The Reincarnated Legendary Super Saiyan as A Baby?!?!
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Late at night at an ordinary orphanage in the Village Hidden in The Leaves, a knock was heard on the orphanage door. A young female worker at the orphanage woke up upset at the sudden noise and wondered who could possibly be wanting something at the orphanage at this ungodly time of night. She opened the door and saw a sleeping baby wrapped up in a blanket with a note that just said "His name is Aomatsuna Hakuseki." Her face brightens up at the cute sleeping child, but soon after frowned about why someone had to abandon this cute sweet looking child with dark beautiful hair. She took him inside and closed the door behind her.

  She took the young child to a room in the orphanage. She laid him on a bed and started to remove the blanket covering the child. The young woman almost screamed and woke everyone in the orphanage before covering her mouth.

'Why does this child have a monkey's tail?! Is it some sort of kekkei genkai? Why would someone have to leave their child with a bloodline limit!? I have to tell the matron about this child!' While the young orphanage worker left to get her boss, the young monkey-tailed infant starts to slowly open his eyes.

  The child started to scream in a high-pitched rage and made baby noises.


  The sounds of a loud baby radiating with killing intent that is so pressuring it did wake up the entire orphanage. The sounds of multiple children crying got the orphanage staff into a rush to calm all the children down and find the source of all this chaos. The original young female workers spotted the tailed infant and quickly picked him up to soothe him.

"Shush little baby don't say a word. Mama's gonna buy you a mocking bird..." The screaming infant stops and slowly falls back asleep.

  This caused all the children who were previously crying to stop and made all the workers at the orphanage feel relieved once again.

"It must be his kekkei genkai that caused that scary feeling along with his tail. I must report this to the matron as soon as possible." The female worker carried and softly patted the tailed child's back as she walked towards the matron.

"Kanno-san, I have something important to say. This child was dropped off here a little while ago and was the reason for the recent incident in the orphanage. I believe it is due to his kekkei genkai. What do you think we should do?" The mature plump woman got up and started to walk around with a stressed look on her face.

"I'm going to go tell the Hokage as soon as possible and see what he has to say about this boy. Stay here with the others."

  The matron began to run to the hokage tower. While this was happening our little tailed-infant slowly started to wake up once more.

'Is this what hell is like? A blinding infuriating light constantly on your eyes?' The child opened his eyes completely and was met with the face of a young woman with a black-haired ponytail holding him.

'I am being carried? What happened to me? All I remember is being sent into the sun by Kakarot and his sons. This makes no sense..' The baby is then sent off to dream land once again.

"Yes Hokage-sama, everything I've told you is true from what I saw and heard!" The old war veteran got up slowly.

"Well take me to him so I can see for myself." The matron told the Hokage the location.

  He body flickered away to the orphanage with the matron. Once they got to the building, the matron went to find the child with the Hokage in tow. They finally saw the child sleeping peacefully with his tail wrapped around the young woman's neck. As soon as the Hokage walked in the room with the child, he was instantly surprised by the amount of chakra the child was holding within his body.

'Is he a 10th Jinchūriki? I can't believe an infant could possibly hold that much chakra without being one. I definitely have to take this boy to the hospital and get him checked up.'

  The young woman and matron saw the expression on the Hokage's face and they began to be worried. The Hokage noticed this and calmed their worries.

"Oh, don't be worried. There's nothing wrong with the boy. It is just that I've never seen a baby with a tail before." He lied. The matron and young woman lightened up at this realization and started to laugh.

"I need to take the boy to the hospital to make sure that he is completely healthy and fine."

  The young woman walked over to the Hokage and handed the boy over to the old leader. Suddenly the tail around the young woman's neck started tightening. The matron and Hokage slightly freaked out and tried to slowly and carefully remove the tail from around her neck. The young woman was choking slightly and smiled at the monkey-like boy. Once they removed the tail from her neck, the boy was carried off to the hospital by the Hokage with his Anbu following behind secretly.

  Once they reached the hospital, the Hokage got the head doctor and went into a room with the child in his arms.

"Any information about this child's hospital results will be considered an S-rank secret, punishable by death." The people inside the room got a heavy feeling in their chest and expressions turned serious.

"Suguro Tatsuzo take some blood from this child and tell me if there is anything unusual about it." The head doctor, Suguro Tatsuo, told his nurse to get the syringe and hold the child while he gets the blood sample from the tailed-child.