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/ Series / A gamer in Rwby with reverse morals.
A gamer in Rwby with reverse morals.
A gamer in Rwby with reverse morals.
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4.5 (64 ratings)
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Matthew wasn't sure what to expect when he decided to end his life. He thought maybe something along the lines of either the pearly gates or eternal flames. He definitely wasn't expecting to wake up to the sight of a crimson forest and a castle on the hill, nor did he expect to end up in a world where women chased men and men let themselves be chased. He certainty wishes his gamer system was stronger though.

The first chapter is a bit rough, but I can promise the quality gets better in the next chapter
(There will be some Yaoi, as the MC will have sex with some traps, but the main love interests will be female. Ill put a warning on those scenes so you can skip over them if you want)

ActionAdventureFanfictionGirls LoveIsekaiRomanceSmutTragedy
Reverse Sexual Morals RWBY
Age Regression Animal Characteristics Apathetic Protagonist Bisexual Protagonist Famous Protagonist First Love First-time Intercourse Gamers Level System Matriarchy Organized Crime R-18 Romantic Subplot Second Chance Sex Friends Singers Slow Romance Transported into Another World Weak to Strong
Table of Contents 23
  1. Chapter 21Sep 26, 2023
  2. ANNOUNCEMENTAug 21, 2023
  3. Chapter 20Aug 9, 2023
  4. What if: Matt arrived in Atlas instead of ValeAug 1, 2023
  5. Chapter 19Jul 22, 2023
  6. Chapter 18Jul 15, 2023
  7. Chapter 17Jun 26, 2023
  8. Chapter 16Jun 7, 2023
  9. Chapter 15Jun 6, 2023
  10. Chapter 14May 27, 2023
  11. Chapter 13May 21, 2023
  12. Chapter 12May 9, 2023
  13. Chapter 11May 1, 2023
  14. Chapter 10Apr 24, 2023
  15. Chapter 9Mar 14, 2023
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      Status: c9

      The story seems interesting and with potential although there has still some issues. The characters are not perfect, there is very little inner monologue, but they are still quite fleshed out. 

      The system is a bit random, it's just there to give the MC some power, it doesn't appear to be OP, but is still too early to tell. The main reason is that it's a gatcha system, sh*t can gone down fast with this type of system. 

      The smut tag is a bit excessive right now, since while there are s*x scenes they are very short and mostly just mentioned. It seems only the major scenes will be described, such as first time with a character or different and  special occasions (threesome, playing a role like dominant etc.).

      All that said, I'm still giving 4 four stars because the story is good, I'm only pointing out some issues.

      The grammar is very good, best you can find in ScribbleHub.

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      4 Likes · Like
      Status: C20

      Recommended this to all my pals, a hidden gem of a fanfic for sure.

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      3 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 17

      One of the few RSM that starts good into very good, objectively it's 4.5/5, the societal difference that challenges his mindset made it entertaining, especially his way of approach with how similar the fairer gender acts as men of our world, then again... I wonder how the world of remnant differs from ours because one thing for certain is that alimony shouldn't be that bad.

      not when it is filled with monsters that removes such complacency in their society 

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      2 Likes · Like
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