Chapter 8 – Marielle
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--- --- Week 2 - Day 8 - Tuesday, 10th Day of the Seventh Month --- ---

Marielle woke. She was hot and sweaty. Her rather modest chest was being crushed by the very large chest of her older sister, and the surprisingly heavy chest of her maid. She suspected that a heavy chest meant a full chest, and that meant her milk was waiting.

She wanted to hide under her blanket but she could barely move.

Therefore, her face settled for getting redder and redder.

Overheated and embarrassed to death she could only endure.

The day started out difficult, and it was barely morning.

She was too hot.

She had to get one side to move. Only the naked Noemy clutched her right arm and Literis whose nightgown had ridden up enough that it was bundled above the chest held her left arm. Somehow, her own nightgown had done the same Marielle realized. Skin on skin felt nice, the nipples she felt pressing against her were getting harder to ignore, and that their breasts were crushing hers made her feel rather tingly. Finally, her hands were so close to those places that she was afraid to move them. She could still feel Literis smoothness and Noemy's fur against the backs of her hands after her first try to escape. She had touched, not on purpose, her sister and her maid down there. Now she was feeling all tingly.

The sleepover had been a bad idea.

She needed a distraction.

The two breathing against her neck was not a distraction.

Noise, she was hearing a noise.

She focussed on it.

It sounded like rain.

It was raining.

Now she felt the need to go to the toilet.

She decided to try to wake Noemy. Trying to pull out her hand caused her to brush that again, and Noemy to hug her tighter.

Was her maid starting to grind against her hand in her sleep?

She was not ready for this.

She had only found out that her maid liked her, and here she was already helping her sleeping maid get off. It was something like in one of those lewd novels she had read. Actually, she was supposed to take advantage of her sleeping maid, and not the reverse.

That made her blush even more, touching Noemy, playing with her maid, skinship, pampering, and night service.

She really wanted to hide under her blanket. However, she wanted to hide under it alone.

Knowing that her moo wanted those things made this worse. Then there was Literis, sometimes she wondered if they were really related. The girl was so big compared to her very modest chest. That reminded her of that one book where that princess was having an affair with her sister.

Marielle blushed harder. Why did her mind remind her of that? She was not about to wake her sister like that.

Noemy seemed the far safer choice. Marielle started wriggling her arm, a small part marvelled how firm those breasts were, but the main part wanted to get out!

Noemy's leg went further over her own. Then she felt her maid press more against her hand, and the back of her hand felt the warm sticky wetness of that part.

Marielle froze the mind blanking.

Noemy it seemed was clearly enjoying herself, even if she was asleep.

A small part of the pinned girl wanted to touch, however the largest part wanted to get out now, go to the toilet, and hide there until she was alone.

That was not good, Marielle tried again to free herself.


Marielle tries Escape Artist
Hug escape DC: 5
Does not want to disturb sleepers +4
Sleepers very clingy +2
Marielle rolls Escape Artist DC 11
Jessy (Jessie)
DiceParser BOT
# 21
Details:[1d20+3 (18)]
Marielle successfully extracts herself


Somehow, she managed to extract her arm from Literis, who was the one with the weaker grip. A slight push then rolled the human girl off her. Her clingy maid needed more work.

Extracting her arm had taken more work then she expected, and that her moo had rolled onto her back flashing her whole front to her. The racial differences between the two sleeping girls were obvious. Literis' chest had clearly flattened more than Noemy's. Even in a hurry Marielle could not resist a look at her glistening hand, and then at her maid down there. Matted with wetness hair and glistening lips greeted her.

It was too much; the human darted for the toilet.

While physical relief was finally there, the mental relief was far away. How was she going to face them? She had touched them both. She had even managed to accidentally arouse her moo.

Marielle felt her face burn again.

A knock on the door made her jump "Yesh?" and bite her tongue. Holding her mouth, she smelled that from her hand.

She quickly uncovered her mouth.

"Are you alright, Mistress?" Noemy asked.

"Yes." Marielle hurriedly responded.

"I will prepare the bath." she heard the reply.

Hiding in the bath sounded better, if she stayed too long on the toilet Noemy would worry again.

She felt nowhere near ready enough to face her moo. She finished, and rinsed her hands. Making sure to scrub that off. With a deep breath, she steeled herself and left her sanctuary.

Literis was still asleep, but now covered in a blanket, the door to the bath was slightly open and she heard Noemy work in there.

Marielle quickly darted across the room, it felt wrong to wear the cloth on her sweaty skin, but it beat facing Noemy naked.

A look through the window confirmed the heavy rain as well, that meant she could not escape outside. Getting lost in the maze again for a day would have been perfect.

She had the feeling that she had somehow offended some god; there was no way to explain her terrible luck otherwise.

Now armoured with the bathrobe she opened the door to the bath and slipped in, closing it after she entered.

And found herself facing her bare maid who seemed to be adjusting the water temperature.

Her eyes drawn to the most prominent parts of her moo, Marielle once again felt the difference in growth.

Moos' were really a blessed race.

Then there was the tail, the slight swishes told her Noemy was content. She made the mistake of following the tail upwards with her eyes as Noemy bent down to stir the water with her hand.

Still wet.

Marielle felt the heat rise again; she knew her face was burning.

She needed a distraction, she saw her toothbrush, she went to the sink to brush her teeth, a great excuse to look away from her naked maid.

"Will you be eating with the family or in your room?" Noemy asked after she was finally satisfied with the water temperature.

Marielle paused.

Eating in her room risked Literis waking; she was not ready to face them both. She rinsed her mouth before speaking. "Let Literis sleep, I'll eat in the dining room."

"I will fetch a dress after you start soaking."

Soaking, it reminded her of that one novel, the protagonist and his lover soaking together in the bath. She needed new books, she remembered a 'Mistress and Maid' series, she had not read it before however. There was a 'Mistress Iris and her devoted night maid' series too. The second sounded more like her situation.

"Are you alright, Mistress?"

Marielle felt Noemy's warm hand touch her burning face.

