-Moving Forward-
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A/N: After reading the comments from last chapter, I've decided to move on. Looking at the poll, it seems most people want me to just move on, so I will. Thank you to everyone that commented, it helped me a lot. 

If I was to redo it again, it would most likely be changed in such a way that it would build more tension and meaning behind Chiaki's "arc," such as the build-up of the stalker starting small with his attacks, while gradually moving up to the house fire, and then more attacks that are life-threatening, and then the final arc, where Isamu confronts him. 

I still wouldn't change Chiaki's sexual assault backstory, just because this was originally what I had planned for her, but I do wish I could of made it in such a way that it did impact Chiaki a lot more, and more meaningful for her acts and actions; For everyone to empathise with her greatly. Re-reading the arc again, I can see that her "story" isn't that "gut-punching" or "nerve-wracking," as I suddenly introduced it with no real "meaning" in such a way that it had caused her problems before the arc. 

I wanted the Chiaki's arc to be resolved in a way, where Isamu didn't give a shit about the whole "r*pe" incident, but alas, it turned out to be rushed, with no real character building. I also saw some comments about Isamu not acting like a "normal" person, such as having these strange "impulses" of violence, and having this "hero" complex. This aspect of Isamu IS actually explainable, and you'll see why later, so don't worry. If you noticed at the start of the novel, Isamu is somewhat acting normally, such as calling the police and not intending to reveal himself until they started to strip Mei, but this time, he straight up chose the "hero" route and went by himself. Like I said, this will be explained in future chapters.

Anyways, moving forward, I won't be bringing up sensitive topics, and like always, thank you for supporting me and reading the novel. This novel started off as just a light hearted "what if a normal guy got reincarnated and didn't want to interact with the heroines," idea, to people actually enjoying my novel way more than I thought. I can't promise a good ending, but I hope that the future me is able to create an ending that I, myself, and all my readers are satisfied with (even if some are unsatisfied). 

To everyone, thank you for leaving comments, and reading my novel.