The Freakish Black-Haired Tailed Boy
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  The nurse held the child carefully and firm. She held out his arm for the doctor. Tatsuo stabbed the needle into the boy's arm but was unable to pierce it.

"What the hell? Did I not push hard enough?"

  He tried again but used more force on the child's arm. But this time the needle broke and fell to the floor, waking the child. The child looked around at his surroundings and noticed the woman holding him and the man holding a broken syringe.

  Anger was quick to surface on his face, but suddenly a warm feeling flushed over the child's mind and calmed him down.

'Why do I not want to kill these insects anymore? What was that feeling inside my body? I feel calmer… This energy inside my body isn't ki. Its different… I feel better than I was before when I was a child.'

  Tatsuo and his nurse looked at the child in surprise when the needle failed to stab into the child's arm. When he looked angry they thought he was about to cry but then he strangely calmed down and looked at them both while curling his tail around the nurse's neck.

"That gave me a start, but how the hell am I suppose to get his blood sample if I can't even get through his skin."

  The nurse looked at the child and then back at the doctor.

"His skin feels as soft as a normal baby's skin. Why don't we try his tongue or penis?"

  He looked at his long-time friend and co-worker with a wide smile.

"Brilliant idea Azuza-chan! Hold his tongue for me while I get another syringe."

  While all this is happening, the child was looking at the nurse holding him and opened his mouth. The nurse gasped in surprise and almost made the doctor drop the new syringe he just got.

"What in the hell happened? Did he do something!?"

  She looked at the doctor and contemplated something. She shook her head.

"Well try not to scare me like that I thought maybe his kekkei genkai did something strange"

"Now hold still you cute little monkey boy or the Hokage is gonna have my ass."

  The boy held his tongue out with a blank look on his face. The doctor held his surprise as he took the blood carefully and then put the syringe on the tray.

"Alright we're all done Lord Hokage you can come back in now."

  The hokage walked into the room and began sensing the child in earnest.

"This child's chakra is simply unbelievable. I need to get a trusted Hyūga to take a look at this boy and tell me what he sees."

"Neko bring me Hiashi immediately."

  The female wearing a cat mask disappeared and Hiruzen noticed the child staring at him.

"Hello there little boy.."

  He gives the child his finger and waits to see what he does with it while smiling at him. Broly stared at the old man while uncurling his tail and pulled his finger.

'I've lost most of my power somehow when I died and came back as an infant.. I don't know what planet this is but I do know I am too weak to conquer it even in my infant form. This old man's power is way higher than mine is currently.. I can't even use my ki anymore, and what I do have is something that i have no idea how to use...'

  Hiruzen unaware of the child's freakish strength was nearly pulled to the floor by the child's tail. Broly laughed in amusement while Tatsuo, his nurse, and the Hokage's Anbu squad tried to hold in their laughter.

"This incident never leaves this room! This is also considered an S rank secret!" Hiruzen yells while red in the face and embarrassed.

  Suddenly, Neko and a pupil-less man appeared in the hospital room.

"Hokage-sama I heard you needed me for something."

"Yes Hiashi, but before I get to that I must tell you that whatever goes in inside this room from this moment forth is considered an S-rank secret."

  Hiashi's face momentarily looks grim but then he looks at Hiruzen's face and nods.

"Take a look at this child with your Byakugan and tell me everything you see." Hiashi nods and activates his bloodline. Within a few seconds after using it he looked as shocked as a Hyūga could possibly look.

"What… is this child Hokage-sama…?"

"That what I'm trying to find out clan head Hiashi. Tell me what you saw exactly."

"You know how chakra flows through our chakra pathway system correct?" Hiruzen nods.

"A chakra pathway system's flow is supposed to flow slowly like the end of a river, but this boy's chakra system is flowing like an raging river. It is also more than twice the size of a normal person's chakra pathway system."

"Is it twice the size of an infants pathway system or adults like you and me?"Hiruzen shockingly asks.


"His chakra is also doing something strange. Chakra in the pathway system are just suppose to flow throughout your body, but this child's chakra is flowing into his brain and his body. What this means for the future, I have no idea." Hiruzen sighs.

"It looks like we have an unknown child with an unknown kekkei genkai and without any idea of how he will turn out due to his body being completely unknown. Great."

"Well for now send him back to the orphanage and treat him completely like a normal child."

  Neko grabs the previously sleeping child who unconsciously wrapped his tail around her neck while she body flickered away towards the orphanage. Neko met up with the matron and the young woman and dropped the baby off.

"Akira go put him in a bed. Hopefully Aomatsuna-kun won't be as much trouble as that damned fox." The matron says with a harsh tone.