"Yesh!" she bit her tongue again.

Noemy was confused. Her Mistress had just bit her tongue, and she was red faced. She said she was fine, and she did not really feel feverish, she was a little sweaty, but that might have been from sleeping, she needed a bath too. Maybe they should bathe together? To make sure her Mistress did not drown. It would also save the time she needed to wash herself. "Do you want to take a bath together?" Only after saying it Noemy realized how that sounded. "I mean just to make washing easier and to make sure you don't drown."

The two blushing girls stared at each other. Both blushing red.

Marielle wondered what to do. She wanted to send Noemy out, so her maid did not see how wet she was herself, but she could see that her maid needed a bath as well.
"Let's go, we can take it at the same time, it will be faster."

"I will go fetch our clothes." The maid perked up, and bounced out of the room in more than one way.

Marielle used the moment to rip her bathrobe off and quickly entered the bathtub.

That she had never been this wet without masturbating first was not something she wanted known. She knew that Noemy had dealt with her bedsheets more than once, but it was still embarrassing.

Finally safely in the bathtub she allowed herself a moment to relax, she forcefully tried not to think that she was going to share her bath with Noemy. Something sprung to her mind as Noemy's biggest feature came to mind. Did large breasts really float?

She heard Noemy enter.

She steeled herself mentally.

She watched Noemy place the clothes aside, prepare towels, and bend over and pick up the discarded bathrobe. She watched in depressed fascination as the breasts barely changed shape from hanging down. Cowgirl firmness was really something to be jealous of.

At least with Noemy she could excuse it with it being a racial thing. Even that book was saying that cowgirl breasts were a racial thing and something the race was proud of. However, that did not explain her sisters, and especially Literis was incredibly blessed there.

Once done preparing everything, Noemy stopped before the tub.


"Do I sit behind you or facing you?"

Marielle imagined both. The large breasts pressing in her back, that was too much skinship, she was not ready for it, even waking with those touching her had been far too much. Facing her was bad too, but it was the lesser evil, she could always look away. "Facing, so we can talk face to face."

She did not expect however that her maid would flash her completely when stepping into the tub. It was still wet.

And their legs touching did not help.

"They float." Marielle realized.


"You breasts, they float."

"Yes?" Noemy felt a bit confused as her Mistress was blushing, staring at her floating breasts, and seemed defeated. "Do you want to touch them?"


"Do you wish to touch them?"

Marielle wanted to poke them. However, touching them would make her even tinglier, she was afraid. She was confused. Was it fine to touch them? She had touched them yesterday when reading that letter and they had been pressed into her just a while ago. She was curious what touching them with her hands and feeling them properly was like. However, what if Noemy wanted to touch her back?

Wait, Noemy had helped her wash many times. She had been touched all over already!


"Yesh?" and she bit her tongue again.

Noemy rising and moving closer caused their legs to rub against each other and brought the current causes for confusion closer.

Marielle sank lower in the tub, but they were still coming closer.

Then she slipped and dipped under water.

Before she could panic she found herself pulled up, coughing the water, she had swallowed into the two objects of her confusion since Noemy had sat on her legs and had pulled her face into her chest.

"Be careful Mistress, if you are not feeling well, don't force yourself." Noemy patted Marielle's back. "I will help you wash."

Any protests were ignored and Marielle found herself being scrubbed from head to toe. It was something that had happened many times before, but now that she knew Noemy liked her, it made her body react like never before.

Finally when she was being washed down there, Marielle couldn't take it anymore.

"Noemy, stop!"


"Sorry, it is not because I am not feeling well." Now again Marielle felt the words escape. "It is you."

"Moo?" Noemy became very confused.

Marielle wondered how to explain. "You like me." Her voice was barely audible when she said that. "And I find myself looking at you and don't know what to do."

"Moo." Noemy understood it a bit better. "Marielle, you don't have to do anything."

"Ehh?" Now it was Marielle's turn to not understand what was going on.

"I am yours." Noemy declared. "If you want to touch me like a lover, you can do so. If you want to just stay my Mistress, then do so."

Marielle heard the honesty in her maids voice and relaxed a bit. "And if I am too embarrassed to do anything?" she managed to ask with a weak voice.

"Then I will wait until you touch me." Noemy hugged her Mistress gently. "Does that mean you want your milk still in a cup?"

"What? How else?" Marielle was confused and felt her maid fidget.

"Directly from the chest." Noemy replied blushing, for once she was happy her Mistress was not looking up.

That reminded Marielle of the other part of having a moo, lovers get to drink directly, and she was leaning against her morning and evening milk. She leaned back a bit and looked down. Larger than human nipples and larger than human breasts were in her sight.

Clearly she had been staring too long since she found herself pulled closer led to the first part of her breakfast. As she was breastfed for the first time aside of the childhood she could not remember, she got to hear far too erotic noises from her moo.

Suddenly eating her breakfast seemed safer than facing her moo.

When Noemy shuddered and made a very satisfied noise, Marielle felt some pride that she managed to satisfy her moo, and enough shame and arousal that she wanted to hide and work it all off in private.


Half full, and fully embarrassed, Marielle was on the way to the dining room when she ran into the triplets.

"""Morning!""" The three greeted her.

"Good morning, did you all sleep well?"

"""Yes!""" Then a triplet stepped closer. "Hmmm"

The other two followed in a way that made Marielle wonder what she had told the other two.


Marielle found herself triple hugged, and felt far too conscious about the three sets of breasts pressing into her.


"You finally …" "... made a move …" "... on your moo."

Marielle instantly felt her face burn again.

"You can always …" "... ask your moo …" "... to help you."

"Help?" It slipped out of her mouth before she could stop herself.

The triplets gave her lower body a knowing look.

Marielle hid her face behind her hands. Clearly she needed to read the chapter on wolves too, did they have to be so blunt?

Since she had already eaten, skipping breakfast suddenly seemed like a good idea.

"Barris will be …" "... so happy …" "... you are just …" """... a late bloomer."""

