Attacking Kumogakure!!
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The entrance area near the Hidden Demon Village was completely filled with people. Many civilians wanted to see off their two rulers and wish them luck on their conquest across the 5 elemental nations with the help. Broly was leading the large group he planned to take to the Hidden Stone Village with Esumi by his side and a completely healed and rejuvenated Itachi Uchiha on his other side. Itachi had an aura of sadness around him as he had to partake in another cursed war. Being forced to go against his pacifist nature, Itachi secretly planned to overcome this strange device attached to his brain. Broly ignored this and looked at the mass of crown-wearing shinobi that were about to follow him in to taking over the war.

"Are we seriously about to go start a war with the whole world with just us?"

"If the brat says so, we're doing so. You know we don't got a choice in all this."

"Even Itachi was defeated by him…" Deidara said.

"Freedom is just a pipe dream now." Sasori replied.

"You think I'll be able to get a girlfriend during this war?"

"If a little shit like you could get a girlfriend, I should be married by the end of this war!" A slave said, prompting a bunch of other slaves to laugh with him.

"What does that mean?! I'm sure there is a perfect girl waiting for me somewhere! You'll see! This war will be the perfect opportunity for me to show off my good points."

They just started laughing even louder. Broly then looked at his people and waved. Broly put the chibi-sized Three-Tails on top of his hair and left with his army of slaves. The civilians and others cheered and wished Broly's army luck as they left the village. Broly and his army marched towards the Hidden Stone Village while giving off an aura of a band of bandits and mercenary. Despite being an actual army, they surely didn't look the part nor act like military participants. Everyone was dressed in different outfits except for the golden crown with the Hidden Demon Village's symbol etched in the middle of it. The slaves were of various ages, sizes, body types, and sexes. It was as if someone randomly grabbed many people and threw them together and called them an army.

"So after we pair up with the Tsuchikage's army, which nation are we going after first? I was personally thinking of going after the Hidden Cloud Village and getting rid of the Raikage." Esumi said.

"That is what I was thinking as well. I heard he's one of the strongest kage out of the four right now." Broly responded.

"Yea it's a toss up between him and the Tsuchikage. The other two are strong but nothing special."

"After we merge with Iwagakure's army, I'm going to have us split apart. You will take half of them with you to the Hidden Mist Village while I go after the Cloud Village with the other half."

"What are we going to do with the Tsuchikage?"

"Have him accompany the police head and his two aides in Sunagakure under a transformation jutsu."

After discussing his plans with Esumi and Itachi who was listening to the side, Broly and his army continued to walk towards their destination for 2 weeks. They ate modified food created by Jabie stored inside storage scrolls that kept the food still fresh and hot from when it was created the week before they took off. The water natured shinobi were basically water dispensers for the army when their water bottles ran out during their trek through the Land of Earth's rocky and humid climate. Sometimes though situations like this happened…

"Hey water bitch, my bottles empty. Gimme some more." A crass tall brutish looking man said to the dainty glasses-wearing water ninja.

With a turn of the head, and a sharp glare into his eyes, the man suddenly fell to his knees shivering. He tried to bow his head in forgiveness but the water ninja stomped his head into the ground.

"You disgusting, stinky, piece of garbage dare talk to this queen in such a manner? You should be glad this crown stops me from killing you."

The water ninja heard mumbling coming from the earth but couldn't understand it.

"Consider yourself lucky. Next time you ask for something of this queen, you better grovel on your knees and kiss my feet first." The Queen said.

A water shinobi eventually gave that man some water and a medic nin healed him up, but nothing of importance really happened except that guy learned to choose his battles more carefully. Another type of situation that happened regularly was Khael, Sho, and Fu being challenged by the crown wearers.

"Do you think if I beat the Councilor's apprentice, I'll be able to be his apprentice and eventually be free?" A slave asked.

"That makes perfect sense. I don't see why that plan wouldn't work out. Go on and try it. I'll watch from back here and watch your great success." The glasses wearing slave said with a straight face.

So, the first slave did as he said he would and challenged Khael.

"Fight me! I'll show you who truly deserves to be the under Councilor Hakuseki."

Khael looked at the slave with pity in her eyes. Slightly sadden about his fate and future since he was caught by her master's device. Although to others, it looked as if she was looking down upon the slave and thought he was as worthless as a bug compared to her. The other slaves started cheering on the fight and circled around the two, prompting a slight break in their travels. Broly and Esumi allowed it due to Khael being involved.

