Chapter 11
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This is definitely the most degenerate shit I've ever written before lmao. There will be some bisexual parts in this chapter but I put a warning at the beginning of it.


Shifting his shoulders to adjust his backpack, Matt took a deep breath. He was standing outside Azul’s house and was a bit nervous to go inside, however most of that was drowned out by his excitement. Honestly he never expected to be in a threesome before but he was extremely excited to not only be in one, but be in control of one.


Looking at Azul’s house he had to admit it was beautiful. It was 3 stories tall and made with a mix of stone and glass, looking like a ‘modern’ house from his old world. There was a mix of greens everywhere and a beautiful lawn that surrounded a driveway. He remembered Azul telling him that his parents as well as his girlfriend's parents were pretty loaded so he figured that was how he could afford a place like this. Shaking off the nervous thoughts he rang the doorbell.


(Jennifer POV)


Despide her boyfriend's assurances that his friend coming over was excited, she couldn't help but worry that he would get disgusted with her and leave. The only other person in the world who knew she was a masochist was Azul, and even then it was incredibly hard to tell him. I mean what kind of woman gets off on being abused? It was something she was very ashamed of and she felt bad for dropping all of it on Azul, as she knew she could never fully satisfy him since she just couldn't take control in the bedroom, it always felt forced and fake. For the tenth time in the last hour Jennifer couldn't help but appreciate how lucky she is to have found a boyfriend like him.


Despite her worries she was extremely turned on, what woman wouldn't look forward to having a threesome with two hot guys. It was every girl's dream! She was practically vibrating in place and jumped a little bit when she finally heard the doorbell. Her boyfriend, who she noticed was almost equally excited about this, walked up to the door and opened it. Looking at the two boys greeting and hugging each other, she couldn't help the surge of arousal she felt looking at the newcomer.


The boy she was looking at was a ten out of ten, no question about it. He had beautiful white hair with adorable cat ears on top of his head that twitched in what she assumed was anticipation. She knew her parents would be ashamed of her for this but she always had a bit of a fetish for Faunus, something about the animal traits just added to the appeal in her mind. Looking at his face the only word she could describe him as was ‘innocent beauty’, he had round expressive eyes and an adorable nose. At first glance she would not assume he had an aggressive bone in his body, however there was just something about the way he walked that made her think otherwise. Maybe it was the way he carried himself, almost like he was a woman.


Realizing he was looking at her she shook herself out of her thoughts. “Sorry, what did you say?”


(Matt POV)


Smiling slightly at her embarrassment he repeated his questions, “I asked if you were Jennifer.” Taking in the appearance of the woman in front of him, he wanted to grin in satisfaction. She was really cute, with fiery red hair and freckles decorating her cheeks and nose. She stood at about 5’11 and had a decent rack, probably around B cups. Her ass was curvy and looked firm and her stomach was decently toned. All in all Matt rated her an 8 out of 10.


Standing awkwardly and twiddling her thumbs she answered back, “Ah… yeah thats me, your name is Matt right”


Looking at Azul, Matt saw him nod shyly with a smile, giving him the go ahead for their plan. Before coming here Azul had come up with a plan to surprise Jennifer since he wanted her to really enjoy this. Essentially, since Jen is such a masochist, he wanted Matt to take control immediately and start sexually humiliating her the second he walked through the door.


Matt was a bit hesitant at first, but Azul told him that this was her kink. She loved being talked down to, embarrassed, and was into bdsm. Keeping this in mind he switched into character, giving her a haughty sneer. “It is, but you will call me master. From now on, you're my new toy.” Matt switched his body language to project superiority and absolute confidence, staring at her like she was garbage he scraped off his shoe. Despite being socially awkward, he was always good at reading and emulating body language. Maybe it was just that he paid more attention to what he said and did than other people, since it didn't come naturally to him.