Marielle found her hands grabbed and herself pulled forward as two triplets pulled at her hands and the third pushed her.


Marielle felt watched.

As a small piece of luck, Grilly and father were missing.

However, as a terrible thing she gotten announced with a loud """Mari finally milked her moo properly!"""

"Congratulations!" "What do you mean milked?" were the responses from Barris and Victoria replied at the same time.

"Where do you think Marielles' milk came from?" Barris raised her hands to Victoria's chest, which was smaller than Literis' chest but larger than any of the wolfish sisters had, and squeezed.

"Ahh" Victoria pushed Barris away and then seemed to understand. "You mean she milked the maid?"

Marielle wanted to hide. Why was that the main topic?

"Yes, finally, she has been drinking it since last year already. I guess our Marielle is either a late bloomer or clueless."

Victoria seemed to ponder for a moment. "She only took her class a bit ago. I guess that she is finally healthier." The oldest sister came over and hugged her youngest sister tightly.

Marielle found herself pressed into breasts again, they were smaller than Noemy's and Literis' chests, but still far more than her modest chest.

"Can we just eat?" Marielle tried to get some space.

"""But you just ate?"""

"Marielle finally has an appetite." Barris seemed happy. "Let's make sure she doesn't overeat."

"Pancakes." Victoria decided. "They should work well with all the milk she already had."

Marielle wondered why she had ever thought that going to breakfast with her family had been a good idea.

"Where is Literis?" Barris wondered.

"She is still asleep, we had a sleepover." Marielle responded, finally a safe topic, aside from how she had woken.

"Milking your moo with Literis nearby?" Barris realized. "Kinky."

The impressed looks she got made Marielle promise herself to never eat breakfast with her family again unless she really had to.


One pancake later Marielle felt full.

"Full already?" Victoria seemed a little worried.

"""One more?""" The triplets asked while taking her plate, and then they created a monstrosity covered with cream and honey and a few cherries.

Marielle looked at what seemed to be a celebratory pancake.

Was getting a clue about her moo, actually not moo but Noemy, really worth a celebration? She looked around and realized that her sisters seemed to think so.

It seemed it was time to celebrate. "If I eat too much and can't move afterwards, it is your entire fault." She accused them.

"""Eat up!""" "Chew properly." "Eat slowly."

Marielle took her fork and prepared herself for battle, she was going to need a good strong tea afterwards.


She was full.

She did not want to move.

She was not sick from being full.

Nevertheless, she had definitely eaten too much.

"Someone help me to my room?" In truth, she did not want to get up, but she had to return and rest. She should probably check on Literis too.

"I will help." Victoria offered.

The samurai half carried her to the room, where she put her on the couch. Literis was gone and Noemy was cleaning the room.

"She needs a strong tea; we made her overeat in celebration." Victoria explained.

"Moo?" it was clear that Noemy had no idea what celebration was meant.

Victoria waved at the two younger girls. "She milked you."

Noemy started blushing.

"Don't worry, it was time she finally realized, sorry my little sister is so slow."

"Mistress is fine as she is." The maid countered.

Victoria smiled, and then she hugged her sister, before leaving the two alone. "Have fun you two." She shot at them as she closed the door.

Inside Marielle and Noemy were blushing.

"Why don't we drink that tea and relax?" Marielle asked, she really needed to soothe her stomach a bit.

Noemy finished preparing the bed, and then remembered something. "Lady Literis complained that we did not wake her."

"Not our fault she slept so deeply, you woke and she did not even wake when we both left." Marielle blushed. "Or when you were loud."


Marielle did not know what that last moo had meant, but she could see that her moo was clearly embarrassed.

Somehow, it felt soothing to have someone else blush more than her for once.

Then she remembered why Noemy had been so loud and felt her face on fire again.

The awkward atmosphere remained for a while longer as one of the girls would peek at the other, get caught, and both would look away blushing again.

"I should write a response." Marielle realized.


"To her." Marielle pointed at her desk. "I somehow have the feeling that she is going to enjoy knowing about us. And that we are going to get teased a lot."

Both girls blushed again.

Noemy served the tea, and then hesitated when Marielle awkwardly patted the place next to her on the couch. Finally, she picked a second cup and she sat next to her Mistress.

"Letters, since it is raining, will you go to the library, the winter garden, or read on the terrace?" Noemy decided to focus on her work.


Marielle rolls Int
Lazy Writer
DiceParser BOT
# 25
Details:[1d20+5 (20)]
Marielle realizes that staying in her room was a bad idea


Marielle pondered for a moment. "If I stay in my room, mother or the triplets will find me. In the library, I will have to face Literis, which I do not want to do after that morning. The terrace seems safer, but Barris and Victoria might be there for some insane training or fresh air."

"Winter garden?"

"Winter garden." Marielle confirmed.

"Tea and a blanket to sit on, do you wish to change to a thinner dress?"

Being a winter garden, it had heated up a lot during the sunny days.

"Maybe? A thin dress and a jacket in case it has already cooled down?" Marielle suggested, then placed her hand on Noemy who was about to get up and start preparing. "Let us drink our tea first."

Then she pulled back her hand. "Make sure to prepare tea and cake for yourself too."

Noemy wondered if she should remind her Mistress that she was the maid and shouldn't eat with her. However, she decided against it, it had never worked before.

The pair started chatting about what to take for the indoor outing.

The book on races, Marielle's pile of letters she needed to reply to, a blanket to sit on, a towel in case it was hot and damp, juice instead of tea, Noemy's sewing project, and just in case the book on exotic spell use. That book made her think of her Kairan counterpart. From the letter she had gotten at least her counterpart was very magic centred.

All prepared and packed, the pair of mistress and maid left for the winter garden.

They left right on time since only minutes later the triplets arrived at the room curious about the relationship of their sister and her moo. However, they found the room empty.

"They snuck …" "... off for some …" "... quality time?" The triplets pondered. It was their sister however. "Mari is probably …" "... in the library …" "... and the moo …" """is working."""

