Chapter 19
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Blake's mind groggily came to consciousness at the sound of an alarm going off. ‘Ughh, what is that?’ She thought blearily, before she heard a feminine grunt followed by a loud slam that caused her eyes to shoot open in surprise.


“DAMN IT! You big, stupid oaf! This is the third time I have had to replace this alarm!”


‘Is that the Schnee?’ She thought, now fully awake. Sitting up she turned her head to see what the commotion was about. ‘Oh, Yang must have broken the alarm clock again’ She thought with some amusement as she watched the Schnee fume.


Turning to the blond slob she saw her sprawled out haphazardly on her bed with only a pair of underwear on. Absent-mindedly scratching under her breast, Yang looked at Weiss with lidded eyes, “And you still haven't learned your lesson? Next time don’t set an alarm to go off at 7 am on a Saturday shortstack.” she mumbled.


Gritting her teeth Weiss tried to disintegrate the meathead with her glare, “Who are you calling shortstack you brute! Now I have to order another one online! Are you even listening to me?! Hey! HEY!” Seeing how annoyed Yang made the Schnee always brought a smile to Blakes face, and she had to stifle a laugh when she saw the blond already back asleep.


Getting up she went to the bathroom so she didn't have to listen to Weiss yell anymore. Her team was full of opposing personalities but somehow they made it work. Her teammate Yang was a rare breed, an extrovert that isn't annoying. Usually she would find someone's outgoing personality annoying, however Yang somehow made it endearing. Perhaps it was how charismatic she was.


Blake turned on the shower to warm it up, then went to the sink and started brushing her teeth. She still wasn't a fan of the Schnee, not only disliking her background but also her uptight, rigid personality. Usually she wouldn't mind it, but the heiress tried to make all of them follow the same schedule as her which was really annoying.


Her leader was great as well. Despite being two years younger, Ruby was a menace on the battlefield, able to pick apart someone's fighting style and poke holes in every weakness they had. She was surprisingly good at leading people when put under pressure, and had a good head for strategy. It was also pretty funny to see her turn from a serious battle strategist when fighting to a stuttering mess whenever interacting with boys. Plus Ruby was the only one able to reel the Schnee in. Weiss was surprisingly docile around her.


She couldn't wait until sparring started on Monday in combat class. Spitting out the toothpaste Blake rinsed her mouth before heading into the shower. Signing in relief she let the hot water run over her form, relaxing her muscles. She felt a smile creep up her face as she realized she was taking Matt to the Mall today. Blake hasn't seen him for two weeks so she was really looking forward to seeing him.


The two of them had been texting a lot with the occasional facetime, and she had to lie to him about why she was staying up late talking to him. She said it was because Yang snored a lot but in reality she just missed him. She has found it almost impossible to sleep without him in her arms, and thoughts of him often keep her up. 


Not only that but she was also used to having a bit of ‘fun’ before sleep. Matt was pretty much always down for sex, and he had rarely said no. At first Blake was a bit worried he was a slut but when he said he gave her his virginity she felt like marrying him right then.


He was also surprisingly generous in bed for a man. He was always trying his hardest to pleasure her and Blake loved it. Just thinking about the sex they had before she left for beacon was getting her wet. Blake was very grateful for the time she accidentally left her ‘Ninjas of Love’ books out. Apparently Matt had found them, read them, and then decided to cosplay as her favorite character and role play being them. Again Blake felt like getting on one knee and proposing.


Gently feeling her nether regions she grimaced at the arousal on her fingers, turning the shower knob to cold. Hissing at the freezing water Blake refocused. She wanted to leave a bit early to pick up some flowers for him, she also needed some condoms. She was very eager for the night after the date, as she would be staying at his new apartment until Monday.


‘It's also finally time to deepen our relationship.’ Previously Matt had asked Blake what kind of relationship they had, and at the time she was too scared of the White Fang to make any commitments, but now, here at Beacon she was safe. So during their date Blake was going to ask Matt to be her boyfriend.




Standing in front of Matt’s new apartment Blake nervously adjusted her shirt, sniffing her armpits to make sure she didn't smell. Satisfied at the pleasant scent she knocked on the door, stepping back slightly she waited in anticipation, a bundle of flowers in her hands.


Watching the door open she saw Matt’s head poke out, his two ears twitching eagerly on his head. Blake felt her chest swell with joy at his face, ‘Calm down Blake, it's only been two weeks.’ However no matter how much she told herself that she couldn't stop the massive grin from splitting her face. Matt grinned right back, “Blake!” he said, coming up to her and hugging her. 


Wrapping her arms tightly around his smaller frame Blake felt herself fully relax for the first time in two weeks. It wasn't until he was in her arms that she realized how much she actually missed him. His scent, his warmth, everything about him was perfect in her eyes. Snapping out of her daze Blake broke off the hug reluctantly, there would be plenty of time for that later tonight.


Holding out the flowers she bought him Blake smiled, “Here Matt, I uh… bought you these.” She said slightly awkwardly, this being the first time she bought flowers for someone.


