Chapter 21
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So... working on my other story didn't work and I quickly lost motivation to write it as well. I figure from now on I'm not going to make any promises for when the next chapter comes out and will just write when I feel motivated to. Anyways, as always drop a heart if you enjoy!


Sitting on a bench Matt idly ate a fry, staring at Blakes phone. The two of them were currently in a courtyard located in the middle of the Vale mall. The bench they were on faced a coy pond surrounded by trees, something Matt was seriously impressed by. This mall was huge, with 6 floors and a couple miles wide. It was THE Vale mall, the largest mall. Since Vale was such a massive city, it made sense that the largest mall it had was bigger than anything Matt had ever seen. The technology of this world allows it to seemingly defy physics, with floating platforms carrying people around and ceilings that should not be able to hold themselves up. There were holograms everywhere with either advertisements or news, and the people walked through with an orderly chaos, almost like there were unwritten rules about how to walk through the halls.


Focusing back on the phone, Matt repressed a twitch as Blake rested her arm over his shoulder, still not completely used to the small possessive acts girls of this universe did to men. Looking up at her he saw Blake no longer focused on the phone, instead staring daggers at something over Matt's shoulder. 


Turning his head he spotted a group of girls shooting shit eating grins at Blake. Looking closer at the four teens, he saw that they were all humans with expensive looking clothes. He remembered them from a while ago when they were walking through the parking lot. They had made some dirty comments about him, especially his ass, loud enough for both of them to hear with their enhanced hearing. He had to stop Blake from going over there, outwardly pretending not to care. Secretly he was a bit flattered, enjoying the attention he had been starved of for most of his life.


Focusing on her conversations he realized the reason Blake was getting possessive. 


“Hey, how much you want to bet I can just steal her boy by flashing some thousands. I bet he would ditch her for five grand.”


“Ha! I bet you two thousand lien I could get him for less. He looks like the type to get real freaky after a little of that booger sugar. Those animals always go crazy for it with their freaky noses.”


“I thought you ran out?”


“I did, I just picked up some more yesterday”


“Can you pick some up for me?”


“Get your own shit you god damn fiend.”


Listening to their conversation he stifled a laugh, they seemed like the stereotypical rich sociopaths. It was honestly kind of freaky hearing a bunch of girls act like that. Although his amusement died down quickly when he saw how angry Blake was getting.


He figured he might as well calm Blake down, since he didn't want her grumpy the whole date. Originally when he got to this world he was pretty dejected at his new height. He wasn't tall originally, but it still felt like a major blow to his pride to become even shorter. However he found out that there was one advantage to being short in this new world.


With a smirk he lifted Blakes arm off him, seeing her look at him in confusion. Quickly crawling over he sat on her lap and stared at the chatting girls, watching their grins turn into frowns. He kissed Blake on the cheek and saw the girls finally walk away with annoyed faces.


Smiling in satisfaction he turned to Blake, “You-mphg!” Interrupting Matt, Blake smashed her lips on his, kissing him fiercely. 


Breaking the kiss Blake stared at him intently, her cheeks rosy. “Be my boyfriend.” She said.


Looking surprised Matt nodded absentmindedly. ‘She beat me to it’ He thought with amusement, as he was also planning to ask her out at some point today. “Ok” He said with a smile, causing Blakes face to break out in a grin.


Hearing a familiar ding for the first time in awhile, Matt looked down.


For getting your desperate ass a girlfriend, you have received x1 rare token!


Matt smiled in amusement.




Walking through the mall Matt held in a laugh at how awkward Blake was acting, he guessed it was because she had never actually been on a date before so this was new territory for her. Of course Matt himself was new to all this so he couldn't complain, not that he would, he found her nervousness adorable.


Blake coughed into her hand, clearly trying to get his attention. Looking over, Matt saw her looking between a clothing store and him repeatedly, “So… uh, do you want to go shopping for some clothes? I could get you anything you want from the store.” She said with hopeful eyes.