The triplets debated visiting their sister in the library, hunting down the maid that was not pampering their sister, waking Noire and playing with her, or going for a nap and waking once the rain was over.

A hushed debate later they decided to plop down on Marielle's bed and wait until their sister or her maid returned.


The very different pair arrived at the winter garden, it had already cooled down a bit,

The air was still somewhat moist, but it was not a sauna any more like it was before.

Marielle touched a leaf from a tree, and pulled her fingers away wet.

There was condensation everywhere.

"I took the thick blanket; it should be fine to sit on it." Noemy explained, and then she seemed to ponder something.

The very different pair made their way to the indoor lawn where Noemy spread the blanket after checking the grass. It was slightly covered with condensed water. Marielle shivered a little at the colder damp air after the last very warm days. The large glass panels were showing streams of water as more and more rain fell and the noise was loud as endless large raindrops were continuing their endless assault on the small garden.

It was rather dark as the heavy rain clouds covered the sky.

The pair sat down.

Marielle decided to reread Zaria's letter first.

As she read, she felt the cool damp air seeping into her.


She looked over to her moo, and saw the blushing moo pat her lap. "You seem cold, Mistress."

It took a moment for Marielle to connect the dots. Then she started blushing as well.

She rose however and sat gently on her moo, who wrapped her arm around her Mistress.

The two girls spent a few moments cuddling and blushing.

Then Marielle frowned, she pulled out a clear crystal from her component bag. "Read Magic" she cast.


"Shh." Marielle hushed her moo as she concentrated on the spell.

There was no response.

"Detect Magic" she used the other spell for checking for magic.


"Ah, sorry, I wondered if the letter was enchanted." Marielle blushed.

Noemy did not know what to say, so she squeezed her Mistress.

"That letter makes me call you a moo."

"Oh." Noemy wondered what to say. "If you want to call me a moo, you can do so." She finally decided.

"My moo?" Marielle hid her face in the letter.

"Your moo." Noemy confirmed, she was somewhat glad her Mistress could not see her burning face. Cowgirls were called that a lot and it was often as a derogatory name for their race. However the slightly possessive way, made it sound affectionate.

Marielle stared doubtfully at the letter.

"Ignore the letter and read a different one?" Noemy prodded her Mistress.

"Good idea."

Marielle decided to lean back into her soft moo and took a different letter. Maybe the others would distract her.


After a while the two girls on a sort of date, something that made Marielle blush when she realized it, drank tea and ate the cake.

It was a cool dampness but the two girls cuddling warmed each other.

It felt nice.

It was kind of a sweet interaction that Marielle had only read about, and it made her feel giddy and happy.

It made her giggle to watch the happily swishing tail.

It was an amusing quirk of her moo.

"I guess we should return, I need to write some letters." Marielle admitted a little reluctantly, but they needed to move.

"I will pack the things." Noemy reluctantly rose and started packing their things.

The clean up did not take long and the freshly dating, or close to it, pair returned to Marielle's room.

It was a terrible sight that awaited them, the triplets piled all over each other and somehow barely wrapped in the blanket, one was chewing on another's tail in her sleep, another was chewing on Marielle's pillow, and the last one busy drooling on the other end of the pillow.

Marielle stared at her bed, then waved at Noemy for them to leave.

"Library?" Noemy asked.

"Hmm, what about your room?"


"I have never been to your room before." Marielle admitted.

"This way." Noemy led her Mistress down the hall and to the servants’ quarters after some hesitation, her room was not ready to accept visitors.

The servants’ quarters was a place that Marielle had rarely visited.

For Marielle the hesitation Noemy was showing felt refreshing.

The maid was in her room every day, however letting her lady into her own room, seemed to be a big issue.

The room was small; Marielle realized when she finally saw it. There was a bed, a dresser, a table that held some cloth and a book, a chair that did not look very comfortable and a strongbox. The bed was harder than her own was and the blanket rougher.

There was not much in the way of personal items actually. It made Marielle wonder and sort of feel bad. "We need to decorate." she told her moo.


"It feels kind of impersonal." The human girl complained.

"I spend all my time with you."

Marielle blushed at the admission.

"Still and you a softer blanket."

Noemy simply tilted her head.

"Unless you plan on sleeping in my bed all the time."

Noemy started blushing.

Then Marielle blushed as she realized how that sounded.

"No, I mean, yes … if you want to? Or is this going too fast?"

The girls looked away from each other.

"We should do as we like?" Noemy offered.

"I don't know what I like?" Marielle admitted.

"I like being with you." The maid told her Mistress.

Marielle felt speechless, the direct admission was like a confession, no, it was a confession.

"I like being with you too." The human girl confessed.

"Want to sit down?" The maid offered. "The bed is softer than the chair." The chair was a simple wooden one.

Marielle sat on the bed, and then lied down. "My bed is softer."

"Yes." Noemy admitted openly.

"Smells like you."


"Ahh, I mean, it should, since it is your bed." Marielle frantically tried to explain.

Noemy sat on the bed, then pulled her Mistress closer and placed the head in her lap. She tried to calm her down by stroking the head gently.

Marielle took a while to settle and calm down, but the hand running through her hair was soothing. "This is comfortable."

"Moo~" Noemy made an agreeing sound.

After a while, Marielle decided to ask something. "Can I give you a lap pillow too?"


"It is not fair if you only give me one."

The girls traded places, with Noemy taking care to not accidentally poke her Mistress with her sharp horns.

"Your horns are warm." Marielle took advantage of the situation and poked the horns and then rubbed the ears, with the ears twitching away, and the cowgirl squirming. "Fluffy ears."

After satisfying her curiosity, she started running her fingers through the hair.

Marielle realized something, it was the first time she had actually initiated something. It made her feel giddy. It was the first time she was spoiling her moo. Unless milking counted.

She was going to enjoy it for as long as she could.


