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/ Series / Reincarnated as a Jade Beauty?!
Reincarnated as a Jade Beauty?!
Reincarnated as a Jade Beauty?!
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4.9 (147 ratings)
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Everything was going well for him: a well-earning job, a car, a home, but then he was tossed into a world of immortals, in the body of Jade Beauty of all things!

Hello, there. I'd written this novel a while back and only recently picked it up again, and decided to post it.
I write mostly for fun, so uh... I can guarantee no update consistency. I will try to post 3 to 4 chapters a week, but again, I can't guarantee anything.

PS: This is a Gender Bender work. If you dislike that, this is not for you; just don't give it a bad rating/review for that. However, Gender Bender does not have much relevance to the story. This was an idea I had a long time ago when I'd read the first Transmigrated-into-Villain/Young Master story. That's when I wondered what if it was written from the perspective of the Jade Beauty instead? So, I came up with the idea of some guy transmigration into the body of one. But at the time, I despised the 'conflict' that came with the category, so I kinda skipped the entire thing. So don't expect gender identity issues from this story - even if there are, it will be resolved in a few chapters at most. This is primarily a Progression Fantasy/Power Fantasy from a Jade Beauty's perspective.
Though, you can also think of it as an amateur author's way of escaping his responsibilities and not studying the female psyche deeply. Like I said - I write for fun.

PPS: I don't have much writing experience and I do want to improve, so your critiques are welcome. Just don't be too harsh - my glass heart might just break.

PPPS: MC will be extremely strong in her Cultivation Stage - and the strongest later on, but that doesn't mean much in the Cultivation World, where there is always a 'Heaven beyond the Heavens'.

PPPPS: This is still a WIP. I have the general plot idea in mind, but nothing concrete. Plus, I haven't made the mechanics of this world as concrete as I would like. So, I might make minor changes here and there. If I do make such changes, I'll do it retroactively across all relevant chapters. So, early readers might get a little confused, and I apologise for that.
Of course, I'll post a note when I do make changes.

PPPPPS: This story will take a while to pick up. So don't expect MC to have tremendous odds stacked against her from the very beginning. In fact, this will be more slice-of-life at the beginning.

ActionComedyEcchiFantasyGender BenderGirls LoveMartial ArtsRomance
Accelerated Growth Alchemy Appearance Different from Actual Age Arrogant Characters Beautiful Female Lead Bloodlines Body Tempering Cheats Comedic Undertone Cultivation Dao Comprehension Fast Cultivation Girl's Love Subplot Heavenly Tribulation Love Interest Falls in Love First Male to Female Money Grubber Multiple Realms Multiple Reincarnated Individuals Perverted Protagonist Strength-based Social Hierarchy System Administrator Transmigration Weak to Strong Xianxia
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Table of Contents
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    New raging_void_worm
    Status: chapter 25: an illness that can...

    So, I read this on Webnovel (The UI is much better) and decided to review it here.

    Note before you continue reading the review: this is strictly my own subjective view of the novel. I will, however, try to be as objective as possible.

    Writing Style
    It is written in a mostly light-hearted and somewhat comedic style. It's easy to read understand and there are no major grammatical errors. I don't have many demands for this, so I'll give it a 5/5.

    The plot seems to revolve around the protagonist - who is a super-hot female cultivator - being forced into fulfilling her role as the Jade Beauty for a Xianxia Protagonist's journey. A rather unique use of the over used trope. However, there doesn't seem to be much else. At least not yet. The later chapters seem to hint at a greater plot, but that remains to be seen.
    I am looking forward to where the Author will take this story, so I'll give it 4/5 for now. The Jade Beauty 'plot device' seems to be an interesting concept. I've seen transmigrated into Elders, Young Masters, Protagonists, Side Characters and Mob Characters, but not a Jade Beauty.

    The MC Xiao Hong is a perverted male soul stuffed into a female hottie and thus seems to be perfectly fine with it. There were no issues with gender identity whatsoever. While I don't particularly like novels that drag out the transformation from male to female over hundreds of chapters, I still feel this was way too fast. The gender issue was solved in the first half of the first chapter. It basically went like this: Transmigration -> Soul Fusion -> Solved. That's it.


    Other than that Xiao Hong seems to always believe that she is a protagonist only to be used as a plot device in the very same/next chapter. That was entertaining


    I quite like the Female Lead, Qiao Guiying. The author seems to have spent more time on her than the MC. She has some depth to her.
    Then there are the Young Masters that want the MC in their beds no matter what.
    Since there are Young Masters, there are 'protagonists'. I like the most recent Protagonist, he's not a total asshat with too much luck the other novels of the trope 'transmigrated into a Young Master' make them out to be.
    Though there are too many side characters as of late and I find it hard to keep up. Maybe the Author should consider adding characters to the glossary?
    Anyway, I'll give this a 4/5 as well. I hope the Author elaborates on the MC herself a little more, though.

    I quite like the World actually. It is somewhat different from the typical Xianxia World. The Author seems to be taking his time with the world-building, adding a couple of small details here and there. I'll give this a 5/5. Just because I liked it. Though, you might not.

    I don't think this matters all that much, but the Author updates every day, so yeah 5/5.

    Personal thoughts:
    Overall, I quite like the story. And I will give it a 4.5/5.

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    4 Likes · Like
    New Aralunai
    Status: chapter 22: bi xin city

    This is god tier and you should read it need I say anymore

    Read More

    4 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 15: fighting demon beasts

    Very fun novel to read. Would recommend to others.

    Read More

    7 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 19: bai hao

    very interesting so far, I like the satire with xiaxia at the same time as it is a xiaxia, the protagonist is funny most of the time, the gender bender tag is the only thing that I thought didn't make sense, honestly that ended up having 0 relevance in the story so far, MC has not had any type of conflict or self-discovery, in fact the genderbender has probably only had 4 or 5 lines of attention in the entire story and in general they boil down to "I was a man before" and that's it., the story continues normally. But honestly, it doesn't matter because while it doesn't add anything, it also doesn't cause any problems. I recommend reading.

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