Chapter 24 – Trident of the Netherworld Sea
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The Royal Army had 1000 Apprentice Stage soldiers, 100 Novice Stage soldiers, 10 Expert stage soldiers and 1 Master Stage Being, the Supreme Commander Alex Lenorte.

The Demonic Army that was invading had 1000 Low-Class Demons , 100 Mid Class Demons and 50 High-Class Demons, they had no equivalent of a Master Stage being here because it was fighting the King and Princess right now but having 50 High Class Demons compared to 10 Expert Stage soldiers on the Royal Army's side balanced out the presence of the Master Stage Alex.

There were high casualties on both sides but the Royal Army was winning thanks to the rain of blood that was still pouring that made the enemy slightly weaker giving them a slight advantage.

The Supreme Commander raised his Sword and casted an area of effect magic, "300 Swords Strike" said he as his mana flared and his sword will resonate in the entire area as there appeared 300 swords that hung in the sky that descended a terrifying pressure among the Demonic Army.

Then these swords came crashing down on the horde of Mid Class Demons.

The remaining Mid Class Demons were weakened from the rain of blood and the continuous fighting as they tried to defend against this area of effect attack with their remaining Devil Qi

They were able to defend against the first strike but the second strike pierced through the barrier of Devil Qi and the third killed them on the spot.

With a single attack, Alex had killed the entire Mid Class Demons taking advantage of their current weakness and striking fast. He was also very tired and injured fighting the horde of High- Class Demons, they had the least effect of the energy drain from the rain of blood as they had vast pools of energy. His mana was depleted by a lot and he had to finish this quick.

On the other side, the second in command of the royal army, Natalia Phoenix was fighting the high-class demons, as she used her Aqua magic, she formed spears made out of water that went straight towards the High-Class Demons and left deep cuts and severely injured them. She fighting a battle of attrition, gradually weakening the enemies and then striking at once and killing them.

Her blue hair flowed freely in the air as she was surrounded by ribbons of water floating all around her, a High-Class Demon who was severely injured decided to kill her by risking his life, he dashed towards her with his body lighting up as he was preparing to explode his soul taking her down with him

Natalia, seeing this concentrated Aqua magic on her right hand as it formed several droplets in front of her palm, in the next moment, these droplets burst forth at a terrifying speed and went towards the incoming High-Class Demon.

They struck his body so fast that they pierced straight through him and riddled his body with hundreds of holes as he looked like a cheese grater. His devil qi depleted and fizzled out as he dropped from the sky and died.

Natalia continued killing the High-Class Demons with the help of Alex as they slowly dwindled their strength and kept striking them down.

Below on the ground, the Apprentice and Novice stage soldiers that were still alive were fighting the remaining Low-Class Demons, even thought the Low-Class Demons were the equivalent of the Human Apprentice Stage, their physical strength was several times stronger.

These demons were not very capable of using Devil Qi to form spells and thus used it to strengthen their body further as they attacked with their terrifying physical strength, disregarding any damage suffered.

This resulted in huge casualties in the royal army at these lower stages as they could not properly defend against such physical attacks as their bodies were so weak.

They had to kill these demons before they had the chance to strike or they would be severely injured or may even lose their life.

The Low-Class Demons were soon starting to loose as the effect of the rain of blood combined with the continuous fight drained them of all of their devil qi as they just relied on their physical strength to defend themselves now, they were killed one by one by the Royal Army who now had the upper hand.

Alex was severely injured as he was ganged up by most of the High-Class Demons as he had not enough mana left for another Area of Effect magic attack, he acted as the tank, soaking up the damage while Natalia killed of the High-Class Demons one by one.

Alex decided to descend to the ground to conserve his mana as he didn't have much left and there were only 2 High-Class Demons remaining , but those two, seeing so many of their comrades die were angry and lost their cool as they decided to take this bastard down with them as they both started glowing with black light preparing to blow up their soul as they came crashing towards the descending Alex.

Alex who did not have much mana could do nothing to defend against this duo's self destructive attack, he channeled what remaining mana he had into his sword to defend against this attack but resolved himself for death at the same time.

At this point, Natalia who was trailing behind flared her mana as she raised her right hand, on her hand appeared a long golden trident that released a terrifying aura, as she held it, it hummed with power as if a giant was awakened from his slumber , it was then covered in a dark green water which shook the entire area , she then slammed this trident towards the two demons who were about to explode.

As this trident left her hands, it burst with power as it left a shrill sound and pierced one of the High-Class Demons in an instant as the dark green water corroded the entire flesh of that demon-killing him on the spot.

The other demon continued forward but was met with the sword strike of Alex as he used every single bit of mana left in his body to conjure this magic attack , it was terrifying how much power people could unleash on the verge of death.

As he slashed down his sword, the sword radiance converted into a huge long sword that appeared hung in the sky and slashed down on the neck of the High-Class Demon like a guillotine as it cleanly chopped off his head and killed him.

Alex who had no mana left at all crashed down to the ground.

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