Immediately he noticed her face flush and she let out a pant, but there was still confusion swirling in her eyes. “I uh… Azul what…” Stammering slightly she looked to her boyfriend for answers but found that he was looking at Matt with what seemed like wonder.


Walking up to her he started ordering her around, “Be quiet” He snapped, noticing that she stopped talking instantly at his command, “Get on your knees.” She dropped to the ground so fast Matt was slightly worried she might have damaged her kneecaps. Grabbing her chin, he angled it up and leaned in close to her face, keeping eye contact the whole time. Deciding to take a little bit of inspiration from one of the hottest characters in anime he spoke in a slightly softer voice, “You are now my dog, and I have no use for dogs who don’t follow my commands. From now on I expect you to answer me with either ‘Yes’ or ‘Woof’. Do you understand?”


Nodding frantically Jennifer agreed, “Yes!”


Matt noticed that the confusion in her eyes was gone, replaced by frantic excitement and lust. Nodding in satisfaction Matt hid his own excitement with derision, looking at her like she was less than human. “Good, now get on all fours dog.” Before he could even finish his order she was on her hands and knees, looking up at him with anticipation. At this point he couldn't help the boner that started to grow in his pants, the way she was looking at him was insanely erotic. He was also starting to enjoy this, he never thought he would roleplay as a Dominatrix, ‘just another thing I love about this new world’ He supposed.


Wanting to give her a bit of a ‘reward’ for following his orders so well he remembered that Azul told him that Jennifer was into feet. Now he himself did not have a foot fetish and was a bit creeped out by the whole idea, however he was willing to indulge someone else's kinks. “Good job pet, I think you deserve a bit of a reward for your obedience.” Backing up slightly he took off his backpack and leaned it against the wall. Bending down he made a bit of a show of taking off his shoes, noticing that her eyes locked onto his socks the moment his feet were out of their cages.


Hooking his fingers under his socks he slowly peeled them off, noticing that the moment his bare feet were exposed Jen let out an animalistic pant and a wet spot was starting to grow in between her legs. Walking up to her he raised his foot into the air, “Kiss my feet like a good little dog.”


Her eyes widened in excitement and she yelled out “Woof!” practically scrambling up to his leg she gently took his foot in her hands, lowering her head she started to kiss it. Getting a bit excited she licked his foot, immediately Matt pulled his foot away and slammed it onto her head, pushing it down onto the floor.


“Did I say you could lick my foot?! Not even five minutes in and you failed to control your desires, you really are a dog huh?!” Matt was starting to enjoy this way more than he thought he would. When he had sex with Blake, she was usually in control, and while she did let him take control when he asked, that was just it, she ‘let’ him take control. Regardless of whether he was on top or not, she was stronger than him, so she could take control whenever she wanted. However Jennifer was a civilian and Matt had aura, meaning he was much stronger than her. He was completely dominating her and she could do nothing about it, however that just seemed to turn her on even more. Looking over at Azul he noticed he was watching with rapt attention and a flushed face. Looking back at Jen he ignored him for the moment.


Angling her face so she could look up at him under his foot, she had a manic look of lust on her face. “I'm sorry Master! I’ll control myself, Master!”


Pushing her face into the floor again he spoke with contempt, “What did I say?! I expect my dogs to answer with either ‘Yes’ or ‘Woof’, are you so horny you can't even follow simple rules? Now bark like a good dog!”


“Woof woof!” 


Sneering at her he spoke with more authority as he pushed her face harder into the floor with his foot, “Louder!”


“WOOF WOOF! WOOF!” After barking at the top of her lungs he noticed she started convulsing, and he heard a dripping sound. Looking at her pants he saw they were drenched in liquid.


Lifting up his foot he angled her face to look at him with his toes. Giving her his best look of contempt he spoke, “Did you just cum you pathetic excuse for a woman.”


“Yes Master.” She whimpered out.


