Chapter 17
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Flying over Vale, the Beacon airship sailed peacefully, several of its fellow ships next to it. Standing in the lobby of the airship was a short, white haired girl, her gaze drifting blankly through the window, seeking solace in the breathtaking aerial view of Vale yet finding none.


Weiss Schnee was currently a mess, emotions she couldn't even describe swirling in the pit of her stomach as she desperately tried to keep her face blank. She had finally made it to Beacon! This was the first step to accomplishing her dream right? So why was she feeling so hollow? Was this not a great accomplishment? 


Sighing through her nose she decided to shift her focus, there was no point standing around in self pity when she could scope out the competition she may have to face in the future. Turning her head to the inside of the airship she looked at her fellow huntresses and hunters.


Standing close to her was what looked like two close frien- oh no wait, they were sisters. She could overhear their conversation and it seemed like the tall blonde was excited about her little sister coming to beacon with her. A surge of jealousy for the short redhead shot through her before she smothered the feeling brutally, instead turning her gaze away.


Sitting on a bench in the corner of the airship was a black haired cat faunus, she looked unfocused, with a massive blush on her face as she stared into space, almost like she was lost in a particularly good thought. ‘Doesn't seem like too much of a threat. She barely seems aware of her surroundings.’


Moving her gaze through the lavish lobby of the airship Weiss spotted someone that caused her breath to hitch, ‘Pyrrha Nikos’ She thought as a devious grin spread over her face, ‘If I can get her on my team I'll be unstoppable! Perhaps with her by my side, I can even convince Mother that this endeavor was not a waste of time!’ putting her hand to her chin she tried to come up with a plan on how to approach her, ‘It has to seem natural, I can’t just walk up to her or she might get suspicious’


In a split second, Pyrrha's gaze met Weiss's, causing the heiress to flush with embarrassment before swiftly averting her eyes. "Damn it," she cursed under her breath. 'Now it'll be even more challenging to approach her naturally. How should I even start a conversation? Should I be ingratiating or indifferent?’ Thinking about all this was making her anxious so she decided to focus back through the window, they were almost at Beacon at this point.




Walking down the ramp Weiss felt frustration build up at the fact that she needed to carry her own luggage. In her privileged life, such menial tasks were typically handled by servants, but now she was left to fend for herself—a tangible reminder of her mother's near-disownment.


Looking around she saw people from all over Remnant. The clash of the different cultures made a beautiful image of unification. With people from every major kingdom present, with many colorful and unique styles of clothing and weapons. Witnessing this amalgamation of cultures brought a modicum of tranquility to Weiss's mind, as she had always been fascinated by the rich diversity that defined Remnant.


As she walked one of the wheels jammed causing her to stumble and almost fall to the ground. When she looked up, she noticed people casting mocking glances her way, their stifled laughter stinging her with shame. Embarrassment flooded through her which quickly turned into rage, she had to forcefully stop herself from blowing up and kicking the luggage over while screaming at the people around her.


Taking a breath through her nose she tried to calm her mind, shoving all the negative thoughts to the back of her mind like she always did. ‘Calm down Weiss, you just need to get through initiation and your set.’ 


Suddenly, a loud crash shattered the tense atmosphere, and Weiss's eyes snapped open to find a red-haired girl sprawled amidst her scattered luggage. A throbbing vein pulsated on her forehead as the floodgates of suppressed emotions burst open. “YOU IMBECILE! YOU JUST KNOCKED OVER PURE UNCUT DUST! ARE YOU MISSING YOUR BRAIN?!” Seeing the redhead get up and stumble slightly she looked closer, ‘Is this girl even seventeen? She looks as old as my younger brother!’


Frantically waving her hands in front of her, Ruby attempted to apologize, her words tumbling out in a jumbled rush. "S-sorry! I-I didn't mean to! I wasn't paying attention, and your cart was just in the middle of the pa-"


Cutting off the exasperating girl, Weiss snatched one of her cases and opened it to inspect the condition of the precious dust, “Shut up! Stop babbling! You're not even making sense!” Seeing the girl properly cowed she looked at her dust and saw that some of the crystals were damaged, “YOU MORON! YOU BROKE SOME OF MY CRYSTALS! DO YOU KNOW HOW PURE THIS DUST IS?! HOW DID AN IDIOT LIKE YOU GET INTO BEACON?! HOW OLD EVEN ARE YOU!? DO YOU EVEN BELONG HERE?!”


Fiddling with her hands awkwardly Ruby looked distraught, “I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to!” However after the second part of the white haired girls rant processed in her mind she felt herself get slightly ticked off. “Professor Ozipin invited me two years early because he saw my skill! I belong here just as you do! I told you it was an accident!”


