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The Red Hand
The Red Hand
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4.6 (124 ratings)
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We're all told to find our passion in life, figure out what we are good at, and pursue it. In Akagi's case, it turns out her passion was assassination, not something a normal girl gets involved in right? Trapped in Free World Online for four years and forced to fight for her very life, her name became one that struck fear and terror in the hearts of Players and NPCs alike. But when the game was over and it was time to go home, what would happen to the terrifying assassin known as "the Red Hand?"

Special thanks to Daikael for help with the original editing.

Check out my discord for discussion, chapter update information, general fun and even chapter teasers!

This series is only on SH! If you see it somewhere else, that's an issue.

My goal is to publish on Saturday and Sunday one chapter each day. (Sometimes an extra chapter may be released on Wednesday!)

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You can buy a hardcover or ebook version of the first Volume here (Note the full story is still on SH, so you may read it here in its entirety if you so choose.)

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ActionAdventureMatureSlice of Life
Antihero Protagonist Assassins Charismatic Protagonist Confident Protagonist Demon Lord Demons Determined Protagonist Evil Protagonist Family Conflict Fantasy World Female Protagonist Girl's Love Subplot Mature Protagonist Modern Fantasy Non-human Protagonist Overpowered Protagonist Pragmatic Protagonist Protagonist Strong from the Start Ruthless Protagonist Spirits Virtual Reality Youkai
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 47 – recovery and the beginning.

    yeah no. IDK HOW this book got so many 5 star reviews but this is not a story about a misterious and powerful Assassin that is feared by the world but about a naive kid that is drunk on power and tells everyone she's an assassin just because no one can stop her. WTF is even the point of being an assassin if everyone knows you are one!? It would have been an amazing idea if one would just understand the concept of a f**king assassin lmao.

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    12 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 83 – hishya the dragon.

    A most excellent story for those who want a mixture of comedy, seriousness, and slice of life. If you want to see a teenager yelling down a city-busting dragon into becoming a pet because said teenager's older sibling can and will destroy the entire world if she wants to, this is the story for you. 

    Just one heads up though: This reverse isekai (?) has some heavy stuff in it. If you want fluffy, go read something else. Definitely not for the weak of heart or those who want an MC who will act as a goody two-shoes. MC here has one goal and that is to protect what little she has left in the real world - her sibling and her close friends and subordinates. She has no qualms allowing others to perish. 

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    Status: chapter 32 – knocking is important.

    Better than most op MC stories I've seen here so far.

    It has a lot to develop and what's done hasn't been bad so far though I can't say this will be true in the future, that story with Jason as the MC had issues but when he went back to earth it became such a mess that I eventually abandoned it, we'll see how author does the worldbuilding of the nations and remaining players which I doubt will be easy but I hope they manage because everything else (action, events, mistery, characters) looks promising enough.

    MC is a neutral being, can be ruthless (she won't pull punches), is kind of sadistic, has a career to maintain, indifferent to most people. She wants to be LEFT ALONE.

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    Status: chapter 12

    Storywise is readable and decent enough but the dialogue and characters are so much corny, especially the MC. Just weird way of talking, edgy one liners and many pointless conversations. If you don't mind the "cringe" I would reccomend it, but its very hard to read since with the themes you would expect a mature MC

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    3 Likes · Like

    I am reader, a crazy one.  People may or may not discuss about that. But I will simply tell you I red sh*t, and I was bored by people who forget, that not everyone will be perfect. That there are people out there looking what they should do. What their real calling in this world are? Many persons ask this. The answer is not pure and nice. Our world is brutal. Sadly you must be more brutal then people around you, cause If you are not. Others will pay for that. So lets show them. What a person, who was put to their limits could do. You may disregard me as a edge lord, I dont care, but there will be no sympathy for you. World is battleground. At the end there is simple question to all, Who made Us like this? Us or society?

    Was not used to site but this stuff have 10 stars not just five.

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 168 – hishya’s bet.

    One of the best stories I've read in scribblehub. If you really like Overpowered MC who does not work as a Paragon of virtue then this is for you....

    A slice-of-life with a true Antihero MC.... READ IT !

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: Chapter 8 – A Skyline and a...

    It is alright, the MC is cocky to a fault and wear her heart on her sleeve. I think she didn't deserve her reputation with how she act so far, it is outright lackluster in many ways.

    Her arrogant is through the roof as if implying that everyone else is beneath her and she can do whatever she want without second thought or critical thinking.

    The story is jumpy as in it is too fast pace that thing move so fast to the point many things are not well explained.

    The side characters so far aren't great but they are sufficient as I only read till ch 8.

    With my limited knowledge on English language, I don't notice much issue with the structure, wording, or the verb thus I think it is pretty good.

    Overall, the MC is unlikeable OP crazy maniac drunk on borrowed power like many other OP stories out there, the story up until ch 8 is fine, the pacing is too fast, the support chars are alright, and the writing is great.

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 188 –  operation spiritual intervention.

    Surprisingly it's a good read. If you like "true" evil protagonist, this is a good read since she is the demon lord and this world is her playground. There is also some familiar dramas, some silly and funny moments, some battles and great torture events.

    The only thing that I dislike is that the MC is to overpowered that there is no suspense in the battle and the MC always win without any trouble or important problem.


    But I think that the heroes mentioned in the spirit world can make some challenge to our little demon lord (Mentioned in Chapter 181 – So it Begins.)


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