Chapter 7 – Zaria
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--- --- Week 1 - Day 7 - Monday, 9th Day of the Seventh Month --- ---

Morning meant rising, having to prepare spells. Spells were too useful to go without.

Weeks of travel reduced to seconds.

On the other side of the rise or not equation was her drow lover possessively holding the head against the dark chest, and the small shape of her bunny cuddled against her back.

Zaria was seriously tempted to stay in bed. However, she had letters to deliver. And possibly she would have a guest, one that needed special care, so that meant more healing, cure, remove, dispel, and such spells than usual. That meant she couldn't skip the morning routine.

With a lot of regret Zaria wriggled out of the clingy naked embrace.

She felt sticky.

That could wait till after spell preparation.

Looking for Yuki the kitsune froze in surprise.

Yesterday she had left Annabell sitting in the comfortable loveseat.

Now Annabell was lying in it.

The golem was lying covered with a blanket.

On top of the blanket covering Zaria's newest acquisition was Yuki's favourite pillow.

The epic girl wondered how her small arctic fox had managed to make Annabell lie down, cover her with a blanket, place her pillow on top, lie down, and teach the clueless golem how to pet properly.

In the end Zaria decided to write it off as a thing of Yuki's insane Int stat.

"I am going to redo spells. Want to come?"

The question had been meant for Yuki, the result however was Annabell rising, Yuki, pillow, blanket falling to the floor, and Anna managing to seem eager despite having no expression.

The mess at their feet however started moving and a confused vixen stuck her head out from under the blanket.


"Anna next time put everything aside before rising. While nothing happened to Yuki, if there had been something breakable, we'd have shards now."
Zaria freed her familiar and picked up the blanket. She folded it and placed it on the love seat. The pillow being laid on top of it.

The window got opened and she lifted Anna into her arms in a bridal carry. She jumped out of the window, the added weight not mattering at all to her, and ran for the tree she used for praying and meditating.

Once she arrived and set Anna down, the golem seemed curious about the grass, going as far as bending down to poke at it. It reminded Zaria once again of shoes, something that she herself tended to forget as well.

She set down and told Anna not to wander off. Yuki plopped her head in the lap. Annabell emulated the vixen moments later.

Zaria smiled at how the golem mimicked what she saw. Petting the two very different heads she sank in her trance, meditation, and prayer.

The temple lay forgotten. Only plants and animals lived there now. Monsters passed by. The empty halls of stone were inviting yet empty and forgotten. Lack of prey drove them away again.
The temple continued to decay and fall apart.

Zaria opened her eyes. The sun had risen, however both Yuki and Anna were seemingly asleep with their eyes closed. She continued petting as she watched her little golem. The usually deadpan face actually seemed relaxed. Or maybe it was just the lack of the dead eyed gaze.

She had to break it up however.

"Get up girls, time to go."

Yuki whined while Anna simply rose and waited. She lifted her golem into her arms again and waited as Yuki took her place around her neck. Then she ran back.

Back in her room, after running up the wall, she found Cibelle awake, Cinnamon hugging a pillow, and Elior drinking tea.

"Good morning Mistress, do you wish to dine with the Duke or in your room?" Her drow maid asked.

"Might as well eat in the hall and introduce Anna to the others. Maybe we'll all eat together?" Zaria frowned for a moment. "It is probably not proper but I honestly don't care, inform father in case he wishes to avoid the meeting."

"Very well, I will inform everyone after your bath."

"I still need to study my spellbook."

"You require an hour for that, which will give me time to inform everyone, and everyone time to prepare."

Zaria decided to listen to her maid.

In the bath however she wondered if Cibelle simply had wanted more time alone with her tail.

Afterwards Cinnamon was poked by Anna into waking, and the golem and bunny were sent off to clean up.

That left Zaria alone with Elior, and left Elior ignored as Zaria had to pick her wizard spells for the day.

Elior passed the time by watching the ears and tail. Judging by the reactions, some boring all day spells, some that scared her due to how eager the white menace seemed to be, and finally spells that seemed neutral.

Cinnamon returned with Anna and prepared fresh tea. Elior was amused at a sex golem seeming almost eager for tea.

She tasted the tea; it was sweeter than her usual ones. Then she saw Anna mimicking the way she sat and drank. "Cups like these are held by the handle. You sip the tea, and the large opening allows for the aroma to spread." She showed it by raising the cup and inhaling the fruity sweet fragrance. Anna followed suit, and judging by the reaction was capable of smelling things.

Cibelle returned and spoke to Cinnamon in hushed tones, which caused the bunny to excuse herself and leave the room.

Finally, Zaria closed the book. "Spontaneous casting is so much easier. Sure, my spells are limited, but I don't have to ponder every spell or which spells might be useful today."

Elior snorted. "You have it easy with two spontaneous casting classes."

Zaria shrugged. "Still makes having to prepare annoying. You waste so much energy on what ifs. Will I need a Flame Strike? Should I pick buffs? Oh, today I need healing spells and status removals."


Elior rolls Int
@Jessy: 1d20 + 2 = (12) + 2 = 14
Elior rolls Knowledge (arcana)
@Jessy: 1d20 + 7 = (5) + 7 = 12
Elior rolls Knowledge (nature)
@Jessy: 1d20 + 2 = (16) + 2 = 18
Elior rolls Knowledge (religion)
@Jessy: 1d20 + 12 = (1) + 12 = 13 nat 1


Elior frowned.
Something felt off. "You go outside for the spells per day aside from the wizard, you have a divine nature class!"

The smile Zaria gave Elior was positively feral.

It made Elior remember the tail, Zaria clearly studied more spells then a low-level wizard could learn for the day, and considering the white menace going barefoot a nature class made sense.

"I am not going to ask." Elior decided she did not want to know.


But the whine was adorable considering who made it.


Zaria looked over the rather full hall, lots of maids, a few butlers, and the guard captains with the personal guards. She decided to greet everyone. "Good morning everyone, since some people don't pay enough attention to the gossip." Here a certain secretary got a pointed look. "So, here I am, yes, I changed race, yes, I lost colour, yes, I do things I shouldn't be able to do, no, I did not turn Cibelle into a drow, yes, Cibelle is my lover, yes, Cinnamon is my sex-pet, no, I did not seduce Elior. We can chat while we eat. Any questions?"

There was a moment of silence, that the Duke and Zaria ignored as they helped themselves to breakfast.

Then surprisingly the Duke started the questions. "What are your plans for now?"

Zaria tilted her head as she wondered how to answer that. "I have a list of things I need to work off, and I want to explore a bit, and naturally there is that school I have forgotten the name of again."

The duke nodded at that.

"Are you planning on expanding your harem, my Lady?" A maid a few seats away asked.

"Planning no, but then again I haven't planned on Cibelle and Cinnamon either." Zaria admitted and pulled the bunny close. Causing an adorable squeak.

"Is it true that all those dresses are for sale?" A different maid asked.

"Yes, if there is anything you like, I can sell it to you cheaply and fit it properly." The kitsune gave the maids the offer.

The secretary felt hungry looks going her way. She felt the need to throw in a question of her own as a distraction. "Do you have more plans to earn money?"

"Long term I have trade with the drow of the Underdark planned, and also some nice sexy fashion sales. Short term, I am going to explore and adventure."

The guard commander saw this as his chance to pop in a question of his own. "Do you even need guards?"

"Not at all, might leave some to watch things like my shrine when I am not there. I can't be everywhere at once, and guards keep people from being too stupid."

A high elven maid raised her hand and was acknowledged. "Do you have any plans to seduce lady Elior?"

"Nooo!" Elior screamed out, causing everyone to focus on her. The cleric felt her face heat up to dangerous levels.

"As Elior said, no. I want to keep my lovers close." Zaria licked her lips as she gave Elior a good look up and down. "That would require stealing her from Duke Aschen, which has political implications at this time."

Elior did not feel reassured at these words, and the gaze felt like a tongue licking up and down her body.

A maid next to Zaria hesitantly asked. "What are your classes, or what should we think of as your classes?"

"Epic shrine maiden, epic sorcerer, and wizard as a minor class." Zaria explained without hesitation. Those were public, so she could admit to it. "I identify myself as a shrine maiden of Tamano no Mae."

"Is it true that you don't remember anything?" Came the expected question from the middle of the table.

"Forgot to say that at the beginning, I know things, my classes, combat, magics, and such. I forgot however all the things that are personal." Zaria pondered for a moment. "Imagine, twins separated at birth having grown in different countries with exactly the same character build. They become totally different people aside from the things that are class based. I am lacking most of the things that would make them different, family, friends, and so on all forgotten. However, some people trigger emotional responses. Not knowing who that is, but feeling what I did before." Zaria grabbed her drow maid. "I knew Cibelle without knowing her, and despite seeing her as a drow right from the start I knew who she was."

Romantic and dreamy whispers came from the maids. The guards and some of those present like Elior and the secretary not feeling comfortable at all in the love-struck atmosphere.

Another maid decided to ask. "How did you pick Cinnamon?"

The bunny feeding Zaria blushed a bit.

"Actually, Yuki found her, and the ears are simply adorable. A sweet and hard worker."

The small maid blushed a lot more.

That got a lot of approval from the romance starved maids.

"Anyone else you have eyes on right now?"

Zaria pondered that question. "Actually no. Cibelle just felt right, Cinnamon just fit, and not feeling like that about anyone else right now."

"Who is the black-haired silent girl?" The guard commander asked, she was new, and he should have asked sooner, but the maids were eager adversaries.

"Oh, that is Annabell, a pleasure golem I found in the hidden room in my study." Zaria explained.

There was a lot of confusion as looks went from their Mistress to the small golem and back.

"I use her as a dress up doll since she is so pretty."

Anna was meanwhile slowly working her way through a fruit salad, going by her action’s strawberries were her favourite. Naturally all the confused attention did not even register.

"She seems to like sweet things, so don't spoil her too much." Zaria ordered.

That was something most in the room, and almost all of the females, could relate to. The confusion would have been much higher if they had known the price tag on Anna.

"Will you be taking any guards to the academy?" The guards were at least trying to do their job.

"No, I will deal with anyone stupid myself." Zaria replied calmly.

That got nods all around, anyone stupid enough to bother their powerful Mistress deserved it.

"Is it true that you don't like soup anymore and prefer meaty dishes?" The cook finally voiced his concerns.

"Yes, I think it is my race influencing me here, meat tastes so much better … I think." Zaria tried to remember the taste from before, but couldn't voice what had changed. "I still like sweets."

That got nods of approval.

"In case you forgot, we have the man from the cult in the dungeon." The guard commander reminded his Mistress.

"I did forget for a while; I am going to give him to the drow for interrogation later."

That caused several shudders.

A maid asked. "What about the choker?"

"It is the sign that I belong to Tamano no Mae, and my focus."

A blushing and squirming maid asked with a slight stutter. "Is it true what they say about kitsune shrine maidens?"

Zaria tilted her, confused and half answered half asked: "Probably? I have no idea what they say, but probably yes."

That caused a lot of blushing and several squeals.

Zaria was sure she did not want to know.


Erotic Literature with kitsune shrine maidens going all futa on heroines. Int DC 16
Cibelle rolls Int
1d20 + 3 = (15) + 3 = 18
Cibelle starts blushing.
Cinnamon rolls Int
1d20 + 5 = (8) + 5 = 13
Cinnamon has no idea.
Elior rolls Int
1d20 + 2 = (12) + 2 = 14
Elior has no clue like so often.


Cibelle started blushing while Cinnamon wondered why they were getting envious and respectful looks.

"Cibelle?" Zaria asked her purplish maid.

The drow hesitated for a moment, then leaned closer whispering into a fluffy ear what exactly Zaria had more or less confirmed. "There are futanari stories about kitsune shrine maidens.


Cinnamon rolls Listen
@Loki: 1d20+6 = (15) + 6 = 21
Cinnamon hears the explanation


Cinnamon started blushing as her sensitive, in more than one way, ears heard what Cibelle told their Mistress.

"Oh" was all Zaria said while blinking stunned. After a few moments the kitsune had a thoughtful look on her face. "That explains the effect that skill has. So yes, I can do that."

That caused some more happy squeals and a surprised look on Cibelle's face. It was clear that the drow was not sure what to think about this revelation. Cinnamon turned a deeper shade of red.

"Don't worry about it, it feels weird to me too." Zaria saw the inquisitive look on Elior's face. "I could show you, but then I'd have to insist on performing up to reputation." Zaria told the maiden.

"No thank you." Anything that made Zaria thoughtful, and caused a lot of blushing from maids, could not be a good thing.

"May we touch your tail?" came an obvious question.

"No, tail is lovers only. The ears are lovers only too."

The noises of disappointment made it clear that this was a big issue.

"What was it like being dead?" A guard captain asked.

"It was … weird, first it was that floaty boring nothingness, then a lot of confusion, then I woke submerged in liquid and had to break free."

That caused a lot of disappointed faces.

"Where did you get the skewers from?" The cook asked, causing a lot of them to perk up.

"I got them from the Underdark." Zaria said in a tone that sounded to most as if she were talking about a different butcher. "Just remember that you liked them, I will have to tell … forgot his name again … that they are well liked up here too. It is snake seasoned with mead."

A few maids and butlers paled. The cook looked thoughtful. The Duke seemed almost curious.

"I wish to taste it next time." The Duke announced.

"Sure, I'll be down there tomorrow, I will place an order." Zaria agreed cheerfully, as if a trip to the Underdark for snake skewers was nothing special.

"Are you going down for the trade agreements?" The secretary was clearly eager.

Zaria finished chewing and swallowed some nicely crispy bacon fed by her affectionate drow, who was taking turns with the bunny on her lap. "No, I should get a date for when I get to beat up the drow champions, after I beat them up, roads should be open for trade."

All those more familiar with drow and combat were a bit freaked out at their Mistress casually mentioning beating up drow champions.

"Young Lady. I don't think that is a good idea." The commander hoped to talk sense into his lady. Only to get a slap on the back from his barbarian captain.

"Don't worry about Missy, she almost knocked me out with a crappy weapon in one hit."

That caused some squeals, the barbarian was known for being a beast, in more than one way. Their small Mistress almost knocked him out in one hit, it was the type of thing you only read in novels, a small heroine.


Zaria has attracted new fangirls
DM rolls 3d6
3d6 = (5+1+6) = 12
12 new fangirls have been attracted from the maids


Zaria felt that shiver go down her spine. The one that told her of danger that she could not simply nuke into oblivion.

"And Missy is even more dangerous with a bow." The unsuspecting barbarian added. "Downright a terror in battle, the poor champions."

Zaria did not like the looks she was getting from some at all. "Any other questions?"

"Have you gone through your mail yet?" The Duke asked.

Zaria waved her hand in a 'so so' gesture. "I have done those that should be real friends, responded to them too, and responded to a letter from Marielle van Aschen."

"What?" Elior felt panic rise.

"Well she sent me an interesting letter. I just had to respond in kind."

Elior felt the doom. Either her Lady had amused or annoyed the white menace. She would send a long prayer for the weak Lady later. She had warned her that the white menace was driven by emotions. For good or ill, Marielle was probably doomed.

"Make sure to respond to the obligation letters next, some are supposed allies, some are just annoying."

Elior gaped at the Duke, he was known for being direct. But talking about potential allies like that? That was a new level of directness.

"Yes, yes, I have to deliver the letters first, I want to get a good look at my friends, if they want, I am picking them up later, or just their return letters. I will try to get to the boring letters during lunchtime, or sometime in the next few days."

Elior realized that Zaria simply didn't care about potential allies and followers, fitting for an emotionally driven white menace. Then again, she had the power to remove most obstacles. Elior really wanted to go home, Zaria was bad for common sense.

This was more like an announcement to get to work, so everyone finished up their breakfasts, with Zaria lagging behind due to speaking so much, and the Duke being pretty much the first out of the room with the secretary quickly finishing up, and almost choking, to follow her master.

"Mistress, I think it was a success." Cibelle said once the servants had cleared out.

"Un, so deliver letters, and work on more letters today?" Cinnamon really worried about her random or scatter-brained Mistress at times. Maybe it was a chaotic thing, but her fluffy lady was clearly overdoing it. Some things needed a schedule after all, now keeping her fluffy Mistress on schedule was a different thing.


Cibelle, Cinnamon, and Elior watched as Zaria stripped, then grew into a more adult shape. A foot (30,48 cm) taller was a lot, and compared to the usual Zaria, it felt not like a young girl any more. The breasts grew to a nice shape and size, not large though, the tail lengthened a bit more compared to her height. The bare pubis got covered by white hairs.


Zaria normal: 141 cm (4' 7.5'')
Zaria adult: 171 cm (5' 7.5'')


Elior looked away blushing, the white menace had really no shame.

Zaria meanwhile happily dressed in her adult shrine maiden outfit. Her two maids were very eager to help.

Something nagged at Elior.


Elior rolls Knowledge (arcana)
d20 + 7 = (19) + 7 = 26
Elior realizes Zaria should be teleporting into the unknown


"Wait, how do you know where to teleport?" Elior questioned the white menace.

Zaria waved at the desk covered in letters. "Nyrth has been very descriptive about a tree she often sits under; her father made a wood layered path to it so she can get there alone on her wheelchair. Ellele described a hanging garden she tends to in detail. Tessa explained a lot about her new castle, a tree house actually, she had her father build for her."

Elior contemplated how unfair Greater Teleport was. Unfortunately, it was an arcane spell, or required access to the Travel Domain.

Zaria equipped her Efficient Quiver, sheathed the bastardsword on her back, and picked up a bag for the letters, ink bottle, pen, the water bottle Cibelle forced her to take, the cookies Cinnamon forced her to take, the towel Yuki made her take, and the dagger went inside too. Turning her hands into claws was easier than taking the dagger, her claws did more damage as well.

Zaira picked up several sheets of paper and read them. "Here goes nothing."

She was gone.

Cibelle who had been approaching her Mistress stopped. "Seems like Mistress was in a hurry, more than usual." The drow commented, she showed what she was carrying to the others. "She forgot her shoes again."


Image is good enough
Teleport is on target
Nyrth present roll d100
1-30: not present
31-50: at the end of the path in wheelchair
51-70: in wheelchair under the tree
71-85: fell out of chair, chair off the path
86-100: chair fell over near tree at end of the path
@Loki: 1d100 = (88) = 88
Nyrth is leaning against the tree with the fallen over wheelchair lying not far from her


Reality changed, the room was replaced with greenery, the sight of Cinnamon's ears became the sight of a large tree, a knocked over wheelchair made from wood a few steps away, and a girl with really dark red, almost black, hair leaning against the tree with a thousand-mile stare.

It felt depressing.

It urged her to act.

It was sad.

It was not fair.

Zaria collected herself. Taking several deep breaths, she fought the emotions back.

Old Zaria must have really liked her.

It was a reaction that had caught her off guard. She felt that with her other lives integrating, the old emotions were becoming stronger too. Frankenstein's monster, stitched together from many parts. That was what her soul probably was, and honestly, she did not care at all.

She stepped off the wooden path and approached the miserable figure.

Even as she approached there was no reaction, no recognition, and no change in the eyes. It was clear by the track in the grass that the girl had dragged herself from the wheelchair to the tree.

Arriving before her goal the kitsune crouched down, and wrinkled her nose. To add insult to injury the girl had soiled herself too, she was probably wearing a diaper, but that was not good anyway.

She reached out to place her hand on the girl's shoulder, and to sneakily apply a cleaning spell, when Zaria realized that her hand was trembling. She stared at the hand in fascination for a few moments, before deciding to ignore it and her hammering heart.

