Chapter 30 – Divine Lightning Crown
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"You are unlike other heroes that I have seen, I died a long time ago and have existed as a projection in this Crown and have seen heroes come and go, every single one of them being naive at first then ruthless when they died. S many of them treated horribly by the people of this world."

"My own Empire came crashing down after my death as they became corrupt and chased further power which led to their downfall as the Human Race no longer respected the Empire without the Human Emperor. "

"Forgive me, for I have seen your memories, you have been so far decisive and ruthless in your actions, and did not allow others to take advantage of yourself in this new world."

"If its someone like you, I can entrust you with this. I do not trust my own descendants with this, they need a leader, the human realm needs a leader, only you can be that person" said Julius.

Glaze nodded as he took in what he said, he asked, "What are heroes? Can you tell me about it "

"Heroes are children of the Human Realm and the Mana Sea, they don't have a fully developed consciousness, but they can respond to the will of the people who live in them when the people's will reaches a certain point, the Sea of Mana responds and summons a Hero. This has nothing to do with gods and they can do nothing to interfere "said Julius

"What happened to you?" asked Glaze.

"I am dead, this is but just a simple projection that I had carved on my Crown. After my death at the hands of the Holy Demonic Emperor, I saw my Empire fill with corruption as it was destroyed from the inside. What remains now, is just the Levistar Kingdom, a shell of the past, they are not fit to lead the Human Realm, you are" said the projection towards Glaze.

The rest of the people from the Levistar who were staring at the projection of the First Human Emperor were shocked when they heard their Ancestor say they weren't fit to lead the humans.

"What does it even mean to be the Human Emperor ?" asked Glaze

"A long time ago humans and other races were slaves to the Demons, we were powerless and weak and could do nothing against the terrifying physically strong demons and suffered for eons. Then, humans revolted, trillions of them died fighting the demons after which humans were able to comprehend magic"

"Humans, with this newfound power, began using it, back then there were no magic books or anyone to teach them , they taught themselves and experimented as they fought the demons with their lives on their line as trillions died again before humans reached a level of power that could match the demons and formed Human Kingdoms"

"It was in a fight between Humans and Demons that had reached a terrifying level that it ripped the Greater World in half and separated it into two big pieces and multiple small pieces , these two big pieces were the Human Realm and the Devil Realm, with the Sea of Mana residing in the Human Realm and the Sea of Devilish Qi residing in the Devil Realm."

"There are other realms but they are much smaller in comparison as the other races who were weaker than Humans and Demons populated those areas."

"There were Emperors during this time, very powerful emperors but no one to unite all humans, it was around this time I was summoned," said Julius with a melancholic look

"To become the Human Emperor you need to control the Sea of Mana entirely , there are only two things that you need for that to happen, First, the Will to protect the Human Realm, without it, even if you are the Hero, you wouldn't be able to control the Mana Sea entirely if you don't have the will to protect the Human Realm, Second, you need to be strong , a  lot stronger than you are now  " said the projection with a smile.

Glaze stood there trying to comprehend this information.

"I shall give you my Crown, for you are the only one worthy of it. This is all the energy I had left, but I can leave in peace knowing the Human Realm is in your hands. Spare these descendants of mine who have lost their way, with you around hopefully they would move onto the right path" said Julius Levistar as he smiled and faded into nothingness and the terrifying Crown landed on Glaze's Head. 

The light released from his projection covered the people from the Levistar Kingdom as they vanished from their spots.


*You have acquired the Divine Lightning Crown*

*Divine Lightning Crown: Legend Stage - Can create a lightning domain that suppresses and inflicts damage to anyone within it*

Glaze was surprised but it made sense that only a Legend Stage treasure could suppress him and everyone else here. And the magic he used at the end, was it teleportation magic?

He was just a projection but was still absolutely terrifying, Human Emperors were terrifying indeed.

'Let's go back to the Kingdom' said Glaze as he wore the Golden Crown with Blue Jewels that sparkled with thunder as he left Artanza and went back to Lockhart Kingdom.


The people from the Levistar Kingdom were teleported back to the throne room in Levistar.

Queen Levistar got up when this happened, she could sense the mana that teleported her, this was similar to hers.

"What happened? Who used teleportation magic on you?" asked the Queen urgently.

The rest of the people coughed as they tried to get a handle on what was going on as they were suddenly teleported back.

They recounted what happened with the First Human Emperor's projection and the Hero as they showed her the memory crystal that they had used to record the events.

"Your Majesty, if Ancestor thinks this way," said the man from before as he narrowed his eyes and looked at his Queen.

The Queen sighed as she looked at the memory crystal, this was a decision they had to make.


In the throne room in Neverwinter, Queen Neverwinter slapped Lady Gristia who was in the Master Stage as she heard what happened after the Demon's War.

"This will be enough to stall his growth you said," said the Queen in anger as she kicked the already injured Lady Gristia.

"Y-your Majesty, I d-dint realize he would do something like that," said she as she begged for mercy.

The Queen sighed as she lifted her foot and sat down on the throne, " Instead of stalling him we just made it easier for him to fulfill his ambitions, he has now taken over Everheart, changed its name, become King Lockhart" she said as she rubbed her temples.

Everyone in the throne room was silent, they had some ideas but dared not to give any fearing if it failed, they will be the ones on the ground screaming.


Soon the rest of the Human Realm got the news of the Summoned Hero already taking over the Kingdom of Everheart, making it the Kingdom of Lockhart, crowning himself King.

All the kingdoms were shocked at this sudden development, Everheart Kingdom was one of the oldest kingdoms to have existed in the Human Realm and it was erased from existence in just an instant.

They also heard about what happened in the war and were scared of how quickly the Hero was growing , the common people and the weaker soldiers in the armies of all Kingdoms were happy to see the Hero becoming stronger as they were the ones losing their lives and their family members' lives in this war against the Demons with the Holy Demonic Empress at the helm.

The rulers of all Kingdoms were scared that the Hero would do what most of the Heroes had done before, follow a path of blood as they conquered every Kingdom and united them to face the Demons.

The Heroes were all naive and righteous at first, but after realizing how cruel this world was, most of them would use the excuse of uniting the Human Realm to protect it against the demons and wage war and dye the Human Realm in blood, becoming Human Emperors

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