"Noemy, have you seen the Mistress?" A maid came in, and her voice trailed off as she realized what she was seeing. "Uhm, sorry for disturbing you two. Lunch is ready?" It was clear she had no idea how to deal with Noemy being comfortable in Marielle's lap, and Marielle's face starting to reach dangerous red levels from being caught playing with her moo's ears. "Excuse me, I saw nothing." The maid left, and closed the door again.

Marielle hid her face with her hands. That was embarrassing.

Noemy simply turned head to look up. "Will you dine with the family?"

Marielle uncovered her face and looked down. "I probably should."

Noemy rose, and then made her Mistress stand up to fix the worst wrinkles.

Marielle felt twitchy, suddenly the hands wandering all over her body meant that in addition to the normal dressing and smoothing it also meant she was being caressed. She wondered if she had always had such an active imagination.

She took a breath to steady herself, and left her moo to go tidy up the drooled on bed and get her own lunch.

She entered to see the full family. Maybe it would stop them from mentioning anything about her and Noemy.

"""Had fun?"""

And the hope died, painfully.

"Both of you were impossible to find." Barris complained.

Marielle watched in morbid fascination as Grilly bent the spoon she was holding.

Literis complained however. "You didn't wake me!"

Victoria sighed and reminded the cleric. "You are impossible to wake in the morning."

"I was reading." Marielle decided to deflect, without telling where.

"I did not see you in the library." The busty human sister complained.

Marielle sat down and checked the soup she was served. It seemed to be a vegetable soup, which meant the next dish was going to be something meaty, she needed to eat more soup then. "I did not go to the library, and the triplets slept in my room."

"""Because you were gone."""

"I had breakfast and then went to read." Marielle explained without explaining. No way was she going to mention what had happened. Now she remembered and felt her face burn up.


And naturally her family was picking up on it. And going by the knowing grins her wolfish sisters had, she was sure that they smelled it on her too.

"It was nice and relaxing." Marielle said. "The warm tea matched perfectly with the damp cool air."

"And Noemy made sure you were warm." Victoria added.

"She acts like I am made from glass." Marielle felt overly pampered.

"Until recently …" "... you were …" "... like glass?"

It was true, she liked having more hp. "But I am not anymore? I have 6 hp now and my fortitude save is only -1."

The family shared looks, it was decent, but they still worried. It was decent for a level 1 anyway.

"A ring with more hp and resistance, or at least fortitude save?" Grilly pondered.

"Great idea." "I agree." "Sounds good." """Resistance +4 and False Life at least +10"""

Marielle stopped eating. Did her family forget how much such things cost?

"I disagree." Her father decided to speak up.

Marielle felt happy that at least someone was sensible in the family.

"I think a set would be better. A necklace with Resistance +5 and Constitution +6, and a Ring with HP +15 and Deflection +5."

Marielle choked on her soup making everyone fret over her.

She finally managed to gasp out. "Isn't that really expensive? I mean like over 30,000 gp?"

Grilly frowned. "I think it is more than that."

"More like over 60,000 gp." The Duke corrected.

Marielle felt faint. "That is too much."

"But it will keep you safe." "We should add something with Strength too." "Maybe more Intelligence so she has more spells?" """Natural armour bonus and Enhancement on the robe, and something with Dexterity."""

"I heard something about a slavers base." Grilly remembered. "Want to go raid it? We can make it a family trip, and we can make the trip pay for Marielle's new items with a little luck."

"""Let's go.""" "Seems like a plan." "When do we go? I need to prepare the spells." "Do we have enough information?" "I will try to make time for it."

Marielle despaired. Why was her family so weird? This was not happening.

Then the family started brainstorming other equipment.


Marielle was happy it was over. After arriving in her room, she fell face down onto her bed, causing her moo to fret and worry.

"My family is crazy."


"They want to equip me with items that are over 100,000 gp worth."

"Moo!" Noemy had trouble imagining it, but it made sense. "I agree with them."


"You will be safer with it."

"But it is so expensive."

"And will protect you."

Marielle realized she was not going to get any help from her maid. She needed someone else to help her. Maybe Victoria was a bad idea, Barris was far too protective, her parents were out, and the triplets were far too motivated to get in a word against it.

"It's hopeless." Marielle decided. "And nobody worries that being over equipped means I am in more danger since I have more loot?"


Now her moo was very worried.

"I will talk to them later. Maybe reduce it to less obvious items."

"That sounds sensible." The moo sat down on the bed and started to rub Marielle's shoulders.

"I am going to relax a bit; I have the feeling someone else is going to drop in on us soon."

She loved her family, but they were a lively bunch, and overprotective, and prone to worrying, and had no idea what restraint meant, and too much into socializing, and most have too good noses, and too much skinship, and ate far too much meat, and she really had many complaints about them. She loved them anyway. "Can I play with your ears a bit more?"

Noemy did not respond but simply rolled her Mistress over and placed her head on the lap again.

"It is oddly calming." Marielle mentioned.

"It is relaxing." Noemy agreed.



Who disturbs Marielle and Noemy?
01-25: Barris to give Marielle the talk.
26-50: Victoria who sees a chance to get some love now that Marielle found her hormones.
51-75: Literis who had skinship before, and wants much more.
76-95: Triplets want to play and the naughty details.
96-100: Grilly getting jealous that she has less time to be all over Marielle.
DiceParser BOT
# 42
Details:[1d100 (42)]
Victoria comes to visit or interrupt.


Victoria loved her little sister a bit too much and she was well aware of the fact. She was not sure when her protective streak had changed into more, but having her sister so much on her mind had clearly twisted that family love into something more. She knew she was not supposed to, however she decided she could bear with it as long as she could stay close. The samurai in her needed a Master to pledge her sword and body to, and it was fine if her sister who needed it became her Mistress.

Here she was before the room and steeling herself for the awkward talk.

Several deep calming breaths later, she knocked on the door.

She waited for a bit before the door opened and Noemy, her sister's maid and seemingly lover, opened the door. The samurai tried to tell herself that comparing her chest to a cowgirl was unfair, but Literis was well blessed too.

"Please come in, Lady Victoria, I will make tea." The maid let the oldest human sister in.

