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/ Series / Untouchable (A VRMMO LitRPG ManhwaBook)
Untouchable (A VRMMO LitRPG ManhwaBook)
Untouchable (A VRMMO LitRPG ManhwaBook)
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4.8 (84 ratings)
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Debated as one of the best players of all time in the competitive VRMMO 'Champions of Andartha,' Yuusha 'the Untouchable' suddenly disappeared from the pro scene without a trace. Years later, at the height of the game's popularity, a chance meeting with an up-and-coming streamer draws her in once more to their world. Will this fateful encounter rekindle her competitive spirit to rise once again and reclaim her former glory?


The VRMMO game of the story is heavily inspired by Elden Ring. Expect many similarities in gameplay, immensely compelling action scenes, and fast-paced kills/deaths.

Doing a manhwa type of book with lots of illustrations for a better immersion.

Updates 2 times a week, usually on weekends.

ActionAdventureComedyEcchiGirls LoveHaremLitRPGMaturePsychological
Anti-social Protagonist Appearance Changes Arrogant Characters Beautiful Female Lead Bisexual Protagonist Calm Protagonist Charming Protagonist Clever Protagonist College/University e-Sports Female Protagonist Game Elements Game Ranking System Gamers Girl's Love Subplot Hidden Abilities Hiding True Abilities Hiding True Identity MMORPG Past Trauma Protagonist Strong from the Start RPG Strong to Stronger Sword And Magic Underestimated Protagonist
Table of Contents 58
  1. Vol.2 Chapter 1Feb 19, 2024
  2. Side Chapter: Magical Girl KatherineFeb 3, 2024
  3. InterludeFeb 3, 2024
  4. Chapter 48Jan 28, 2024
  5. Chapter 47Jan 27, 2024
  6. Chapter 46 RinJan 21, 2024
  7. Chapter 45Jan 19, 2024
  8. Chapter 44Jan 14, 2024
  9. Chapter 43Jan 9, 2024
  10. Chapter 42Jan 7, 2024
  11. Chapter 41 ClarenceJan 6, 2024
  12. Chapter 40Jan 1, 2024
  13. Chapter 39Dec 30, 2023
  14. Side Chapter – MurasameDec 25, 2023
  15. Chapter 38 – ?????Dec 24, 2023
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      New Lemix
      Status: chapter 48

      One of my favorite stories on this site, I like the banter and the main story, combat is pretty engaging, game mechanics are not to complicated but not simple either so its a good balance, some characters I dislike, but with the amount there is its only natural, I also really like MC here.

      Art in chapters is a nice bonus btw, even tho I dislike the style, other people might enjoy it and it will never hurt the story, imo art is a bit too "cute" for my liking.

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      2 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 9

      Tired of all the smuts and plotless stories on this site? Well, you're in luck, you stumbled upon a masterpiece in the making (if the author doesn't drop it of course). This story has the strongest start I've seen in any of the novels I've read... ever. And to top it all, the writting keeps getting better and better 

      The grammar is good except for some missing punctuations here and there and some capitalized words but it not hardly noticeable.

      The style is where it shines. I honestly haven't seen any author with a style like this on all the novels I read. One thing you're reading then next you suddenly laugh out of nowhere. Reminds me of gintama. 

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      8 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 20

      no words. Its good. I read other books waiting for this one to update. Thats how much I like it.

      edit:ffs I cant edit the stars. I'm sorry if this affects the story. But the important thing is its good. Trust

      edit edit: I edited the stars. I'm up to chapter 48 now. Its still going strong for me. 

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      6 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 46 rin

      I enjoy this story quite a bit. &Nbsp;Some of the positives so far (chp 46) :

      • The writing is solid, fleshed out characters and world with an interesting setting and backstory
      • The MC has an interesting past and it's good to see her going through adversity even though OP
      • I tend to skip overly long RPG action nonsense (a battle taking several chapters of this skill and that skill)  and this story has action that is engaging, concise, and doesn't overstay it's welcome

      I just have one complaint really and that is with the yuri/romance/mature tag. &Nbsp;I was just hoping for a little more fleshed out romance honestly. &Nbsp;There's a lot of 'anime' tropes in this story, and even though the characters are in College the Romance piece feels like we're dealing with a High School yuri anime romance. &Nbsp;

      Now, that could just be because it's early in the story and the MC is working through her own stuff (trying not to spoil stuff here), but that aside with the mature tag I don't need smut, but having an actual adult style romance with one or more of the love interests I think would make the story more enjoyable at least for me. 

