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Broly In Naruto
Broly In Naruto
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4.0 (45 ratings)
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    Status: broly’s adventure?!?!

    I dont normally write reviews because I feel bad criticizing an authors work harshly but this was f**king terrible. Theres so no plot to speak of and its drones on and on. The characters r even more awful. Instead of understanding them more as I read on, instead I grew to hate them with every chapter. There is no growth in them and the story only moves on because its copying the orignal naruto plot. The 3 main characters are not even bad as in an edgy way but just plain f**king horrible. I can even stand mindlessly OP MCs but this was just 3 poorly written kids terrorizing everyone this whole book to the point that every chapter is this same repeated boring bullsh*t. I would recommend the writerr drop this and start over.

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    Status: c10

    I just have to say tho I couldn't read enough to see if you had some explanation for this. A 5 year old Sayan especially one with memories as an adult let alone we're talking about brolly here a mutant sayan would totally destroy anything in the naruto world.

    Just as a reminder Goten at 7 or so was supersayan which is more then enough power to destroy an in tire planet.

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    Status: finished

    I’m not good with words but this is what I have to say about this novel.

    This novel is absolutely amazing and you should read it tough I wish there were more chapters. The MC isn’t a complete ret*rd like Naruto and Jabie and Esumi too aren’t complete ret*rds. It’s written good and overall it’s just f**king great if you don’t read this novel I will kill you and your fam

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