Chapter 2-1: Teach me about “Sexual Intercourse”! (no)
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First thing’s first, I should at least know more about her. Unindexed entities are unique in their own way, simply because most of the time unindexed entities exist for the sole reason that even URG has yet find a way to gather any information or contact said entities, which is hard, to say the least. The technology utilized by URG is composed of the greatest technologies of each of the millions of realms, societies, and entities out there, so going under the radar from URG is gravely hard. Since customers don't usually come in early right after opening, why not hold a conversation first? We had 30 minutes left until we officially open after the delay, so it should be fine. We chose to sit in the serving area. She takes a seat in a graceful manner, while Chester hovers eagerly by my side. I decide to break the ice with a passive question.

“So, what do you think about Blue Horizon, the cafe? What reason brought you here?”

“My vehicle was running out of propellant, and before I completely ran out I decided to land instead of crashing. It just so happens that this big, bright building was nearby, so I came here. I think you’ve known by now, but being very similar to your humankind, we tend to prefer lit up areas more than being in total darkness.”

“Do you have any way of contacting back home, or refueling your vehicle?”


Holding such a fruitful conversation, I have completely forgotten despite being extremely similar to a human, she isn’t one. There are just some concepts that are unfortunately barred by the language and cultural barrier.

“Well, for us humans, we need a place to stay at and… rest. Over time, we humans have decided to settle down at a specific area instead of moving to other places constantly was much more convenient. With that, the term “home” was born.”

“I see… for our kind, the concept of a “home” isn’t that well defined.”

We sat there awkwardly, not knowing what to say, occasionally stealing glances at each other.

“Is there anything about your kind that you would like to share with us, that we perhaps, might find interest in?” Chester chimes in.

“I am afraid I am barred from sharing even a shred of such information in its verbal form. However, it doesn’t say you can’t observe me in the way I do things, so you could learn from there.”

“What about your kind, human? How were you synthesized? How did you get here?”


“Well, I came here when URG has made contact with my kind. URG has provided us with the tools necessary to cross into other realms, and eventually integrated us into the system. This sort of technology is still very new, and my generation is the first to witness and utilize it.”

“Can you tell me how humans are synthesized?”

How in the world am I supposed to explain that? I know she isn’t human, but she sure gives me the impression of one! I can't explain sexual intercourse to a young girl like that, even though she isn’t! Do I explain it in its entirety or go into more clandestine terms? My introverted self isn’t prepared for something like this!

“Err…… We humans… are…… born from other, humans. There are two genders, or “types” of humans. I am a male human, and you are a female human. Male-

“So that's why your chest is so flat! It’s because we were different types of humans altogether!”

Chester, for the love of God.

“Yes, that's very nice. We male humans do……. Something....... with female humans, which results in them giving birth to more humans. The humans that are born can be of neither gender and grow up to eventually repeat the cycle.”

“Ah, I understand now. It’s sort of like a never-ending cycle, right? Wouldn't there be a problem of having too many humans?”

“As a human age, eventually we will die. Essentially, our body loses all of its living functions and decomposes.”

“That's interesting! But what about that something where a male human does with a female human? It would make more humans, right? What is it exactly?”

I honestly do not care at this point. If she really wants to know it, she’ll get what she wants. I'll try my best to change the topic, however.

“That very thing is called sexual intercourse. Also, humans that are created from sexual intercourse are called babies. When humans age, we give them a sort of honorific, counted by how many years we have lived. I am 16, so that means I am a teenager. After I reach 18, I am technically called an adult.”

“Ah, so humans have a concept of age by human years. That's interesting to know.”

Whew, it's a good thing to have some smooth topic-changing speech skills for an introvert. You never know when you might need to talk yourself out of an awkward situation.”

“Since I am a female human, and you are a male human, can we do this "sexual intercourse" to create a baby human? I really want to know what it’s like! Please, human! I am really interested in knowing! Does it have something to do with my chest protrusions?”

What in the world? What… how? Do I have to explain the concept of consent? How old is she really? She looks really similar to my age. Can other entities get pregnant from humans? Does she have the same sexual organs as humans? What am I thinking???

“I think Mazaka doesn’t feel comfortable answering that question. How about we try something else? Perhaps...... we could start with the topic of human overpopulation. I’m sure Mazaka will be able to answer that.”

Perfect timing, Chester. I couldn’t have needed you more.

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