      Again early in the story and maybe the author has something in mind with that. &Nbsp;That complaint aside it's still a great read and would highly recommend.

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      5 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 44

      Great story.

      Good interactions.

      Makes you want more.

      I want to eat some tacos. 

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      4 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 30

      Honestly I’m up to date and have to state I’m a fan. The grammar is solid, the storyline is interesting and the world is fascinating. Our MC quit esports and honestly has one of the best reasons I’ve seen for it in an esport series. There’s a good mix of focus between in game and out of game. The main caveat is be wary if you don’t like little pictures sprinkled through your stories. Overall? I’m a fan. And if you like esport VRMMO stories I’d suggest giving it a try.

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      4 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 39

      I finally managed to get up to date. What can I say? The story is good, it's well written and the characters (especially Clarissa and Chu) are keeping me glued to it. Probably the strongest and most solid part of this story is precisely the characters... MC is the Jesus Christ of the CoA universe (and honestly, she's the least interesting character of the bunch) but all the other characters still have their agencies and don't follow her blindly without explainations just because "she knows best". They also have personalities and quirks, and this is a huge plus considered that in many stories secondary characters are just there to repeat how awesome MC is to the readers (not that they don't do that in this novel, but at least they don't do only that).

      BUT... this novel also have two glaring flaws.

      1) COA SUFFERS FROM A CASE OF SAO SYNDROME: The only winning build is an high DEX one, the game is so skewed towards high DEX builds that any other build is sub-par at best and total deadweight at worse. Why people is spending their points on STR, INT and VIT when by just raising DEX your attacks are more accurate than a laser fired at point blank range, deals more damage than the same attack based on STR, allows you to just gank every INT builds so fast that they die before you can say "GG EZ" and allows you to tank more damage than a tank build by making you practically impossible to get hit if not from another high DEX build player? I played multiplayer games for decades and one thing always stuck out: people isn't going to play a character that is guaranteed it will make them lose.
      One of the biggest problem if CoA was a real game is how it manages Player Killers and Griefers: basically, if you attack someone without killing them and they fight back, the system authorizes the PK to kill their victim as if the PK is the victim.
      Oh, it also let's you take your victims' drops after you baited them into fighting back...

      You ask me why does all that matter and why it challenges my suspension of disbelief that much? Because in the real world a game like CoA would NOT be as succesful as depicted in the novel, it would be an hellscape of high-DEX builded Player Killers and Griefers with a constantly diminishing user base due to rage quitting and the impossibility of climbing the ladder without being continuously harassed by veteran gamers looking for their daily dose of schadenfreude.

      2) THERE ARE NO STAKES OR GOALS: Of the 5-6 character that are usually followed, only 2 have a goal to achieve or any stake to surpass: Chu wants to win because his family is broke and Clarissa wants to git gud so she can bond with her brother, all the others? They're there because they're there, they don't even want the money from the 1st place, they want to win because they want to win, MC included. In this the MC is also really unnerving because of all the bunch she has the biggest hurdle to win over (heal from the trauma of loss), but her hurdle is used just to stop her from using her max level character from the start and nothing more. When she met her old team mates I expected AT LEAST a system allarm saying that her emotional state was fluctuating but no, not. Even. That. Her trauma doesn't facture in any shape or form in the novel, to the point that the reader could risk to forgot it's even there after the 10th chapter.

      Overall I give it a 4/5 stars, because the story is interesting and the characters are fleshed out well enough to keep the reader captivated, and if you can ignore that CoA would make its company go bankrupt in less than a year if it was real, it's a very nice reading.

      Read More

      0 Likes · Like
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