"Big Sister? Why are you fully dressed and armoured?" Marielle sounded confused.

"We need to talk a bit." Victoria admitted. "How much do you know about my class?"

"Samurai, right? I checked a bit, you have a Master you are serving. You can't multiclass without losing the ability to choose samurai in the future, you use two weapons. I forgot the names though." Marielle listed off.

"That is correct. Now that I finished school, it is time for me to choose my Master or Mistress."


Marielle rolls Sense Motive
DC 10 Victoria wants her to be the Mistress
DC 15 Victoria really wants her to be the Mistress because she will be going to school
DC 20 see above, and there is something more there, right? Right?
DC 25 wait, my sis wants to serve me, and probably serve me at night? What?
Lazy Writer
DiceParser BOT
# 14
Details:[1d20+5 (9)]
Marielle realizes that Victoria wants her to be the Mistress, but thinks there is some reason for it.


"You want me to be your Mistress?" Marielle asked, surprised.

"Yes. I always watched you when you were small; we spent less time when I had to go to school. Last year I enjoyed following you when the others were away. So will you accept my sword so I can follow you to school?"

"Uhm, yes, I think the book mentioned some ceremony?"

"Normally yes, but in our case, I figure that simply handing me my katana while telling me to wield the blade in your name is enough."

"Okay?" Marielle accepted the sword from her sister. "Its heavy." she complained, causing Victoria to giggle.

Victoria then turned serious as she knelt. "Do you, Lady Marielle van Aschen, accept me Victoria van Aschen as your blade and servant?"

Marielle took a deep breath. "I accept you, Victoria van Aschen, as my blade and servant. Do you promise to defend me, be my protector, and be my family and friend?" Marielle awkwardly held out the katana to her sister.

"I promise." Victoria took the sword. And rose. "From now on you are my Mistress, your word is my command, I swear to serve and obey only you."

There was a small pause as the ceremony ended.

Then Marielle asked what was on her mind. "What do you mean by 'obey only me'?"

Victoria smiled at her sister. "Your word is my law. While the code disallows atrocities, as long as you will it, your word is my command and I absolutely obey you, no matter what or when."

"I don't want to command you."

"You don't have to; you clearly wanted a friend and companion. So I will be the big friendly sister who watches over her small frail little sister."

"Now you are teasing me." Marielle accused.

"I am not that small."

"Compared to me as you are looking up, or compared to Literis who I wonder how she grew up like that."

"Victoria!" Marielle covered her chest and turned red when Victoria glanced at it.

"You have to admit that all she eats has to go to her breasts."

"That is rude." Marielle chided her oldest sister. "Even if it is true."

Now both sisters giggled.

The formal part over Noemy served tea as Victoria took off her armour.

"How are you doing now that everyone is back?"

"I am good; the days are so lively now." Marielle admitted.

"Looking forward to leaving for school?"

"Yes!" Marielle was really eager. "The furthest I ever was before was yesterday, and that was to that lake. I have never even been to the city."

Victoria winced. "Sorry about that, however now that you have your class, why don't we go to town together?" That one Hit Point combined with the terrible Fortitude Save were the main reasons they had kept her inside for safety reasons. It had made her eager for adventure, something that had been simply too dangerous.

Now however it was different, also if they went out as sisters, Marielle would be able to finally see more of the world. Hopefully enough so that she would calm down by the time they arrived at school.

"So what is going to change for you now?" Marielle asked.



"Nothing, before I watched over you, now I am going to keep on watching you, and if you need to get something done that needs someone with combat ability, I will handle that. Other than that, what you say is my order. Your word is my law, as bound by the code."

"Isn't this a big responsibility?" Marielle wondered about it.

"Are you going to order me to massacre a town?"

"What? No!"

"Or order me to remove our sisters so you can inherit?"


"You could order me to serve you at night like your maid does."


"I wouldn't mind."

Marielle froze, and then her face started to burn.

"I am not joking."

"While it is a bit questionable under the code, I really love you."

Marielle wondered if she was dreaming. Didn't such things only happen in novels? Sisters falling in love? Moreover, when did she become so popular? Grilly, Noemy, and now Victoria.

Then the door was pushed open. "Not fair!" Literis complained. "I love Mari too."

Marielle looked from her human sisters to her moo.

The moo was staring blankly and clearly having just as many problems digesting the situation as her Mistress did.

"Since when?" Marielle tried to figure it out, without much success.

"I became aware of it two years ago." Victoria confessed. "Even before that I enjoyed watching you and I wanted to be someone worthy who could protect you. Then one day I realized I wanted to do more than just protect."

Literis sat down next to Victoria. "Last year. When I compared all the people at school to our sweet Marielle, the result was kind of obvious."


Marille rolls Int
Lazy Writer
DiceParser BOT
# 16
Details:[1d20+5 (11)]
Marielle realizes about the morning.


"Then the morning …" Marielle realized a possible reason for their clothing situation.

"That was me getting some loving skinship in."

Marielle remembered everything, and felt her face heat up even more.

"Why don't we leave for now, and let you digest everything?" Victoria offered as she picked up her equipment. "And you are coming with me, I want the details!"

Marielle and Noemy kept staring blankly ahead as the older two human sisters left chatting.

After a long time Marielle asked with a shaky voice. "That just happened? My sisters are in love love with me?

"Moo." Noemy was just as confused as her Mistress was.

"I am not dreaming, am I?"

"I am having the same dream." Noemy admitted.

"It is only the afternoon, so I guess sleeping until tomorrow and hoping the world makes more sense is out."

"Write letters as a distraction?"

"Good idea, I need to take my mind off my sisters loving me and wanting to do lewd things with me."



Marielle had found a good distraction. Zaria's overly weird letter. Seeing as she had received a long reply, she was going to do the same.

