The Akatsuki’s Invasion!!!
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“We have to fight our old leader now? What a pain in the ass..” Deidara said.

“Hmph. There wasn't really a choice for us in all this.” Sasori replied.

The civilians were evacuated to a protected bunker as soon as the Akatsuki was spotted. The slaves were waiting for the first signs of the Akatsuki’s attack while also surrounding them from all sides. Broly and Jabie noticed something strange about their invaders. Their eyes were exactly the same.

“Do you think it’s another kekkei genkai? Like the Byakugan and Sharingan?” Jabie asked.

“Possible. Those eyes can’t be naturally occurring. We’ll find out eventually with the slaves.” Broly stated.

The 7 intruders split up once they reached the inside of the village and started to look for something. With a grin of his face, Jabie gave orders to the slaves and police force to attack while they are split up. And a few seconds later, the village went to hell.


“A girl Akatsuki member huh.. She would be quite the looker without the weird eyes.” A young male crown wearer said.

“I don’t know I kind of like the eyes. It adds an quirky look to her.” An older crown wearer said while licking his lips.

“Shut up you perverts and just take her down already!” A woman crown wearer shouted.

“Fine fine.” They responded.

“Where are the Jinchūriki?” The Akatsuki member asked.

“I’ll tell you if you go on a date with me.”

“Annoying.. You shall know Pain…” She said.

She then started to go through hand signs before summoning multiple massive animals. One large orange and black centipede, a giant multi-headed dog, and a giant ox that attempted to rage and stampede over the village. But the crown wearing members of the Hidden Demon Village swiftly retaliated.

“Kazuma get the dog and ox. Karyu get the centipede and I’ll get the summoner.” The woman commanded.

“Give the old man all the work why don’t ya.” Kazuma, the old man, complained as he took out a staff and infused wind chakra in it before striking the ox under the chin.

The ox’s head was knocked up. Kazuma stabbed his staff towards the throat of the summon with a large razor sharp wind being sent towards it’s throat and dispelled it. After that, he landed back on the ground and started to complain about his back but no one was listening. The 3-headed dog attempted to stomp on Kazuma, but Kazuma jumped out the way and started to run up the dog creature. The dog summoning nipped and bit at the Kazuma climbing up it’s body, but couldn’t manage to get a solid bite in. After Kazuma reached the top of the dog, he was on and started to spin his staff, creating a stationary tornado that sliced, chopped, and cut up the summoning.

Kazuma watched as the summoning started to split into more dogs, but they couldn’t escape the power of his wind ninjutsu and just continued to multiply and die inside his tornado.

“uh.. Kahyo! This one isn’t dying!”

Karyu was dodging the centipede’s attacks before going through hand signs and shouting.

“Lava Style: Sinking Rinse!” Karyu yelled as the ground underneath the Centipede cracked open and revealed a giant swirling lava pit.

The summoning was sucked into the extremely hot lava and dispelled quickly. He restored the ground to its normal state while wiping his forehead of sweat.

“All done here Kahyo!” Karyu shouted.

Kahyo was currently combating the female invader in hand-to-hand combat. Kahyo had the upper hand in the battle and the Akatsuki member quickly realized that she wouldn’t be able to win in this manner. She hopped away and started to go through hand signs again and summoning a giant drill-beaked bird. She hopped on and flew away.

“Oh no you don’t!” Kahyo yelled as she went through hand seals.

“Ice Style: Freezing Chains!”

The moisture in the air suddenly dropped and formed into icy-blue chains that raced towards the bird and latched onto the flying summoning and froze it into dispelling. The Akatsuki member fell from the sky and was soon caught by the ice ninjutsu before being frozen completely. Kahyo brought the body back.

“Are you sure I can’t just have a little fun with her?” Kazuma asked.

To answer this question Kahyo simply stomped the body into pieces. Kazuma hung his head in sadness while Karyu watched the sea of dogs dispel.

“Let’s go help the others.” Kahyo said.


“Before I kill my victims, I like to know their names first.” A slave said.