Matt's eyes went wide in shock at the sight of the flowers, and she saw his lips wobble briefly before he smiled at her, “Thank you, Blake” He said sweetly and Blake felt her heart stop at the smile. 


Usually, when Matt smiled there always seemed like there was something off about it. It was shortly after that they had started getting intimate that Blake finally realized what it was. The smile seemed fake, and his eyes never changed. Usually when someone smiled their eyes followed along, Matt however always seemed to have dead looking eyes.


But not this time, the smile Matt had on his face was the first genuine smile Blake has ever seen from him, ‘and it's absolutely beautiful’. It was the kind of smile that people would stop and stare at, and Blake couldn’t help but thank the brother Gods for blessing her with this gorgeous boy.


Turning around, Matt invited her in, walking back inside. Blake mumbled out a response and followed him, her mind still in a daze.




Standing on the roof of Beacon, an almost ethereal beauty stared off into the vast city. Her hair was snow white, and her eyes a dark, bloody red. On her face was a confident grin, showing off her perfect teeth. Turning her vision down slightly she thought of a certain word, ‘stats’


Name: Charlotte Paragon 

Level: 15(%35)

Race: Human/(?)

Health: 630

Stamina: 450

Aura: 1500/1500

Semblance: Shockwave Control

Magic: 800/800


Strength: 65

Dexterity: 78

Agility: 45

Constitution: 63

Charm: 43

Luck: 38

Aura: 15

Magic: 8




Her grin almost seemed to get wider, ‘I've come such a long way since that day. It’s hard to believe I started at 3 strength. Now look at me now, at Beacon and the leader of my own team." The white haired girl, whose name is Charlotte, had been reborn in this world two years ago.


In her previous life, Charlotte was a fat otaku that had no friends, not to mention she had been single her entire life. She was in her late 30s stuck in a dead end job as a salarywoman, living paycheck by paycheck with no social life. It didn't help that she spent all of her free time collecting her favorite husbandos from a bunch of different anime. 


Her family had cut ties with her, not that she really blamed them, and her coworkers made fun of her behind her back… basically her life sucked. Then, one day she was walking home from the grocery store when she saw a little boy walking across the street, not seeing the speeding truck that was heading straight for him.


She wasn’t sure what came over her, but she found her legs running straight at the boy, her arms raising of their own accord to push him out of the way. Seeing the world in slow motion, she watched with a surprising calm as the speeding truck sped directly towards her instead, after that she can’t remember much besides a crushing pain in her chest.


When she next awoke Charlotte was standing in a bright white area with an elderly looking woman standing in front of her, the being introduced itself as ROB and told her that the little boy she saved went on to make a cure for a disease that saves a couple million people, and because of that she was granted a very strong system along with 2 spins on a wheel of cheats.


The two that she had landed on were, special heritage and shockwave control. Special heritage granted her the DNA of a mythical species that she still hasn't figured out yet, but she was pretty sure it was either Elf or Vampire.


Shockwave control turned out to be remarkably potent. It allowed her to manipulate the shockwaves she created, directing their vibrations and even amplifying them. For instance, by simply snapping her fingers, she could control and enhance the shockwave's impact, using it effectively against her enemies. The ease with which she could generate and control these waves made it a highly formidable ability, clapping her hands alone was devastating if she controlled it right. The only downside was that it used a shocking amount of aura, and took a lot of careful control.


Anyways she is getting off track, after receiving her gifts she was allowed to design her next body, so of course she made it as attractive as humanly possible, she was sick of being an ugly virgin that boys wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. After this ROB allowed her to pick the next world she would get reincarnated in so of course, she picked her favorite show of all time.


RWBY was its name, and she loved everything about the show, however there was one main reason that she came here. Matthew Artendale’ The hottest, sexiest, most badass man out of any husbando she has seen. In her old world she collected figures of him almost religiously, and many of her lonely nights were spent imagining her pounding him over and over again.


He was so hot, the sexy cat boy that went from the sweet innocent caring type to the badass killer after he lost his memories. The story was essentially that after he lost his memories, he wanders around Vale for a while before a serial killer named Neo takes interest in him, kidnaps him, and basically reteaches him everything about the world in her own twisted way. 


Their relationship was very toxic, however one day she meets the main character Ruby when the girl was on a mission, he starts to fall for her, Neo comes back and kicks Ruby's ass, and the main character eventually gets stronger and saves him from Neo causing Matt to fall deeply in love with her.


However, that was unacceptable to the otaku. What Charlotte planned to do was prevent Ruby from ever meeting Matt, and take her place instead, saving Matt and making him fall deeply in love with her. ‘It's foolproof’ She thought with a grin, ‘This will be the start of my harem!’ After seducing Matt she doesn't plan on stopping. Using her knowledge of cannon events, she will cuck every character and take their men for herself, creating a group of boys that will fulfill her every desire.

‘But first’ She thought grimly ‘I need to get stronger, after all as I am now I stand no chance against the monsters that secretly lurk in this world’