Khael really didn't want to fight with the pitiful fellow but felt as if her master would disapprove of her refusing to battle here. She couldn't make her master disappointed. So, she buckled up and stood off against the challenger.

"Still looking down on me huh? That'll be your first mistake!" The boy said as he shoved his mouth hands into his pockets to munch on some fire?

Khael decided to end this quickly. Prolonging the embarrassment of this boy wouldn't the best. The boy's hands finished chewing the fire and spat out 5 human-shaped fires that fit neatly on his palm. He threw them in the air and with a hand seal caused them to grow into the size of an adult man. They took places around the boy.

"Get her, my creatures of the inferno!"

3 of the flame men flew towards Khael who seemed to have a brand-new physical addition on her face. Her left eye started to spin as she easily dodged the flame men's attack and dashed towards the boy. The boy was slightly startled she managed to get past his creations so easily, but didn't lose himself. He had his two other fire creations start shooting fire at the incoming Khael. With the slightest of movements, she dodged the flames without even a single part of her cloak getting singed. She appeared in front of the boy, grabbed his shirt and slammed him into the ground. The wind was knocked out of the boy's lungs and his eyes bulged. Khael stood over the stunned boy and with a bone sword pointed towards his throat.

She didn't say anything but everyone knew exactly what she was saying.

"Pathetic. Someone as weak as you believes they can stand up to me? Be glad I'm sparing your life. Even someone with your strength could be useful as a meat shield."

The boy gave up and was forced to be taunted by the others for the rest of the journey. They wouldn't let him live it down, especially his glasses friend. Khael said nothing about the battle even when questioned about it by others. She just kept her eyes forward and journeyed along her master. Sho just knew he would be challenged next. He definitely looked the least intimidating out of his friends. And he knew if he tried to refuse his master would beat the mess out of him for being so cowardly.

'I'm not a coward! I just don't like unnecessary fighting. Or fighting in general. I'm more of a peaceful guy. I don't want to hurt anybody.' Sho thought before a hand touched his shoulder.

He slowly turned his head and prayed that it wasn't someone that wanted to fight and in a sense he was right. His master's devious smiling face was the one that greeted him. Sho already knew what she was thinking, and she already knew that he knew what she was thinking. He cried inwardly while sighing outwardly.

"Sike!" Esumi said with a teasing face.

Esumi thumped Sho's head in jest as the army continued forth. Khael and Sho wondered why no one challenged Fu though. She just had her usual happy-go-lucky face and attitude while they walked.

"They know that she's the Seven-Tailed." Broly stated to the curious youngins.

This cleared Khael's and Sho's confusion right up and the army could see the Hidden Stone Village. The slaves were starting to get excited due to Jabie's words and Broly's confirmation that depending on their merits, they could gain their freedom from the cursed crown and do whatever they want. Their battle lust and spirit started to rise but Esumi quickly doused it.

"Not yet you all. These guys are our "buddies" for now. We're going to merge up with their army and then set off for the actual war. This stop is just to give us an easier time during the war." Esumi explained.

The Tsuchikage welcomed Broly and his army in his village. He already had his shinobi ready to go. However Broly's army could see the confusion on the Iwa-nin's faces about why they were preparing for war and allying themselves with this upstart ninja village. The Iwa-nin looked down on Broly's army but followed orders from their Tsuchikage. Broly's army split into two and Broly and Esumi split. The Tsuchikage told his people he'll follow along with them to take part in this war. His aides tried to dissuade him, but he refused adamantly as he already told them after his speech before Broly's army came. Broly had one of his slaves that took up the Yamanaka clan's secret jutsu to communicate between him and the other half of his army. And finally, after one day and with a bright and sunny sun shining down. The war could officially start. With Broly's army of 1,100 and Tsuchikage's even larger number of shinobi, they set off.

Broly's army now split between the slaves and Iwa-nin headed towards the Hidden Mist Village. Esumi's army along with Itachi headed towards the Hidden Cloud Village. Broly's slaves didn't like how the stone village's ninja were looking at them. They were tempted to start beating the living hell out of them now but were warned by Broly's glare. But something about that glare told them that they'll get their chance. The wicked smiles on some of their faces creeped out the stone shinobi who wanted nothing more to do with these savages and get this war over quickly.


Esumi's group marched on towards the Hidden Cloud Village and after a long trekking journey finally reached miles of Kumogakure. Esumi saw with her Byakugan, the prepared forces of enemy shinobi.

"I don't remember us ever announcing that we were going to invade Kumogakure.. Why do they have their entire army prepared for us?" Esumi asked to no one in particular.

