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Hollywood What If Chapter 208

Kazir has just finished talking to Cameron Diaz. They decided to end their relationship today, no strings attached. First of all, they signed a contract. 

They had already extended the contract in the hope that Taken 2 would not be affected by their separation. 

Now that Taken 2 was in its second week, the couple knew it was time to end things between them. 

Taken 2 was a sequel to a successful film and its performance was not expected to be that bad.

By 14th November 1999, Taken 2 had already grossed $90.03 million. This made it the fastest grossing film of November 1999. In fact, Taken 2 was the second fastest grossing film of the year behind Star Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace. 

Star Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace grossed $191 million in its second week... A truly terrifying franchise. This franchise has already taken root and created a culture in the US. 

The third fastest grossing film was Toy Story 2 with $80 million. 

The data doesn't lie and it was clear that Taken 2 was a box office hit. 

Kazir Grey let Cameron Diaz leave the café first. It would be awkward if they left at the same time. 

After waiting a few minutes, Kazir Grey decided to leave. After paying, he left the cafe. 

But before he could reach his car, someone called him from behind. 

"Director Grey."

Kazir turned to see a man. He didn't know the guy at all. 

Kazir tilted his head and asked. 

"Excuse me? Do I know you?" 

He thought the man was asking for an autograph. Lately, a lot of people had been asking for autographs. His cameo appearances in films made people recognise him. So Kazir Grey always had a pen ready for this moment. 

"Okay, you can give me some paper and I'll sign it."

"Huh? N- No, director. You have misunderstood. I'm not here for an autograph. I'm Agent Franklin Maxwell of the William Morris Agency. I'm Orlando Bloom's agent."

Franklin Maxwell handed Kazir Grey a business card. The director took the card and confirmed that it was genuine. He was a former client of WMA and knew the design and look of their business card. 

But Kazir didn't know about this agent. Well, he didn't know much about WMA after getting kicked out anyway. 

Kazir Grey thought that Orlando Bloom could play the role of Wesley Gibson in Wanted, so he decided to invite the guy. 

Most of Kazir's actors were from CAA, UTA, freelancers or small agencies. However, he never invited WMA to his project after the Ed Helms controversy.

It was a very rare moment for WMA. Kazir had already lost his grudge when he found out that Carl Morin and Lawlor Dean had been kicked out of the company. He was not petty enough to hold a grudge forever... 

"So you're Orlando Bloom's agent? If you're asking for the script, don't worry, we'll fax it to you tonight or tomorrow. Although I would like you to remind Orlando Bloom to keep the script confidential".

"I understand Director, I will call Orlando Bloom later."

Kazir nodded and opened his car, glancing at the agent and noticing that he wasn't leaving. 

"Do you have something to tell me?"

"Director, do you mind if we talk for at least five minutes? I have something that might interest you."

"... Alright." Kazir raised his eyebrow and decided to accept the invitation. He didn't have anything to do today. 

The project would start in two weeks and Kazir was taking his time, relaxing and living a simple life. 

Now that he had hired a general manager to take care of Grey Pictures, Kazir was free most of the time. He never liked being a CEO anyway. 

Agent Franklin Maxwell was pleased that Kazir had agreed. He immediately took him to a restaurant with private rooms. 

Kazir was curious about the agent's intentions. He already had an idea why the agent wanted to talk to him. 

'Maybe it's something to do with Orlando Bloom.'

There were many ways to get the roles besides auditioning. Connections were one thing. 

But there was another method, something that Hollywood was trying to hide, but it was very obvious. 

The casting couch... 

Yes, this thing happened a lot, but mostly hidden. 

The actors or actresses would sleep with someone from the crew, usually people in high positions such as directors and producers. Even casting directors had their fair share of "fun".

If Kazir was right, this agent would take him to a private room where beautiful women were waiting to be eaten. 

Suddenly, Kazir felt that this could be a trap.

"Franklin, I just want to remind you that I don't want any trouble. But if anything happens, someone will pay for it."

"O- Of course, director. Don't worry, my intentions are pure."

'Pure my ass.'

Kazir thought and followed him. He looked around and confirmed that he hadn't found any hidden cameras. Of course, hidden cameras were hard to find, but Kazir was a director and he knew where to put cameras to get a better view. 

So far he had not found any. 

'Maybe I'm getting overconfident and thinking I can do anything and overcome anything. Damn, and I thought Hollywood would never affect me...'.

A lot of celebrities were arrogant for a reason. 

When they reached the room, Kazir's suspicions were confirmed. 

Franklin Maxwell opened the door and Kazir saw what was inside. He found seven people in skimpy outfits. 

Seven people... But two of those people were actually men! Their outfits were disgusting!

'What the fuck?'

Kazir was stunned and looked at Franklin Maxwell. 

"Ahem... I didn't know your preference, so I decided to add men just to be sure." He blushed in embarrassment. 

Kazir Grey had few women in his life and some people believe that Kazir was actually gay. 

Kazir shook his head. He looked at the people and recognised a woman who would become famous a few years later. 

But Kazir never intended to play that game. 

"On second thought, let's talk downstairs. Where people can see us."



[Author's Note: Yep, I'm still alive.]