Matt shook his head, “It’s ok, I have plenty of clothes at home already. I’d rather just spend time with you.” He said, looking around the store for something to do.


“Ah… alright” Blake said with a blush, although Matt still saw some disappointment in her eyes. Raising a brow at that he looked closer at the store she was staring at and noticed something that made him smirk. 


Putting a hand on his hip he hid his smile behind a disapproving frown, “Oh, I see.” He said, watching a nervous sweat break out on Blakes face, “Were you hoping I would pick out some lingerie?” He asked, pointing to the section of the store where they selled more… ‘risky’ clothing.


Awkwardly fiddling with her hands Blake shook her head, trying to play it off, “O-of course not! I just thought, well, you might like clothes so I was uh… well”


Finally breaking his disapproving mask, Matt let out a genuine laugh. “I’m messing with you Blake.” He said, watching relief flood her face. “You should know I'm not really into clothing or anything like masculine that. I'd rather play video games with you than go clothes shopping.” 


Blake nodded at that, but Matt could still sense some disappointment from her. Feeling a bit bad at shutting her down like that, he put on a smirk and gestured for her to lower her head to his level. Raising a brow in confusion she did as he asked. Cupping a hand around her ear he whispered, “I was planning on keeping this a surprise for you but… me and Sam did some shopping and we picked out some clothes I think you are going to like” He said, shooting her a wink when she stood up straight again.


Her face went atomic at that, and his nose started to pick up the scent of arousal from her. Nodding stiffly it seemed like she was trying to come up with something to say but failing. Matt started laughing again, he’s never seen her act like this and it was really cute at how quiet she got when embarrassed. Usually she was the picture of confidence so it was refreshing to see her awkward side.


Pinching her arm Blake winced at the pain, trying to control her hormones so her fellow Faunus in the mall didn’t sense anything from her. Shaking her head she tried to refocus by looking at anything but her minx of a boyfriend. ‘Ah, what a nice ceiling. Did they repaint it? Those lights also look new-’


“Blake” Matt called out, causing her to stare at him “Let’s go get some ice cream” He said, pointing at an ice cream store a little further down the hallway. Blake nodded but stayed silent, still somewhat lost in her own thoughts. Walking over the two waited patiently in line, and when it was finally their turn Matt ordered chocolate chip cookie dough while Blake ordered plain vanilla.


Sitting down on one of the chairs outside the store the two started eating their frozen treats. “So… vanilla huh? How boring.” Matt said with a smirk.


Rolling her eyes Blake scoffed, “Simple is better when it comes to ice cream.”


Matt shook his head, “I think it’s the opposite. The more you shove in it the better it tastes” He said with a smile, however that switched to a grimace when he got some ice cream on his hand. 


“Ah, I'll go get some napkins for you,” Blake said, standing up.


“Ok, I actually need to use the restroom so i’ll meet you back here in a minute.” Matt said. Putting his cup down he walked over to the mens room.




Standing in the bathroom Matt washed his hands, absently staring at his reflection. He has changed so much since his time coming here that it almost felt unreal. He was not only more confident in himself and his looks, but he also found himself more and more comfortable acting “feminine”. He wasn't a full blown tomgirl, but he found himself doing small gestures similar to when he sat on Blake's lap. Things that girls usually did in his old world to tease their boyfriends.


It most likely stems from his desire to please people, so he naturally changed the way he acted. In his old world, the majority of men considered it unattractive when a woman acted like a man, so he figured the reverse was true in this world. He had gotten some strange looks in his early time here for the way he talked and acted, so he switched up his personality. Even though it was an act, he was starting to actually enjoy the reactions he got from Blake. 


Drying his hands, Matt stopped thinking about it. He was who he was, and if faking his personality was part of that, then so be it. Walking back from the bathroom, Matt spotted three boys crowding an annoyed looking Blake. Listing them from left to right there was a fat blond guy, a really fat dark haired boy(Like seriously god damn), and an average looking skinny blond boy that seemed like he’d rather been anywhere else.