"You don't seriously think you can just march an army for days without anyone knowing do you?" An Iwa commander stated.

"Well I guess it makes sense when you put it like that. Try not to die in this battle smart ass." Esumi giggled.

Esumi then contacted Suna and it seems his side experienced the same thing.

'My plans have already gone to shit. I had such fun ideas to destroy this village too! But I guess that will have to wait till after this…'

"Alright boys, get ready to follow the greatest kunoichi in the world, Yada Esumi, and watch as she makes her name known all across the world! You will get to share in this moment along with me. Get ready to tear these pieces of shit apart and destroy everything they stand for and love! I want this entire landscape completed destroyed by the time this battle is over!" Esumi shouted in her teenaged high-pitched girly voice.

Normally one would laugh at such a little girl's statement, which the Iwa-nin did do, but the slaves however were overcome with bloodlust and fighting spirit. The look in their eyes seemed to turn demonic. As if they were no more than mindless beasts now intent on ravaging these lands and those who stand in their way. Some of the cloud ninjas swear they saw an image of a terrifying demon whose greed and cruelty couldn't be matched nor contained hovering above the army of the Hidden Demon Village. The slaves waited eagerly on Esumi's orders as if they couldn't stand it anymore.

"Tear them into pieces!!" Esumi shouted while pointing her Samehada forth.

The slaves charged ahead with complete disregard for their safety and any sort of self-restraint. Of course, not all of the slaves lost their minds. The stronger-willed individuals ran along with the slaves while keeping their head cool. The Iwa-nin were confused at this completely reckless plan but nevertheless ran along with the people they considered nothing more than beasts in human skin.


"That stubborn fool dares to start a war with me? I'll make him regret even staying alive this long." The Raikage said.

"Something about this seems strange.. Ōnoki doesn't seem the type to be so brash." One of the hokage aides said.

"You're right. Something is suspicious about this invasion. But it doesn't matter now that there is an army right at my front door."

"Did Ōnoki get some help from mercenaries? Why are they dressed differently?" The second aide asked.

"Are they starting without even talking? And are they just running in headfirst? Is this a trick? What should we do Boss?"

"Looking down on my men huh?! Meet em headfirst and kill them all!" The Raikage ordered as his shinobi moved out to meet with Esumi's army.


Sho was forced into charging with the rest of the army by his master. Esumi stayed back and waited till the Raikage interfered. Although she would love to go loose just like them, but she's sure that there are rules that say the leaders shouldn't participate until the end or when things get bad. She has enough sense to realize that much at least and so she watched as the Raikage copied her strategy and had his soldiers meet headfirst with hers. She grinned and whispered into the ninja whose responsible for transmitting her orders across and all of a sudden, the slave's who had lost their senses sobered up and reformed their charge. A wide poof of smoke appeared at the head of Esumi's army charge and clones shot toward the Raikage's army. The Kumo nin easily dispelled the clones and tried to continue their charge but those clones weren't normal clones!

Sho watched as the clones of the slaves exploded into various different elemental explosions. There were frozen and half frozen people, burning and burnt people, electrocuted, sliced apart and cut people, people who were coated in tiny metallic material and captured by those who could use magnet release, and even people who were blasted apart by normal paper bombs attached to the clone.

'So much blood and death…. And the war just started….' Sho thought before sighing and dodging an incoming blown off arm flying towards his direction at dangerous speeds.

'The Byakugan is really nice to have… I can see basically everything on the battlefield.. I'm sure my master is doing the same thing as well.. I can't slack off…' Sho thought before engaging an enemy ninja.

A dark-skinned white haired lazy looking fellow slashed towards him with a broad and fairly long sword, sort of similar to one of his master's blade. Sho kicked upward and clashed with the blade. A power struggle happened between them and Sho started to lose.

"Release." Sho stated as his chakra and physical strength increased greatly.

He quickly began to overpower the shinobi until Sho saw him trying to infuse lightning chakra into his blade. Within seconds of seeing the shinobi switch to using lightning chakra, Sho infused his foot in fire chakra. Sho could see the confusion on his opponent's face before he pushed his foot away and retreated a few feet away. Sho used this small moment of freedom to draw on his scroll and produce two giant cartoonish pandas that towered over him and stared down his enemy. His opponent retreated away and started to battle elsewhere. Sho started to draw more and more cartoonish figures and such while being protected in a circular formation by his drawings. His drawings added to Esumi's army.