Contact. The spell was applied and the smell started fading.

Worried that not even contact seemed to matter, Zaria observed Nyrth.

Then the eyes focussed.

The two females kept on staring at each other.


Nyrth was having another bad day. She was alone at home and had decided to wheel to her tree. She really liked the large tree; father had told her that he had proposed to her mother under it. Today both parents had to check for supposed bandits near a village.

That meant she would be alone at least until tomorrow.

She had promised to stay safe.

And already she had failed.

She had taken the trip on the long wooden path her father had laid out.

And then after it had ended and she had wheeled off the wooden planks, the front wheel had slid into a hole or something, causing the wheelchair to topple, and her to fall to the ground.

She had dragged herself to the tree and she was now waiting for something.

The breeze was nice, but that was all, she could not even enjoy it because she wouldn't be able to get back into the wheelchair. She had tried before, but from the floor, it was almost impossible, and out here on the ground she had no chance.

She would have to drag herself back with her hands, and would have no wheelchair until her family returned the next day.

So, she sat there staring into nothingness. She was broken, and in a terrible situation, her best friend was dead, and she was alone with no help in sight.

A warm touch on her shoulder pulled her back. She was alone out here, so why did she feel a touch?


That was her first impression, then came the blood red eyes. Her memories idly supplied that she was facing an albino, while her mind was trying to come to grips with the fact that she was not alone.

Something moving drew her attention. The albino had fluffy ears, probably not cat ears, those were a little smaller. The face said girl, she was tall but she seemed young. Her visitor had long hair, very long hair that was lying all over her legs and the grass under the tree.

Nyrth cringed. That beautiful white hair was on the ground.

"Your hair is on the ground." She told the figure before her.


Zaria couldn't fight it. A giggle escaped her. "Yes, it is, I suspect you are Nyrth … one moment." She routed through her bag for the list she had made and checked the surname she had forgotten. "Nyrth van Housden. I have a letter for you from Zaria van Kairan."

That got a reaction from the girl on the ground. "Zaria? But she was dead?"

"You have written to her anyway, and now she responded, that means yes, Zaria van Kairan is alive and awake."

Nyrth sniffled, then the tears came.

Zaria did not panic, instead she decided to do the adult calming tearing up child routine from so many lives ago. She pulled out the towel, mentally thanking Yuki, and wiped Nyrth's face.


"Don't worry." Zaria rose looking around properly this time. The house was visible but not what you could call close by. "Let's get you home, then you can get your letter and sign for receiving it."

Nyrth stared at the figure before her, a white top made from material with a nice shine, red pants, made from a similar material, she saw a large sword on the back when the albino turned away to look for her house, also a quiver and a bag. A stray thought made her wonder what had happened to the bow.

And the albino was unnaturally pretty, something about her seemed otherworldly.

Zaria nodded at herself. She was going to put Nyrth back in the house, and she was going to persuade the girl to come with her to the Kairan mansion. Poor girl was so helpless, not for much longer hopefully, but right now? Leaving her alone was a no go, healing her would probably require an explanation and that was best done over tea. So, she would strongly suggest taking a vacation at the Kairan mansion.

"Uhm, can you help me to my wheelchair?"

"No, it looks uncomfortable, I have a better idea." With that Zaria knelt next to the confused girl and gathered her in her arms.

For Nyrth the world shifted.

The pretty girl, almost a woman, simply lifted her from the ground.

And held her in a princess carry.

While holding her securely and firmly without straining.

"Don't talk or you will bite your tongue."

Nyrth shut her mouth.

Then the world blurred.

Nyrth looked wide eyed from the princess carry towards her quickly approaching house.

Nyrth found herself staring at her door while trying to understand what had happened.

The slim figure was carrying her effortlessly, running as if the albino wasn't carrying her at all. Running faster while carrying her then she would have managed to run while still being able to move her legs and completely healthy.


Nyrth pawned at her pocket, then realized something. "It must have fallen out when I toppled over."

"I will look for it later when I go back for your wheelchair." The albino calmed her down.

Then Nyrth found herself shifted and pressed against her carry's side. The animal-eared woman smelled nice. The grip on her was firm, strong, and she honestly felt safe.

With surprise Nyrth saw the albino pull out a dagger from the bag, then struck the grip against the door near the lock.


The albino opened the formerly locked door and put the dagger back in her bag.

Nyrth found herself once again in a princess carry as they entered the comfortable and warm house. "Where to?"


"I am an epic shrine maiden of Tamano no Mae. So, don't worry, you weigh almost nothing." There was a pause. "Are you sure you are eating enough?"

Nyrth stared at the increasingly familiar face. Something about the face felt off, yet really familiar. "Yes, I am eating, not too much, as I don't have a large appetite."

Zaria frowned, that did not sound good, but probably better than overeating. "Now where is your room?"

"Over there in the back." Nyrth wondered if she was really letting that familiar stranger into her room, her sanctuary, but somehow it felt fine to do it.

The almost black-haired girl found herself sitting on a chair at her desk. Her guest pulled out several parchments and letters from the bag. Then she was handed a paper to sign.

"Confirmation of delivery … Ellele and Tessa are on it as well!"

"I will be teleporting there to deliver theirs after we have taken care of you. Now please sign."

The handicapped girl signed carefully; it would be rude to simply scribble something down to get her letter quicker.

The list with her signature got placed back, and one of the three letters was handed over.

The girl gaped at the beautiful handwriting; it was very familiar. The distracted girl did not hear her guest leave.

She was engulfed in a story of returning from the dead, lost memories, getting to know people anew and reading all her letters.


Zaria took a deep breath, that had been … she was not sure what it had been, but her heart was hammering. She had bluffed her way through, but that girl had far too much effect on her. It reminded her of that warm and trusting feeling she was getting near Cibelle. Only this time it was pity, sadness, and happiness. The mixture was hard on her.

Zaria darted from the house and ran back to the tree. The uncomfortable and heavy wheelchair was placed back on the wheels, and finding the key only took moments with her eyesight.

Pushing the death-trap back did not seem like a good idea. Instead she raised the wooden construction over her head and carried it back.

The sooner her friend was freed from that thing the better, she placed it on the floor once she was back before the house.

"Back to battle." Zaria mumbled.

She pushed the annoying thing back to its owner. The wheels turned badly, and she felt the thing had no amortisation even just from pushing it. It made her want to toss the thing through the next window, opening the window beforehand was optional.

Back she found Nyrth still reading the letter. Finally, the girl finished it.

"You are here to take me to Zaria." It was a statement.

"That or take a letter back."

"I am going, I need to pack, …"

"Guess I will have to help."

"I can do it alone. I just need my chair."

Zaria did not want her back in that death-trap, but on the other hand Nyrth seemed to be sure she could do it.

"Want me to help?" Zaria felt she knew the answer.

"No thank you, you can deliver the other letters." Nyrth declined the offer.

The answer had been expected.

"Very well, take care, I will be back after I deliver them." Zaria lifted the girl into the death trap.

"I will need at least two hours to pack, and my lunch is waiting in the kitchen, please return for lunch, my mother made it."

"I shall return later then Lady Nyrth." Zaria decided she liked the girl, she was trying hard, she was having a bad time, but she did not let being alone defeat her. Naturally some of it was forced, but it was understandable.

Zaria pulled out her notes, trying to recapture the image of the hanging gardens Ellele was tending to.

Then she was gone.

Nyrth then remembered something. "I forgot to ask her for her name."


Since I did not want to interrupt the flow, here are the 'rolls' from the Nyrth scene
Honestly the Nyrth scene caused a riot on my discord. What is it with everyone obsessing over her getting a hug and becoming waifu number 1?
Zaria rolls Heal
Skill Mastery "Take 12" = 137
Zaria can see Nyrth is not hurt physically aside from her paralysis, the mental state is really worrying however.
Zaria rolls Scent (Survival)
Skill Mastery "Take 12" = 183
Sometimes a good nose is a curse.
Zaria rolls Bluff
Skill Mastery "Take 12" = 197
Zaria bluffs through the situation without Nyrth suspecting too much
Zaria rolls Open Lock
Opening Tap -10 Penalty
Skill Mastery "Take 12" = 211 - 10 = 201
Front door has been unlocked
Zaria rolls Spot
Skill Mastery "Take 12" = 201
The key has been found.
Nyrth rolls Int
@Lazy Writer: 1d20 + 2 = (14) + 2 = 16
Nyrth has a suspicious feeling that something is off




Ellele is where? d100
1-30: in the garden
31-50: at the training ground
51-70: at home
71-90: somewhere in town
91-100: out of town
@Jessy: d100 = (28) = 28
Ellele is in the garden


When Zaria arrived, she found herself staring at a beautiful purple white flower that reminded her of an orchid. Then she heard something fall to the ground and shatter with a splashing sound.

She turned around and her first impression was naked.

It really was her first impression since the girl she was facing was naked.

The second impression was followed by understanding. If that was the girl's secret then she could understand why she had kept it.

The third impression was something different. "We are on a tree?" It was clearly the branch of a tree from an ancient forest. The type you could build houses in and something wood elves would clearly find suitable homes.

"Yes? Where did you come from? Who are you?" The girl was clearly guarded, and ready to run, or maybe in her case to jump. She was also starting to blush.

"I am a shrine maiden of Tamano no Mae, I came here by teleport thanks to a letter you sent describing your garden in a lot of detail, somehow it forgot to mention the garden was in a tree."

"Where else would a hanging garden be?" The girl asked in return, clearly looking the kitsune up and down.

Zaria decided it had to be a cultural thing. "I have a letter for Ellele … I forgot the name again, one moment."

Zaria realized that all the intelligence in the world, or rather on her character sheet, did not matter if you simply did not care. And she had not cared about the surnames of her friends, since they had meant nothing to her. So, search for the list it was. "Here it is, Ellele le Leelel, that is you?"

"Yes." The girl seemed less guarded now, and more confused instead, and going by the blush and the way she was now sticking out the chest, clearly attracted.

Zaria stepped past the broken pot that had been used for watering the garden probably, and approached a small table that was placed on a platform a bit closer to the huge trunk of the ancient tree. "I am here to deliver a letter from Zaria van Kairan, it is an invitation, I will be back in a few hours either to pick you up or to pick up your return letter."

"An invitation from Zaria?"

"Yes?" now Zaria was confused at the sound of footsteps leading hastily away from her.

Ellele jumped off the branch leaving an even more confused Zaria behind.

"What the?" Zaria stepped forward and looked down. There she caught sight of the girl running into a large house.

"She forgot the letter." Zaria complained to nobody. "Was my old self really that popular?"

That was not a normal reaction.

With a hop she followed the recipient. Falling far enough that normal people would have broken something or at least had gotten falling damage, she calmly walked towards the house. Fear of heights was kind of irrelevant when you knew that nothing would happen aside from having to climb back up.

She heard voices as she neared the house. Looking around she saw other smaller homes on other trees and branches.

She came to the open door and knocked.

What came soon was clearly a matured version of the girl that had just ran off. She was just as naked.

"Ellele forgot her letter. Please sign here for delivery."

The being before her studied her intently. "You know."

"Is it another of those amulet situations? It was the only thing she was wearing, or you are wearing." Zaria guessed.

The woman smiled. "You are familiar with them."

"My lover is a drow, it was weird having to ask her what she looked like, in her case she was hidden as a blonde and blue-eyed high elf."

The woman giggled. "Now that is amusing."

"There was a minor scene with an overzealous high elven cleric, but that has been dealt with after she stopped wearing it." Zaria considered Elior getting spanked really a minor thing.

"A drow not hidden anymore?" That surprised the woman.

"The Kairan household seems rather …" Zaria stopped to search for the right word. "... uncaring about such things. In my time there I have seen the Duke there confused only once."

"Yes, understandable, that one is so logical." She waved the kitsune inside. "Since my daughter is already packing, when will you pick her up?"

"Here is the letter, and please sign here." Zaria handed the letter over and placed the paper meant for the signatures on a small table.

"I see that Nyrth already got her letter, poor girl was so heartbroken."

"I was invited by her to lunch, afterwards I am teleporting her to the Kairan mansion, I will be coming for Ellele after that."

"Zaria is still as pretty as before?"

That was an unexpected question.

"You see, my daughter is attracted to beauty, and Zaria was a very pretty girl. So, don't take it badly, you are really beautiful, so please steer her back should she forget herself." The mother licked her lips. "If I didn't have my hubby, I would be all over you already."

Zaria decided to amend her former realization. It was not a cultural thing; it was a racial one.

"That is a … surprise." Her second friend had been crushing on her old self? That had a chance to go really badly. "Should things escalate I will drop her off."

"Good, I will make her read the letter, drop by after lunch to pick her up." The woman frowned. "I should probably help her pack. You going over to Tessa next?"

"Yes, however she only has a return letter, from what I heard, she can be rather excitable."

"How long ago did Zaria return to the living?"

"One week ago."

"That is not long ago, probably still playing catch up, Tessa is a fun one. But not really a calm one."

"Actually, what does Ellele look like?" Zaria asked. "In case someone asks, and what is she supposedly wearing?"

The mother laughed. "Oh right, you will probably have to report. Deep green hair instead the amethyst she actually has. Skin is a rich brown instead of tanned with purple scales, naturally the horns, wings and tail are gone. Finally, she is wearing a short light green top and a short darker green skirt."

"I will try to remember."

"When you don't get distracted by her scales, or the bouncy chest."

Zaria felt amused at the mother. "You forgot the wings that make me curious what they feel like, since most of my dragons were larger, and either needed to be put down or were helpers, I never had the chance to play with a dragon’s wing before. Though the tail seems interesting too, is it sensitive like mine or do the scales protect it?"

"Find out, if the young lady allows it." The mother was amused. "Now off you go, I need to help her pack, then make lunch."

Zaria pulled out her notes and rechecked the description for the tree house Tessa had described. The Irony of teleporting from one treehouse to another was not lost on her.



Tessa is where? D100
1-20: her castle (treehouse)
21-40: getting lessons
41-70: escaping/hiding from lessons
71-80: training somewhere with a borrowed sword
81-90: entertaining guests
91-100: bored in her room
Jessy: d100 = (90) = 90
Tessa is having guests d100
1-40: friends and underlings
51-60: social tea party
60-80: adults are mingling, and she has to join
81-100: it's worse, suitors
Loki: 1d100 = (23) = 23
Her friends and minions are over


Zaria was in a tiny house. Her ear tips were almost touching the ceiling. This was the living room. A small couch, a table, chairs, … she had imagined it, she had not believed it. Tessa had managed to convince someone to make her a small house. She went to a window and looked outside. Either she was on the second floor, or it was really in a tree.

It felt honestly unreal.

She went to the door supposedly leading to the hall, there was really a hall. Out of curiosity she checked the rest. Kitchen was there, a small bath, a toilet, a bedroom for Tessa, and a guest room.

All sized down so that tall adults would have trouble standing straight. That also meant Zaria had to duck through doors, and ears pointing even slightly up made them brush the ceiling.

It would be comfortable for her normal shape however.

Now it was the moment of truth. Unlocking the door with her opening tap, she opened it and looked outside.

There was no ground floor and no first floor.

It was really a treehouse as far as it was in a large tree, the support pillars however killed the notion of a normal tree house.

Walking down the stairs, yes it had winding stairs instead of a ladder, Zaria looked for an exit from the garden, or someone to ask for directions.


Random encounter
1-30: maid
31-60: butler
61-80: guard
81-95: someone higher in the ranking
96-100: noble, Tessa's parents or the parent of one of her minions/friends
@Jessy: d100 = (57) = 57
Zaria meets a butler


Finding an exit from the gardens, or probably actually the door to the gardens, Zaria entered the mansion.

Clueless as to the way, she followed her nose. Food meant cooks, servants, and maybe a dining hall.

Walking down the first hall Zaria turned left into the next where the smells were coming from, It actually smelled like cake, and less like lunch. There were already undertones of lunch, probably a soup going by the aromas reaching her. But the cake was the main clearly.

Now Zaria felt like baking a cake.

Finally, she saw someone.

It was clearly a male servant, going by the refined uniform, it was a butler rather than a simple servant. "Excuse me I have a letter for … I forgot the name again." She pulled out the list yet again. Maybe next time she did something like this she would remember to look up the names before. "A letter for Tessa van Regiallan from Zaria van Kairan, I will need a signature from someone sufficiently important to confirm delivery."

The butler meanwhile was wary. Going by the uniform their guest was a rare shrine maiden, who had clearly somehow entered the mansion in a way that was not by the main gate or main door. It was an intruder.

However, the albino foxgirl was clearly looking for someone important enough to confirm the delivery of the letter, not necessarily the young lady herself. It was time for a counter question. "Who would be appropriate?"

Zaria pondered. "Parents, Tessa, Head Maid, Head Butler, Tessa's personal maid, maybe a guard captain or commander?" Zaria went through the list of people she knew at her mansion. "Or head secretary, forgot about that position."

This was above his rank, they were all important people, but the inclusion of the guards meant that it was probably not a ruse. "The commander of the personal guard has his office this way, please follow me."

Zaria followed the man, back the way she had come from.

They stopped in front of a door that looked the same as the others to her.

The butler knocked.


Inside the room behind a large desk a man in plain clothes sat, actually it was not plain clothes but more elaborate gambeson.

"Greeting Commander, I have a messenger with a letter for Lady Tessa from Lady Kairan." The butler introduced.

The commander frowned; this did not sound right.

Zaria decided to explain since it was obvious, at least to her, that the guard was taking his job seriously. "I came by the use of the Greater Teleport Spell; Tessa wrote a very detailed description of her tree mansion in the letters to Zaria."

The guard commander re-evaluated the messenger. Casual disregard of formalities, she called both young Ladies by their given names. She was carrying a bag, a quiver, what was a bastardsword or longsword, and finally, she was not wearing shoes.

She was dangerous and powerful enough that she did not care about anything but her goal.

She was probably not a messenger normally. "A letter to the young Lady from Lady Kairan?"

If he sent her away and it was a real letter, then the young Lady would probably try to take his sword again. If it was a trap however …

"I need a signature to confirm delivery." The albino in his office added.

To him this situation just reeked of headache, and why was she in his office? Actually, did she say she teleported to the young Lady's tree house? "You said you teleported?"

"Tessa was very descriptive in her letters to Zaria." The kitsune wondered how much the little one loved to brag. "The compiled descriptions were good enough for a target for teleportation with the Greater Teleport spell." She then proceeded to pull out all the notes she had and placed Tessa's out. "Two and a half pages of notes actually. She must really love her couch."

The guard commander sighed. He knew the letters to Lady Kairan were real, he also knew that Lady Tessa liked that damn couch, his guards had been the ones who had gotten the damn thing up there. "I am the wrong person to receive the letter." And if he brought the letter to her parents then there was going to be a tantrum how she was old enough to receive letters on her own, and probably another once the little lady found out who the letter was from. "Please follow me." At least he knew where the young lady was, after all he had posted guards around the wintergarden.

Zaria packed the papers, and letter back into her bag and followed the guard captain yet again. This time past the gardens, further and to the back of the mansion. She wondered how large the mansion actually was.

After what felt like far too many corridors and halls the Captain nodded to the two guards before a door, and then knocked.

A maid opened the door.

"Important letter for the Lady." He reported.

The maid hesitated for a moment, but then let them in, if it was deemed important enough to disturb the Lady while entertaining guests, then it should be delivered quickly. Naturally that the handsome, even if older, guard commander was present had no influence on her decision.

"Please come in." the maid responded in a gentle voice.