Hearing this brats age only made the rage inside of Weiss grow. ‘How did a brat like this get in just like that! Why does she have it so easy when I had to work my FUCKING ASS OFF to get in! She obviously doesn't belong here!’ Gritting her teeth Weiss showed off the crystals in her case, “Do you see these! These are mined directly from the Schnee mines! They are premium and go for top dollar, and you broke some of them! Now I have to make them into a powder! Do you have any idea how much lien this will set me back?!” Weiss knew it was going to set her back a lot, she didn't have much money to spend since her mother had frozen her bank account.


Seeing the brat open her mouth Weiss cut her off, “Shut it! Do you even know who I am!? I could make it so your entire family will never be able to buy dust again!” Seeing that the kid looked scared now Weiss felt her temper start to recede, she didn't mean to go that far.


“Are you a princess or something?” Ruby asked nervously.


“I believe the proper term is heiress actually.” A smooth voice cut in. Looking over Weiss saw the black haired faunus walking towards them with a dust flask in her hand. Holding up the flask the cat faunus tossed it at Weiss.


Panicking slightly Weiss caught the glass as delicately as she could before shooting a glare at the new girl who had no business interrupting. “Are you an idiot? Do you know how volatile powdered dust is? Are you trying to blow me up or something?”


Ignoring her completely the cat faunus kept walking up to them before stopping in front of her, “Weiss Schnee, heiress of the Schnee dust company. Daughter of one of the most, if not THE most, influential people on Remnant.”


Sniffing in pride slightly she crossed her arms. ‘At least the faunus brute is well informed’ She thought, before turning an icy stare to the redhead next to her, ‘unlike some idiots around here.’ However Weiss saw a malicious grin spread over the black haired woman's face.


“She is also known as the Schnee Urchin, leaching off her mother and sister while contributing nothing herself.” Blake said, causing Weiss’s heart to freeze. “The black sheep of the family, born with no talent, unlike her sister Winter. I heard the only reason you're the heiress is because your big sis abandoned her family. Quite the smart move if I say so myself, there is no point in drowning with a sinking ship after all” The faunus said with an evil grin.


Feeling white hot shame and rage flood through her Weiss tried not to let any of it show, keeping up a stoic facade. ‘This damn Faunus!’ She thought with gritted teeth, looking around she saw that a bunch of people had gathered to watch the show, and she realized that everyone here saw her blow up like an immature child. To make things worse the person she blew up at was actually a child. At this point everyone was laughing at her, and she spotted a certain redheaded champion among the crowd, watching impassively. 


All of a sudden she felt the need to escape immediately. Rushing quickly she started grabbing her luggage under the gaze of everyone watching, “Screw this, I don't need to take a-any of this nonsense.” Weiss internally grimaced at her voice crack, hearing the snickering of the people around her increase.


Rushing away quickly she closed her eyes to stop the burning tears that were threatening to come out, not noticing the concerned look the short reaper was sending her.




Lying on her sleeping bag as the lights dimmed, Weiss reflected on the disastrous start to her Beacon journey. 'Great start, Weiss. It's not even the first day, and no one is going to want to be on your team,' she thought, sighing heavily as she recalled the encounter with the redheaded girl that had triggered it all.


At this point, guilt gnawed at her for unleashing her anger on the unsuspecting girl. She could already envision Winter's disappointed gaze if she found out about this incident.


The truth was, Weiss had been grappling with intense stress lately, compounded by various challenges in her life: Winter's abandonment, her mother making things difficult, and a myriad of other issues that had collectively wound her up to the breaking point. When the girl accidentally broke her dust crystals, it had become the final straw that shattered her composure, releasing all the pent-up rage onto someone who didn't deserve it. Glancing in the redhead's direction, Weiss wanted to approach her and apologize, but her pride held her back


Ruby, feeling like she was getting stared at, turned her head and made eye contact with Wiess, who turned away immediately. ‘Damn it, this whole situation is so embarrassing.’ Turning away she closed her eyes and hoped she could get to sleep and end this awful day already.


Hearing footsteps behind her she tried to ignore them. Hearing a shy voice made that impossible though, “H-hey, uh… Weiss right?”


Turning around Weiss sat up, staring at the redheaded girl dully, “Yes, what is it?” She said, getting straight to the point immediately. 


Coughing awkwardly Ruby looked anywhere but directly in her eyes, “W-well, I-I just wanted to say I'm sorry for earlier. I didn't mean to knock over your luggage and break your crystals. And what that girl said... it wasn't okay. I'm sorry. I understand what it's like to be publicly humiliated like that, and you... you didn't deserve it. Are you okay?” 


Weiss was staring at the girl in front of her with wide eyes, before the guilt she felt returned two fold. ‘I really yelled at this girl? She seems so nice, I really am a despicable person. The Schnee heiress huh? What a joke.’ Looking away in shame she hugged her knees, “I’m fine, no need to concern yourself with me. I’m sorry I yelled at you earlier, you didn’t deserve that.”


Seeing Weiss’s reaction the girl stared at her in pity and sat down next to her, “It’s ok, I get it. Life gets stressful at times, and the worst of us comes out when our bottled up emotions start to leak out.”


