CH 23 – Say ah~
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[Mei's POV]

What is Chiaki's problem!? 

Ever since Isamu saved her, she's been acting so aggressive against him!

It used to be only me that Isamu would head pat... and then Chiaki comes along now and asks for headpats every single day!!!

Mou~~~ Why~~~ 

Not only that, but Chiaki would wrap her arms around his, squeezing her gigantic chest into his sides!!! That damn scheming cat!!! 

I was going to take it slow with Isamu... but now I gotta go on the offense!

Glancing down by my side, was the black bento box. 

This time, I'll make sure that I get him to eat it!


[Lunch Break]

As usual, I found Isamu chilling in his favourite spot, the hidden courtyard with a gigantic tree in the centre.

Stepping over the pebbles and rocks, the rustling of the bush caught Isamu's attention.

"Hmm? Is that you, Mei?"


"...Why'd you come here again? I keep telling you, I already have a bento box from my moth-"

"Isamu. Do you think I'm stupid?"

"...I don't know. Maybe I d- Okay. Okay. Relax, I was just joking."

I stomped over to Isamu, before sitting down beside him.

Removing the lid from the bento, Isamu's eyes widened, as he looked between me and the bento box.

"...Did you make this yourself?"

"Yes, I did."

It was a simple bento, in great contrast to the bold floral decorations and spectacular meal that I had fed him before, with relatively normal dishes, such as rolled eggs, brocoli, tomato, a handiful of rice with bonito flakes spread on top, as well as a nice medium slice of cooked fish.

This bento was completely different from the last one, which had lobster...

"...Are you sure you're fine giving this to me?" Isamu asked, as he slightly fidgeted his fingers.

"Of course."

"But I'm sure that other boys would love to have your bento-"

"Isamu. The only person in the entire world that I would give my bento to, is you."


Isamu quickly looked away, as his face and ears turned a bright red, before chuckling nervously.

Not quite understanding why Isamu was acting this way, I opened my mouth and tilted my head slightly.

"What's the problem?"

"...Did you just hear yourself? It's almost like you were trying to say..."

His voice trailed off, as a few moments passed. Suddenly, the words I had spouted clicked inside my head, as soon I felt the embarrassment climb from within me and fill my head with a hot steaming burn.

"...No! That wasn't what I meant to say!"

"Yes, I know... So, don't get so worked up, okay?"

Ah... He said he "knows," as if he didn't expect me to really mean it. Somehow, that makes me feel... sad.

No. That's not what I want. 

Steeling my resolve, I opened my mouth.

"...Isamu, that was a lie."


"I'm being serious. The only person I would give my bento to, no matter how long and far and even in my second life, is you."

I placed my hand on top of my chest, as I locked eye contact with Isamu.

This is really embarrassing. But... I should no longer hold back. I can't hold back. Or else... Chiaki's going to take him away.

Isamu blinked a few times. Once, then twice, and then thrice. His long eyelashes continued to blink, before his eyelids widened and his mouth went agape. If his face wasn't considered red before, then this time it was definitely boiling hot.

"Huh!? Um... I see... Thanks, Mei."

My heart warmed up.

Yes. This was what I wanted to convey.

No more hiding.

Isamu, I'll make sure I make you fall head over heels for me.

"Say Ah~"

"...What are you doing?"

"Feeding you. Hurry up and open your mouth."

Holding the chopsticks in between my right hand, I picked up a piece of rolled egg, and placed it in front of his mouth.


"No buts. Hurry up."


Opening his mouth, I placed the rolled eggs onto his tongue. As he closed his lips shut, the chopsticks slowly withdrew from the crevices of his mouth, leaving his saliva on them. 

Eh... Why does this feel so erotic?

Feeling my face seethe from embarrassment, I quickly glanced back to the bento. 

"Um... How is it?"

"Mmm... Mmm... Gulp. It's really good."

...I never imagined that just getting a compliment would make me this happy. Inside my heart, it felt like if something tender and warm was swirling inside of it, as my body began to heat up.

"Hmm... Hand me the chopsticks."

".....Huh? Why?"

"Just give em to me."

Isamu grabbed the chopsticks, and snabbed a rolled egg as well, before placing it in front of my mouth.

"Here. Your turn. Say ah~"

(...Eh!? But... won't this be a i- i- in- indir- indirect k- kiss?)

Becoming conscious of his soft lips, and glancing back to the chopsticks ends itself, I began to panick inside.

Isamu didn't seem to notice, or that he just didn't care about such things, as his mouth went to a light smile and his eyes slowly closed halfway.

"Come on. I gotta return the favour. Ah~"

(But- But- BUT- ...Whatever! Whatever happens, happens! Gosh, Isamu you stupid idiot!)

"...A- Ah~"

The chopsticks went inside my mouth, as the soft squishy texture of the egg was left on my tongue.

Due to nervousness, I shut my mouth too early, as soon the chopsticks were left in my mouth. 

Isamu pulled the chopsticks out, as they slid along my soft rosy lips, before leaving.

(...What did I just do!?)

Struggling to pretend that nothing had happened, the constant thought of Isamu's lips and saliva continued to hammer my mind, each time causing my head to almost explode.

"So? How is it?"

"...Nnnn... It's sweet."

"Is that so? That's good."

I couldn't tell whether the sweetness came from the egg, or Isamu's saliva.

It was a combination of both, probably.

After somewhat cooling down, Isamu continued to eat again, with the SAME DAMN CHOPSTICKS!!!

My jaw fell to the floor. I thought that I had calmed down, but all that happened, was that my face became extremely hot again.

"...Isamu. You stupid dense idiot."

"Huh!? But why!?"