Chapter 9
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Hello, I've been trying to work on my writing recently but I'm still not satisfied with the quality I'm releasing. If you have any feedback or advice about the story id be happy to listen. Let me know how you like the story so far


The crimson forest was completely silent as a single Beowulf crept slowly through the brushes, the final rays of the sun started to hide behind the distant hill as the moon crept higher in the sky. Blood red leaves and grass darkened as shadows creeped over the woods. The Beowulf paused briefly, feeling like it sensed something, before moving on after feeling nothing else. Suddenly an intense pain shot through its eye, causing it to roar in pain. Looking around in anger with its one good eye it tried to spot its assailant to no avail. It roared in confusion as it felt something pierce its remaining good eye rendering it blind. It swiped in the direction it felt the attack from, feeling its claw connect with something and batting it away. It heard a pained cough after an impact and suddenly felt the emotions of a human.






It charged, relying only on its ability to sense emotions before it felt the presence disappear again. Continuing its charge it hit nothing, feeling another sharp sensation stab into its hind leg, and then another from its left side. It tried fighting back, but it was blinded and unable to sense its attacker leaving it to swing in confusion as it felt piercing sensations all over its body. Eventually it felt something enter its neck, pushing in with incredible force and shooting out the other side. Falling to the ground it felt as its consciousness left its body, slowly fading into nothing.



Matt watched, panting, as the Beowulf disintegrated into nothing. He had decided he was ready to face the Grimm after figuring out the full potential of his semblance. Matt's semblance was invisibility, once activating it he disappeared completely. After practicing and exploring his new power though, he realized the true depths of his semblance. It didn't just make him go invisible, it made his presence invisible too. His smell, sound, emotions, all untraceable when it's active. It took a lot of aura though, he was only able to keep it activated for about six minutes. It was similar to Ren’s semblance that hides emotions, although he wasn't able to spread it to other people.


Sitting down on the grass and deactivating his semblance he looked at the switchblade in his hand, wiping the black blood off it. He had been following this Beowulf for about a minute before he built up the courage to attack it, stabbing it in the eye before running around it and getting its other eye. After that it managed to hit him, causing his semblance to deactivate temporarily. Panicking when he saw it charging he managed to roll out of the way of the attack. Using his telekinesis to control the knife, he stabbed it multiple times before finally piercing it through the neck.


 Hearing a familiar ding he looked at the screen in front of him.


For defeating your first Grimm you have been rewarded 1x rare token.


Matt grinned slightly, it had been a couple days since the whole Neo fiasco and he was no longer paranoid that she was following him around, after all what reason could she possibly have to follow him? They only made eye contact once after all, and Matt felt a bit stupid for panicking. 


He had been texting Azul a lot over the past few days and every time he tried to meet up, the trap postponed it. He seemed nervous about something, and it only became more obvious when they would facetime. Azul looked like he had something he wanted to say before seemingly losing confidence and changing the subject. Deciding he would ask about it next time they talked he mentally commanded his system to open his stats and skills.


Name: Matthew Artendale 

Race: Cat Faunus

Aura: 53/200

Semblance: Presence concealment

Magic: Locked


Strength: 6(+1)

Dexterity: 11(+2)

Constitution: 6(+1)

Charm: 36(+4)

Luck: 14(+1)




Important skills:


Telekinesis: lvl 7(23%)

Singing: lvl 97(63%)

Hand to hand combat: lvl 4(54%)

Knife proficiency: lvl 3(98%)

Semblance: lvl 2(43%)/29.7 aura per minute

Aura control: lvl 5(68%)/14.25 aura per minute


Common skills: Open tab


Something he had noticed over his training was that his aura pool did not grow, only his proficiency at using his aura pool went up. In this world people were born with a fixed amount of aura, and there has been no way discovered to increase the amount in someone's body. It was their soul after all, stretching it too much will cause it to break.


Walking back the way he came, he found where he stashed his backpack. Picking it up and throwing it over his shoulder he decided to head back, he didn't think he would be able to take another Beowulf at the moment. 


He was able to enter the Forever fall forest and leave it any time he wanted now that he had a forged ID. It was a good training area but this is the first time he has been out here since his arrival. Now that he is able to take on grimm he's definitely going to be coming back more.


He wasn't that far out from the wall so he made it back to the entrance quickly. Walking up to the large door with guards in front of it, he had his ID scanned and was allowed in. Walking through the streets of Vale he could almost forget that he wasn't walking through Boston. The people were just as shitty and the sound of traffic could be heard everywhere. Since it was becoming night the shadier side of Vale started to roam the streets so he quickened his pace back to the hotel. He still wasn't strong enough to feel confident walking the streets at night.


Walking down the hallway of the hotel he enters his room. Throwing his bag on his bed with a sigh he walks into the bathroom to wash all the dirt off, throwing his clothes on the ground and entering the shower. The hot water always relaxes him, making all the stresses of the day disappear. 


While he was shampooing his hair, with his enhanced hearing he hears someone open his door and come in. Hearing Blake call out his name he shouts back, “In the shower! I’ll be out soon!” resuming washing his hair he hums a tune, only stopping when he hears the bathroom door open and the sound of clothes hitting the floor. As excitement began to build in him he saw the shower curtain open, Blake standing there in her full naked glory. Matt instantly started to harden. Waiting for her to get in and join him in the shower he notices shes just staring at him, appreciating everything about his body. The attention she's giving him has him at full mast in no time, “Are you going to stare all day or hop in?” He asks with a smirk. 