The butler took this moment to escape, making the guard commander curse the man.

"This way."

Zaria marvelled. It was a giant glass house. The air was warm and humid, but there were birds, butterflies, and a lot of flowers.

She fought off a sneeze though, the smell was almost overpowering, it made her remember that her senses were all a lot better now.

They went deeper inside, towards the female voices that she was hearing.

At a table ahead sat four girls drinking tea and eating what seemed to be a strawberry cake. It was clearly a tea party with the participants being probably ten to thirteen years old.

"My lady, the commander has brought a messenger for you with an important letter."

A brunette, older sister to the smaller brunette next to her probably, gave Zaria a curious look. "Fluffy!" Then she straightened. "Greetings, I am Tessa van Regiallan, you have a letter for me?"

A look to her left made it clear to Zaria that her guide wanted to be anywhere but here. "Lady Tessa van Regiallan, I have a letter for you from Lady Zaria van Kairan, if you would please sign for the delivery."

Zaria pulled out her list and the letter.

The commander almost gaped in surprise; the albino actually could be polite?

"A letter? From Zaria?"

"Yes, and yes, please sign here." Zaria placed the delivery list on the table.

Tessa looked at the list, then actually hissed.

"Why am I the last one."

"It was simply because your letter pile was the smallest."

Tessa glared at the kitsune with a rather cute growl.

Zaria on the other hand felt amused.

She placed her hands apart, fairly wide. "Nyrth."

That distance shrunk to maybe half that. "Ellele."

Now she moved the hand to maybe a third of the original width. "Tessa."

"Nyrth wrote that much?"

"Yes?" Zaria tilted her head confused. "It's not like she can do much else."

Tessa frowned. "True, so Zaria is back, my true rival that I have to beat."

Zaria was very glad about her high stats and skills, because she had not expected that. She looked at the maid that was bringing ink and a quill.

"Here Mistress, please sign properly."

Tessa signed and took the letter, she broke the seal and ripped it open. "It really is her handwriting. Prepare the carriage, I am going to visit her."

"Mistress, please give us time to prepare. It is a longer journey and you have guests." The maid reminded her tomboy lady.

Zaria folded the list with the deliveries, and decided to high tail it out of there, but not before trying to get some answers.

"I will take my leave then, though I have two questions first."

Everyone looked at the albino.

"When will the arrival at the Kairan mansion be?"

The guard commander knew the answer. "As today will be needed to prepare." He ignored the complaint from his lady. "Start will be tomorrow, arrival should take about five days. Almost three weeks if it were purely by carriage."

"Absolutely not, I need to show Zaria what I have learned while she was asleep."

"And that leads me to the second question, I thought you are Zaria's friend, so why is she now a rival?" Zaria really wondered about this part.

"If I may explain, my Lady has read a new book where the heroine has a rival and she was inspired by it, as the rival was superior to the heroine in every aspect."

"Oeris!" Tessa complained.

Zaria couldn't resist, she giggled. "I am going to have so much fun reporting that. What is the title of the book?"

"The Adventures of Lady Retis"

"Thank you. Have a pleasant tea time, my ladies." Zaria gave the other three ignored girls a bright smile, and caused blushes and charmed the girls. Even the rather distracted Tessa was affected.

Then she teleported back.


Zaria teleports back home
Wayfarer Guide applies
@Lazy Writer: 2d100 = (65+59)
Teleport is on target



The three in the room realized Zaria was back when the kitsune dropped on her bed and buried her face in her pillow. The laughter was still very audible.

Elior took a suspicious sniff of her tea, but going by the way everyone else, including Yuki, was confused, Elior decided that she had not drunk any hallucinogenic in her tea. A mass illusion was possible, but did not seem like the style of the white menace.

It was minutes later that Zaria returned from her laughing fit. She wiped the tears away and kept giggling. "Tessa is a riot."

The confusion in the room did not decrease.

"Her tree house is actually a home larger than the one Mrr'am is living in. Somehow, after reading a book, Zaria is now her rival instead of friend, since good rivals are superior to the heroine in every aspect, and she wanted to charge off on the trip to visit me today."

Cibelle nodded, that sounded a lot like the little lady.

"Ellele is interesting, I will pick her up later. Concerning Nyrth." Zaria faced Elior. "I, Zaria van Kairan, wish for your help, Elior Rellan, Cleric of Mirula the Goddess of Healing. I wish for your help to ascertain the mental health of my friend Nyrth. The physical healing is simple, but the mental wounds run deep. I will do my best, but I am afraid I am too close to the situation."

Elior froze for a moment. That was the most formal the white menace had ever been with her probably, and it was a request that was clearly tailored to her. A small part of her was surprised that Zaria would trust her with one of her friends. It was honestly flattering. "Lady Zaria van Kairan, I will examine your friend Nyrth, and I will report her state of mind and anything I deem important for her recovery, unless it was told in confidence."

Zaria nodded in agreement.

"Oh, and Nyrth invited me to lunch, so I won't be eating here. First, I will bring Nyrth here, then Ellele. Now I need to visit Millie, I will be back sometime after lunch."

And the serious atmosphere shattered like it had never been there.

"Wait Mistress!" Cinnamon interrupted her all over the place lady.


"If you are going to Trianna, could you please find the Lady's name, you need to meet her sometime, tomorrow is also a good day to meet your kitten, so please don't do it today or you will be late for the lunch with lady Nyrth, as every three days is probably good. Then remember to ask the receptionist where to get the supplies you need to repair the shrine yourself."

Zaria was taken aback at the list shot at her. "Yes? I can ask Millie, I also wanted to ask about a high paying mission, or one with possibly high loot."

Elior wondered if she should join the quest, just to keep possible collateral down, but then decided that getting dragged by the white menace into what could only end in insanity, was a bad idea. She decided to settle for a "Have a good trip, and don't drive anyone insane."

"What? Why would I?" Zaria questioned Elior.

"By being yourself."

"I don't randomly drive people insane."

"You spread insanity by being there, common sense takes damage in your presence."

"I am not that bad!"

Cibelle had disappeared into the bath. Cinnamon was mumbling something while working on her lists, the twitching ears did convey her nervousness however. Yuki was smirking from her pillow, which looked surprisingly fitting on her foxy face.

"Fine, I don't lack common sense, I simply ignore it. Why bother saving my spells when I have so many? It wouldn't make sense at all, even after today I will probably have enough left over to go to war." Zaria sagged. "Doing everything normally is such a pain. I mean a trip to Trianna is ten days, no idea how far away Cibelle's home is."

"Two weeks by fast carriage" Came the answer from the bath.

"So, let’s say one trip to Trianna and one to Cibelle's family, then I think the Underdark part I was in, was even further so let’s say three weeks, and reduce time to Trianna." Zaria decided that teleportation was really the way to go. "Even with only one trip forth and back to each destination, it would be about twelve weeks to cover them all."

"You know airships exist."

"Yes I do, and while they are much faster, they are also more expensive, but let’s round down everything to one month, because I can't see how it would be faster, as not every town has an airship port. Best case would be maybe three weeks, probably more like a month, and here I was in Trianna four times, Cibelle's hometown once, the Underdark once, Nyrth's place once, Ellele's place once, Tessa's place once, and I am probably forgetting something too."

Elior despaired at how unfair it was, and felt the temptation to take the travel domain for herself. She would only be able to use one spell per day from each of the teleports, but it would be something. She actually felt a pang of jealousy.

"I will be back later." Zaria bid her farewell and disappeared.


Zaria teleports to the shrine in Trianna
Wayfarer Guide applies
2d100 = (4+35) = 39
Teleport on target


Zaria looked around and frowned. She should have teleported to the guild directly, while Trianna meant Mrr'am and her shrine to her, it was still inconvenient. Zaria slumped. Something about her was far too random, she was doing way too little thinking things through and then brute forcing through everything. Like now.

Actually, who cared as long as things got done.

She stretched, stretching in an adult form felt better she realized.

Deciding to take advantage of her small side trip, she went to check her shrine over.


Zaria rolls Track
Skill Mastery "Take 12" = 183
Zaria rolls Spot
Skill Mastery "Take 12" = 201


The sheet of metal was still where she had left it. Some animals had passed through, but she saw no signs of the people.

She really needed to take the time to fix it finally. Maybe drag everyone along to chat as she was going to handle the repairs? She still needed to get a fix on prices for building material and had to buy them actually. To do that she would need to make a list first, she was going to take Cinnamon along for that, the bunny seemed to like her lists. She liked them a bit too much probably, but someone had to keep track.

Honestly Zaria didn't feel the need to bother. Her, probably original, life had been all based around schedules and work. With the melding of so many memories it was weird. She had to focus or distract herself to keep from remembering things from other lives.

Satisfied with the safety of her shrine, and not satisfied with the state of repair, she left for the guild. She released her suppression and turned invisible. She ran and stopped in front of Mrr'am's home.

There was maybe something to being too distracted.

She turned back and ran towards the guild.


At the guild she remembered to turn visible again. Entering it she looked around, and saw Millie the receptionist at her post.

She lined up at the cowgirl's counter, several adventurers seeming confused at her presence.

It took a while but finally it was her turn. "Hello, I am guild receptionist Millie, what can I do for you?"

"Hello Millie, I think a private room would be good."

The receptionist stared at the white shrine maiden, this one was taller, older, and just winked at her. "Oh welcome. I almost did not recognize you?"

"Understandable, I have several things to discuss and I need some information."

"Please follow me."

Zaria felt the jealous looks, the very busty cowgirl was probably very popular. She followed, completely ignoring the peanut gallery.

In a small room Millie offered Zaria a chair. "So, Zaria, what can the guild do for you today?"

The albino pulled out more paper, the ink and the pen. "First, what is the name of the Lady of this town? I met her maid and I should probably make a personal visit."

Millie nodded. "Celies van Arellie, she is an Earl's Daughter, and nominally our mayor, the council of elders does a lot of the work though."

Zaria noted it down. "Next I need suppliers for wood and roof shingles, also nails, and other small construction materials."

Millie now took some notes herself. "I have a few ideas on that, the beavers have a good eye for wood, but they usually have a long waiting list."

"I plan to pay for quality, if it takes longer, then it takes longer."

"I will have some beginners in need of some pocket money ask around."

"My next point is I need quests, high paying ones or with high loot chances would be good." Zaria admitted. "I have to get proper equipment, and that costs unfortunately."

"We have a ruin that is getting unsealed in the forest. It keeps on getting infested with monsters, we had groups investigate, but one disappeared, the higher-ranking group found the 5th underground floor populated with slimes. They managed to escape with a lot of equipment damage. That was some two months ago."

Zaria frowned. Slimes were a pain.

"The farthest anyone ever got was floor 7 with two parties full of high-level adventurers."

"How does the ranking system work? I mean low, high, probably you have intermediate too."

Millie visibly straightened. "Mostly it is level-based. Levels 1-3 are beginners. Low level adventurers are usually 4-6. We call them experienced once they are 7-9. Veterans are 10-12. Anyone high level is 13-16. Master adventurers are 16-20 and extremely rare."

"And someone like me who is epic?" Zaria asked with a grin.

"Epic adventurers are epic. Being double epic, you would be a double epic adventurer. The guild can sort of force missions on adventurers that are experienced to low epic. But anyone who is high epic or more, it is less risky to convince them and pay them to do something."

Zaria took notes and nodded.

"Do you have a guild card already?" Millie asked.

"No, can you put just Zaria on it?"

"Yes, I can, main role or class are added too."

"In that case, Shrine Maiden, healer, everything."

Millie had to read again what she had just written. "Everything?"

"I can handle traps, melee, archery, magic, scouting, evasion tanking, dps, aoe, carrier, knowledge ... I can pretty much fill any role." Zaria admitted. "Let's say I am not double epic."

Millie frowned, then nodded to herself. "How about making the main class Shrine Maiden, all role support?"

"I guess so?" Zaria shrugged. "I will be going solo mostly anyway."


Millie rolls Int
1d20 + 3 = (16) + 3 = 19
Millie sees the chance to pass something annoying over
Millie rolls Bluff
1d20 + 17 = (16) + 17 = 33
Zaria rolls Sense Motive
Skill Mastery "Take 12" = 237
Zaria can read Millie like an open book


"Actually, there is another thing. It would be mainly guarding something, and if possible, handing it over to the owner." The cowgirl fidgeted, and successfully held back a blush.

"What is so embarrassing?" Zaria was not sure she wanted to know, something told her that no, she did not want to know.

"We had an illegal auction, one of the items is underwear of a high elven cleric of Illiona."

"I am missing context here, amnesia wiped a lot of my memories, and I haven't managed to read about Illiona yet."

"She is the High Elven goddess of purity, meaning her clerics are all virgin maidens."

Zaria parsed the information for a moment. "So, you want me to watch over underwear and keep it safe?"

"It is supposedly the ultimate underwear from a pervert’s point of view."

"I don't get it." Zaria admitted.

"I sort of do understand having something from your loved one, but from a stranger?" Millie wondered.

The two women shared an agreeing look. It made no sense.

"It is 50 gp if you keep them safe."

"50gp to keep the panties safe?" Zaria looked at Millie with pure disbelief written all over her face.

"Yes, you are pretty much the only one who can hide them away with no risk of them being found or stolen."

"Fine." Zaria decided to agree, she'd only have to tell Cibelle and Cinnamon not to wash them. Even in her mind that sounded really weird.

"If you deliver them safely, it will be 200 gp."

That blew her mind. 200 gp to deliver underwear.

"Wait here please."

Zaria closed her eyes. "I am being paid to watch over underwear and to deliver it to the owner … additionally it is used underwear." She wondered if this was how Elior felt when facing her chaos.

Millie returned with an ornate chest, opened it to reveal an even more ornate chest and several papers. Those she handed Zaria.

Zaria had to read them twice to make sure the contents were what she had read. "So basically, this tells us the name, level, class, race, and looks of the rather low level and very flat cleric that got her underwear stolen by a virginal female thief. In addition, the thief being a female virgin is certified as is who the owner is." Zaria rubbed her temples out of reflex. "That makes no sense and is just a waste of resources, really."

Millie nodded. "I don't get it either, but they are popular, so keeping them away means keeping them safe."

"Guarding and delivering a pair of used underwear to the certified owner, this has to be one of the weirdest quests ever."

Millie pondered. "Well, there is a call for one of the adventurers to become the main attraction at a ‘girls only’ evening. She is popular with certain groups, and they keep offering more and more to get her to participate."

"An adventurer being asked to be an escort and whore?"

"Yes? I mean you want a sex-pet."

Zaria pulled her hair off the floor and played with the ends. "Forgot that."

"I thought so, I use it to tease one of my friends."

"Heh, have fun with it."

The smirks on the two faces were very mischievous. "Offer any price you want that she will not agree to, and if she has any special features accent them, I like long hair and fluff mostly."

"Thank you!" Millie happily took some notes. "Back to topic however, here is a map of the surroundings, the way to the ruins enters the woods before your shrine. From there follow the road, you probably can't miss it. Clearing the 5th level alone is worth 100 gp, after that it is 200 qp if you get to level 7. We are willing to pay 500 gp if you find out what is going on and clear the dungeon. Loot is yours; the normal item restrictions don't apply to epic adventurers."

"I'll take it. I will do it within the next two or three days."

"As for other missions, there is suspicion of a large spider nest in the forest somewhere." Millie frowned. "My sister and her friends are cleaning out a barn right now, they have a few new members in their party as well. We had a medium monstrous spider in the storeroom and a spider’s nest in the mill."

Zaria frowned. That really sounded suspicious. "Sizes?"

"Tiny, small, medium."

"I suspect there is a large nest with a large or huge spider. Unless … is it a mixed nest?"

Millie was happy. Working with professionals was such a pleasure. "One moment I will go fetch the reports, and make your temporary card."

"How come you simply believe me that I am high epic?"

Millie packed her notes. "You enlarged a Circle of Teleportation, how many times did you teleport today?"

Zaria pondered for a moment. "Nyrth, Ellele, Tessa, then home, then here. I guess 5 times?"

"At least your arcane level is confirmed as epic, and considering how you call yourself a shrine maiden, I expect your shrine maiden to be epic as well."

Zaria pondered for a moment. "Amusingly, my sorcerer is higher than my Shrine maiden, and my sorcerer is my highest level. Counting prestige classes anyway. Depending how you count classes anyway."

Millie stopped, she wondered if she wanted to ask. "If I were to ask, what would I get as a response to what your most dangerous weapon is?"


Millie shuddered. Having a twice epic caster say that she was more dangerous with a bow then spells was shocking.

"Naturally that is for combat, spells are so useful~" Zaria waved her hand at the table, the table became clean. Then she crossed her arms on the table and placed her head on it, looking the epitome of relaxed.

Millie on the other hand was not relaxed. Calling the bow, the strongest weapon, had huge implications.

She shuddered and went to visit the guild master. This was a bit above her paygrade, at least she was distracted from the danger Cocoa and Fel'ctas were in.


Zaria raised her head as someone entered, the footsteps were too heavy to be Millie's.

Big, the owner was big!

It was a big bear.

Zaria wondered what a teddy bear that size would be like. You would be able to sleep on it, sit on it, and it would be impossible to carry for children.

"You just thought something rude."

"More like something amusing."

He growled.


Guild Master rolls Intimidate
Ranks 17
CH mod +2
CH Enhancement +3
Ring competence +10
Feat Persuasive +2
Greater Heroism +4
@Loki: 1d20 = (17) = 17
Total Intimidate 55
Zaria rolls vs Intimidate
1d20 + 531 + 19 = (4) + 531 + 19 = 554
Zaria does not feel the intimidation attempt at all
Zaria rolls Sense Motive
Skill Mastery "Take 12" = 237
Zaria realises he tried to Intimidate
Zaria returns the favour
Zaria rolls Diplomacy
Skill Mastery "Take 12" = 345
Zaria's sarcasm would make a god cry


Zaria stared at the glaring teddy.

It took a moment to realise what was going on. "Ah sorry, I didn't realise I was supposed to be scared or intimidated." She pointed at the door. "If you want Millie, she went somewhere."

The guild master growled. "You are a supposed epic that came from nowhere!"

"And you are being a rude teddy." Zaria had felt it slip out; she did not fight the slip-up at all. "Now what do you want?"


"You have weird hobbies."

"I don't believe it."

"You are loud and rude."

"Get out!"

Zaria invoked one of her most used spells.


Guild Master rolls Will DC 42
GM needs a Nat 20
1d20 = (8) = 8
GM turns into a GM Teddybear
Duration 3 hours


"I need to use more spells …" The kitsune complained to herself. Teleport spells made up most of her daily usage, followed by 'Polymorph Any Object'. "Oh, he is blocking the door." Zaria rose and dragged the taller than her Teddy Bear into a corner.

She did not feel lazy any more.

She took the water bottle and the cookies from her bag; it was time for a snack. She inspected the cookies, they seemed to be vanilla and cinnamon cookies. "I am eating Cinnamon~" The pun sounded worse spoken out loud than just thought.

This batch tasted better than the last one.

"Excuse me, have you seen my Guild Master?" Millie came in and asked.

"No." Zaria gave the teddy a suspicious look. "Actually, is your guild master a rude teddy bear?"

"Teddy bear?"

Zaria pointed.

Millie stared, the height was correct, the colour too, and the teddy had a sort of mean look on its face. "Was that a tall man that acted bossy?"

"Mhm, want a cookie? My sex-pet maid made them, though she probably also counts as my secretary."

Millie wanted something stronger than cookies. "Yes please."

"What did he do?"