She wrote how Noire had actually mailed the letter without her consent while she was lost in a maze with her moo.
She explained how her family had come back from school.
She mentioned how lively things were now, and how amusing the triplets were.
The disastrous shopping trip for clothes and bikinis.
Then the suspicions about her moo.
The trip to the lake with the bikini accident brought about a lot of blushing when she remembered it.
Things got worse and worse for her.
Being fed directly.
Sleeping with her sister and her moo.
Only after she had written the incredibly awkward morning, she wondered if she should not have. However, redoing the pages seemed wrong too. And it was a prelude to her date with her moo.
She finished it off with her incredibly weird afternoon. Being her sister's Mistress, and being confessed to by both her human sisters.

"Noemy, do you think the triplets are like that too?"

"Moo? No, I think they are just playful." Noemy replied.

"Barris seems actually more mothering than our mother is." Marielle went through her family members. "I'll keep the triplets as suspicious in mind."

"Moo." Noemy agreed, amused.

"You are laughing at me."


"Show me your face, you are smiling, you are having fun with my confusion."

Noemy approached her Mistress and wrapped her in a gentle hug, making sure to place her lover's head on her chest..

"Comfy." Marielle complained. "Stop that, I need to reply to the other letters too."


"Even my maid is bullying me."

"Loving you."

"Evil moo."

"Your evil moo."

The evil moo just kissed her Mistress, who then started turning a deep red and buried her face in the chest that the cowgirl was so proud of.


Marielle compared the normal letters to the one she got from Zaria and her reply back.

Suddenly the letters she had always relied on for contact felt empty, nothing really personal was written, nothing weird like the thing her Kairan counterpart had lived through. No teasing or hinting at more.

The normal letters were so normal.

"Do you wish to eat here?"

Marielle looked at Noemy. Then she had an idea. "Let's eat here together."


Marielle turned red as she remembered who she would face if she went to eat with her family. "I am not ready to face them, so let us eat together."

Noemy was unsure, snacks was one thing. But the large dinner?

"If you want I will make it an order." Then she blushed again as she was reminded of what orders could be like. "Please eat with me and stay with me tonight." The end trailed off as her shyness prevented her from finishing with as much confidence as she had started with.

"With a nightgown?" the Moo asked.

Marielle turned a shade redder, clearly remembering the morning.

"Very well, I will fetch dinner and prepare a fresh uniform for tomorrow. Will that be anything else Mistress?"

"No, I think that is all." Marielle replied after a moment. "No, wait." Marielle remembered something after all. "Make sure we are eating the same dinner."

"Moo?" Noemy wanted to make sure she heard right.

Marielle fidgeted in the seat with a light blush and shyly replied: "It is our first real dinner together; I thought it would be nice to really eat together and eat the same things."

The two girls shared shy glances, before the maid made a confirming noise and went to fetch dinner for them.

With Noemy leaving Marielle relaxed. Her hand felt the ache from writing so many replies.

She also wondered why she was so open with her counterpart. It was not normal.


An open dialogue got started, your counterpart replied like that, and now you feel like being open since you are curious and she is the first person outside of your family whom you don't feel the need to be politely guarded like an aristocrat with.
That said, sorry to tell you, the moment you caught her interest with that amusing rant you were doomed to live interesting times.

Yes, I had to get that off my chest!
The amusing part, no, I don't dislike Marielle.



After a nice and friendly dinner, Marielle especially enjoyed it, Noemy's ears and tail were especially telling how much the moo enjoyed the food, the pair relaxed once another maid removed the plates.

The knowing looks made Marielle blush again.

Why was she outed so quickly?

She pretended not to hear the whispered "Congratulations" that the maid told her moo, who visibly perked up with a bounce.

It made Marielle once again wonder at their racial differences. According to the books most of the race was like Noemy. Calm, placid, slow to anger, and very gifted in a certain area.

Afterwards Marielle was reading the book on spell abuse, with her head resting on Noemy's bare chest, something the moo had been oddly insistent about.


Barris steeled herself.

She knew this was going to be incredibly awkward, but it was up to her to act. This was something that only she could do.

Victoria and Literis had confessed to Marielle, which was earlier than she expected. However, Marielle getting together with Noemy had probably rushed them to act.

Now she had to make sure that Marielle was told the ins and outs of lesbian relationships.

If it had just been, the technical part she would have shoved her youngest sister onto the triplets, if it had been about pleasuring multiple partners the triplets would have been the right choice as well.

No, she had to deal with the emotional side too.

No way was she going to leave her sister blundering through her first relationships, and no chance in hell she was going to remind Grilly to do that.

So it was up to her.

She knocked on the door, feeling like it was a portal to an extremely dangerous dungeon.

"Yes?" Noemy's voice came through the door.

Barris hoped her voice was steady as she replied. "It is Barris, it is important." It was actually a good sign that Noemy was still in the room, and it was very convenient for her.

The maid let her in and Barris looked around and carefully scented the air. Slight arousal, from both girls but no signs of them doing anything more, considering the lack of a cup and the scent of milk in the air. Noemy had been milked directly. It certainly explained the arousal too.

"Tea?" Marielle asked her second oldest sister.

"Yes please." Barris agreed as she sat down.

Noemy scrambled off to the corner with the tea set and

"Considering you two started dating, and the two idiots decided to spontaneously confess, I thought I'd hear you out, and we should talk about it."

"Idiots?" Marielle wondered if Barris had really called her two human sisters idiots.

Barris simply huffed and slumped a bit. "I may love all my sisters, but confessing the same day you finally openly admit your relationship with Noemy?" She shook her head. "Yeah, idiots. They kept silent that long, they could have waited a few weeks to let you settle in with Noemy."

Both younger girls felt their faces heat up.

"Stop blushing you two."

The two blushed harder.

Barris facepalmed.

After everyone calmed down and tea was served, Barris spoke again. "So, do you have questions about relationships?"

Marielle and Noemy shared looks, but drew a blank about what to ask.

"I guess that is a no." Barris took a sip. "Now, relationships between girls are both easier and harder. Easier because being together is easier, harder because our bodies were made for the opposite sex, and many still have prejudice against same sex relationships." Barris decided to explain bluntly.

"In your case it is sort of expected that you might use your maid for relief."