Bringing his hand to his chin he pretended to contemplate something before smiling cruelly at her. “I think you need some punishment, it's obvious you need to be trained to be a proper dog.” Noticing the shine of excitement and anticipation in her eyes he hid his smile and walked over to his backpack. “By the time I finish getting everything I need from my backpack, I expect you to be completely naked.” He heard an acknowledging ‘woof!’ and the sounds of someone frantically shifting clothes behind him.


Before coming here he stopped at a couple shops to prepare some toys for this. While he did get some strange looks when buying everything it was completely worth it. Shifting around in his bag he pulled out an anal plug with a dog tail attached to it, fake dog ears, and a collar with a leash attached. It was a bit difficult to find the dog tail and ears since most sex shops don't sell things like this because a lot of Faunus people are offended by them, claiming that it was sexualizing their race. Maybe it was because he was a former human but he found the whole thing stupid. Cat girls are just sexy, nothing else to it.


Walking back to Jen he was satisfied to see her on all fours completely naked, her legs absolutely drenched in her own fluid. Her eyes widened and a stream of liquid dripped out of her snatch when she noticed what he was carrying. “It’s time for your training pet.” He said as he walked up to her, but he wasn't sure she even heard him through her haze of lust.


Walking up to her he put the collar around her neck, tightening it so it made it slightly difficult for her to breath. He put the dog ears on her head and quickly kneeled behind her, getting an amazing view of her ass. She was bent over on all fours, her ass sticking into the air and showing off her most intimate parts. She’s so horny she was practically salivating at this point.


Lightly gripping her waist with one hand, he held the butt plug in the other. He rubbed the tip of it around her pussy causing her to moan, using her natural lube to make it slippery. Moving the plug away from her pussy, he raised it up and roughly shoved it into her asshole. This time she moaned so loud it sounded more like a scream, the pain and pleasure mixing together and causing wave after wave of ecstasy to flood her mind.


Standing up he felt uncomfortably hard now, his boner struggling against his tight pants. Walking in front of her he gripped her leash, forcing her to kneel in front of him. “Good dog!” he said with obviously fake cheer “Now it's time to get to the fun part, take my pants and underwear off.” he sneered.


(Jennifer POV)


Her mind was so clouded with lust that it was difficult to think straight. When Azul told her Matt was willing to be more dominant in bed, she thought he was just going to be on top, not this. His innocent appearance was completely misleading. He was practically her deepest, darkest fantasy come to life and she knew she would be ashamed of her actions tomorrow when looking back at this, but she was so horny she didn’t care.


Looking over to Azul she made sure he wasn’t uncomfortable with this, as while he knew she was a masochist, he never knew her masochism went this deep. To her surprise Azul was masturbating, staring at them both with more lust than she's ever seen before. She was so happy she met him, he’s such a good boyfriend.


Feeling Matt tug her collar she turned back to him, hearing his command she felt excitement swell in her chest and burn in her loins. Grabbing onto his pants she slowly lowered them to the ground until he was just in his underwear. She was slightly disappointed he was just wearing plain boxers and nothing sexy, but that was wiped from her mind when she saw the absolute monster he was packing. ‘I’ve only seen dicks this big in hentai, and even then it seemed unrealistic!’ She thought in awe.


She got so caught up in her amazement she forgot about his order, causing him to slap her face, leaving it stinging “Are you just going to stare all day or take off my underwear.” Fuck that turned her on so much. The way he was looking at her, like she was garbage on the side of the street, made her pussy throb with need.


(Matt POV)


Sighing in relief as his dick was finally released from its prison. Matt stared down at Jennifer. She was looking up at him like he was the only thing in existence, just waiting for him to command her more. Grinning, he rested his dick on her face, noticing that it was longer than her head. Feeling her take deep sniffs of his shaft and balls, he grabbed the back of her head by her hair “Open your mouth dog, it's time for your training.”


“WOOF WO-Hgk!”


