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Hollywood What If Chapter 204

[Author's note: The synopsis might be longer this time because I'm trying to expand the plot of the Continental Cinematic Universe.]

[Shout out to Akifuyuu, Artman, InverseWorld, and Задумчивый Которог!] 


[Seeing Lenore's pitiful appearance, Bryan Mills decided to invite her to Istanbul instead. Of course, Kim, their daughter, would be with them.]

[As the family began to reunite, the scene changed to a place where a group of people were preparing snipers and rifles. They looked professional, but they didn't look uniform. One of these people was Marcus, the assassin from John Wick who saved John from death.]

[Marcus was hired by the Fraternity to kill a retired agent. His relationship with the Fraternity was complicated, but he accepted the mission anyway. After all, the power of the Fraternity, one of the pillars of the High Table along with the Bowery and the Continental Hotel, was enormous.]

[A single man like Marcus could never face such a dangerous organisation, even if he was a highly respected assassin. He specialised in the use of sniper rifles. Maybe if he teamed up with John Wick, the Fraternity could be wiped out.]

[However, John Wick had no valid reason to destroy the Fraternity].

[In hand-to-hand combat, John Wick was far superior to him].

[There were actually two groups in this mission. The first was the Fraternity and the other was a revenge group. Apparently their relatives had been killed by the target and they were trying to kill him and his family to get even.]

[If there was anything confusing about this mission, it was the fact that the High Table would send so many people to kill a father and his family. The High Table even makes contact with the Fraternity. Perhaps someone from the High Table was eager to end the target's life.]

[As to why, Marcus had an idea. Probably a person died and someone from the High Table wanted revenge.]

[Anyway, his relationship with the Fraternity was souring and he wanted to end his career after this. Yeah, just like John Wick.]

[Leaving that dark secret world was not easy. It was a miracle that John Wick had the chance to do so. Unfortunately, some bastard killed John Wick's dog and the Baba Yaga returned to this accursed world.]

[Marcus wanted to leave this world. He wanted to quit this job and end his career as a hitman once and for all. He wanted a new life, for him and...]

[With this as his last mission, Marcus intended to accomplish it].

"Hey, who do you think will win, Marcus or Bryan Mills?" 

It was a question that got the audience's attention. If the audience was right, in this film Marcus and Bryan Mills could go head to head. 

Well, if Marcus had the distance advantage, he might win. He was good with sniper rifles. 

But if the fight is close enough for the two to have a gunfight or hand-to-hand, then Bryan Mills could win. 

But would Marcus win? Nah... No one knows the answer. 

Either way, the outcome will be decided tonight. 

[The family of three were on holiday in Istanbul, and so far their holiday had been fun.]

[But the fun ended abruptly. As he walked around the hotel, Bryan Mills felt someone looking at him. At first he thought it was nothing.]

[But his gut feeling changed after he and Lenore decided to go on a date. The two of them left Kim Mills at the hotel.]

[In a taxi, Bryan confirmed that a car was indeed following them. He deduced their intentions and decided to flee with Lenore.]

[Bryan Mills and Lenore each went in different directions to escape. Then the action officially began.]

[Bryan fought criminals associated with the traffickers and successfully killed some of them].

[But he couldn't fight freely because there were snipers. One almost shot him in the head, but fortunately Bryan ducked and escaped their sights. There seemed to be only five snipers at most.]

[While hiding from the snipers, Bryan Mills killed the criminals one by one].

[Sadly, Bryan Mills surrendered when he realised the enemy had captured Lenore. He called his daughter and informed her of their situation before dropping the gun.]

[Kim Mills, hearing her father's seriousness, became both alert and nervous. She remembered what had happened in France two years earlier].

["Listen to me carefully, Kim. Your mother and I are going to be taken away. They'll come for you too. Leave this place calmly. Go now." Bryan smashed the phone after calling his daughter].

[Left with no choice, Bryan dropped the gun and the enemies started beating him.]

[Perhaps because of their intentions, the criminals didn't kill Bryan and Lenore on the spot. They wanted Bryan to suffer as they had suffered. They would kill his loved ones in front of him.]

[With utmost concentration, Bryan Mills did his best to use his sense of hearing to remember their route].

[Then the two were taken to different rooms. Bryan Mills was left alone in the room with his hands tied.]

[But the man was always prepared, he had a little gadget (phone) that he could use to contact people. He tried to contact his friend first, but he didn't answer. Then Bryant called his daughter and Kim Mills answered immediately.]

[Kim tried to ask about her mother and Bryan assured her, although Bryan himself had no idea of Lenore's current situation].

["Kim, listen to me very carefully. Take the case..."]

[Even though it was dangerous, Bryan instructed his daughter to help them escape.]

[Kim Mills started running around, throwing weak grenades at specific non popular locations so that Bryan had an idea of where exactly he was. He confirmed that he was not too far from the hotel as he could hear the three explosions].