"Insulted me more or less, basically called me a liar and told me to get out."

Millie glared at the teddy.

"Normally I'd have to get the guild masters permission for creating anything higher than experienced guild tags. And the Guild Master should get confirmation from other branches, confirmation on heroic deeds, and on experience and ability. I think simply turning him into a teddy is enough."

"So basically, you are ignoring him and doing it on your own in theory with much more limited authority."

"When I explain that he insulted an at least double epic? Annoyed enough to be turned into a giant teddy bear, actually if he says something against it, I'll remind him of the teddy bear episode."

"Also tell him that if something happens to you, even a demotion, I will have a 'proper' talk with him."

"Thank you, Zaria."

"No Problem."

"Here are the reports till now."


Zaria rolls Knowledge (nature)
Skill Mastery "Take 12" = 246


Zaria quickly skimmed the two reports, and the one on the current quest. "Really? Webbers and Runners. Shared nests are rather rare." Zaria nodded. "I don't have the time right now, but I'll take a quick look when I can. I'll probably clean it up before the ruins, unless it is the same place."

Millie munched on a cookie, deciding to ignore who had made it. "Thank you. Reward for the spiders depends on what you will find unfortunately."

"That is fine, I never really liked the large or even larger ones. I will take care of it." Zaria explained. Drow clerics always felt so secure on their huge spiders, it felt so satisfying to kill them off beneath their feet.

"I just realized you have accepted three quests at once." Millie said with a frown.

"Well the ruins are exploration, the spiders are subjugation, and the underwear is delivery. No overlap unless the spiders really live in the ruins."

"We still have about 9 silvers from your last deposit."

Zaria added two gold coins to that. "And I need a large sheet of paper and a small scrap or something."

"Okay?" Millie was confused by that request but left to gather them anyway and to check on the progress on the guild tag.

Millie returned with the papers and a temporary tag. The real one was enchanted, a small measure against counterfeits.

It was not fool proof, nothing ever was, but it was at least a measure against easy copying. If anyone was able to copy a CL17 mark they were welcome anyway, but it would take a few days. The main branch was the only one with the enchanters capable of making that guild mark.

Which meant it would take a few days to deliver. She had forwarded all the paperwork, and had included everything she knew with documentation. That included the guild master having been turned into a plush toy and that annoying this one tended to have weird side effects. As requested, she had skipped her real name.

If she got a rebuke for it, she would just tell the snacking kitsune what was going on.

"This is a temporary tag. The real one is an enchanted one at the main office. Possibly someone from the main branch will come over to test you."

"Another test?" Zaria whined. "I have drow champions to beat up tomorrow, and the guild is into testing as well?"

"Unless you want to be severely lower ranked? High ranks get quests and rewards, double epics get asked nicely and overpaid for things nobody else wants to do or can do."

"So, if nobody else can do it, someone asks me to do it and throws a lot of money at me to hope to change my mind if it is an annoying one."

Millie found the description very odd, but also very fitting. However, any seriousness fled her when she saw what her customer had written on the papers.

The small Paper had [Guild Master] on it. The large one had in large letters spelled out: [I was rude and annoyed an epic].

Zaria walked over to the giant teddy and lapped the large one on the teddy's chest, and the small one on the forehead. To secure them she used the simple 'Stick' spell. It was easy to pull something off, but for simple things it was perfectly fine.

Millie gaped at the teddy. Now it looked even more ridiculous. She heard Zaria pack her things. Then everything had to be unpacked to pack the underwear box properly.

"I feel weird carrying a pair of signed and boxed panties around."

Millie decided not to comment how much weirder turning a guild master into a teddy bear was.


After Zaria had easily carried the huge stuffed GM Teddy to the main hall, and placed it next to the receptionist counters, she said her goodbye's and left for the market.


Random Events at the market
1-7: The party she nuked last time
8-14: Sienna's Mistress is out so She can enjoy a shopping trip
15-22: Time for Lianna to run into the chaotic fluff
23-30: Wulfgar patrolling the market
31-42: someone is stupid enough to try for a robbery
43-48: Fiola was at the market
49-75: She gets hit on by someone male
76-88: she gets hit on by some female
89-100: actually, it is a calm day and nothing happens
@Loki: 1d100 = (61) = 61
@Metamage: 1d100 = (67) = 67
@Lazy Writer: 1d100 = (47) = 47
Two guys hit on Zaria
1-25: it's a young duo looking for some fun
26-50: one old one young, separately
51-75: two older ones in a group 'hit on her'
76-100: two young ones, first one gets let down, second one tries to do better
@Loki: 1d100 = (28) = 28
They hit on Zaria separately
Who goes first?
1-50: young
51-100: old
@Loki: 1d100 = (14) = 14
Young one goes first
Characters of the guys
1-28: a playboy, richer than average, prettier, and popular for reasons the DM will never understand
29-37: shy guy managed to work up his nerve unfortunately
38-60: the pretty girl is too good for the street
61-80: pervert looking for a good time
81-100: taken by seeing someone prettier than his girl/wife
Young one
@Metamage: 1d100 = (88) = 88
tomcat young one found a girl prettier than his own and wants her now
Old one
@Loki: 1d100 = (20) = 20
Human playboy who thinks he is the goddesses’ gift to woman (but actually they only date for the presents and food)


The noises of the noon market and the smells of food being prepared for the lunch rush enveloped her and drew her in. Though she decided to skip on the food. But a classic stew meant you could add things. So she went to look for some nice bread, some bacon, and something for dessert.

"Hello beautiful!"


Zaria rolls Profession (cook)
Skill Mastery "Take 12" = 131
Zaria rolls Appraise
Skill Mastery "Take 12" = 242
All cooking ingredients and food yield their secrets to Zaria


Zaria was looking over the bacon pieces. A nicely smoked one was just begging to be bought, not too fatty and no salty crust. It was clearly made with care.

"Why don't I invite you to a nice lunch?"

Yes, this piece of bacon looked clearly better than the other five.

"I mean my pretty."

On instinct Zaria sidestepped a hand that was about to land on her shoulder.

"Uhm hello? I am talking to you?"


Zaria starts a grapple
Zaria rolls Melee Touch Attack AC 12
@Lazy Writer: 1d20 + 276 +28 = (10) + 276 +28 = 314
Zaria rolls grapple
@Lazy Writer: 1d20 + 289 = (20) + 289 = 309 nat 20
@Lazy Writer: 1d20 + 289 = (9) + 289 = 298
Catboy Bard Level 2 … needs a nat 20 20
@Lazy Writer: 1d20 +1 = (9) = 9
Catboy Bard Level 2 is grappled


Since whoever tried again so she grabbed the offender by the wrist.

"Oww, hey beautiful why don't we talk this over during a lunch? I'm paying." A black haired catboy, almost catman, whimpered as Zaria twisted the offending arm away from her.

The albino kitsune stared at him, then at the pretty catgirl behind him, then back at the piece of bacon that held her attention. "I'm taking the second bacon from top on the left. Give me the whole one." catgirl or not, she had her priorities. Especially since the catgirl seemed annoyed at the catboy that was trying to break free.


Catboy Bard Level 2 tries to escape the grapple
Catboy Bard Level 2 rolls Escape Artist
@Lazy Writer: 1d20 +2 = (4) +2 = 6
Zara rolls Grapple
@Lazy Writer: 1d20 + 289 = (3) + 289 = 292
Catboy Bard Level 2 stays grappled
Catboy Bard Level 2 rolls Escape Artist
@Lazy Writer: 1d20 +2 = (9) +2 = 11
Zara rolls Grapple
@Lazy Writer: 1d20 + 289 = (13) + 289 = 302
Catboy Bard Level 2 stays grappled
Catboy Bard Level 2 rolls Escape Artist
@Lazy Writer: 1d20 +2 = (14) +2 = 16
Zara rolls Grapple
@Lazy Writer: 1d20 + 289 = (17) + 289 = 306
Catboy Bard Level 2 stays grappled
Catboy Bard Level 2 rolls Escape Artist
@Lazy Writer: 1d20 +2 = (1) +2 = 3 nat 1
Zara rolls Grapple
@Lazy Writer: 1d20 + 289 = (4) + 289 = 293
Rinse repeat … until Zaria is done buying her bacon


"You are the new shrine maiden? And good eye. How does 5 silvers sound?" The dogman selling seemed happy about a customer with a good eye going by the tail.

"Release me!"

"For that bacon? You are clearly joking."

"Let go!"

The ears and tail went all flat and droopy.

"8 silvers is the cheapest I can go for such a nice piece, and that includes the shrine maiden discount."


"Haha, I see how it is. Can't really say no to our newest town member." He pulled it from the bacon pile and started wrapping it. "Give me a sec."

There was a popping noise from the unsuccessful catboy. "Owww!"

"Hmm? You say something?" Zaria looked at the wide eyed catboy who was turning red, and not the blushing red. "I think you dislocated something; you should get that looked at." She released him to pull out her coinbag. She paid with 8 silvers.

Zaria accepted her bacon and put in her bag, then stepped to the pretty catgirl and wrapped an arm around her. "Now since your date is lying on the ground whimpering, why don't you show me where to get really good bread?"


The brunette catgirl blushed a bit as the pretty albino pressed against her side. "Nyah?" She expected something else after her prospective boyfriend had abandoned her. He was really cute, but that side of him had left her devastated.

Zaria gently steered the catgirl deeper into the market. "Now don't worry, if you still want him, he probably just dislocated his elbow. Painful, but nothing to really worry about." Zaria gave her victim an honest smile. "You are really pretty, and you can do much better, that I am sure."

The catgirl looked away. "And remember, boys are stupid boys until they grow up."

That caused a giggle.

"Now any idea where to get really good bread?"

"Over there, she makes some great bread with nuts, but it is expensive." The catgirl seemed to recover some of her mood and led Zaria past many stalls.

Upon arrival Zaria just stared. It was good bread; she could tell just from looking and smelling. A nice dense texture with plenty of walnuts sprinkled in, the crust was a nice deep brown with no burnt parts. "I so agree." She looked up at the bearwoman. "I will take a full loaf of the walnut, and half a loaf for my lovely companion here."


"That will be 8 silver pieces." The bearwoman warned.

Zaria simply pulled out a gold coin and handed it over. She accepted the nicely smelling bread and her change in return. Then handed her companion her half. "Here take it, and thank you for showing me."

"Nyah welcome~" The catgirl rushed off with a happy skip, and not towards her 'would be' boyfriend.

She had bacon, she had bread, and had the feeling she was missing something.


Zaria rolls Spot
Skill Mastery "Take 12" = 201
Zaria spots Fiola


"Aha!" Zaria looked around and spotted a certain someone. Apple juice, nice sweet-sour apple juice, that was what she needed.

"Hey girl, why don't we go out to eat?"

Zaria rolled her eyes, before her was a well-dressed, but distastefully equipped with gold rings and chains, human man.

"Not Interested."

"Oh, come on pretty, we would make such a fine pair." The man tried to convince Zaria.


Human Sorcerer Level 13 rolls Bluff
1d20 + 16 + 6 + 10 +4 = 1d20 + 36
1d20 + 36 = (6) + 36 = 42
Zaria rolls Sense Motive
Favoured Enemy Human applies
Skill Mastery "Take 12" = 237 + 6 = 243
Zaria realizes the human just wants to bang an albino foxgirl, actually the playboy thinks he deserves to fuck whom he wants.


"No means no. And I have someone I need to meet." Zaria blocked and frowned at the man.

He stuck out his chest, accidently showing a guild tag around his neck. Then he took it and motioned with it. "See this, this means I am a high-level adventurer!"

What Zaria got from him however was something else, once again her read surface thoughts skill triggered, she really needed to find out what it actually was. And what she heard was far more sinister.

"Dominate person, be mine!"


Human Sorcerer Level 13 rolls Spell Penetration
@Lazy Writer: 1d20 + 14 = (10) + 14 = 24
Zaria Spell Resistance 557
Spell has no effect


Zaira pulled out her new tag. "So, a high level tries to dominate a double epic."

The man turned white.

Zaria simply applied 'Polymorph any Object' to emulate 'Flesh to Stone'.


Human Sorcerer Level 13 rolls Fortitude Save DC 42
That totally needs a Nat 20
@Lazy Writer: 1d20 = (1) = 1 nat 1
That couldn't have failed any harder


The man turned to run away, and became a statue.

Whispers were all around as Zaria sighed in annoyance. She used Anyspell to create another 'Tenser's Floating Disk' and loaded the statue on it.

A quick look around told Zaria that her actual target had escaped. The sheep had a good sense of danger it seems.

Off to the guard station it was.

At the station one of the guards outside saw an albino shrine maiden approaching with a statue floating behind her. There was only one thing to do, push it onto someone else.
He turned and stuck his head into the station. "Oyy Wulfgar, it's for you!"

"Ay am working!"

"It's …" the guard tried to remember the nickname his superior had given the white headache "... the missy, with a statue."

The tall wolfman left his desk and the rather neat and sorted piles of paperwork and went to the front door.

"Woah Missy, that an adventur'r?"

Zaria simply stopped next to the tall man. "Idiot hit on me, then wanted to dominate me with a spell, it is a mind controlling enchantment."

"Unlucky bast'rd."

"Considering he did so easily." Zaria pointed at the man. "I doubt he did it for the first time."

"Grr, dem mind controls are nasty."

"Yes, they are." Zaria pointed at the man. "If you want I can antimagic his cell for a while."

"Nuhh, w're good, so many casters that we 'ave cell fur dem."

"Tell me where to put him so I can dispel him."

"And get em loot."

"Eh that is allowed?"

"Yer target, yer loot. And dat tag tells ma all I'd need 't know."

"Sweet! I'll check his room next. If there is anything important, I'll send you a message, or deliver it." Zaria used 'Dispel Magic' on the statue, turning it back into a human, then she promptly knocked him out with a fist to the face, the nose made a satisfying crunching sound.

"I should probably take the tag to Millie for identification."


CR 13 loot
Coins 4097 gp
Art Objects
Bolt of Fine Steel Cloth (600 gp)
Bronze Armlet (1000 gp)
Carved Ivory Drinking Horn inlaid with Gold (2200 gp)
Carved Ivory Drinking Horn set with Deep Blue Spinel (3000 gp)
Citrine Statuette (of a Goddess of Beauty) wreathed in Continual Flame (2000 gp)
Dragonscale Shortsword Scabbard (1600 gp)
Electrum Cloth Gloves (400 gp)
Fine Leather Choker (900 gp)
Total value = 11700 gp

Magic Items
Arcane Scroll (Magic Aura (25 gp), Obscuring Mist (25 gp)) (total 50 gp)
Divine Scroll (2 x Faerie Fire (25 gp), Obscuring Mist (25 gp)) (total 50 gp)
Potion of Mage Armor (50 gp)
Potion of Protection from Good (50 gp)
Robe of Bones (2400 gp)
Wand of Enlarge Person (33 of 50 charges) (495 gp)
Total value = 3095 gp

Total value 18892 gp
I used that treasure generator
unless someone really wants to roll the loot?
Roll Room loot
CR 13
Coins 1000 gp
Art Objects
Chrysoprase Ring inlaid with Copper (1100 gp)
Dragonscale Ribbon (500 gp)
Leopard Fur Coat (1600 gp)
Leopard Fur Mask set with Smoky Quartz (700 gp)
Small Bag of Incense (90 gp)
Total value = 3990 gp

Magic Items
Arcane Scroll (Endure Elements (25 gp), Shield (25 gp), Shocking Grasp (25 gp)) (total 75 gp)
Arcane Scroll (Enlarge Person (25 gp), Summon Monster I (25 gp), Darkvision (150 gp)) (total 200 gp)
Hand of the Mage (900 gp)
Hat of Disguise (1800 gp)
Total value = 2975 gp

Total value 7965 gp


The kitsune stripped the idiot of anything that looked worth something, and picked up his guild tag. After a moment of hesitation, she started to track him to his hotel or inn.


Zaria uses Track (Survival)
Favoured Enemy Human applies
Skill Mastery "take 12" = 183 + 6 = 189
DC100 Track through air
DC +60 fast track
Track success
Zaria soon backtracks to the hotel room of the waste of space.


She walked back, to everyone else she seemed to run. Back to the market, through the market, past the hot spring, through a hidden room that had a peephole to the women's side. Back out past the school and the female changing room there, finally she was in front of a hotel, a classy hotel.

"Greeting my Lady, how may we help you?"

"Guild business with the room of an arrested human. I will find his room myself."


Zaria ignored the man running after her. Up the stairs she went and released the suppression on her invisibility. Down the left she walked following the indescribable traces she was following. His was the last room in the back.


Opening Tap Reminder
Skill Trick
Open Locke at -10
Strike the lock or close to it with something hard, like the grip of your dagger
On success it is open
On fail you can't use it again for 8 hours
Source Complete Scoundrel
Zaria rolls Opening Tap
Skill Mastery "Take 12" = 211 - 10 = 201
DM Comment: meaning unless it is a magically sealed lock, all of them open.


With a tap of the dagger she opened the door, and closed it again behind her. I was time for loot and evidence.

Sometime later she decided that the loot was not too great this time, but the evidence however … what kind of idiot kept a journal of his conquests, even the illegal ones were detailed down to spell usage!

It was enough to hang himself with it.

Rolling the loot up in the idiots robe she teleported it home. She had confidence that someone would put it into a corner until she could appraise and identify everything.


Zaria rolls Teleport Object
Wayfarer Guide applies
@Lazy Writer: 2d100 = (16+99)
Teleport is on target; the loot is lying in the corner near the money chests


Then she opened the windows and jumped out


Tumble DC80 no more fall damage
Zaria rolls Tumble
Skill Mastery "Take 12" = 250


Now she had just to report to the guild that an adventurer or someone pretending to was a perverted playboy using mind control enchantments.


At the guild she entered and saw adventurers posing with the guild master teddy bear.

"And he is actually such a softy, guild master, give me a hug!" A catgirl was cuddling the guild master.

Zaria approached Millie who seemed to be writing something. "Hello Millie."

The cowgirl looked up, then she looked left and right. "Zaria?"

Zaria almost facepalmed. "Oh right." She suppressed her invisibility again. "Forgot about that." She pulled out the guild tag she had liberated and the diary. "If the tag is real, then we have a guild member abusing people. He tried to use 'Dominate Person' on me, he is locked up at the guard station now."

The cowgirl decided not to comment on the invisibility, there was a rule about using invisibility at the guild, but considering the airheaded kitsune had clearly forgotten about it, she decided not to mention it. Millie took the offered items and checked the guild tag for authenticity. It certainly looked real enough. Next, she read a random page in the diary, and soon cringed. "I will have it checked out. This is another case where we need to cooperate with the guards."

"Handed him over to Wulfgar."

"That is good, I am familiar with him." Millie accepted the request and pulled out several sheets of paper. "And I am supposed to be giving you work, not the reverse."

"It happens. I picked the diary from his room at that two-story hotel not too far from the school. I also found signs of him peeping at the school and the woman's side of the bathhouse."

Millie just sighed in frustration. "Can you drop by tomorrow?"

"Yes, I will be visiting Mrr'am tomorrow."

"Then come over for a chat, I should know more by then." Millie frowned thoughtfully. "How do you know Mrr'am?"

"Ran into her and her sister, and somehow we hit off."

That sounded like something both Mrr'am and Zaria would do. She was not really bothered by it because the kitten was probably safer with the epic albino then she could have been anywhere else. And if the kitten was busy that meant Fel'ctas was free.

"I did not run into them that way."


"You just thought something lewd."