Grinning, she walks in and stands behind him, taking over washing his hair. She makes sure she's delicate with his ears, rubbing them in all the right spots to make Matt lean back into her, his head between her breasts. After washing the soap out of his hair she grabbed the bar of soap and ran it down his body, washing every part of his chest. She made sure to really scrub the soap off, enjoying feeling his body. Blake was extremely horny at this point and was struggling to not just shove him inside her.


Slowly lowering her hands she grabbed his long shaft, rubbing it slowly. Using the bar of soap she started to clean his dick, hearing his breath start to waver. After she was done with the soap she started stroking it to get it clean, giving special attention to the head. Once she finished washing the soap off she kept rubbing, enjoying how hot his massive cock felt in her hands. Hearing his breath quicken she sped up, nibbling on his cat ear making him shiver. Eventually he grabbed her arm, “Im cumming!” he shouted as she watched thick ropes of white seed shoot out and hit the shower wall.


Finally reaching her limit she flipped him around and grabbed his still hard dick making him twitch. Rubbing it against her pussy lips she teased him, finally having enough she shoved it inside her, moaning in satisfaction. She immediately started grinding roughly against him, trying to force as much pleasure as she could. He wrapped his arms around her neck and she leaned down to kiss him, enjoying the intimacy. Looking her in the eyes seriously Matt tried to assert himself a bit, “Just one round, I don't want to be in the shower for too long and I have something I want to talk to you about.” Blake nodded her head in agreement.


Two hours later they both walked out of the bathroom finally clean with fresh clothes on, “That was way more than one round.” Matt said with some exasperation, he wasnt mad though, after all he felt incredibly satisfied.


Blake grinned, “Are you telling me you didn't enjoy it? Because it was you that made me keep going right?” She said, causing Matt to blush slightly before shaking his head.


“I have something I want to talk to you about.” Matt said. When noticing Matt seemed to get more serious Blake gave him her full attention. “I know Beacon is starting in a week and I wont get to see you much, so I want to know. What are we? What kind of relationship do you want to have with me?” Matt was an honest man and would stick to his word, if Blake told him right now she wanted to be his girlfriend he would agree and stop flirting with Azul and all the girls at the comic store. He liked Blake enough that he was willing to give up other women.


Blake froze, she had been thinking about this alot as well. She really liked Matt, so much so that she wanted to be in a relationship with him, maybe even something further than that in the future. However she knew it wasn't possible right now, not only was she going to Beacon which would take most of her attention, but the white fang was definitely after her. She knew her ex Alice was crazy and possessive of her, and if she saw that Blake was with a man she might go ballistic and kill him, and she was not confident she could protect Matt from the full might of the white fang. Blake desperately wanted to be in a relationship with him but knew it would not be fair to ask Matt to wait for her, but the idea of him having sex with other women was enough to drive her crazy. So with great reluctance she spoke her mind and hoped Matt would still like her, “I… can't, there are so many reasons why but I can't tell you them, just that it would be safer for you if we weren't dating” She still had not told Matt she was in the white fang, terrified of his reaction “But on top of Beacon, being in a relationship right now would not work out. I really like you though Matt, so do you think we could keep in touch after I leave? Maybe we can even keep this friends with benefits thing that we have going on right now.” It hurt to even say it, but there was another reason that this would not work out at the moment, she still isn't over Alice completely.


Blake had known Alice since they were children, and had been in a relationship since they were fourteen. It had been incredibly difficult for her to leave Alice like that without an explanation, but she knew Alice would not have allowed her to have left. Looking at Matt she noticed the disappointment in his eyes before it vanished.


Matt smiled and hugged her, “it's fine Blake, after you leave for Beacon make sure to keep your word and stay in touch, but until then were going to fuck like rabbits” He said with a grin, pushing Blake onto the bed.


Blake smiled lightly, ‘and we just got clean as well’ she thought as Matt pulled her pants off.



Laying in bed Matt was surfing the web on his scroll. He was looking at the music industry as he had been rather curious how developed it was here. Apparently there was a big music culture in every kingdom of remnant, after all music makes people happy, and the happier people are the less Grimm are around. Blake had been encouraging him to follow his childhood dream and pursue music, and he finally caved, deciding to upload a video of him singing to MeTube to try and start his career. 


As he was contemplating what song to start with he got a text, looking at the notification he saw that it was Azul.


Hey, I know I've been a bit dodgy recently but I was nervous to ask you something but I was finally convinced. You see I actually have a girlfriend and we've been together for about two years. The problem though is that we are both major masochists, we have tried to switch the role of the dom to each other but it's never as satisfying as we would like. So I came up with the idea to spice up our relationship by bringing in someone to dominate us in bed, as I was looking for someone though you happened to show up and catch my interest. I know this is a bit forward, but would you be willing to have a threesome with me and my girlfriend and be a dommy? I'm sorry if this is weird, I've been really nervous to ask you.


Matt was honestly rather surprised, but that quickly changed to excitement. ‘A chance to plow a girl in front of her masochistic boyfriend?’ For some reason that sparked something sadistic in him.


Count me in!