“Pain. Is what you should refer to me as. I will also show you Pain and soon this entire world. Now where are the Jinchūriki?” Pain asked.

“Let’s kill him boys.”

“Don’t order me around.”

“I want his head!”

Two of the slaves started to go through hand signs before shouting.

“Earth Style: Quicksand!”

“Spiral Webbing!”

The earth beneath their feet turned into quicksand and tried to suck them down, but Pain simply caused a bubble to form around himself and absorbed the two techniques. The slave that demanded Pain’s head ran in with his spinning mechanical drilling arm.

“He can steal chakra huh? You aren’t the only chakra sucker you know.” The first slave said as he and the web-user ran in to support the drill user.

Pain started to flee once they stopped using ninjutsu.




The Pain path retreated rapidly and managed to meet up with another Akatsuki member whose scalp split open to reveal a metalic head. A bright light shined from this head and fired towards the three slaves.

“This doesn’t look so good boys. FORM UP!” One of the slaves said as a massive blast of chakra was fired towards them.

The three locked hands and aimed their palms towards the blast. Their palms were coated in a blue chakra coating that started to absorb the attack. As the jutsu was absorbed more and more, the three slave’s suddenly sprouted butterfly wings made out of blue chakra.

“Ahahahahaha! More!!”

The jutsu was completely absorbed by the three slaves. The three had light blue chakra wings coming from their backs.

“I feel strong.. Maybe even strong enough to completely take back my freedom…”

“We should first test it out on these two..”


The three vanished from their previous spot and reappeared around the two Akatsuki members. The Akatsuki member who fired the jutsu from earlier started to transform. He grew two faces on the side of his face, two extra pairs of arms, and a razor-sharp tail. He grabbed the other Akatsuki member and with a burst of chakra from his feet, he blasted away with him in the sky. The slaves quickly flew after them. The transformed Akatsuki shot missiles out of his arm and forced the bloodthirsty slaves to dodge while chasing after them. It seems the enemy noticed their infiltration has failed and is attempting to regroup.

“They seem competent. It didn’t take long for them to realize their infiltration failed immediately.” Broly stated.

“How long do you think it’ll take them to realize they have no way of escaping either?” Jabie asked.

“Let’s see.” Broly chuckled.

The 6 intruders regrouped in the middle of the village and were completely surrounded by uniformed shinobi, crown wearing shinobi, and some flying summons, constructs, and even ninja tools.

“This was a trap to begin with...” Pain said.

“Took ya long enough to figure it out retard!” A random slave shouted.

“They are able to communicate with each other over long distances somehow. How else would they be able to retreat at the same moment?”

“Hey Akatsuki, if you give up now we won’t kill ya too terribly. Just a few missing limbs here and there. Nothing too painful!”

“Give us the blue hair too!”

“You dare look down upon a god?” Pain said insulted.

“Konan. Get back along with the others.” Pain ordered.

“Whoa there buddy! Who said any of you guys could move!? If you take one step consider yourselves dead meat!”

Konan ignored the crown wearing slave who said that and coated 4 of the Akatsuki members in paper and tried to fly away, but this is when the slaves and uniformed shinobi attacked. Explosions rained from the sky in the forms of clay spiders. Rapid firing kunai were sent sailing towards the Akatsuki group. All sorts of ninjutsu of all different types were blasted towards the group.

“Almighty Push.” Pain said.

But for some reason none of the attacks managed to get through. It was as if an invisible barrier managed to stop all of their attacks before suddenly sending it right back towards them!

“Earth Style: Ground Wall!” Multiple shinobi yelled and created a large wall made of earth that managed to stop their own attacks.

The Hidden Demon shinobi did not stop their assault even after being reflected with their own attacks! Some charged in with a crazed bloodthirsty look in their eyes after the reflection and started to combat with the Akatsuki members.

“Be careful with that one! He can absorb chakra and ninjutsu!” A slave yelled.