Interrupting her he shoved his dick down her throat, sighing in relief as pleasure shot through his body. “Pleasure me pet” He commanded. Jen was more than happy to comply with him, taking the base of his shaft in her hands, she started stroking it while sucking on the tip, making him groan in pleasure. ‘Damn she's good at this! It's almost like her mouth was made for sucking dick’ As she suckled on his tip, she used her tongue to massage the bottom. Her face was delirious with lust, staring at him while she worshiped his cock.


Gripping the back of her head with both hands, he bent over slightly and shoved her down on his dick until she was choking and gagging on it. Pushing her back he started roughly thrusting into her throat, rutting like an animal. Feeling his orgasm coming he lost himself in the pleasure so much he forgot that humans can't breathe with a dick down their throat. Gripping her hair he continued plowing her mouth until he came, hard. 


Shooting his seed down her throat he couldn't stop the loud moan that came out of his mouth. Pouring every last drop of his cum directly into her stomach he finally pulled out when he felt satisfied. The second he was out of her throat she made a large gasping sound and practically collapsed. Her face was a mess, tears and snot running down it. She continued to gasp on the ground to the point where Matt was slightly worried about her, but he realized she was loving this when he saw her eyes.


(The rest of this chapter is bisexual)


Deciding to give her a moment to recover, Matt turned his attention to Azul, who was sitting on a couch. Looking over he saw that he had removed his pants and was breathing heavily, his hand stroking his dick slowly, a puddle of a white sticky substance on the floor in front of him. Looking at Azul he had to admit he was very attracted to him at the moment, maybe it was just his extreme arousal but every cell in his body wanted to bend the bitch over and pound his ass. 


Walking over to where he was sitting he put on a condescending smirk, remembering that Azul was just as much of a masochist as Jen. Before Azul could say anything Matt stood above him and flopped his still semi-hard cock on his face, rubbing his girlfriend's juices all over his lips and nose. “Did you like the show pet? Heh, why am I even asking? The little white puddle on the floor spoke plenty for you.” Looking at the trap's flushed face under his cock was quickly making him hard again.


Noticing that Azul started jerking his small, three inch dick again while sniffing his cock, Matt spoke with authority “Clean my dick bitch” hastily Azul moved to follow his order, grabbing Matt's shaft and licking all the juices off, starting at the base. Sighing in satisfaction Matt ran his hands through the trap's blue hair, pleased at how soft it is. 


After he felt his dick was clean enough he pulled Azul's head back roughly, causing him to let out a gasp. “I think it’s time we move to the bedroom, take off your shirt and follow me.” He commanded.


Quickly following his order, Azul took off his shirt, exposing his soft chest to the world. Matt ran his eyes appreciatively over his delicate form briefly before taking off the rest of his clothes as well. 


Smirking Matt walked up to Jennifer, who was staring at the both of them in an almost drunken haze of lust and disbelief, as if she couldn't believe any of this was happening to her. Grabbing her leash, he tugged it to break her out of her daze. Looking at Azul he asked where the bedroom was, causing him to shyly point at one of the closed doors. Grabbing his backpack Matt pulled Jens leash, forcing her to follow him on all fours into the bedroom, Azul trailing meekly behind.


Walking into the room Matt figured it was a guest bedroom, as it felt a bit too spartan and clean to have anyone regularly living in it. There is a queen(king) sized bed in the middle of the room, with a desk and a walk in closet. There were a couple paintings but Matt paid them no mind, instead looking at both of his pets. “Both of you get on the bed, Azul lean against the headboard and Jen, get on all fours in front of him.” 


Watching in satisfaction as they both scrambled to follow his orders, he grabbed some lube from his backpack and spread some on his dick. Seeing that they were in position and looking at him, waiting for his orders, he climbed onto the bed and positioned himself so he was kneeling behind Jens curvy ass. “Jen” he said, causing her to stiffen in anticipation, her snatch drooling everywhere, “Start sucking Azuls little cock, if you can't make him cum before you do, I'm going to punish you” He smirked cruelly as he fully sheathed his dick in her pussy with one rough thrust, causing her to moan in pleasure. “Better start sucking if you don’t want to suffer!” He said in glee as he pounded her into the bed.


