with things, don't be afraid of things.

Everyone is bullied to the head, and the other party is not ruling. Then there is nothing to be polite, and it is straightforward.

"Small rabbit son, don't make me loose your muscles and bones, afraid I don't know Lao Tze's fierce. Do not go to inquire about, west of the City of Zhao, who dare to provoke?" This burly big man self-report name, resemble a head mad cow, toward Zhang Xiaofan rushed over.

The palm of the big fan slaps, according to the face of Zhang Xiaofan.

The other hybrid is holding his arm.

Perhaps in his opinion, a poor country boy, can easily clean up.

Are the farmers in the countryside who have been arranging here, and they have been cleaned up by both of them? What hard scorpion has not seen it?

In the end, They all end up dead dogs.

Next time pay money honestly, Zhao Ye call affectionate.

Only this time, the two men is also bad to do more, to retribution. Met with a pig to eat tiger country boy.


He kick in the leg of Zhang Xiaofan .


The miscellaneous man immediately flew out of the clouds and went out seven or eight meters away, and it fell to the ground. Lian Hao did not scream, his eyes turned white, and he passed out on the spot. It is faint to see blood flowing from his mouth and nostrils.

It looks pretty scary.

Zhang Xiaofan's new cultivation to the realm of the source of war, the control of the power, is not so accurate.

Just under the hateful kick, I kicked at least three ribs of the burly man.

The rest of the miscellaneous men, was only poorly scared to death.

"You, you wait... "Say that finish, this men  run to the unconscious partner body in front, and took him back.

Although he is a market thug, he has some kindness.

At least not letting the accomplices escape alone.

Zhang Xiaofan hit someone and continued to prepare for the stall.

"Young man, you have done a great harm! Still put that stall, hurriedly escape city go! Life matters!"

"These rascals can't be provoked! The power behind them is very big, black and white all over. After a while, they will call and join, and they will come to revenge, Run away!"

The uncle who set up the stall next to him, kindly reminded Zhang Xiaofan.

He ran away the two smugglers who had collected the money, and the hawkers in the stalls were very happy.

Zhang Xiaofan gave them a bad breath.

"Young man, a man doesn't suffer before his eyes! Why don't you put up your stall somewhere else? At least if they come, you'll have a chance to escape." Uncle gave Zhang Xiaofan trick again.

This time, Zhang Xiaofan did not refuse.

He thought his uncle had a point. Those two mix son escape after go back, take a person to come back revenge, can find this position above all.

At that time, Zhang Xiaofan changed places and naturally found in advance.

Carrying a packbasket to find a new place.

Looking for this, Zhang Xiaofan found that there was a big shop in front of it.

Fully accounted for a dozen door head, and built two, especially uncommon.

"Treasure house!”

It's a very down-to-earth name.

Outside hung eye-catching plaque, which said the acquisition of a variety of high prices of rare treasures, lingcao medicine.

"I have mixed up and got into trouble. It is better to go to the Treasure House first and ask for the price. If the price is fair, sell it out of the city earlier, so as not to cause trouble again." Zhang Xiaofan will be the groom's official tomorrow, can't be out in the city today. What an accident.