A Rebirth Into A Fluff Fluff
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“Sometimes I wonder what my life was all about. I spent my days lying in bed for as far as I can remember. If I needed to go to the bathroom, someone would need to help me. If I wished to get changed or bathe, someone would need to be there to help me. My life revolved around the kindness of those around me. And for eighteen years, I had to live like that. My body was too sickly. I was unable to exert much strength.

“On good days, I could sit up and gaze out the window next to my bed. I sometimes wondered why I was alive. But because of the people’s kindness and my parents, who seemed to love me dearly, I held on….. But all good things will slowly come to an end. When the end did finally come, I could only see the sadness in my parents' eyes. My mother held my hand and cried so hard that I wished I could get up and comfort her. I wanted to call out to her, but my mouth was dry. My throat was harsh, and even when I tried to use what energy I could muster, I could only move my eyes.

“Death was not scary. I lived on the fine line between life and death for so many years. I had long come to terms with the thing called death. Death, to me, was nothing more than a new step in my life. While I felt bad for leaving my parents, who had taken care of me for eighteen years without complaint and full of love, there was nothing I could do to reassure them that I was going to be fine. After all…. Death was just the next step…..

“Ahhh! And here I am talking to myself.” A young woman lay flat, floating in the darkness, kicking her feet up and down. On her body was a white robe. Where it came from, she did not know. She only knew that she had been floating in this darkness for a long time. How long was something else she did not know?

But on this day, as she recollected the days of her past, she suddenly felt her surroundings change. Something was pushing against her body. This pushing grew more and more intense until suddenly, a white light so bright forced her to close her eyes. “What!? What is this!?”

“It’s out! It’s out! It's a beautiful baby girl!” A voice cried out, causing the young woman, who still had her eyes tightly shut, to feel very odd. She suddenly felt like she was being passed around. “What is going on!?” The young woman tried to cry out, only to hear a strange baby sound come out of her mouth. It really did not take a genius to understand what was happening.

“It’s our baby girl. Her hair is snow white, like the snow that falls during the winter. She will be named Yuki!” A rough man’s voice cried out as Yuki was suddenly lifted in the air by a pair of rough hands.

“Ahh! You can’t do that to a baby!” A woman's voice rang out as Yuki felt herself being tugged into another set of arms before being passed into a warm embrace. Yuki had no idea what to make of all of this. She understood she was being born, but she did not know what her surroundings were like or why this was even happening. Never mind the fact that she had just experienced being born.

Only after a few minutes had passed did she slowly open her eyes. Things were blurry at first as her eyes began to focus but what she saw was two people standing next to a bed. They had ears and a fluffy tail. One was a large man with big muscles, and the other was an older woman with many wrinkles wearing an apron.

She looked up at the woman holding her, that was much younger and had two golden haired ears twitching on top of her head. Seeing the warm smile on the woman’s face, Yuki instantly understood that this was her new mother. ‘To think I would be reborn. And it seems I am not human but some kind of demi race from the novels I have read before. Was this the most sought after race that everyone wished to be reborn as, the Ultimate Fluff Fluff clan!?’ Of course, Yuki knew they were not called the Ultimate Fluff Fluff clan.

With her being reborn, Yuki couldn’t help but feel slightly excited. Her previous life was nothing but being stuck in bed, unable to do anything except watch TV or read books. However, most of her time was spent reading books since she could sit there and use her imagination to picture everything that was written. This was one of the few things she did enjoy in her past life.

As the days and months passed, Yuki learned that she was part of a clan called the Heavenly Fox Clan. They were a race of half breeds created when a human woman fell in love with a heavenly fox demonic beast that had taken on human form. They had children, and their children had children. But what was strange was that even after all these years, the bloodline of her clan had only diluted a little, but for some reason, the village she lived in was covered with a strange barrier. This strange barrier hid their village from prying eyes, and no one in the clan was allowed to leave it.

Even at the age of five, when Yuki began to learn things about her clan, she found she was not allowed to know anything about the outside world. Her days since she was able to walk consisted of her running around with the other children enjoying a life where she could run around and play. For this was a time she enjoyed the most.

But on this day, for some strange reason, Yuki was given a sword by her father, Akihito. Her whole name was Ten Yuki. Which from what she understood, its meaning was heavenly snow. Why she was given such a name was pretty easy to tell with how white her hair was. Her entire clan had golden hair, which made her the odd ball out. Golden hair was a distinctive trait of the heavenly fox clan. But for Yuki, she had different hair and eye color from her parents. Her mother, Fuka, had golden hair and brown eyes, just like her father, but for Yuki she had golden eyes that contrasted with her white hair. The elder of the clan said that Yuki had the original eye and hair color of her clan, which meant that her bloodline was stronger than everyone else's.

Yuki was glad that no one treated her differently. After all, she could run around and do as she pleased now. She no longer needed help from anyone. No one had to wash her body or wipe her butt for her. Living like that for eighteen years was not easy. While she still loves and misses her mother and father from her past life. Her current life’s mother and father were very kindhearted and treated her very well. Plus, she now had a fluffy tail and a cute set of ears she liked to take very good care of. She also noticed that she was actually quite beautiful, even at her young age. Which she was certain she got from her mother since her father looked like a fox bandit.

But right now, she was having a hard time understanding why a sword was being pushed into her arms. “Yuki, you will be learning how to use a sword from this day forth. It will be essential to know when you go into the forest to hunt. I will begin by teaching you the basics, and we will work from there…..”