Both girls started blushing again, with Marielle remembering the morning and quickly reaching very high levels of embarrassment.

"How innocent are you two?" Barris was baffled. "You know that things don't get more intimate than letting you drink directly for a cowgirl?"

Noemy was twisting her apron nervously while Marielle hid her face behind her hands.

"Really? I wondered why I never smelled you two over each other much or I thought it was washed off and covered by the milk. But you never had her help you with your urges?" Barris was a little surprised. "With how horny you are sometimes I would have suspected at least that much."

"Barris" Marielle complained with teary eyes. Why was she taking part in a shame play?

"Surprising. In that case, I figure you should ignore the two idiots and slowly explore things." Barris hid her grin behind the teacup. "If you need tips to spice up your sexlife, you can ask the triplets. Just don't let them talk you into joining them, or them joining you."

"What?" "Moo?"

"I thought you knew or at least suspected." Barris placed her cup back down. "The three have their own private orgies. There is a reason they don't have an interest in anyone else or feel the need to invite others. Since they like you two, they might make an exception for you." Barris thought it over again. "No, probably they will happily let you join; they really enjoy playing with you."

And she broke them, if the stunned and frozen blushing faces were any indication.

"I know for a fact that they wondered what Noemy tastes like, and how long you would last before passing out from pleasure."

Barris marvelled how both twitched when mentioned but otherwise did not react aside from now holding hands for mutual reassurance. It was really sweet actually.

"So be careful if you ask them for tips." Barris warned again. "Aside from that, while I dated, it never really went beyond some good groping and some tongue and fingers during my heat. I can tell you the basics at most there."

The two were inching closer to each other.

"While we females might not be as openly needy as most males, hugging, cuddling, holding hands, is something we like a lot. Not that you two will have any issues there; we also like to talk a lot. Males are often less inclined there, so no surprise they rarely last long in relationships when young." Barris wondered if she was maybe too serious at times, but considering the rest of her family? It was probably a good thing she was taking after their father like Victoria, even if Victoria had somehow gotten a lot from Grilly, whom she was not even directly related to. Her family was weird.

"You two are so adorable together." Ooops, she had said that aloud and was rewarded with refreshed blushing.

"If you want, there are a few spicy books about girls with girls, which might give you two ideas." Barris wondered how to explain love, when love was so difficult to explain. "I suspect you two already cuddled and did the milking part. Have you tried sex yet?"

The two heads shook without hesitation.

"Now, as you know cowgirls really like breast play, what you probably don't know is that they also like to play with breasts. So you might want to try that, otherwise caressing and gently touching everywhere should give you a good hint of what the other one likes." Barris decided to give a last push. "You know that touching includes the tongue and lips? You will get some rather interesting reactions if you move the tongue just right down there, kissing with tongue is a good start too. Now I will take my leave before you two overheat or explode."

Barris finished her tea, rose, and walked to the door. As she opened the door, she called back. "Have fun you two." Then she left, closing the door on the two mortified girls.

Marielle felt the familiar tingle of arousal and knew that she was dripping.

Noemy felt her chest tingle and really wanted to have Marielle take care of it.

"S-so?" Marielle stopped as her voice came out broken.

Noemy decided to focus. "I will put away and clean the tea set. Would you like your evening milk afterwards?" She stuck her chest out when Marielle's eyes wandered to her breasts.

Marielle pulled her eyes away. "Let's wash first?"

Noemy nodded.


Not having had the chance to masturbate lately, Marielle was well aware how aroused she was, and how much she was dripping.

And from the looks of it, so was Noemy.

Washing together had been a bad idea.

Marielle flattened herself against the wall as her moo approached her with a look she knew meant sex. With nowhere to escape, she felt the large firm breasts press against her much smaller ones. Then they flattened with the peaks rubbing against the other breast.

Then Marielle learned that her cowgirl's tongue was a little rougher than her own was when it invaded her mouth. She was honestly glad that her moo was holding her, as she doubted her legs could have held her.

After a long time both girls stopped, as they needed air, clearly they were not yet capable of breathing and kissing for a long time at once.

Afterwards the human girl had again trouble looking at her bare companion who seemed eager to feed her.

Honestly, Marielle was a bit jealous when her moo came again from her nipples and breasts. It seemed much easier than having to rub yourself there.

"Thank you Mistress." The out of breath Noemy panted once she was sufficiently drained. "Now your turn?"


Marielle realized that her maid was ready for night duties and had not forgotten the sight in the bath. She found herself stripped, lying on her back as her maid went about the night duties she had read about in a few books.

Marielle also realized as the tongue entered her that someone playing with you was far more intense than playing with yourself, and that the other book was right about one thing: the horns made for wonderful handholds.


Finally, after three very intense orgasms the barely conscious Marielle found herself pulled into the firm chest.

Out of revenge, she bit a nipple and gently suckled it as she felt herself drift off from exhaustion.

Noemy on the other hand had trouble sleeping since her Mistress continued suckling even in her sleep.

Inwardly the maid tallied up their orgasms and realized that she still owed her Mistress five more at least. After all, it was not right when the servant was more pampered than the Mistress was.

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Almost bikini malfunction that lead to a stupidly funny scene
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Marielle trying to stop said malfunction and ending out with two handfuls of breasts
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Poor Marielle. She is not mentally prepared for all of this.
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totally isn't
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Poor Marielle, self destruction again :LEGiggle:
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What if fel or Marielle got drunk and tried to do cow tipping.......with their moo and ended up pushing them down....
Fel? push a moo down? not possible, clearly you're the one drunk
That is why the moo let's it happen.....
Let her have a drunken dream of being dominant
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What the heck?
Victoria and Literis outing themselves was not supposed to happen.
Barris on the other hand handled it pretty well imo.

Finally Marielle gets a clue.

Poor Sheltered girl and it shows. Well things are getting better for her.

Fun Statistics:
By Jessy
Marielle self-destructions: 19
Marielle destruction by others: 16
self-destruction = she makes herself blush
other destruction = others make her blush

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