“Got it! Gate of Pain open!!” A uniformed shinobi shouted as his skin turned red and muscles and veins pumped up visibly. He swung his giant steel hammer towards the chakra absorbing Akatsuki member and managed to smash it into a pulp.

“One’s dead!” The uniformed shinobi informed.

“You already reached the third gate?! You're full of shit!”

“That orange one over there is weak! Even the kid could beat it!”

“I’m not that weak! Don’t underestimate me! Steel Style: Full Submersion!” A young uniformed teenager shouted as he grabbed one of the coats of Akatsuki member and had a silvery viscous liquid start to coat over them and then solidify into a silver statue.

“See! I got him!” The kid yelled excitedly before he and numerous others were blasted away once again by the strange ninjutsu of the leader-like one.

“Nagato… We need to retreat somehow. This isn’t looking good.” Konan said as she grew wings made out of paper.

“Give us the Jinchūriki or face the true power of a god..” Pain threatened.

“Fuck off ya orange haired fuck!”

“Yeah eat shit and die!”

"I'm gonna shit in your mouth you ginger cunt!"

“We’re gonna take your blue haired girlfriend after we finish mutilating your corpse!!”

Jabie wasn’t as pleased as Broly was about the insults being thrown at their opponents. He face palmed as Broly was laughing heartily seeing his slaves. His people being so entertaining. Pain, however was immensely irritated, Konan next to him also shared his anger. She tried to fly away again with three of the Akatsuki members, but was quickly fired upon by arrows, kunai, shuriken, and more.

“Don’t run away so quickly beautiful!”

“We’re not done with you yet!”

“Nagato…” Konan said.

“Go. I’ll deal with this.” Pain answered.

Konan and three of the other orange haired Akatsuki members started levitating before being blasted off into the nearby rocky desert beyond the Hidden Demon Village.

“Get him!!!!” One of the slaves shouted at the now surrounded lone Pain.

They attacked but were blocked by a strange paper dome that tanked their attacks for barely a second and immediately dropped afterwards. Pain was seen levitating in the air. High above the Hidden Demon Village.

“We could attack the main body now Suna and end all this. I think we’ve seen enough of his capabilities.” Jabie said as he looked at a large rock on top of a rocky mountain surrounded by chakra.

“I still haven’t found out if his strange eyes are the result of his strength, but I suppose I’ll take it anyway. I’ll use the crown and interrogate him about it’s uses before taking his eyes for myself. Let’s end this.” Broly said after seeing Pain build up a large quantity of chakra in the sky.

Broly transformed into a Super Saiyan and created a small lime green sphere that flew towards Pain before glowing and suddenly enlarging into a gigantic devastating sphere.

“You won’t be able to repel this attack. Struggling is pointless against my power! Omega Blaster!” With a crazed laugh, Broly forced his attack to trudge it’s way towards Pain who finally finished gathering enough chakra.

“Almighty Push!!!!!” Pain shouted.

Broly’s attack was met with heavy resistance once it met Pain’s jutsu. Broly shot forward more chakra blasts into his Omega Blaster and increased it’s speed, power, and size and slowly started to push back Pain’s jutsu.

‘He can’t continue to power his jutsu? Hmph. How boring.’ Broly thought as his technique stopped Pain’s from destroying his village, but not the area behind Pain.

The area leading into his village was completely destroyed and overturned. Pain was seeing falling as Broly’s jutsu seemed to devour him.

“Let’s go end this Jabie.” Broly said as his jutsu continued to push through the sky and eventually reach beyond the clouds and he returned to his original form.

“I don’t think no matter how strong these techniques make me, I won’t ever be able to beat that kid…” A slave said in awe.

“Just accept your fate now and hope to become part of the police force in the future.”

“You hear that Sasori my man? We can be free if we manage to join the police force.” Deidara said.

“Freedom is just a pipe dream, fool. This is our fate now.” Sasori replied

“I won’t give up! My art won’t be extinguished so easily!” Deidara swore.

Broly and Jabie reached the 3 motionless Akatsuki members and ended them before heading towards the final two. Broly ripped open the paper rock and was met face to face with the original Pain and Konan.

