Chapter 4
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Chapter Four

An An didn't know when she started crying, Gu Yang sat in front of her and he wiped the tears off her cheeks. She turned her head away from him, he turned her head back to face him and continued to wipe her tears. His palm was gentle on her face and she felt an odd electric current between them.

Gu Yang sighed. 'Bao Bao, Li Mu isn't for you... because you're mine.'

'Get lost!' she said.

She didn't need to look at him to know he was smiling. She'd known him her whole life and memorised all his gestures.

'Bao Bao, you're a dummy,' he said softly and pinched her cheeks. 'Yet I love a bao bao dummy like you.'

'Get lost!' she said and kicked his abdomen. He howled and fell backward on the floor.

At breakfast the next morning, everyone at the dining table looked drowsy. Drowsiness didn't stop Liang Yue from engulfing food in a beastly manner. Liang Xing sat next to Li Mu and drank her milk at a snail paste. Li Mu ate his food in a reserved manner. An An felt the toast in her hand was bland.

'Where's Gu Yang?' the Liang triplets' dad asked a servant.

'Second young master said his chest hurts and won't be coming downstairs,' a servant said.

'What do you mean his chest hurts?' the Liang triplets' dad asked.

An An's palms were sweaty. Could it be the injury was from the kick she gave the sly wolf last night?

Liang Yue was about to say something but changed his mind.

Liang Xing spoke in Liang Yue's stead. 'In the middle of the night didn't Gu Yang rummage the medicine cabinet? Isn't that right Mu Mu? Was it when we were watching a movie together?'

Li Mu didn't get a chance to explain before An An slammed down her butter knife as if nothing happened and smiled.

'Sorry, please continue eating. I'll go take a look at Gu Yang,' An An said.

The Liang triplets' parents exchanged a glance.

An An cursed Li Mu... Stinky Li Mu! Go bury yourself!

An An carried a glass of milk upstairs and some of it spilt out onto her hand, it was cold like her confused state of mind.

Gu Yang's room wasn't locked and An An pushed opened the door. Inside Gu Yang's room was the scent of a young bachelor that she was familiar with. Gu Yang was lying on his bed, half of his chest exposed but a black bed sheet covered his legs. She didn't know if he was asleep.

'Hey,' she said and kicked his soft bottom.

Gu Yang half opened his eyes, 'A... Did you bring my breakfast?'

She wanted to dump the milk onto him but put the glass on his bedside table next to his breakfast.

'Get up!' she said.

He tossed the bed sheet aside and revealed a baggy pants and a bruised abdomen. She reminded herself to stay composed and not get upset over a creep like him.

Whilst he ate she searched for the cream to soothe his sore abdomen. She rubbed the cream onto his injury but couldn't help taking out her anger by rubbing hard into his bruised skin.

'Done,' she said.

She was about to stand up from the bed when she saw the gleam in his eyes. It was too late to retreat, he pulled her onto his lap and their faces were side by side. What a sly wolf, he wore nothing under his baggy pants and she wanted to find a hole to hide her embarrassed self.

'Hey... where were we up to last night?' he asked.

'Don't move! Be careful I might give you a concussion!' she said.

'Did your prince charming upset you again?' he asked.

He smirked. 'After I left your room last night I saw Li Mu and my sis were happily shoulder to shoulder together.'

'You saw them? Wasn't their door closed?' she asked coldly. 'If there was something going on between them, why would they leave the door open for you to see?'

He braced her hip tighter. 'Yes I was in the wrong for jumping to conclusions. And your prince charming was innocent as always. I'm still waiting for him to...'

She pushed his arms away from her and he gave her a cheeky look.

'You know you're going to lose our bet. Isn't that right my Bao Bao?'

Her heart pounded in rapid successions.

End of Chapter Four.