But suddenly Sho noticed a mass of smoke appearing on the battlefield and at least 100 puppets appearing in the air. He had a brilliant idea about how he could help win this war with the least amount of blood on his hands. But before he could put his plan into motion, a sudden sword strike from above interrupted him. His creations were blocking all around him, but not above him. Sho dodged the attack barely and watched as the shinobi who tried to attack him get instantly surrounded by his Giant Pandas. The shinobi cursed as his sneak attack failed and tried to escape but a cartoonish snake roped around his legs and bit down. Causing him to yelp in pain and slice the snake apart, but not before being grabbed by one of the pandas and being slammed into the ground. The panda then proceeded to sit on him and the others reformed the circular guard around Sho.

"That brat is still too soft. You should've made your little bears tear that guy apart!" Esumi said to herself.

Sho ignited himself in tailed beast chakra and gained a coat of mostly red and black chakra coat. He grew 7 chakra tails and started to scribble intensely upon his scroll. A sea of cartoonish drawings of armor, weapons, explosive tags, and more tools were flying towards Esumi's army. The armor latched onto any friendly allies it could. Sasori's 100 puppets jutsu was even more dangerous now due to the armor being semi sentient. Esumi looked at her apprentice in wonder and pride. She quickly informed her army to take whatever they wanted from the flying items and that they were not an enemies' technique.

Due to Sho's Byakugan, he could see exactly where his creations went and somewhat control them. But this technique heavily drains upon Sho's chakra and mental fatigue. He won't be able to last more than 3 minutes using this technique. The opposing army quickly figured out where the source of these strange items were coming from and headed towards there as quickly as possible. But how could Esumi let those weaklings interrupt her apprentice's time to shine? She ordered her army to protect Sho as he continued to support the army with his creations. Sasori appeared in front of Sho and defended him with his army of red puppets cloaked in defensive equipment and Sasori's special poison. More and more slaves came to his protection for three minutes until the chakra cloak around Sho burst apart. Sho soon fell unconscious with blood leaking from his nose. One slave that used medical ninjutsu sent in a clone to grab Sho and bring him from the battlefield. After they placed him in a safe location, they started to heal him.


'I still can't believe I got captured back then by some crazy monstrous children. Now I'm fighting in this bloody war and fighting for my life just to gain back my freedom.'

I saw an enemy shinobi attempt to cut down the puppets who were giving the rest of us a breather. The puppet and him dueled fiercely until I decided to intervene. I casted a nearly unnoticeable genjutsu on the bloody idiot and watched as his head was sliced clean off by the puppet. For a second there, I could swear that puppet was looking at me in gratitude. The puppet then flew off to slaughter more humans and I was being double teamed by two cloud nin. My specialty isn't in direct combat. I'm going to need some help dealing with these two, but I saw no allies in sight that could help me. Fucking hell…

As I continued to try and flee from the two who seemed hellbent on tearing my asshole open, I suffered terrible cuts and injuries from their attacks. I was on my last legs, as they stared me down. My legs were shaking and my left arm was useless.

"You fucking bastards won't stop will you… Fine. I don't have a choice anymore do i.."

I grabbed the clear water bottle attached to my waist and took a nice long swig. The two fuckers looked at me in ridicule. After I took my drink, they charged me down and attacked. I smiled even with my barely functioning legs and dead left arm. I raised my hand and shot forward a wave of chakra. The two shinobi were blasted far away and crashed into their own allies before appearing dead far away from me.

"Pushing me this far…. Death was too sweet for you fucks…."

I soon lost myself to blackness.


Sho's creations did not disperse when he blacked out. However, they could only last for a single blow now instead of recreating once attacked. Esumi's army took full advantage of Sho's drawings and for the three minutes before Sho blacked out and wiped out a large number of opposing enemies. The Raikage cared for these losing numbers but managed to see the tailed beast chakra used by the boy.

"That old fool would dare send a Jinchūriki in a war? Hmph. You aren't the only holder of a Jinchūriki old man. Get Bee and send him out." The Raikage ordered.

A few moments later Esumi saw a strong chakra being introduced to the battlefield. A strange looking multi-sword wielding guy talking to the Raikage in a relaxed or normal manner. He then dashed into the massive cluster of fighting shinobi and started to easily tear them apart. Esumi saw them losing more and more slaves, so she called for her support. Itachi Uchiha. Itachi dashed off towards the new combatant and met face to face with him.

"I'm going to end this quickly, to put an end to this war faster. I'm sorry." Itachi said as his eyes spun into the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan.

He ignored the ramblings of his opponent and activated Tsukuyomi.