Chapter 6 – 5 | Frosthill’s Epidemic Part 1 (5)
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A swarm of giant rats is chasing two young Keepers, a boy and a girl, and heading to our direction. I have the choice to save them so I might as well. I warp to the two and they stop, startled at my display.

I cast basic elementary magic and make a wall of fire to delay the rat swarm. I pour more than necessary mana into the spell making it a few meters long. Some of the rats already in motion collide with the fire and burn to death. A rough estimate says there are still 40 some rats left.

I activate Analysis and it details that these are Feverish Rats. They tend to carry disease and act hysterically. Could these be the carriers of the White Death? I set up psychic armor-type barriers around me and the others as a precaution. They prevent any substance except oxygen to pass through.

Maybe I should capture these rats alive for samples. I use my psychic powers on their minds, as feeble as they are, and render them unconscious. With that out of the way I turn my attention to the two I just rescued.

Becca The rats won’t be a threat anymore. You two okay?

Boy I’m fine, but my friend Wendy got bit. Is she in danger, you think?

The boy who names himself Will shows concern for his friend who has collapsed in his arms. She is pale and sweaty.

Analysis shows nothing wrong with her status but then again I don’t think analysis has such function to detect disease in the first place. Let’s update the skill to have different magic for different occasions.

I activate something I’ll call Medical Analysis on Wendy. It shows that she is running a fever and that something called White Death is invading her system. It hasn’t shown symptoms yet so if I quietly remove it with Restoration no one will be the wiser.

Becca Let me take a look, I know some healing magic.

Pretending to use normal healing magic I use my all powerful Restoration to cancel the fever and remove the illness before it can take hold. The two of them can only think I healed her external wounds.

Becca She should be fine after some light rest.

Will Thank you, miss. You’ve saved us. If it weren’t for you we’d be rat food.

Becca Why were you two out here?

Will We were looking for the Spring of Bliss when we stumbled on a rat nest. They chased us and we ran for it. We’re only Glass Keepers you know. We can’t fight a huge swarm like that.

I wonder how he would react if I told him I was a glass rank too?

Lina The Spring of Bliss? What’s that?

Envie According to records, it’s a legend of Silver Ravine. The Spring of Bliss once saved a man’s life. That man would create Frosthill town and further spread the tale.

Laura What does the spring do?

Cheshyr I’ve heard of it before. They say whoever drinks from it can heal all wounds and diseases. It’s like the miracle elixir.

Will But no one knows where the spring is or if it’s real. Me and Wendy went looking for it to help cure Frosthill.

So in a way these two young Keepers are doing what they can to help the townspeople just like the doctor.

Becca We’re heading back to town to hand in a request. You want to hitch a ride?

Will If it’s not any trouble, we’ll take you up on that offer.

I set up a radius around me and warp all of us to the gate of Frosthill.

The girls who know I can manipulate space aren’t surprised but Will’s mouth is gaping open. And the two guards too. I’ve never seen someone’s mouth open that wide.

Will What just happened?! How’d we get here so quick? One second we’re at the ravine’s north side, the next we’re in town?

Becca It’s ‘cause I warped us here.

Will You can use Space Magic?! I thought only grandmaster wizards in fables could do that!

Becca Really? It’s not like it’s hard or anything.

Cheshyr Will, just don’t think about it. When it comes to this girl there’s a lot to comment on but so little explanation.

Laura True.

I feel like the guards are staring at some sort of monster. No, wait, they’re staring at the pile of sleeping rats I warped with us. Almost forgot them but luckily they were within my range.

After the commotion dies down I bring the Rainbow Flowers and the Feverish Rats to Doctor Fraude. He and Lord Gosler are shocked at the number of rats I brought but I can only shrug at them.

Becca I got the flowers. And some rats that might be spreading White Death. Does this help you doc?

Fraude Certainly. I’ll examine them in further detail after I do some tests with the flowers. I should have some news by tomorrow.

Like that our day in Frosthill comes to a close. The sun is setting so my party and I open a gate to head back home.

Once we start to relax I check up on the girls downstairs running the bakery. It seems that sales are slow but beginning to trickle in.

The day is almost over. With a bit of time before bed I decide to do some experiments.

Time for a new skill. The skill Crafting is added to my ever growing list of skills.

I was interested in blacksmithing and to be honest, I’m the type of player who can really get behind crafting systems. Without any of the experience and dedication required, this skill can consume materials and create objects of my design. I integrate Crafting into the menu.

Let’s challenge myself and create a sword. It’ll be good to have a weapon in fights. At my strength I’m going to need some sturdy materials. I could search for some in the world of Arcoul, but for now I’ll go with materials I know about on Earth.

Let’s use G**gle.

What is the hardest material in existence or on sale?