“How… How did you find me?” Nagato asked.

Broly just grinned as he slowly walked towards Nagato. Nagato shot a black rod towards Broly with the strange device he was hooked up to. Broly simply let the rod pierce through his chest and felt the invasion of foreign chakra trying to bind his body and control his movements. He surged his chakra flow and immediately overpowered the foreign chakra inside his body and walked towards the crippled Pain.

“Why have you continued to disrupt the plans of the Akatsuki? Why have you targeted my organization? How could you be so strong for just a child? I don’t understand why you are prohibiting the way to true peace in the shinobi world! Tell me your reasons for standing against me!” Nagato shouted.

Broly stared Nagato into his rippled pupils and laughed.

“The insect wants to know does he? Just before his final moments in this world. To know the reason of his fall.” Broly laughed even louder before eventually stopping.

“I wanted a fight. But it seems my powers grew too rapidly for my own good. You weren’t much of a fight even for my slaves. You may have taken out a few of those bugs, but overall my village’s strength is no lower than before and you only increased it’s strength after I take those special eyes of yours.”

“You would doom the world of shinobi of true peace and tranquility just for the sake of fighting…?”

“My people are bred to fight. Destroy. And conquer! Peace is only for your final moments after the greatest battle of your life. You will be crushed like a bug under my foot and forgotten as I take over this planet.”

Konan fired multiple spears of paper towards Broly as he stood in front of Nagato. Before they could reach, they were sliced apart by something. But Konan didn’t give up, she continued to fire ranged projectiles made out of her chakra paper towards Broly. They were sliced apart just like the rest. Jabie stood in front of Konan.

“I’m pleased to make your acquaintance, Amai Jabie. Your paper ninjutsu is quite ingenious. I’m wondering if maybe other types of material could take the place of your paper. Could even simple bubble gum be used in the same manner? Or even oil? I’ll have much fun figuring it out for myself.” Jabie said with a creepy smile.

“You won’t land a hand on Nagato! Get away from him!” Konan yelled as she fired even more paper ninjutsu towards Broly and Jabie.

Jabie was about to slice them as usual, but managed to notice something different about these ones. They had explosive tags on them!

Jabie’s skin turned into jet black steel as he blocked all the projectiles with his hand and body while suffering no damage whatsoever. He then charged towards Konan and sliced her with his hand coated in blue chakra. She dispersed into paper before reforming next to Broly reaching towards Nagato’s eyes. She grabbed Broly from behind and had her arms around his neck while explosion tags were lit.

“I won’t let them take you Nagato…” Konan said before suddenly being blasted off of Broly’s back and captured in a water prison. Broly expelled chakra from the tenketsu on his back, causing Konan to be forced off of him.

Nagato fired another black rod from his device at Broly. The rod pierced through Broly’s gut but didn’t stop him whatsoever. He roughly extracted Nagato’s eyes and left him there as he left with Jabie and the captured Konan who was desperately trying to break free of Jabie’s water prison jutsu and return to Nagato.

“Well that’s the last of the Akatsuki. I wonder how Esumi’s mission is going. I hope she’s careful.” Jabie said.

“Hm.. If she fails we’ll have to build up our village’s power even more before starting the war. If she succeeds, we can start immediately. If we take out the Tsuchikage, taking over the Hidden Stone Village will be even easier. They don’t have as many famous strong ninja as Konoha does.” Broly stated.

“What if another hidden village decides to attack as we’re taking Iwakagure over?”

“We’ll bring the Two-Tails and the Three-Tails as support.”

“Okay. Let’s wait on Esumi then.”

“Get the earth style slaves to fix the entrance towards the village. We’ll do the transplant after you merge the cells of these two eyes into one.” Broly said as he gave the eyes to Jabie.

Jabie nodded as he body flickered away in a puff of smoke with Konan. Broly returned to his room alone.

‘My power is increasing too rapidly. I’ll have to restrain my strength if I ever wish to enjoy a good battle anytime soon.’