"I am not lewding the kitten, nor am I lewding the sister, though I am teasing her with the lack of control she has over her tail."

Millie blushed as she remembered that, and remembered that it was her fault. It was worth it though, Fel'ctas looked really good in the dress. The flashing was a nice benefit of the cursed dress.

"Enjoy your cat. But I have no idea how you two kiss, after all you are both rather large, doesn't that prevent you two from kissing?"

Millie just glared at the white tease in front of her as she blushed and did not respond.

Zaria left feeling amused. Now she had a sheep to track down.


At the sheepyard the kitsune was amused when everyone suddenly seemed to remember they had something to do. Or rather had to be somewhere that was not here.

She approached the main building and knocked.

After a while a soft "Baah?" answered her.

"I am looking for Fiola, I missed her at the market."

She heard the hurried, and relieved, footsteps leading away from the door.

It took a while, and some arguing she only overheard due to her abnormal hearing, but her target approached the door.

The door hesitantly opened. The sheep had been looking slightly down, but would have fit Zaria's normal size, now it caused her to look a bit up and stare uncomprehendingly at the formerly almost non-existent chest. "Baah?"

"Hello, I heard your apple juice is great. I need two bottles or jugs to take away." Zaria decided to go down to business.

The uncomprehending sheep looked further up. The shocking realization came, there were two of the white menaces. "Baah! … I mean, at once."

The stressed sheep ran for the apple juice, the sooner the delivery was done, the sooner she'd be free of white menaces.

Zaria waited patiently, and happily paid the four silvers. It sounded like a lot, but for pure apple juice, that was not a high price, you could easily add water to get four times the amount and still have a nice taste.

Now it was time to check on Nyrth.


Teleport to tree at Nyrth's place
Wayfarer Guide applies
@Lazy Writer: 2d100 = (73+59)
Teleport is on target



Zaria looked around and saw the large tree, grass and flowers around it, and below her feet the wooden path.

"I forgot to wear shoes." She realized upon seeing her white toes.

She turned around and saw Nyrth's house in the distance. Eager, she started to run.

At the house she stopped for a moment, then decided that knocking possibly making Nyrth wheel from wherever she was to the door to answer it was a bad idea. "I'm coming in." She simply opened the unlocked door and entered.

The noise of the death trap came from Nyrth's room, so the albino deposited her bag in the kitchen before she went to check on the poor girl.

"Eep!" Nyrth was clearly startled, that caused the bucket on her lap to sway and to topple over. "Nooo!" It fell, splashing soapy water over her shoes, legs, dress, wheelchair and the floor.

"Sorry about that. Let me clean that up." Zaria decided that maybe simply coming in had not been such a good idea. She stepped forward and dipped a toe into the soapy mess.

"Wait you don't have … what?" Nyrth stared as the shrine maiden and her ticket to Zaria stepped into the puddle, she wondered why the shrine maiden was barefoot, and she got confused when the water simply evaporated leaving a patch of floor that was visibly cleaner than the rest. "What just happened?"

"I caused you to spill the bucket, so I am cleaning up the mess quickly?" Zaria was not sure what the issue was. "One moment, I will have you clean and dry in a moment." She knelt next to the soaked dress and touched it, another spell and it was dry and clean again.

To Nyrth suddenly her last dress made sense. "You cleaned me before too!"



"Because I could." It was simple as that for Zaria. "Now anything else that needs to get cleaned up?"

Nyrth shifted awkwardly. There was the larger bucket too, but it did not sit right with her to let a guest do that.

"I'll take that as a yes. I'll take care of it, wait in the kitchen for me."

"Wait …" She spoke to empty air. Turning the wheelchair around just allowed her to see the shrine maiden come from her room carrying the larger bucket. Then she was already dodging around her and walking somewhere to get rid of the soapy and used water.

There was fast and there was faster. To the slow Nyrth the speeds at which the albino moved were simply insane.

When she arrived in the kitchen her guest was already at the stove checking the stew. "Good one, I think the bacon I bought would fit right in."

Nyrth frowned at that. "It wouldn't have time to blend in."

"Not unless we cheat." Zaria pulled out the bacon and turned the nails of one of her hands into sharp claws. Then she started shaving transparent flakes of bacon into the stew under the disbelieving eyes of Nyrth.

Once she had a decent amount of bacon inside, she heated the stew on a magical flame and stirred happily. "You can cut the bread meanwhile." She told Nyrth who felt once again useless. "Also, bowls and cups would be good, if you have fresh cool water somewhere, the apple juice is good, but very strong."

Nyrth needed a moment, just a moment ago she had been wallowing in self-pity, now she had a list of things to do. First, she needed to get a knife and a board to cut it on.
The bread was really aromatic.
She saw the nuts inside.
She wondered how much such a bread cost.
She decided she didn't really want to know, and she expected the bacon had cost even more, after all she could smell it from her place at the table.

Then she turned to see a piece of bacon held to her face. It was clearly an offer to take a bite. She opened her mouth and the albino fed her the bacon. It was fresh juicy bacon, not the heavy smoked and dried version. It was good.

With a smile she continued working off her tasks.

The heavy nutty aroma made her take a bite.

It tasted wonderful.

A glance to her left made her see the shrine maiden smiling knowingly at her.

Nyrth blushed. She felt caught even if she really did not do anything wrong. She wheeled over to the water barrels and with some effort she opened one and checked the water. It did not seem that fresh any more. "I think the water is slightly stale."

"No problem."

Nyrth did not jump in her wheelchair for the sole reason that she couldn't when a white hand reached past her and reached into the water.

"There, all purified and cooled down."

Nyrth placed her hand over the barrel, she could already feel the cool radiating from it. She did not know much, but she knew her guest was abnormal. She just radiated it, moving too fast, being too pretty, being too strong, and using magic as if it were unlimited.
She filled the large jug.

And found it lifted from her lap by the white guest that seemed to be everywhere at once. "Where are the bowls?"

Nyrth simply wheeled to a cupboard and opened it. She decided to give it a try. She reached in and pulled two bowls from it, then simply held them out behind her without looking. As she had suspected they were taken from her.

This was actually fun.

She rolled over to the table and waited to be served.

Hot stew, now with the smell of bacon added, rich walnut bread aroma, and the fresh scent of apple juice.

She stared at the shrine maiden. She seemed to be all over the place, but certain things she was rather strict about.

Once again, she felt that weird familiarity, obsession over the small things.

"Do you want to say a prayer?" Nyrth asked.

Zaria smirked. "Here is to another random day, and may I remember to check names before teleporting again." She gave the crippled girl a grin. "If I had some wine, I'd toast to her fluffyness. Though why not." She raised the mug. "Here a toast to you, I can really recommend this apple juice!"

Nyrth cringed at the blasphemous toast.

But nothing happened.

"The stew will cool?"

Nyrth gave up and decided to focus on eating, and hoped once she arrived at Zaria's place the world would start making sense again.


Magic cleaned up the dishes.

Magic froze the remaining stew into a solid block of ice, to be left for her parents.

Magic stuck a note to the door of her room, the note written by her explained that she had been picked up and teleported to visit the resurrected Zaria.

Probably magic again was the reason why she was in a princess carry again, her wheelchair was getting ignored over her protests, and her travel bag was hanging off the shoulder of her, not listening to her protests, escort. "I need it."

"Says who?"


Zaria teleports to her room
Wayfarer Guide applies
@Lazy Writer: 2d100 = (57+98)
Teleport is on target


Nyrth blinked disoriented. The world had shifted. It looked like Zaria's room, but she was sure that Zaria's room never had what looked like a younger Zaria petting a bunny maid while being seated opposite a high elf and being served tea by a drow.

"Welcome back Mistress. It is good to see you again Lady Nyrth." The drow greeted.

"Mistress? What? I know that voice … and that posture … Cibelle?"

The drow gave a happy smile. "Yes. Would you like some tea Lady Nyrth?"

"Yes please?" She looked at the young Zaria, only to find herself the target of an unblinking stare. "You are not Zaria."

"That is Annabell, a pleasure golem Mistress found and took under her care as a dress up doll." Cibelle explained.

That did not make sense. "And the bunny maid?"

"I am Mistress Zaria's sex-pet." The bunny happily introduced herself.

That made even less sense. She looked at the high elf and wondered if she should ask.

"No, I do not belong to Zaria. I am currently watching over her after her reincarnation. My name is Elior Relan."


Elior Fame in the outskirts 5
@Lazy Writer: 1d20 + 2 = (3) + 2 = 5
Nyrth has heard of Elior


Nyrth had heard of Elior. The high elf was a famous cleric of healing.

"Greetings, I am Nyrth van Housden."

"Mistress, please sit Lady Nyrth down here, the additional pillows should help keep her stable until you heal her. Unless you wish to do so immediately?" Cibelle asked her mistress.

Nyrth looked up at the face of her carrier. The amused grin turned feral.

It made her worried.

A few steps later she found herself placed on the bed.

"Now I thought about it for a while, then decided to stop caring." The albino pulled out her talismans. Then started throwing talismans that faded away once they touched her.

"Zaria what are you doing!" Elior demanded.

The kitsune stopped her assault. "Healing her. And making sure to cover all possibilities. That means I used: 'Neutralize Poison', 'Remove Curse', Remove Disease', 'Panacea', 'Restoration', 'Heal', and 'Regenerate'."

Nyrth paled, she would never be able to pay that off. Then something else caught her attention. "Zaria?"

The albino waved at her. "Hello Nyrth, can you wait for the explanation until I fetch Ellele?"

Nyrth examined the face of Zaria, then the face of Annabell. The similarities were there, only they were overshadowed by the long hair, white skin, red eyes, the fluffy white ears, and the fluffy tail. There could only be one response to that.

Nyrth grabbed the closest pillow and threw it at Zaria.

Who caught it and threw it back nailing Nyrth in the face.

"Uhm? Sorry? Reflexes?" Zaria shifted a little.

Nyrth felt her legs. But that could be examined in detail later. She got up from the bed.

She felt wobbly, standing was really hard after a year of not being able to.

Still, she tried to take a step forward. Only to stumble and get caught by Zaria.

Zaria rubbed her cheek against Nyrth's. "I am back." She squeezed the girl in her arms.

Nyrth squeezed back. "You have a lot of explaining to do. Now fetch Ellele."

Zaria picked Nyrth up again.

"Zaria put me down, it's embarrassing." Nyrth complained.

"I see how it is, getting carried by a stranger is fine, but the moment it is me, you get embarrassed." Zaria frowned. "That makes no sense."

"It's because it is you."

"Okay? Now I have mostly amnesia. So actually, if I did anything I don't remember."

"No, it's not that."

"Okay I know you are embarrassed." Zaria carried Nyrth to the prepared loveseat and sat her cargo down.

Nyrth squirmed. "You always were so perfect." The girl complained. "Also, always so focused and a perfectionist. Having you see me so weak and helpless is embarrassing."

Zaria actually facepalmed. "Nyrth, I have no personal memories from my last life. All I have are feelings, and those told me to heal you as soon as possible." Zaria shrugged. "I actually wanted to wait, but well, I could so I did. Now do you mind if I fetch Ellele? Because I will have to explain everything again."

"You actually hugged me back, and you could never act because of Earl Apfel before."

"Nyrth, … fine. I am multiple epic. Why? Because Tamano no Mae stitched my soul together and empowered me. I have feelings from before. You know what that means? I have the power to do what I want."

"Don't forget you are a Duke's Daughter." Elior reminded.

Zaria blinked. "Oh, I forgot that it means political power too."

Nyrth snorted. "Yes, it is you. Get so focused on something that you forget everything else."

"Wait, you mean she was like that before?" Elior demanded.

Nyrth and Cibelle just nodded.

"She was not as fast, or as magical as she is now." Nyrth turned to Zaria. "How much?"


"The spells?"

"Uhh." Zaria started counting.

"I guess something over 20000 gold pieces." Elior said.

Nyrth took a few moments to understand.

Then she started to turn pale.

"Nyrth, stop thinking about it."

"20000 gold pieces … isn't that worth more than my family home? I think all the taxes from last year were 7000 for the whole year in my province."

"Oh well." Zaria's voice came from far away.

Nyrth felt something warm and wet slide over her cheek.

"Eep! You licked me!"

Zaria shrugged. "Well, since you were going into shock, confusion, or insanity, it was either lick your cheek, bite, slap, or splash. Splash would soak you again, slap would have knocked you out, bite is only to make a point or when a lover asks for it, and lick cheek seemed the most harmless."

Nyrth opened her mouth, then she closed it again. She took a slow and deep breath.

"Shh. I am going to fetch Ellele, since every time you say something someone has to respond and it is a never-ending circle. So no, once I have fetched her, we can talk."

"Fine." Nyrth pouted.

Zaria teleported.


Zaria uses teleport to Ellele's gardens
Wayfarer Guide applies
@Lazy Writer: 2d100 = (10+94)
Teleport is on target



Zaria found herself staring at a familiar flower.

She tilted her head and decided that it really looked like an orchid.

Looking around she saw that the shards of the pot were still lying on the floor.

She approached them, mended the pot and placed it on the nearby table.

Then she remembered something else. She had forgotten her bag at Nyrth's place.


Zaria teleports to the kitchen
Wayfarer Guide applies
@Lazy Writer: 2d100 = (1+46)
Teleport is on target
Zaria teleports back to the hanging garden
Wayfarer Guide applies
@Lazy Writer: 2d100 = (39+20) = 59
Teleport is on target


Zaria teleported to the kitchen she had left not long ago, picked up her bag and the opened jug of apple juice and teleported back.

She found herself staring at the same flower again.

Zaria frowned, clearly this flower had made more of an impression on her then intended.

She magically sealed the jug and placed it in her bag. Then she jumped from the branch again like before.


Zaria rolls Tumble DC 25
Epic Tumble DC 80 no Fall Damage
Skill Mastery "Take 12" = 250
No Damage


"Sit still. And finish eating."

"But mama, she could be here any moment!"

Zaria stopped. That sounded unexpected. Wasn't Ellele supposed to be the serious and antisocial type?

"Instead of squirming in your seat, you could have long finished your lunch. And if you had hurried picking out your jewellery you would have finished long ago."

That sounded amusing. Zaria simply walked in through the door. "Hello, I am back to …"

There was a crash as Ellele jumped up, it also caused the chair she had been sitting on to fly away and her still bare chest to bounce.

Zaria actually went speechless for a moment.

"Sorry about my daughter, she is really …" The mother also seemed a bit at a loss for words.

"Eager?" Zaria supplied.

"That works."


"Oh well, Nyrth is already there, and wanting to start the inquisition." The kitsune just knew it was going to be a long day.

"Go fetch your chest." The older dragon gave up.

The dragongirl rushed off, the tail hitting the table in her hurry and causing both her mother and Zaria to grab it to keep everything on it from flying all over the place.

"That is a new level of eagerness. She forgot to dress in something other than jewellery and her illusion amulet I guess?"

"Oh." The mother gave Zaria a look. "I should remind her."

"Don't worry." Zaria calmed the mother. "Cibelle was using one herself."

"The maid?"

"Mhm, she is actually a drow."

The dragon mother gave the kitsune an incredulous look.

"Totally devoted though."

"I am not sure if I should … wait, you said the drow was your lover!"

Zaria simply made a mischievous smirk and placed a finger on her lips.

"That makes no sense!"

The shrine maiden simply shrugged and pointed at her purple choker. "Tama made me like this, so I am like this."

"You are epic."

"I am."

"I am not sure if I should keep Ellele away or not."

The albino shrugged. "I will try to explain everything to the best of my ability. That includes my lovers."

"My poor girl."

"And she is coming back."

The mother gave Zaria a fierce glare. "Treat her well"


Dragon mother rolls Intimidate
@Lazy Writer: 1d20 + 17 + 4 + 3 + 10 = (3) + 17 + 4 + 3 + 10 = 37
Zaria rolls Level Check + WIS vs Intimidate
@Lazy Writer: 1d20 + 531 + 19 = (6) + 531 + 19 = 556
Intimidate has 0 effect


Zaria was amused. "She is a friend." It was all that had to be said.

Ellele came finally back carrying a large heavy looking chest, one that had clearly a dress sticking out from the side.

"You repacked it again!" Her mother accused her. "It's pinching your favourite dress."

"Ahh!" The dragon girl placed it down and opened it again. Quickly trying to arrange things in the overflowing chest.

The draconic growl next to her told Zaria that this probably wasn't the first argument. And the girl still hadn't replaced her illusion amulet with a transmutation one, or remembered to wear real clothes.

"Let me." Zaria pushed both females out of the way and started sorting through the mess.

The mother was watching carefully, while Ellele was clearly fretting at some stranger handling her treasures.

It took only a few moments but the chest was no longer overflowing, though her maids would probably complain at the messy work.

"If anything, important has been forgotten, we can always teleport back." Zaria tried to calm the hyper dragon. "Same if you decide not to stay for various reasons."

"Let's go."

Clearly the dragongirl had her priorities somewhere else.

"Goodbye mama!"

Zaria just nodded at the mother that was still scrutinising her.

Then they teleported.


Zaria teleports back
Wayfarer Guide applies
@Lazy Writer: 2d100 = (55+39)



Coming back Zaria expected to find herself under immediate questions.

"Oww, oww"

What she did not expect was Nyrth lying on her bed, and Elior doing what reminded her of rehabilitation exercises by moving the legs to the limits and therefore doing stretching exercises.

That caused Nyrth's dress to ride up a lot. Basically, baring the victim’s lower body to the world.

"Elior, do you have any idea how lewd it looks when you expose Nyrth like that?"

"Welcome back Mistress, welcome Lady Ellele." Cibelle greeted.

"What?" Asked Elior confused.

"Drow!" Ellele hid behind Zaria.

"Make her stop!" Nyrth cried out.

Zaria found herself overwhelmed differently than she expected.

She decided to start with the most critical one first. "Ellele, you remember Cibelle?"

She felt the wary girl behind her nod.

"That is Cibelle, she was using an amulet like you are."

"But Cibelle was smaller up top."


"Ohh, wait you said like me!"

"Oww, Ellele is wearing one too?" Nyrth complained.


Illusion disbelief DC 24
Cibelle rolls Will Save
@Jessy: 1d20 + 2 Cibelle = (17) + 2 = 19
Cibelle does not see through the Illusion
Cinnamon rolls Will Save
@Jessy: 1d20 + 0 Cinnamon = (10) + 0 = 10
Cinnamon does not see through the Illusion
Annabell rolls Will Save
@Jessy: 1d20 + 5 Annabelle = (16) + 5 = 21
Annabell does not see through the Illusion but doesn't care anyway
Nyrth rolls Will Save
@Jessy: 1d20 -1 Nyrth = (6) -1 = 5
Nyrth does not see through the Illusion
Elior rolls Will Save
@Lazy Writer: 1d20 + 18 = (13) + 18 = 31
Elior is in for a surprise


"You are naked!" Elior accused Ellele.

Zaria could only respond in pure disbelief. "That is what you are focusing on?"

"Well she is!" Elior complained.

Zaria stepped closed to her bed and looked down.

"Considering you are exposing how nicely smooth Nyrth is down there." Zaria pointed at Nyrth's smoothly shaved pubis.

Nyrth gave a weird squeak and slapped her hands over her pussy, covering it.

Elior jumped away from Nyrth with a deep blush on her face.

"I didn't pack underwear." Nyrth complained. "I didn't expect to need it!"

"Nyrth's healed?" Ellele was still working through everything mentally.

Now that she was released, she pushed her dress down, and took the closest pillow and threw it at Zaria.