Following his advice she grabbed Azul's small dick and started sucking on it, getting it fully in her mouth causing Azul to moan like a bitch. 


(Azul POV)


Azul couldn't stop the loud moans that escaped his throat, he was so turned on right now that any sense of embarrassment flooded away under the waves of lust. Grabbing his girlfriend's head and pushing her further into his crotch as she got pounded into the bed, he couldn't help but think about how lucky he was to have met Matt.


Before he ran into him at the ice cream store, he and Jen had been talking about hiring a dominator for hire on the internet. Now though, he was glad it wasn't a complete stranger fucking his girlfriend. Matt was just too perfect for the role, and Azul was amazed at his ability to switch into the commanding persona. The second he gave him a nod of approval, Matt's body language and tone completely switched from the innocent friendly boy he knew so well, to the forceful and commanding Master.


He was entranced as he watched Matt take control of Jennifer, dressing her up like his pet dog and forcing her to suck his cock. He was so focused on them that by the time he realized he was masturbating he was already cumming. 


Snapping back to the present he gasped as Jen moaned at the top of her lungs onto his dick, her body shivering in pleasure. Matt smiled manically as he kept fucking her into the mattress, honestly he was still shocked Matt was this aggressive in bed. He didn't think that there were any men that were this forceful in sex, just goes to show how lucky he is that Matt just so happened to be. “Uh oh Jen! You just came! That means you get punished!” Matt said, still grinning “How pathetic is that! You couldn't even last two minutes, imagine how disappointed Azul is that you're just a quickshot! You're never going to please a man like this!” Azul wasn't, but he didn't say anything because he knew Jen was getting even more turned on under Matt's verbal abuse.


Even though Jennifer had just cum, Matt didn't stop fucking her. Jen was so lost in her pleasure that she wasn't even sucking him off anymore, noticing this Matt spoke up, slapping her ass with an aura enhanced hand “Who told you to stop sucking!? Get back to it you bitch!” 


Moaning again in pleasure as his dick was enveloped in her warm mouth, he waited with anticipation for his turn with Matt.


(Matt POV)


‘Fuck, her pussy is soaking! I won't last much longer with her squeezing me like this.” Matt thought as he continued to thrust into Jennifer. Her ass was covered in red handprints from Matt's aura enhanced slaps, as he noticed she squeezed tighter every time she got spanked. 


Grinning as an idea came to his head, Matt grabbed the dog tail and pulled as hard as he could, causing it to pop out with a wet shlicking sound. 


“AHHHHHH, FUCK” Jen yelled out as she came hard onto his dick again, he was pretty sure this was her third now. Matt grunted as he felt her tightening walls push him over the edge, cumming deep into her pussy with a groan of pleasure.


The second he pulled out Jen collapsed like a marionette that had their strings cut. Sitting down on the bed Matt painted in exhaustion. Catching his breath he crawled over to Jen, grabbing her hair and angling her head so his mouth was right next to her ear, “You still haven’t made Azul cum Jen, you know what that means” he whispered, causing her to nod with a whimper. “Good, get off the bed and sit in the chair in the corner. I'm going to show you how to properly please your boyfriend. If I see you touch yourself even once, you're not getting off for the rest of the night. Do you understand?” He asked, causing her to nod pathetically.


Pushing her head away roughly he nodded, “Good, now get the fuck off the bed.” Groaning in effort she got off the mattress and walked on wobbly legs to the chair in the corner, flopping down onto it with a sigh, locking her eyes onto them with anticipation. Grinning, he switched his attention to the trap in the room, staring at him with lust. He took a moment to take in Azul's form, appreciating his soft, long blue hair that matched perfectly with his light blue eyes. His soft chest and rock hard nipples were very enticing. Matt’s eyes roamed his flat stomach all the way down to his thick thighs and plump butt. Finally he turned his attention to his rock hard dick. Perfectly shaved and standing at three measly inches, Matt felt a surge in masculine pride as Azul gulped nervously while staring at his eleven inch monster.