Weiss flinched slightly, surprised the clumsy looking girl was able to figure out what happened. ‘Maybe she’s not as much of an idiot as I thought.’ she silently acknowledged. With a hint of resignation, she mumbled, "Yeah... it does."


Shifting awkwardly Ruby tried to figure out what to say, “W-w-well if you w-want we can be f-friends.” She said nervously, before her social anxiety got the better of her, “Or not! I-it’s ok, I get that you probably don't want to, after all i'm socially awkward and hyperactive. I also knocked over your bag’s and broke your crystals, if you want I can pay you back. Although I don't have much money so it might take me awhile, but-”


“Sure, let's be friends” Weiss interrupted the girl, a faint smile tugging at her lips.


“-I will eventually get… wait really?” The girl said in surprise, before a megawatt grin lit up her face and she brought Weiss into a crushing hug, “That's awesome! We’ll be great friends! I can’t wait to show you Crescent Rose! Oh that’s my weapon in case you didn't know! Also my name is Ruby Rose, I figured I should properly introduce myself now that we're friends.” 


Weiss was currently frozen, listening to the girl babble about random things, however it was all going in one ear and out the other. ‘She’s still hugging me’ Weiss thought with discomfort and another emotion she wished didn’t exist. She was very unused to physical affection, not having been hugged in several years.


Looking at her watch, Ruby spoke up “Well it’s getting late and I need to get to bed. I hope we get placed on the same team tomorrow! Have a goodnight Weiss!” The hyperactive girl said, not noticing the atomic blush that was covering the heiresses face.




Weiss searched through her locker with an absent mind, the events of last night still playing in her head. ‘I… guess I wouldn't mind having Ruby on my team.’ She thought with a slight tint of red on her cheeks. ‘Who else should be on my team though?’ Looking around, she spotted Pyrrha Nikos a couple lockers down from her, currently polishing her weapon.


Taking a deep breath she started approaching, ‘Ok, she currently thinks you're a loser. You have one shot to prove her wrong.’ adjusting her posture she puffed out her less than impressive chest and deepened her voice, although the effect was rather lame with her short height, “Pyrrha Nikos right?” She asked the redheaded champion.


Turning her head, Pyrrha looked at the heiress disinterestedly “Yeah... you're the Schnee Urchin right?” she said boredly. 


Flinching slightly Weiss became less confident, “S-some people do indeed call me that. It’s incorrect though, I am a very good strategist and leader, and I believe we would mutually benefit from being on the same team.”


Picking some dirt out of her weapon Pyrrha barely spared her a glance, “Oh yeah? And what would I benefit from this? What can you provide me?” she said in a monotone.


Standing up straight again Weiss stared directly into the tall champions eyes, “I will be the leader, and with my connections I can get us-”


Interrupting the girl Pyrrha grabbed her collar and slammed her against the locker, causing a pathetic squeak to escape her lips. Staring intently at the girl, the champion spoke in an annoyed tone, “You’ve already lost me Urchin. You? Leader? What a joke.” She scoffed “You're weak, unable to fight without your precious Schnee dust. Without your last name you would be nothing, I would never follow someone like that.” She sniffed derisively, dropping the white haired girl to the floor and walking away.


Sitting on the ground, Weiss panted for breath, the four time champions piercing gaze still lingering in her mind. Standing up she felt a wet spot growing quickly between her legs, causing her to grit her teeth in both rage and shame. ‘Why? Why! Why! WHY! AM I SO PATHETIC!” She thought, punching the locker in frustration.


Suppressing her shameful arousal brutally, she went into her locker and grabbed some spare underwear, retreating into the bathroom with tears stinging at her eyes. 




Laying on his stomach Matt groaned in absolute boredom. He was currently in his hotel room, with some random TV show playing in the background. He had absolutely nothing to do and no one to talk to, his only two friends currently off at Beacon. He smiled cheekily though when he remembered Blake’s face as he sent her off. He had given her the best sex of her life the night before, digging for all her kinks and playing into them. Her books from the series ninjas of love had helped him come up with some role play scenarios as well.


Azul was busy and there was no one else he felt close enough to that he would want to hang out with, most of the guys from this universe pissed him off and the girls just wanted to get in his pants. While he didn’t mind the girls trying to seduce him, it made it slightly awkward when all he wanted to be was friends. Looking around his room he made up his mind. ‘I need to move out of this goddamn place. A hotel is not where someone should stay for a prolonged period of time.’ he thought in annoyance, however there was still one problem, “Ugh, i'm still goddamn broke!”


Standing up he contemplated side hustles he could take up, ‘Maybe I could do sexual favors for money? No… I refuse to sink that low. Hmm… could I start making money from my music?’ Thinking of possible ways to make money brought up another possible solution, ‘Oh that could work. I could get a roommate and split the rent of an apartment and solve my boredom! It’s killing two birds with one stone!’ He thought with a grin.


Opening his phone he started searching for a possible roommate.


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