Nyrth rolls throw improvised weapon at Zaria AC 41
@Lazy Writer: 1d20 - 1 - 4 = (6) - 1 - 4 = 1
Nyrth hits Ellele because DM decided that it is funny


Nyrth missed Zaria and hit Ellele, making the confused dragongirl stumble into the table.

"Yes, I healed Nyrth." Zaria confirmed to Ellele, then she turned to Elior. "And really, complaining about Ellele being naked, but exposing Nyrth?"

"It wasn't on purpose, stop focusing on that Zaria! I was only stretching her."

"Wait Zaria?" Ellele was still catching up.

Zaria fired back at Elior. "Wait, do you have any idea how lewd that sounds? Stretching Nyrth."

Elior hesitated for a moment, then she turned a far deeper shade of red. "Stop teasing me Zaria!"

"Zaria?" The poor dragongirl was clearly overwhelmed.

"Oh right. Since we are at hiding looks, race, size and all that." Zaria shrunk to her original size, causing her pants to fall off the smaller hips and pool at her legs.

"What?" Nyrth joined the confused club.

"Allow me to reintroduce myself. I am Zaria van Kairan, I have been reincarnated as a very epic kitsune by Tamano no Mae. I am now a shrine maiden of Tamano no Mae and as shown by all the teleporting a Sorceress amongst other things."

"Forget it! I am not going to ask!" Elior fired back.

"Wait kitsune? And she said …" with an embarrassed squeak Ellele dropped to her knees and in an attempt to find something to comfort herself with, hugged Zaria's tail.

"Ahh~" Zaria flushed.

"Oh my!" Cibelle was clearly impressed and jealous both at the same time. "You shouldn't hug the tail so strongly; it is very sensitive."

"That is not the issue!" Zaria complained, she looked back at the dragongirl who had buried her face in the tail. "The tail is only for lovers, like Cibelle."

Ellele looked up at Zaria, then at Cibelle.

"It feels better for Mistress if you work along the lie of her fur."

Ellele blushed but kept cuddling the tail. She was honestly overwhelmed. But a few things stood out. Nyrth had been healed. Zaria was really alive. Zaria was now a kitsune and had seen her naked since she had forgotten to change amulets. The tail was fluffy. She had at least one lover already. She was epic. She was also much prettier than before. The tail felt very nice against her breasts.

She came to a simple conclusion. Zaria was too much of a treasure to let go, she had kept her distance before, she was not going to make the same mistake again.

Zaria went wide-eyed when the dragongirl started nuzzling her tail.

Nyrth started blushing as well.

"This is all your fault!" Elior accused Zaria. "I am not sure how, but it is your fault!" It was clearly the white menace causing all this.

"I only brought them here and healed Nyrth, I have a nuzzling dragon attached to my tail!" Zaria fired back.

"Tail what?" Nyrth was not sure what it meant.

"Think of it like someone is playing with your breasts."

Nyrth turned a nice shade of red.

Zaria grabbed Ellele by one of the horns and pulled her away. "We need to talk first!" She pointed at the bed. "Sit."

Ellele hesitated for a moment, but the serious look convinced her to obey.

"Now where to start?" Zaria pondered.

Cinnamon handed Zaria a dress.

"Good idea." Zaria simply stripped and pulled the dress on.

Elior, Nyrth, and Ellele turned redder.

"First, I got reincarnated a week ago. Second, all personal memories are gone. Third, I still have feelings from before my death. That meant helping Nyrth was really a deep urge and both of you are friends. It is something that carried over from before, but that is how I feel."

"Still making lists." Ellele mumbled.


"No, Mistress has goals, but tends to be all over the place." Cinnamon interrupted, she waved her lists. "I try to keep track of everything."

"Right." Zaria nodded at Cinnamon. "In my bag there are notes on quests I have accepted."

Cinnamon nodded and happily started rooting through the bag.

"So, you still see us as friends?" Ellele asked.


"Why the hiding and pretending?" Nyrth asked.

"I wanted to see you before I revealed myself. And I think it is obvious that explaining and talking is going to take a lot of time." Zaria pointed at Nyrth. "You couldn't stop asking questions before I went to fetch Ellele."

Nyrth shifted a bit at the rebuke.

"And you don't give her jealous looks, you went straight for the tail after all!" Now Zaria accused Ellele. "And since we are being open about it all. Take the amulet off, you have seen Nyrth mostly naked, so it is fair if she does the same."

"I can undress as well if it helps." Cibelle offered.

"Unn." Cinnamon just made an agreeing sound.

"What? No!" Elior complained.

Zaria disregarded Elior’s veto. "Coming from the one who exposed Nyrth and keeps on looking at Ellele, I don't see how your denial is legitimate."

Elior looked around for help, it was not her fault that the stretching exercises had exposed Nyrth, or that she was fascinated to have a dragongirl so close. It was only her second time seeing one of the very rare race. The horns, wings, tail, and scales were fascinating, and as a healer she wondered if she was like most of the people or if she had different requirements and abilities.

"I'll check on Lady Nyrth later, and let you catch up." Elior decided that a strategic retreat was the best solution. She was not fleeing, but the white menace seemed in a playful and happy mood, and that was a risk for chastity and sanity.

Once the door closed behind the fleeing cleric, Zaria turned to her two friends. "Elior is fun to tease."

Nyrth decided to ask an important question. "Is it wise to tease a high-level cleric that is as famous as her?"

"Wise? Probably not, she should know I am teasing by now, and she is so pure, so anything sexual makes her uncomfortable." The kitsune waved her hand at the two girls. "Then she goes and exposes Nyrth, and keeps on staring at the naked Ellele."

The two girls blushed.

Nyrth then gave Ellele a curious look. "Elle? What are you then?"

The dragongirl looked at Zaria for help. "Your decision, though from what I was told, your real self is much prettier than the illusion you are wearing. Besides Nyrth seems more like the type to fawn over you rather than discriminate, and unlike you she is less probable to jump and hug first." She gave Nyrth a searching look. "At least I think so."

Ellele was not convinced. "Actually, she liked to hug you, she always tried to get you to be more affectionate. You were always so prim and proper."

"I heard that, but honestly it sounds annoying." Zaria sat between Ellele and Nyrth on the bed, then simply let herself fall back. "I shouldn't be boasting, but now I have the power to do what I want."

"Like heal Nyrth without repercussions." Ellele observed.


"Uhm, how much are the spells worth?" Nyrth was worried, she knew it was at least 1000 gp for the most probable spell.

Zaria pondered for a moment. "Probably Regenerate would have been enough, but just in case I wanted to take care of everything. There are some nasty things out there." Zaria then made a waving motion with her hand. "Actually, here you go. Greater Dispel Magic and Break Enchantment, now we have everything unless you have a magical item implanted."

Nyrth paled a little more. "And … and going by normal prices … how much are the spells you cast worth?"

"Do you mean at minimum level or my level?"


Zaria pondered for a moment. "Probably over 20000 gp, though, you know that I am not going to charge you? It is after all illegal to cast the spell then demand payment, Resurrection Spells are an exception."

"How much?" Nyrth demanded.

"I can't tell you, since I would offer information about my levels, which is information that is too dangerous until you are at least level 10 and can protect yourself at least a little." Zaria explained. "Do you really want to know?"

Nyrth hesitated while Ellele just nodded.

"Then you will have to work hard." Zaria pointed at Cibelle and Cinnamon. "We will start you four on adventures, so you can level. Unfortunately, I can't join since it would mean you get no xp."
The kitsune gave Nyrth and Ellele curious looks. "What are your classes?"

Nyrth shrugged. "I don't have a class. I wanted to be a ranger originally, then came the accident, learning about magic is expensive, so I wasn't sure. That is why we have introduction classes in the first semester."

"I am already bored." Zaria mumbled.

"But now I can become a ranger." Nyrth seemed happy.

"Ranged or dual wielder?"


"Scout works too, more damage but no spells." Zaria informed her. "What about you?" She turned to Ellele.

"I don't know. Sorcerer is nice but I am good with physical stuff. Then there are ranger, scout, fighter, druid, and so many more."

Zaria crawled up the bed to sit next to Nyrth, she ignored the way Ellele stuck out her chest and parted her legs a bit. She was probably in heat, Zaria decided, the dragongirl was basically asking for attention. "Considering your basic abilities and racial traits, a physical class would suit you better for the beginning. Ranger as a dual wielder, Scout going melee with spring attack, Rogue that does not fully need sneak attack, Fighter due to the many feats, Druid for more magic but they can still hit hard, and you are not required to have an animal companion, Bard makes sense too since you are pretty and strong, …" Zaria stopped her waterfall of information and stared at the blushing dragongirl.

Ellele was blushing and when the other two looked at her covered herself with her wings.

"Take it off." Zaria told the dragongirl. "Nyrth can't see you are hiding behind your wings."

Nyrth smacked Zaria in the shoulder. "Tact! She is embarrassed enough."

Zaria poked Nyrth in the ribs causing a squeal. "Don't do that."

"Says the one who flashed us all."

Nyrth coloured a nice red. "That wasn't me! That was … was that elf!"

"Elior you mean." Zaria giggled. "She is fun to tease!"

"You are being mean!" Nyrth complained, while livelier than her former self, this new self really seemed to lack restraint.

"Nah, I am just enjoying life, so busy since I have too much to do before I can sit back and relax."

"Really? Like what?" Ellele was curious.

"Cinnamon?" Zaria asked.

"Mistress, in any particular order?" The bunny responded.

"Just the big and important things."

"Visit matriarchs in the Underdark, defeat the drow champions, repair shrine, set up trade with Underdark, do some quests, meet friends is happening now, deliver the panties, remove the spiders, explore the ruins, meet Marielle, meet Celies, reply to the other letters, cuddle Mrr'am, …"

"Wait, who are Celies, Marielle and Mrr'am?" wondered Ellele, being unsure of unknown female names, while the worried Nyrth asked simultaneously, "What do you mean Underdark and drow champions?"

Zaria looked from one to the other. Two questions that were totally different at the same time. "Mrr'am is a cute cuddly pink kitten, Celies is reigning over Trianna, and Marielle is one of Duke Aschen's daughters." She turned to Nyrth. "It seems like my coming was prophesied, but they want to test me so I need to defeat several drow champions."

""What?"" Neither girl was satisfied with the response.

"Slightly longer version then, after breaking up an illegal meeting of the cult of humanity that wanted to burn a few non-humans I returned them to Trianna where they came from. That is a town in the Aschen Duchy. Since I made a 'Circle of Teleportation' a few idiots followed. That led me to following them and meeting Mrr'am and her sister … forget the sisters name again. Mrr'am is an adorable kitten with pink hair that is as tall as me, incredibly cute and treats me like I am nothing special." Zaria decided that this should be enough explanation on Mrr'am. "Because I found an abandoned shrine of her Fluffiness I decided to claim it, because of this I need to visit Celies, her father is the Earl of the region and she rules the town. Finally, Marielle van Aschen is the daughter of Duke Aschen who helped fund my reincarnation. It seems they want me to watch over her as she got hit by the 'Frail Flaw'." That explained that part. "Naturally I wanted spider silk for my shrine maiden uniform, that meant I had to go to the Underdark, somehow they got a prophecy from their Goddess about me and wish to test if I am really worthy of the attention of their Goddess. That means fighting a few champions, probably to the death since it is drow."

The two girls seemed lost as they worked through what they had heard.

"And you have only been back for a week?" Nyrth felt the need to clarify.

"It is Mistress's seventh day back from the dead."

Ellele just had one thing to say: "How?"


"Isn't Teleport only to places you have been?" Ellele asked.

"Greater Teleport?"

Nyrth gave the two maids a look that clearly asked for help.

"Mistress is multiple Epic?" Cibelle tried to explain.

"Tama wanted me very epic."

The ears twitched. "Finished updating."

The bunny found herself the focus at her off-topic answer.

"Yes?" Cinnamon found herself wondering if she had spilled something on herself since they were all staring at her.

"Did you just call your goddess, Tama?"

"Or her fluffiness." Zaria confirmed. "Or something along those lines."

Nyrth and Ellele shared a moment of being totally at a loss. Their proper and collected friend had turned into a bundle of chaos. She was still focused, and did what she could. But somehow the scope of things she did had completely changed. Was she really their Zaria?

"So much to do, so little time." Zaria lamented once again.

Yes, she was. Just the scale on which she now acted had clearly changed.

"So busy?"

"Far too busy." Zaria pointed at the maids. "They forced me to take a day off, and even then, we had adventurers out to kill Cibelle."

"High elves." Cibelle interrupted as if it explained everything, which it actually did.

"And bandits that wanted to sell us for extra profit."

"They got turned in at the guard station after Mistress knocked them out with magic." Cinnamon remembered.

"Mistress spanked Elior for trying to kill me."

Ellele and Nyrth now focused on Zaria. "She wanted to kill Cibelle after she outed herself as a drow."

That explained a lot. "What else?" Nyrth demanded.

"Nothing important or worth mentioning." Zaria waved it off.

Cinnamon pulled out a binder from somewhere. "Defeated cult of humanity, defeated our guard captain and several recruits and guards in a spar, defeated bandits in Trianna at the shrine, defeated a crazy drow priestess who did not listen to warnings, defeated a sorcerer that tried to use mind controlling enchantments." Cinnamon checked the binder again. "I think that's it?"

"It sounds a lot more exciting when you list it like that then it actually was." Zaria wondered about it. "Oh, and today I turned the guild master of the adventurer guild into a teddy bear."

That got everyone staring at the kitsune in sheer disbelief.

"What? He was rude, wanted to kick me out and didn't believe me." Zaria defended herself.

"He didn't believe what?" Nyrth decided to play the voice of reason."

"He didn't believe me I am at least double epic."

Ellele growled.

Nyrth however, decided she just had to clear things up. "Zaria, you look like a little girl."

"I was in adult shape; it was after I delivered Tessa's letter."

Nyrth accepted the explanation, but decided she still had to explain things. "You can't just expect someone to believe that the pretty and unknown girl is a double epic or more."

"Why not? I mean if she shows herself as powerful and does crazy things like I do?"

Cinnamon perked up. "Cibelle! Mistress admitted she does crazy things!"

Cibelle was also surprised. "Mistress, are you feeling alright?"

"Even I know that what I am doing is not normal." Zaria admitted. "But I have the spells so why not use them?"

It went against everything normal casters did, but if you had a spell pool that was large enough, it did make sense. The benefits were clear, no need to spend a week in carriages or on horses.

It was still a drastic change from common sense.

"I guess going epic means leaving common sense behind?" Nyrth wondered.

Zaria waved her hand at that. "No, that is different, I know none of you can do what I can, I can do things so many can't, but is that a reason not to do it?"

The logic was sound, sort of.

"And if others get jealous, feel … hmm … inferior? Is that correct, if they see how I do things plain impossible for them?" Zaria wondered.

"So, your Goddess just decided to make you epic, without any reason? To give you power you never had before?"

Zaria pondered for a moment. "I do remember things, different lives. If I say Ebberon, Faerun, or Letia do they mean anything to you?"

"No? What are those?" Nyrth asked.

"Different worlds I have lived in."

"Different worlds, you mean other lives like other life reincarnation?" Ellele was curious, there were stories of reincarnators from other worlds.

"Yes, though this is the first time I remember other lives apart of the one I am living, can't remember this one instead. Irony much?"

"So, your powers come from other lives?" Nyrth decided that made more sense now.

"Other lives stacked on top of each other."

Ellele was happy, this was interesting! "Tell me something from another life!"

Zaria gave the eager dragongirl a curious look. "Dragons get annoyed at mindflayers that controll them?"

The dragongirl shifted her wings uncomfortably. "Mind-control seems wrong."

"Mistress got a mind controlling high level sorcerer locked up today." Cinnamon informed the dragongirl.


"Jerk tried to control me, so I turned him into a statue and delivered him to the guards."

"Mistress tend to have interesting times when going out." Cibelle reported. "I guess that the items that appeared here are from the sorcerer?"

"Yes, I should identify them probably." Zaria rose from her relaxed position and made her way across the bed, twisting to avoid Ellele's hands grabbing for her tail. "Lovers only!"

"Still no compromises, and work before relaxation." Nyrth observed her friend. "I am not sure if you are the same or different. I mean you changed a lot, but some things are the same."

Ellele nodded absently while her eyes were tracking the tail that was peeking out from under the dress.

Nyrth was amused how smitten the supposed dragongirl was.

"So, dragon?"

"Eh? Yes?"

"Wings and tail?"


"I want to see."

Ellele blushed. Then finally with a lot of hesitation, she took the amulet off.

Nyrth's was surprised. "You are purple! I mean your hair and scales are purple."

The dragon fidgeted at the intense stares.

"So pretty!" Nyrth gushed.

Ellele hid inside her wings again.

"I agree with Lady Nyrth, the purple makes you seem exotic." Cibelle added her opinion.

"Un Un!" Even Cinnamon had to agree.


"Yuki!" Nyrth was happy to see the white arctic fox.

Yuki jumped into Nyrth's lap, who started petting the small white vixen.

Ellele meanwhile had an unnerving encounter.

Annabell had risen and was clearly inspecting the new and very different features Ellele had compared to everyone else. The knowledge that this was a pleasure golem that looked a lot like a younger former Zaria did not help at all.

"Yes?" She really wondered what the small girl, golem, … something wanted from her.

The golem pointed at her wings.

"I don't think she has seen wings before."

"Oh." Ellele rose a bit, and spread her wings, almost hitting Nyrth with her right wing, and completely exposing herself.

"You know, if you weren't naked, you'd look pretty regal." Zaria appreciated the view, but the situation was simply perfect for a comment like that.

It caused everyone to look back at Ellele, and the dragongirl to blush and hide inside her wings again.

"That was evil!" Nyrth accused Zaria.

The kitsune just gave an amused smile as she piled the loot at the table. "I know, but it seemed like a funny thing to say. Would it help if we all stripped?"

"Kon" "No!" "Eh?" "Maybe, Mistress." "As Mistress wishes." came the responses. Some of them making more sense than others.

"I feel better naked anyway." Zaria admitted, and pulled off her dress.

Cinnamon quickly followed, with Cibelle stripping for her Mistress.

Nyrth was overloading.

Annabell was confused at how to remove her clothing.

Ellele was staring intently at Zaria.

Cinnamon was rushing to Annabell's aid.

Very soon Nyrth was the only one clothed any more. It worried her and she had very mixed feelings about removing her dress. Ellele was an exotic dragon, Annabell was a golem that looked a lot like a younger Zaria, Cibelle was erotic, Cinnamon was cute, and Zaria was … Zaria. Compared to that her thin body did not measure up.

"Yes?" Nyrth swallowed. Zaria had wandered over while she had been sinking into depression.

"None of that."


Zaria slipped behind Nyrth and hugged the taller girl from behind. "You don't have to."

Nyrth did not ask what Zaria meant, it was obvious after all.

"But if you do, we will be looking, and we will enjoy looking."

Nyrth relaxed a bit when Zaria gave her a squeeze, then she turned around and gave her friend a squeeze back. She tried hard to ignore how smooth Zaria's skin was.

She had however forgotten Yuki, who was now trying to squirm free.

She was not prepared for Ellele jumping on her back joining the hug.

"We are not heavy?" Nyrth asked worriedly.

"Kon!" The tone clearly meant "Yes, you are!"


Yuki rolls Escape Artist
@Loki: 1d20+150+3+4 = (2)+150+3+4 = 159
Yuki makes a perfect escape


Yuki slipped from the pile and scrambled up Annabell to watch.