“Get over here” He commanded the trap, causing him to crawl on all fours until he was in front of Matt. “Now, turn around. Put your face down into the bed and stick your ass in the air” Seeing the feminine boy turn around and stick his ass in the air caused Matt to be back at full mast instantly.


Positioning himself so he was right behind Azul, he appreciated his plump but with a slap, watching as the impact rippled all the way through it. Grinning he got his bottle of lube and started pouring it all over his ass, once he was done he used his hands to rub the lube in, making the trap moan in pleasure. 


Once his ass was nice and shiny, the light reflecting off it enticingly, he lightly circled Azul's asshole with his finger causing him to shiver at the sensation. Looking over at Jen he made eye contact as he started fingering her boyfriend, causing him to start moaning loudly. Jen shivered under his stare, barely restraining herself from masturbating. Spreading Azul's tight ass a bit, he added two more fingers, readying him to take his dick. 


Smirking at the moaning trap, Matt stroked his dick to spread the lube. Losing his patience to wait any longer, Matt lined his dick up with Azul’s ass and started pushing in. Groaning as he felt the tight walls squeeze down on his dick, he kept pushing farther in. Azul was moaning and squirming into the bed, loving the mix of pain and pleasure he felt from Matt's massive cock penetrating him. Finally hilting himself fully in the twinks ass, Matt grinned at Jen as he started fucking him. Jen had to bite her hand to stop herself from touching her clit, watching her boyfriend be dominated by another man was so fucking hot.


Matt kept his pace slow at first, letting Azul’s ass adjust. Finally feeling like he was ready, he picked up the pace. Faster and faster he kept thrusting until the bed started squeaking and the trap was moaning like a whore. ‘Fuck, he’s so goddamn tight.’ The sound of clapping filled the room, each time Matt thrust into Azul’s ass the force rippled along his plump cheeks.


Suddenly wanting more, Matt activated his aura and grabbed Azul's legs causing him to let out a squeak. Positioning his arms under Azul’s knees, he pulled up so he was kneeling and the trap was held in his arms, his knees next to his head. The trap's rock hard dick was flopping all over the place now as Matt pounded into him even harder. Azul’s moaning was getting louder and louder until it hit a peak, a high pitched animalistic sound of pleasure coming out of the trap's mouth as his tiny balls finally exploded, shooting rope after rope of cum onto the bed.


Matt wasn't done though, still not close to cumming. Letting go of the trap's knees he pushed him down into the bed, smushing Azul's face into his own cum. “Lick up your own cum!” Following his order the trap immediately got to licking, his face scrunched up in ecstasy. For the next fifteen minutes Matt continued to pound into the trap, causing Azul to cum over and over again, a pool of semen building underneath them.


‘Fuck I'm close!’ Looking at Jen he called out to her, “Jen, get the fuck over here and start fucking this sluts dick” he commanded, lifting Azul up into the air again. The trap was so lost in pleasure he barely seemed to register it at this point. Quickly crawling onto the bed, Jen shoved the twinks dick straight into her pussy, causing them both to moan loudly. 


Pounding faster and faster Matt felt his pleasure increase, finally hitting a crescendo he was pushed over the edge, bottoming out into the trap. Feeling Matt cumming, Azul moaned loudly, hitting his sixth orgasm and painting Jens pussy white. It was almost like a chain reaction, after Matt came so did Azul, leading Jen to orgasm as well. 

Shooting out the last rope of cum, he collapsed backwards into the bed. ‘Fuck, that was the kinkiest sex i’ve ever had’ Even thinking about what he just did was getting him excited again. Sitting up he looked at the two panting, exhausted humans and smiled brightly, “I think I'm ready for another round, how about you two?” He asked, causing them both to groan pathetically.