Listening into their conversation from a far he raised an eyebrow in amusement.


Leaning over the really fat dude was trying to show off his chest to Blake, “So, what do you think of all this huh?” He snorted, twirling around in what Matt assumed he thought was a sexy move, “Pretty hot right? How about we get to know each other better?” he said huskily, causing Blake to shiver in what Matt assumed was disgust.


Walking up with a smirk, he got in the boy's line of sight “Hello… I'm not interrupting anything am I?” 


Raising an annoyed eyebrow, the boy crossed his arm “Oh great.” He huffed, “Here comes the jealous boyfriend.” The fat guy said, getting a snort of amusement from his overweight cohort. The skinny blonde boy however looked like he was regretting every life decision he’s ever made. Continuing, the annoying guy looked down at Matt, pointing his nose in the air “You are most definitely interrupting something.” he said haughtily.


Seeing Blake shake her head frantically out of the corner of his eye Matt had to stop himself from bursting out in laughter, ‘Someone like this actually exists? This guy needs to be put in a zoo.’ Matt thought with a smirk, “Jealous?” He laughed, “Why would I be intimidated by one out of ten? Maybe lose a couple hundred pounds and we can talk about raising you to a three.” He said, watching Blake take a sip of her drink to hide her grin. Matt wasn’t a naturally mean person, but he was very petty when he got annoyed, and enjoyed pissing off whoever earned his ire.


Looking offended the fatass glared at him, “A one!?!” he shrieked, “Look at me hunny!” He said, striking a ‘sexy’ pose, “I'm a ten”


Crossing his arms Matt raised a brow in disbelief, “A ten? Maybe on the Richter scale” He said with a grin. Blake spit out her drink at that, trying to control her laughter and failing.


The boy's face turned red in anger, “Excuse me?! That’s so rude!” he shouted.


Matt crossed his arms, his amusement fading quickly “So is hitting on someone's girlfriend.”


The overweight boy continued to glare at Matt, “Oh please, she deserves someone full and beautiful like me.” He said, “Not some skinny twig with a horrible fashion sense. With how modestly your dressing it seems like you're desperately trying to appear as some quiet church boy, you are probably trying to hide the fact that you're a raging slut.” 


Matt opened his mouth to reply with some scathing remark before Blake stood up, genuine anger on her face. “Alright that's enough. You are clearly to stupid to take a hint so let me be frank, fuck off. I'm not interested.” She said, pushing Matt behind her.


The fat boy looked like he was about to start yelling at Blake as well before the skinny blond boy came to the rescue. Putting his hand on the overweight boy's shoulder he started dragging him away, “You heard the woman Jordan. Let's get out of here, we're starting to draw a crowd.” He said, nervously pointing to the people starting to gather around them.


Blake also took this as her queue to leave, grabbing Matt's hand and dragging him away.




Once they were a good distance away Blake sighed, “Sorry about that, he wouldn’t take the hint that I wasn't interested when he came over. I even told him I had a date but he just brushed it off.” she said, looking at Matt apologetically.


Shrugging his shoulders, the white haired boy gave her a smile, “Forget about it, lets just enjoy the rest of the date.” He said, however, lady luck seemed to have it out for them today.


Bumping into someone Matt fell on his ass with a yelp, ‘What the fuck did I walk into? A brick wall?’ He thought incredulously. Looking up, his eyes froze on what had to be the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She looked straight out of a fairy tail, with long white hair and deep red eyes.


“What the fuck?” She said, staring at Matt with uncomprehending eyes.


Helping Matt onto his feet Blake squinted at the new arrival, annoyance and recognition dancing in her eyes “Charlotte? What are you doing here?” (AN: Charlotte is the reincarnated girl from chapter 19)


The white haired girl stared straight back in confusion, “Blake? Why are you with…” she trailed off, staring at Matt in confusion.


Matt had no idea who this woman was, but he felt like this date was about to get a whole lot more complicated.