Zaria responded by awkwardly lifting them, the position she was in was not mean for lifting people. She had to be careful to not hurt Nyrth while lifting the two girls.

"Strong!" Ellele mumbled happily as the small kitsune raised the pair off herself.

Zaria placed the two down beside her. "I wanted to identify my loot actually." She left Nyrth lying face down with Ellele on top behind on the bed.

"Anna? Will you help me count the money again?" Cinnamon already started planning and caused the golem to stop staring at Ellele's tail and wings.

"Elle, get off!" Nyrth complained.

"Ah, sorry." The Dragongirl scrambled off her human friend.

Zaria meanwhile dragged her loot over to the table.

Lining it up on the table she realized one thing. "This is really a mess."

Cinnamon and Annabell claimed the coins, that was one headache less.

"While at first glance some things look nice … I don't really want to keep anything he had." Zaria said as she did a brief look over on the loot.


Zaria rolls Appraise
Craft bonuses apply
minimum roll calculated:
Skill Mastery "Take 12" = 242
Zaria rolls Spellcraft
Skill Mastery "Take 12" = 240
Repeat as needed


"Bolt of fine steel cloth? If it weren't for the colour, I'd keep it. Nice armlet, but not keeping it. Drinking horns … no don't need them. Nice statue of someone, maybe a collector’s edition. A scabbard for a shortsword. Worth enough to make keeping it not worth it. A choker, Cinnamon, remind me to make some for you three. Gloves, sell. A nice ring, sell. Dragonscale ribbon, hmmm, no let’s sell, not keeping anything, he owned. Guy must have had a leopard fetish, sell them. Incense to set the mood, no just no." Zaria went through the items commenting on them, much to the amusement of everyone watching.

She now started on the magic items. "Arcane scroll, keep. More scrolls, keep. Divine scrolls, sell, I guess. Potion of Protection from Good. Cibelle this is for you, next time someone gets overeager and wants to kill you. Hmm … Wand of Enlarge Person? Someone was clearly compensating. Or explains why he was stalking little girls because he was bad with adults … bad thought!" Zaria threw the Wand once she added the description into the 'for sale' pile with a shudder. "Eww, another of those robes."

"It looks pretty?" Nyrth wondered.

"Wear it … maybe not this one, but the one I got before."

"I will get it Mistress." Cibelle offered and took the robe and read what her mistress had identified it as. "Ahh." She now knew what to get, it was another 'Robe of Bones' like she had gotten from the Underdark. She understood why Zaria wouldn't let Nyrth use the one from the sorcerer, it would have to be washed first.

"It's a normal robe?" Nyrth wondered as Cibelle brought her one from what she suspected was the loot pile.

"Wear it, then give me your opinion."

Nyrth blushed as everyone looked at her. She took the robe and carefully made her way over to the bathroom.

Zaria decided to continue identifying and appraising the items. "Hat of Disguise, might actually be useful, but was probably used in crimes, not keeping it. Hand of the Mage, honestly I would have expected him to have a hand of groping instead." It was dumped on the 'for sale' pile as well.

"What is this!!!" was suddenly heard from the bath with a thump, Nyrth had probably fallen over from the shock of seeing what the robe truly looked like.

"Cibelle, please help her." Zaria asked her lover.

"As you wish, Mistress." Cibelle entered the bathroom and the ones in the room got to hear embarrassed noises through the door since Nyrth was not used to having someone help her. That it was a naked drow beauty probably made the issue worse.

"What are they doing?" Ellele asked as she watched Annabell and Cinnamon sort coins. "Wrong question, why are they doing it?"

The golden coins clearly managed to get the dragons attention.

"They are sorting the money. I need to know my finances after all. That reminds me Cinnamon, here is my coinbag, I spent a bit so retally it please."

"Yes, Mistress." The ears replied twitching happily.

"So, rich?" Ellele wondered.

"Not at all." Zaria denied. "The equipment I want is worth several millions after all."

Ellele froze. Looking at Zaria she realized that the kitsune was not joking. "What? I mean, what do you want that costs so much?"

"I need +10 weapons, a pair of tessen, a pair of daggers, a pair of bastardswords, a bow. I want another set with different enchantments down the line. Then magic items, getting my shrine maiden uniform enchanted, equipment for you, Nyrth, Cibelle, Cinnamon and Annabell. A full set of tomes for everyone would be good too, I'll probably have to teach Annabell to read first." Zaria tilted her head pondering. "Yes, a few millions to get everyone equipped sounds right."

"Hello?" Zaria waved her hand in front of Ellele, who had frozen.

She heard Cibelle and Nyrth return to the room.

"That was mean!" Nyrth complained.

"The robe? It is better to see for yourself in cases like that. Useful in some cases, but I wouldn't wear it, and I don't need it." Zaria pointed at Ellele. "I think I broke our dragon."

"What did you do?" Nyrth was suspicious.

Zaria shrugged confused. "We were talking and then she …" the kitsune waved at the dragongirl. "She froze, I mean we were talking about how I need millions to equip all of us."



"Using millions to equip yourself is already too much, I'd ask if you are serious, but I know you are. Equipping others is not normal."

"I am not normal, so it is fine."

Nyrth gave her friend a hopeless look. "I give up."

"There, there." Zaria patted Nyrth's head.

Cibelle had to fight a giggle, her naked Mistress was patting the taller dressed girl on the head.

"That smug 'I am right and you can't do anything about it' of yours is cuter now."

"What do we do about her?" Zaria pointed at the still frozen dragon.

"Wake her up?"

"I will take a bite then."

"Wait, Zaria, what are you planning to do?"

The kitsune moved around the dragon and raised the tail to her face, then gently bit the tail.

"Ehh!" Elle turned quickly at the bite, and tumbled off the bed.


Ellele should roll Tumble
Ellele has 0 Ranks in Tumble
Ellele can't roll Tumble
Ellele falls to the floor in a chaotic mess


The confused dragon on the floor found herself the centre of attention.

"Elle, are you alright?" Nyrth asked worriedly, then she pointed at Zaria. "You don't just bite people."

"It worked though." Zaria countered, then she leaned forward and caught the pointing finger with her teeth.

"Wait!" Nyrth tried to free the caught digit. "No, let go. Don't do that. Zaria!"

Zaria finally released the captured digit. "Yes?"

"You get used to it, I think it is a racial thing, or maybe just a Mistress thing." Cinnamon explained, and smoothed the fur on her ears.

"Mistress can get rather passionate when in the mood." Cibelle agreed and pointed at a few slightly darker spots on her neck, breasts, and legs.

Nyrth and Ellele blushed both deeply, the bare drow was beautiful and having pointed out what Zaria was up to at night was clearly embarrassing to the two maidens.

"5097 new gold coins!" Cinnamon announced breaking the mood. "That puts your gold at 12253 gp, Mistress."

"Enough for some small shopping I guess." Zaria decided. "Do you two want anything from the underdark?"

The jump in topic was disorienting, but much safer than watching all the nakedness.

"I have no idea?" Nyrth admitted.

Ellele being dragon had different thoughts on that topic. "Something pretty?"

"Maybe I should get more silk, and then make a nice dress for you?" Zaria pondered and looked the dragongirl over. "I never made something for someone with wings before. Then again until a few days ago I never made something for someone tailed either."

That caused everyone but Annabell to focus on the white fluffy tail. The desire to touch the fluffyness was clear. "Lovers only, and only if you are willing to own up, it is sensitive after all." The meaning was clear, especially since Cibelle rubbed a darker spot on her skin with a satisfied smile. "So, let's save that for tonight."

Ellele decided it was a good idea to join them for some fun.

Nyrth on the other hand felt outclassed on so many levels.

"Stop that." Zaria told Nyrth.

"What?" Nyrth was confused.

"You are pretty."

Everyone nodded at that.

"And we need to feed you more, you are a bit too thin." Zaria complained.

"I am not."

"You weigh almost nothing." The kitsune fired back.

"Mistress, almost everything weighs nothing to you." Cinnamon interrupted.

"But Nyrth clearly weighs not enough. I mean look." The kitsune then proceeded to strip Nyrth, who was squealing and flailing around in protest.

The human girl covered herself with her hands slightly teary.

It proved Zaria's point however. The human girl had her ribs showing, her body was too thin.

"Should I order the cook to make something stronger?" Cibelle wondered.

"Stop staring and give me my dress back." Nyrth complained, feeling overwhelmed. She wondered if things like that were why Elior had made her escape.

"Don't worry about it." Zaria said and grew tall to hug the insecure and embarrassed girl. "With a little care we will have you back to perfect shape in no time." She pulled the now smaller girl into her arms and sat on the loveseat with the blushing human in her lap. Zaria ran her hand across the thin side. "Nothing a few weeks of proper eating can't fix, and you will be even healthier than before."

Nyrth was only half listening. Zaria was still as forceful and unstoppable as before, however she would have preferred if it weren't about nudity this time.

Zaria giggled amused. "I just imagined Nyrth eating as much as Mrr'am."

That caused giggles from Cibelle and Cinnamon. "Mrr'am is as tall as Mistress in her smaller form, but she and Mistress eat four times as much as me at least." Cinnamon explained. "Probably two times as much as normal people."

"I'll get some skewers from the underdark again tomorrow. Father wanted some as well. Maybe I should place a larger order."

"I'll check out what else we can get another time. Too much to do and too little time to do it all." Zaria complained, then shrunk back to normal size.

Nyrth was glad she did not have breasts pressed against her side any more, but now she felt awkward sitting on the smaller girl's lap.

Ellele on the other hand wanted to trade places with Nyrth.

Zaria saw the clearly smitten dragon, and wondered if she should do something about her, maybe exposure would calm her down, or some skinship. In Zaria's opinion the dragongirl was not thinking clearly. Emotions were like that. She pointed at the couch. "Sit there."

Ellele obeyed confused.

Zaria slipped from under Nyrth and sat on the dragongirl's lap. And instantly found herself in a triple embrace by arms, wings, and tail.

Ellele simply made a satisfied noise that sounded like a low pleasant growl.

The sight was weird, only the head and legs were visible, everything else was covered by wings. Zaria decided to give the needy girl some time and started petting the scaly tail under the wings.

"Was Ellele always like this?" She asked Nyrth.

"No, maybe?" Nyrth hesitated. "She always seemed to try to be near you, but held back. She seemed shy too."

"Maybe she held back because she was afraid someone would find out her race?" Zaria speculated.

"Could be, and now that it does not matter, she can't hold herself back any more." Nyrth continued.

"She has a higher body temperature, I think. Nice and warm." Zaria observed her prison.

Nyrth giggled a bit. "Or you are just warm because you are mostly covered."

"This is cosier than I expected, petting her tail feels rather relaxing. The scales feel softer than you'd expect." Zaria admitted.

Nyrth was curious enough that she forgot to cover herself again.

"Feels rather smooth, smoother than those from a snake, warmer too."

The blissful Ellele was ignorant to all the attention she was getting.

"I think Lady Ellele could get fireballed and she wouldn't realize it." Cibelle observed the blissed out dragongirl.

"Have her get over it?" Cinnamon suggested.

Nyrth had a different observation. "Indulging is something you did before, though I was the one who did the hugging and affectionate gestures."

"If you were clothed, you'd probably be in this hugging pile." Zaria observed.

This caused a squeak from Nyrth as she covered herself again.

"Too late for that." Zaria pointed out.

"Mistress, we should get dressed, it is time for dinner soon."

Zaria looked down, then back. "Any idea how to wake Ellele so I can get out?"

"Pinch her?" The bunny suggested.

"Slip a finger in." The drow threw her idea in.

"Kiss her?" Nyrth blurted.

Nyrth blushed, Cibelle gave an amused smile, Cinnamon seemed to ponder the possibilities, Annabell was clueless, and Yuki was fluffy.

Zaria poked the tail.

The tail twitched.

Zaria poked the tail harder.

The tail twitched again and the embrace tightened.


"Actually, that should work." Zaria confirmed towards Yuki, much to the confusion of everyone else.


Zaria rolls Escape Artist
Skill Mastery "Take 12" = 196
Escape DC 22
Zaria has escaped


The kitsune squirmed, then disappeared beneath the wings. Only to slip out from the bottom of the wings.

Nyrth had to look away blushing, that no modesty thing was going to take a lot of getting used to.

Zaria clapped her hands, waking the confused dragongirl.

"Let's all get dressed for dinner. Father is eating with us."

"Amulet, must take amulet." Ellele mumbled.

"No amulet."

"But …"


The dragongirl visibly wilted.

"I didn't pack underwear."

"I think going without feels much better." Zaria added her impression on that. "Might be a racial thing since I clearly remember wearing it before and finding it comfortable."

"It is a choice; I choose to be ready for Mistress to touch me at any time." The devoted drow offered her very skewed opinion.

"Tails and underwear are a bad mix." Cinnamon turned and showed her small bunny tail.


"You don't count, you never wore any before!"

The arctic fox morphed into a Zaria clone aside from a few black strands in her hair, blue eyes, and a black tail tip.

Then she stumbled on nothing and fell into Annabell, taking the small golem down with her.

"I am not used to two legs." The Zaria copy mumbled.

"Yuki?" Nyrth stared wide eyed.

Zaria went over and helped her familiar to her feet.

Poor Annabell was clearly confused, the slightly different colouring evoked intense scrutiny.

"That means you get clothes." Zaria decided. "Cibelle, Yuki needs a dress too."


"You changed shape, so we might as well have you join for dinner like this."

"I wonder what eating with a fork and knife is like."

"Needs getting used to."

"Everything does."

Yuki yelped when the affectionate dragon went for her tail.


The way to dinner was interesting since two Zaria's caused a lot of surprise.

"What!" Elior's reaction was not surprising on the other hand, even if Elior herself was very surprised.

"That's what you get for escaping, you are behind on the newest developments." Zaria stated nonchalantly.

"Zaria!" Nyrth was shocked at how casually her friend treated the rather famous high elf.

Ellele opted to step behind Zaria when Elior's eyes focused on her. However, it was a rather useless gesture, considering Zaria was in her small shape.

The chaos settled down as everyone took their seats, a quickly added place for Yuki had the fox examine the cutlery curiously.

"Greetings Lady Nyrth, it is good to see you healed. Welcome Lady Ellele, it is my daughters’ fault that you finally feel comfortable enough to appear in your real form I suspect." The Duke greeted the guests. "I expect you will take care of any 'issues' that come up with Earl Apfel?"

Elior felt once again reminded how abnormal this family was. The Aschen household was so much easier to keep track of. Nyrth healed was simply mentioned and all issues were dumped on Zaria's head. Actually, she felt pity for the Apfel family, what they did was not right, but considering that the Duke basically gave the White Menace a carte blanche to act as she wished, it was too much! And Lady Ellele being a dragon simply gathered a mention that he had already known.

"Thank you Duke Kairan for your hospitality, I shall repay it in any way I can." Nyrth bowed deeply.

"I expect my daughter simply decided it was something she had to act on. Have her deal with everything."

Elior did not facepalm. But it was a close thing, the Duke simply dumped all responsibility on the White Menace and expected things to get resolved, he was actually right. The implications of Zaria taking things into her own hands was terrifying. She would have to pray for their souls, sanity, and bodies later.

"Thank you for the kind greeting, and your daughter is the cause. However, you knew?"

"Naturally, when your father first found your mother, he brought her here in to ask for advice. It was my idea to simply hide her race should she want to live peacefully. There were several attempted kidnappings of both you and your mother. Daughter, please stop twisting your spoon, it is a family heirloom."

Zaria took a moment to look at the bent mess the spoon had become and used 'Mend' to fix it. "There, all fixed, and it seems I have several more issues to fix in the near future."

"Now who is the daughter I don't remember having?"

"Kon? Yuki is Yuki!"

"Welcome to the top of the table then, Yuki."

That caused several snickers.

Elior decided that she really needed a nice long stay at the temple. The White Menace casually breaking reality. A father that found no issues with a fox in kitsune shape at the table, seemed to ignore the fact that another member at the table was a loli pleasure golem that was currently being helped by a drow maid with eating her soup. Did genders even apply to golems? Then there were the formerly cripple and the very rare dragongirl.

Elior wanted to go home where the only threats to her sanity were an overprotective and overly affectionate family being all over their frail youngest.

"I am having Elior help with Nyrth, since I am too close to the issue, and well I am me." Elior perked up when she heard her name mentioned. "There is so much to do and so little time, with all that happened I still haven't managed to check the other letters, and tomorrow is going to be a long day too."

"You took Cinnamon as your secretary." The Duke reminded his daughter.

"Un Un!" The bunny agreed as she stood on a stool beside Yuki and was showing the fox the ins and outs of using cutlery.

"Maybe I should have her and Yuki go through my letters."


"You remember more about the senders than I do.


"I have more important things to do than read letters from people that don't really matter to me."

Like father, like daughter.

"Nyrth, eat more."

"But I am full?"

"Zaria is right, your body still remembers how much you ate before when you couldn't move, so you need to get used to eating more bit by bit." Elior corrected.

"You need to eat more because you can move again, so eat until you are a bit too full." Zaria simplified it.

Nyrth looked at the half-eaten steak in front of her, then at Yuki who was fighting the knife and fork but was starting on her second steak. Opposite her was Ellele who was finishing off the second steak, to the left was Zaria who was already on her third steak despite talking, and next to Ellele was Annabell who was chewing on a spiced apple while staring into nothingness. She envied the small golem.

"If you excuse me, I should inform the court that you are alive and healthy, and that they can stop sending messages that I should remarry. Once you are out of school and have explored the world a bit it's your turn while I retire."

Elior imagined the Kairan Duchy being run by Zaria, and decided to move far away, like a few countries away.

"Actually, has anyone ever been to Galles?" Zaria remembered to ask.

"Yes." The Duke confirmed.

"Do you remember enough to give a good description?"


"Actually, I have been there as well." Elior admitted. "I am guessing you want to teleport there?"

"Yes, I need to deliver something to someone at the temple of …" She had forgotten the name the moment she had heard how prudish that goddess was. "... that prude?"

Elior snorted, she couldn't help it, even by elven standards that goddess was really a prude, and her following was really small.

"You have to let me come with you." Elior demanded.

"Uhh, sure?" Zaria was confused, usually Elior tried to stay far away, now she wanted to come? It was suspicious. The kitsune nodded at the creepily grinning cleric, she really did not want to know what was going through that mind right now. "It's a delivery to one of the clerics at the temple, guild mission."

"A delivery?"

"If you had stayed you would have heard what, I think this one falls into confidentiality? Or maybe just embarrassing? Especially considering it is prudes, wonder how bad it really is."

"That I really have to see. Your face when you find out how bad it is, and theirs when they get to experience you." Elior managed not to cackle evilly, but she really wanted to.

"Are we sure this is Elior?" Zaria wondered aloud.

"I find it very improbable, Mistress you have True Seeing." Cibelle reminded Zaria to check Elior in case.

"It looks like Elior, it sounds like Elior, but I have no idea what Elior would taste like." was Zaria's response.

"Hey, I am not food."

"It reacts like Elior to certain stimuli too." Zaria continued.

"I vote dissection." Cibelle offered.

"What?" Elior gave the drow maid an incredulous look.

"Well she reacted properly to that, and I have no idea what she'd look like inside, so denied."

Nyrth and Ellele were watching the show and were amused even if they knew that they were missing a lot of the jokes.

"Mistress, you can always tease her, if she turns red and sputters denials or flees to her room and locks herself in, it is a high chance it really is her." The bunny offered.

"Give her a lick?" Yuki wondered if that was a viable option.

