Chapter 5
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Chapter Five

An An wanted to talk to Li Mu. An An went to the living room upstairs and found Li Mu and Liang Xing were having an animated discussion.

'Mu Mu,' An An said.

Li Mu turned his head to An An but Liang Xing stole An An's thunder and spoke first.

'I'm going to check on Gu Yang, you two can chat amongst yourselves,' Liang Xing said in her holier-than-thou manner and left the living room.

'Do you like Liang Xing?' An An asked.

An An prayed to the heavens that she had a serene smile pasted on her face that didn't give away the anxiety she felt about Li Mu's reply.

Li Mu swept An An's long hair behind her shoulders and Gu Yang's kiss bites were visible on An An's neck. An An's heart froze and she adjusted her hair to hide the kiss bites on her neck.

'What are you talking about? That's Xiao Xing Xing,' Li Mu denied.

'You and her have the same life direction, both of you can become a married couple saving lives in third world countries,' An An said and huffed.

'Bao Bao,' Li Mu said in a disagreeing tone toward An An's logic. 'Don't talk about Liang Xing in that way. I only admire her strong will to help others that even I lack in comparison.'

'What's there to admire? Do you know how much her family company's profits are used to back her efforts to have a saintly image?' An An snapped.

'There's lots of people who build companies that make profits. But not many people give up their time and energy devoted to good causes like Liang Xing. Apart from you, others are grateful for Liang Xing's efforts,' Li Mu said.

Gu Yang appeared out of thin air. An An was definite her complexion wasn't serene one bit, because she felt a vein protruded on her forehead.

Gu Yang coldly looked back and forth at Li Mu and An An and smiled coldly.

'My sis only uses her yearly interest she earns if that isn't enough to sponsor her charity funds then Liang Yue and I are happy to give up our yearly interests to her,' Gu Yang said. 'Li Mu, you earn quite a bit from your yearly investments, what do you do with it?'

Li Mu didn't hesitate to rebut Gu Yang's dig at Li Mu. 'Whatever yearly interests I get from your family's company I never keep. Instead I give them to Liang Xing's charities.'

Gu Yang gave An An a secret smile. An An's brain was about to explode. An An's face turned bright red in shame.

'I admit I have too much free time that I have no right to criticise other people's business,' An An said through gritted teeth. 'You're both generous without fault. It's me Chen An An that's stingy and petty.'

'Bao Bao!' Both Gu Yang and Li Mu said at the same time.

They each held onto An An's arms to stop her from storming off. She looked behind her and saw Gu Yang gave Li Mu a death glare. Gu Yang yanked her harder toward Gu Yang. Li Mu let go of her and her body rammed into Gu Yang's embrace, but Gu Yang kept a firm grip on her arm.

'Creep, let go of me!' An An said and gave Gu Yang a viscious dirty look. It was a good thing her back was facing Li Mu. Gu Yang hugged her tighter and Gu Yang whispered into her ear.

'You want to ask an outsider for help? Too bad Li Mu isn't an outsider, he's part of our bet. Bao Bao, you broke a rule of our bet...'

Then Gu Yang kissed her. She heard Li Mu let out a strong groan. But Gu Yang trapped her against a wall and Gu Yang locked both her hands above her head. No matter how much she struggled it didn't affect Gu Yang's hold on her. She panicked when she felt Li Mu's presence silently left the living room.

Gu Yang whispered into her ear. 'The real mind games just started...'

Li Mu's abandonment left her heart hollow. She was also ashamed at her tactlessness by bad mouthing about Liang Xing out of jealousy in front of Li Mu.

Gu Yang cursed and let go of An An.

'If you can't win then you shouldn't have accepted the bet. You've overestimated yourself,' Gu Yang said coldly and left her alone in the living room.

After Gu Yang left she realised she was crying.

End of chapter five.