"Again, no idea what she tastes like, maybe we should check so we know for next time."

"What? No!" Elior pointed her fork at Zaria. "Keep your tongue to yourself!"

"Denied, I am very fond of Mistress' tongue. The things she can do with her tongue, and it is rougher than an elvish tongue too." The drow maid was blushing purple, and was clearly losing herself in highly erotic memories.

Ellele was fidgeting. The dragongirl's imagination was clearly going into overdrive considering how she was squirming in her seat. Nyrth on the other hand clearly did not delve deeply into fantasies, but the human girl was turning a nice shade of red, whatever the others remembered or imagined was probably very erotic and the way they acted was more then the girl could take without reacting to it.

"Then keep the tongue away from me!" Elior corrected.

The bunny agreed with that happily. "More tongue time for us."

Zaria wondered how things had escalated this far again. It hadn't even really been her intention. Then again Elior made it too easy. "Before I forget, want to join us for the sleepover? We are going to use the too large tub before that."

While the tub sounded wonderful, the risk of being this close naked to the White Menace offset any benefits. "No thank you, enjoy your evening and sleepover."

Nyrth suddenly realized that a large bath meant that she had to be naked with them. Looking around for help she saw none, Elior was leaving, the Duke had snuck out without her noticing, and the maids were no help at all. Cibelle and Cinnamon were totally on board and were clearly going to join in.

Nyrth felt outnumbered with no hope of escape.


The girls and women were back in the room. Ellele, Nyrth, Yuki, and Zaria fell in the well stuffed category. While they rested for a little Cibelle and Cinnamon had excused themselves to eat their dinners.

"I am stuffed." Nyrth complained.

Yuki rolled over and spontaneously changed back into a fluffy small fox.

"Time ran out?" Zaria asked.

"Kon~" Yuki confirmed lazily.

"Uhm, help?" Came a confused sounding request from Ellele.

A look over to the dragongirl explained her confusion. Annabell was exploring the rather unusual to her body with touches. Scales, tail, wings, and horns were her target, and since the clothes were in the way, she was currently clumsily undressing the dragon.

"Fine, I'll help." Zaria rose, and helped the dragongirl strip naked.

It was only after she was naked that Ellele remembered to complain when the two girls started to explore her body. "I meant actually to remove her?" The dragon squirmed as the four soft hands explored her body.

Zaria pulled her attention away from the wing she was exploring, the leathery wing was covered with fine scales. The body had scales on certain places, like the sides along the ribs, the lower arms, the feet, the calves, and the outsides of the upper thighs. From an armour standpoint it made little sense. The torso with its organs, the head and, and the genitals would make more sense. However, Zaria had to admit, being patterned as they were, the scales gave the dragongirl a more erotic and exotic look. The breasts were a rather nice size too, and she was clearly preening under the attention which also blushed embarrassed. She was wet with arousal too.

Nyrth was blushing and peeking from between her fingers that covered her face, the beautiful fluffy girl and the rather attractive if small golem were touching the dragongirl all over, aside of the curiosity it looked clearly lewd too, especially with the way Ellele kept twisting this and that way to show herself off to the exploring kitsune. It was rather distracting and the noises the girl was making as the hands explored her did not help the situation at all.

The two girls were having too much fun exploring their toy, or more like one was having fun causing reactions with her touches, and the other touching and noting the reactions.


When Cibelle and Cinnamon returned, a devastated dragongirl was panting on the bed, Zaria looked satisfied and was playfully stalking Nyrth across the room, finally Annabell poking the pointy left horn curiously.

There was clearly a lot of context missing from this scene.

"Help!" Nyrth pleaded

Zaria giggled and was very amused. "You know that they are more likely to help me than help you?"

Nyrth stopped and focused on the two maids. The bunny's ears were twitching, she was also moving around the couch and table to flank her. The smiling Cibelle however seemed content to block the door.
Nyrth found herself surrounded, a look at the laid out nude dragon seemed to promise her the same fate.

Two arms wrapped themselves around her. "Got you!" came the far to happy sounding voice of Zaria from behind her.

Nyrth was caught.

"Now Cibelle, here, help me strip Nyrth, Cinnamon, please start filling the large bathtub."

"Yes Mistress!"

"Nooo!" Nyrth's outcry remained unheeded.


The embarrassed human was covering herself with her hands. She was together with the others, waiting for the huge tub to be deemed ready for entering, and was honestly feeling really plain compared to everyone else. Honestly, she felt exposed and bland compared to the mix of golem, bunny, dragon, kitsune, and drow. The two smallest ones had cuteness, the two taller ones had erotic bodies, and Zaria was Zaria with her otherworldly beauty.

It was enough to make any girl feel plain in comparison. Combined with her thinner than before frame Nyrth really wanted to escape.

"Time for pampering." Zaria announced, and promptly carried the depressed human into the tub. There she started rubbing the girls back.

"You don't need to worry." Zaria told the girl. "All of us are weird here, so sorry, but you are our only voice of reason here."

"Eh?" Nyrth did not understand what her seat meant.

"I am chaotic, and with little to no restraint. Cibelle is a devoted maid, with a high libido. Cinnamon is perfectly happy being my sex pet. Elle is currently giving us the puppy eyes, you so you give her your spot, and me so I pamper her some more. Anna is a being made for pleasure. So yeah, you are the only one normal here." Zaria hugged the girl tightly, getting a lot of squirming from the former cripple at the skinship. "We may not always listen to you, but tell us when we go overboard."

Nyrth however imagined having to stop the group that was with her in the tub. It sounded like a hopeless job.

Then she felt a hand touch her very intimately.

"So soft and smooth~" The hands owner commented.

Nyrth decided that it was time trade places.


The girls were resting, everyone was just covered with a blanket, the needy Ellele had managed to claim the honour of being Zaria's seat. Poor Nyrth had Annabell in her lap, and was petting the golem that made it clear what she wanted. Zaria suspected that she had learned that from Yuki. Cibelle had claimed the scaly tail and was currently working her way upwards checking the sensitivity. Right now the results were non-existent, but the drow planned to properly check the dragon for all the sensitive spots. Cinnamon was lazily laid across the laps.

"Tomorrow is going to be a long day." Zaria wriggled on top of the dragongirl. "Trianna, Underdark, the temple of the prudes, kitten time, and I am probably forgetting something."

"Want me to check?" Cinnamon asked lazily.

"No, it can wait for tomorrow."


"Hmm?" Zaria made a surprised noise when her seat jumped.

"I am exploring Lady Ellele, I did not slip a finger in though, that right is reserved for you Mistress."


"I will check Lady Nyrth tomorrow."

"What?" The human demanded.

She found herself looking at the drow that was leaning forward. "To keep you nice and smooth for my Mistress."

"Why? Wait you mean that …" Nyrth trailed off.

"It is nice and smooth; I was tempted to kiss several times."

The human girl was silenced with that, she was giving the others disbelieving looks.

"If you want, I can kiss you there right now." Zaria offered. "I will have to insist on slipping the tongue inside."

"Please?" The needy dragongirl was clearly very eager for some tongue.

"I guess it is time for the orgy, and here I wanted to just chat tonight." Zaria complained.


Zaria rolls Perform (Yuri)
Skill Mastery "Take 12" = 259
Favoured Enemy Human applies to Nyrth +6
Favoured Enemy Elves applies to Cibelle +6
Favoured Enemy Beastgirls applies to Cinnamon +8
Favoured Enemy Dragons applies to Ellele +6
Favoured Enemy Constructs applies to Annabell +6
Skipping counter roll as it is hopeless.



Zaria licked her lips, her libido and her Dominant flaw had made her dominate everyone, exhaust them, and she had tasted them all too.

That had not been planned. Especially not for Nyrth, who had a lot of issues that needed resolution, and Annabell who was a loli golem copy of her ancestor from long ago.

She was the last survivor after everyone else was asleep content and satisfied. Though Anna was still awake, then again, she was literally made for sex.

"Come here, let's cuddle now." Zaria leaned against her drow lover and pulled the small golem against her.

"Now to explain what just happened. I wanted to tease, Ellele was needy, and Nyrth thinks she is not desirable. On the technical side, using your tongue on a genital is called oral sex, do you know what genitals refers to actually?"


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Cinnamon's Lists start of chapter:


{Easy and quick list}
-) tessen, pair (Mistress seems to want to craft those herself)
-) wine (sweet or white seems preference)
-) sake (an alcohol made from rice)
-) spices (mistress seems to be a great cook, get more, sample results)
-) equipment (not sure what would be suitable)
-) fluffy sex slave (so Mistress stops wearing Cibelle and me out each night, Trianna might be a good place to pick up someone in need, maybe a cowgirl for the chest, cat for the rough tongue)
-) elven sex slave (no matter if Mistress is a fluffy lover, she clearly likes elves)
-) amusing items (items with not dangerous curses maybe? Erotic items might pick Mistress curiosity too)
-) tease Elior (always fun to watch, should be social, but it is Elior)
-) thieves’ tools (professional pride, I wouldn't want to part with my feather duster either)

{Long term and trading list}
-) alchemist for dyes or an alchemist lab (the workshop Mistress found is badly placed, maybe relocate it)
-) darkwood (probably for a bow?)
-) adamantite (I guess Mistress wants to make proper weapons herself)
-) smithy being capable of forging with adamantite (hard, will need a lot of money and negotiation)
-) an enchanter capable of +5 (+10 better) (again difficult, that is a lot of xp)
-) wood, roof tiles, outside brooms (I found prices here in the capital, need to check out Trianna, and possibly the Underdark)
-) repair shrine (I think Mistress wants to do that herself, if she is as efficient with repairing as with the sewing, might be quick)
-) spider silk (Underdark, steady supply) (more negotiation, possibly a lot of diplomacy with the matriarchs)
-) set up trade with Underdark (let's leave logistics about that to Mistress, not sure how to solve that)
-) take guild missions for money and loot (Mistress can do high-level quests; I think Mistress wants Cibelle and me to go on quests too)
-) learning (deliver more books to Mistress)
-) take a day off - more than once (done once, still had trouble find us, get Mistress more time with the pink kitten for relaxation)
-) explore mansion, find secret rooms (will have to take notes what Mistress intends to do with the rooms, permission from Duke has been granted)

{Social List}
-) cuddle kitten (I can understand why Mistress likes her, remind Mistress to visit tomorrow)
-) meet minions (remind Mistress to read letters)
-) meet fangirls (remind Mistress to read letters)
-) meet Marielle van Aschen (drive Elior insane so she finally gives permission … did I just write that?)
-) get more tailors (human, of the beast races, of the elves, make sure elves are fine with drow)
-) meet matriarchs in the Underdark (remind Mistress of meeting tomorrow)
-) meet the Lady of Trianna (it was an elf, reminded Zaria to ask)
-) meet traders in Kairan Duchy (remind secretary to set up meetings)
-) create a point reward system (hehe, Cibelle at two points)
-) check on guards (10 more days of prison time remaining)


Cinnamon's Lists end of chapter:


{Easy and quick list}
-) tessen, pair (Mistress seems to want to craft those herself)
-) wine (sweet or white seems preference)
-) sake (an alcohol made from rice)
-) spices (mistress seems to be a great cook, get more, sample results)
-) equipment (not sure what would be suitable)
-) fluffy sex slave (so Mistress stops wearing Cibelle and me out each night, Trianna might be a good place to pick up someone in need, maybe a cowgirl for the chest, cat for the rough tongue)
-) elven sex slave (no matter if Mistress is a fluffy lover, she clearly likes elves, not Elior)
-) amusing items (items with not dangerous curses maybe? Erotic items might pick Mistress curiosity too)
-) tease Elior (always fun to watch, should be social, but it is Elior)
-) thieves’ tools (professional pride, I wouldn't want to part with my feather duster either)

{Long term and trading list}
-) alchemist for dyes or an alchemist lab (the workshop Mistress found is badly placed, maybe relocate it)
-) darkwood (probably for a bow?)
-) adamantite (I guess Mistress wants to make proper weapons herself)
-) smithy being capable of forging with adamantite (hard, will need a lot of money and negotiation)
-) an enchanter capable of +5 (+10 better) (again difficult, that is a lot of xp)
-) wood, roof tiles, outside brooms (I found prices here in the capital, need to check out Trianna, and possibly the Underdark)
-) repair shrine (I think Mistress wants to do that herself, if she is as efficient with repairing as with the sewing, might be quick)
-) spider silk (Underdark, steady supply) (more negotiation, possibly a lot of diplomacy with the matriarchs)
-) nicer uniforms and collars (we need to show that mistress owns us and spoils us)
-) set up trade with Underdark (let's leave logistics about that to Mistress, not sure how to solve that)
-) take guild missions for money and loot (Mistress can do high-level quests; I think Mistress wants Cibelle and me to go on quests too)
-) deliver underwear
-) destroy spider nest
-) explore ruins
-) learning (deliver more books to Mistress)
-) take a day off - more than once (done once, still had trouble find us, get Mistress more time with the pink kitten for relaxation, tomorrow meet Mrr'am)
-) explore mansion, find secret rooms (will have to take notes what Mistress intends to do with the rooms, permission from Duke has been granted)

{Social List}
-) cuddle kitten (I can understand why Mistress likes her, remind Mistress to visit tomorrow)
-) meet minions (remind Mistress to read letters)
-) meet fangirls (remind Mistress to read letters)
-) meet Marielle van Aschen (drive Elior insane so she finally gives permission … did I just write that?)
-) get more tailors (human, of the beast races, of the elves, make sure elves are fine with drow)
-) meet matriarchs in the Underdark (remind Mistress of meeting tomorrow, remind Mistress to write down when the challenge is)
-) meet the Lady Celies of Trianna (remind Mistress to take me along so I can schedule a visit)
-) meet traders in Kairan Duchy (remind secretary to set up meetings)
-) create a point reward system (hehe, Cibelle at two points)
-) check on guards (9 more days of prison time remaining)


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Lazy Writer: And lol
Elior botched her religion!
Neoph: Poor Elior, even the dice are mean to her.

Lazy Writer: She has enough nature to suspect yet another class
Jessy: What would she have figured out if she got a nat 20 on all the rolls?
also, Elior noping out of that convo xD
Lazy Writer: she would have also suspected that Zaria is hiding yet more classes by how long she is restoring spells each day
Jessy: did she not need to see Drow, or was that next chapter
Lazy Writer: drow day 8
was there day 4
she said would probably need 3 days to gather them all, went faster though, but zaria returns day 4 since she does not know that
Jessy: i would think she forgot more than giving them an extra day
Loki: 3 days to gather them and update them on Zaria
Lazy Writer: actually Cinnamon keeps track of her schedule
point at notes
Loki: Zaria gets to side track
Lazy Writer: wth Zaria, I just started and already 1k
not sure if going like 400 miles off course counts as side track
Loki: It depends on how hard it is to return on track
Lazy Writer: 1 round
okay convinced
Loki: As we can see, a 400 mile off course trip for Zaria is just a mild distraction. She is just very susceptible to them.

This made it to the omake files
Jessy: Don't know if it will be possible, but have Fel or Mrr'am spot Zaria just before she teleports out of Trianna. we would get an upset and pouty Mrr'am and a more jealous Fel the next time Zaria comes around
Lazy Writer: more like a confused Fel. small shrine maiden, big shrine maiden, it's an epic invasion
Jessy: Fel would be confused, but Mrr'am would just say large white?
it would be adorable
Lazy Writer: big white
Jessy: ahhh right, yes. Big white? then Zaria would get asked "how grow up fast?"
and that would be super adorable
with the normal Mrr'am "Nyah?" scattered about
Lazy Write: "Big white smell like small white."
"Naturally I smell like me."
Jessy: "Small white now Big white?"
Lazy Writer: pretty much

Metamage: Nyrth has been bedded!

Loki: They asked, she answered. Why are they complaining?
Lazy Writer: short version too short?
nah she provided all necessary details
Boskas: Ellele is threatened by the kitten...
Lazy Writer: mhm
Mrr'am's cuteness counts as a weapon
Metamage: WMD
Lazy Writer: :LEEhhh: ?
Boskas: Weapon of Mass Destruction
Metamage: nah weapon of moe destruction
Jessy: Mrr'am is one of the few beings that could defeat Zaria
Loki: WMC
Boskas: Weapon of Mrr'am Cuteness?
Lazy Writer: Weaponized Mrr'am's Cuteness
Jessy: unbeatable
gods would fall
Metamage: Mrr'am already toppled the city lord

Joyeuse: I like that they didn't notice the panties part
Drop the sightly lewd part in the middle of lots of important parts so that they won't notice it
Once again Zaria has surprised me with her skills
Metamage: that was Cinnamon reading out the tasks though
Joyeuse: Hmmm she still managed to get them in that order
Jessy: How Cinnamon didn't comment on it either
Metamage: Cinnamon has accepted that weird shit happens
Joyeuse: Cinnamon has been living with Zaria for long enough to have her common sense go ahegao
Metamage: just like herself
Joyeuse: At this point I consider cinnamon and Cibelle as extensions of Zaria
Lazy Writer: Cibelle is daily life, and Cinnamon is order, Cinnamon could almost be L aside of how she comments her lists
Metamage: Cinnamon TN?

Joyeuse: Poor Fel, Zaria doesn't even remember her name...
Lazy Writer: for Zaria she is Mrr'am sister
Joyeuse: fel's dream of going down the pet route will be hard, live strong fel
Vivi: good luck fel!
Metamage: well she can always settle for Harem Queen
she's already on the way to it anyway
Vivi: guest harem route
Boskas: Mrr’am is the true Harem Queen, already almost conquered Fel and has made significant progress on the villainess route
Jessy: Mrr'am is the true overlord, she just doesn't realize it. and never will
Vivi: Mrr'am is the true villainess
Vivi: the last boss that cannot be defeated
Jessy: Mrr'am is too cute to be a villainess
Joyeuse: What if... all along the pet route's key was Mrr'am
Jessy: she is the innocent wanderer that just wins

Lazy Writer: well, most consider Elior stuck up
now Zaria and Elior already clash a lot
Jessy: Clash is such a strong word
its way more one sided then that
Neoph: When Elior considers someone a prude, you can be sure that they are over the top.
Lazy Writer: now imagine an even more stuck up sect of high elves
Jessy: Mhm, i really want the first goddess interactions soon(edited)
Zaria messing with a goddess sounds like too much fun
A good way to mess with Elior as well
Metamage: Elior at least masturbates and stuff
Lazy Writer: so yeah, Elior is looking forward to seeing Zaria face off with those even she considers overly prude
Metamage: so she's not that bad
Jessy: Elior is mostly just really shy
Metamage: just inexperienced
Jessy: mhm
Neoph: Well, let's be honest, Elior is more or less normal, Zaria is just very open, and we are a bunch of perverts.
The followers of the loli goddess tough, those are real prudes.(edited)
Jessy; hm
Lazy Writer: that kind of abstinence that borders on absolute biological denial
Metamage: chastity
Metamage: big step up from abstinence
since abstinence you can still masturbate
Neoph: Can we make big bucks selling chastity belts to them?
Lazy Writer: yes true
Vivi: they probably make them in house
for maximum efficiency


What the hell? Nyrth's scene caused a riot on the discord!! I was threatened with a riot and pitchforks if she didn't get a hug! And really I am not joking, I could probably copy 4 pages of arguing how Nyrth deserves a hug, and how she should hook up with Zaria, and be forever protected and happy!
The less I tell what everyone wanted to do to that wheelchair the better.

And everyone please enjoy my Sidestory: Department of Otherworldly Crimes.

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