Attacking Kumogakure Pt 2!!
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Only one second passed and everyone watched as the Cloud's Jinchūriki fell to his knees while sweating rapidly. Itachi heard him blabber some more before dropping unconscious. Itachi was walking away from the battle until he heard Esumi force a command in his head using the slave that could use techniques similar to the Yamanaka clan from the Leaf.

Use Amaterasu.

Itachi's eyes spun and a black flame appeared on the Jinchūriki's arm. He didn't know why she ordered him to do this, but it wasn't as if he could refuse her. The soldiers around Itachi didn't know why he tried to stomp on a fallen man already and some of them looked at him with disdain and disgust at his behavior. Itachi could try to explain himself, but it doesn't matter what they think of him. He just needed to make this war end as quickly as possible. He turned around to face the rest of the cloud shinobi and prepared to take out to take them out as well.

Esumi saw the Eight-Tails Jinchūriki's arm fall off and the red bubbly chakra coat over him slowly. His body then started to transform into the complete Eight-Tails slowly, but at the same time extremely fast. One moment he was seemingly dead on the ground and the next he was a giant octopus-bull monster. Esumi really wanted to get involved now. A perpetual crazed grin shined on her face that terrified the communicator slave next to her. She controlled herself somewhat and gave new orders.

Finish Him. Do it right this time Handsome-baka.

The battlefield once again separated and stopped in preparation between round two of these two fighters. The Eight-Tails roared and slammed down on Itachi's figure. Everyone watched anxiously at the outcome between these two vastly different fighters. A yellow chakra aura formed over Itachi and blocked the tentacle strike. The chakra aura soon formed into a yellow skeleton and then into an armored figure with a shield on its left arm and a gourd on its right. The Eight-Tails attacked with his tentacles as Itachi's Susanoo readied itself for an attack. It's gourd shot out a liquid inside a jar that shaped into a sword and sliced off the Eight-Tail's tentacles before they reached. He yelled in pain and started to create a strange spherical chakra in front of his mouth. It was being created with very dense and powerful chakra.

Esumi watched as the handsome looking idiot watched his enemy charge his powerful attack. She immediately ordered him to seal the octocow away now. Itachi's actions left his control as he stabbed towards the Eight-Tails's chest. But instead of the Eight-Tails being sucked and sealed inside Itachi's gourd. Esumi saw a small figure coated in lightning chakra knocking the Eight-Tails out the way. Esumi figured the Raikage recognized something strange about Itachi's blade.

"Hehehehe." Esumi giggled like a crazed school girl.

"Its my time to join in on the fun! Raikage!! Here I come!!!" Esumi shouted with chakra.

Her voice reverberated across the battlefield. Everyone stopped and looked at the source of the voice. And before they could even blink, she appeared right in the middle of the battlefield along with them. She stared the Raikage in the eye with her hidden Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan and Byakugan.

"Hey that jutsu is just like mine! Did you steal from the greatest kunoichi in the world at your age?! You should be ashamed old man!" Esumi berated.

The look on the Raikage's face was nothing but confusion and anger.

"Is this some kind of a sick joke…? A mockery of me and my shinobi….? Ōnoki if you don't get your old cowardly stubborn tail out here, I'm going to destroy your entire village in retaliation for this humiliation!" The Raikage shouted.

"Hey Sparky. The Tsuchikage isn't here at the moment, but I can take a message for him after I take your dead body to him." Esumi teased.

The Raikage disappeared and appeared in front of Esumi, preparing to punch her right in the face. Esumi kicked his fist and clashed in a contest of strength with the Raikage. She quickly got overwhelmed though despite her massive strength.

"Release." She muttered and the battle of strengths between fighters evened out.

"Wow! You're strong as hell old man! I guess you don't make it this far in age as a shinobi without something special backing you up huh. But I hope you got more than just this crazy strength and speed of yours." Esumi said while she was going back and forth with the Raikage in strength.

"Little presumptuous brat. Keep messing around and you'll end up 6 feet under."

The Raikage's hair started to stick up more and more before standing completely straight up. His power increased even more and had Esumi smiling even more dangerously.

"Hey old man. Did you know that lightning is much more wonderful than just thunder and lightning? Watch this."

Esumi started weaving signs and the lightning aura around the Raikage started to get absorbed into Esumi.

"What the?!" The Raikage exclaimed before retreating away.

Esumi laughed as she played with the Raikage lightning chakra and then swallowing it. She licked her lips indecently before smiling at the Raikage like a tiger staring down a bunny. The Raikage wouldn't get flustered over his lightning getting absorbed though. He would just have to strike faster and harder. And so he did.

He vanished once more and attacked Esumi multiple times over. Esumi countered with her own kicks and each clash between them only strengthen Esumi's strength more. She absorbed so much of the Raikage's lightning chakra that her skin was practically crackling with yellow lightning.

"You can take my lightning chakra and convert it into your own.." The Raikage muttered.

"I wanted a fight Sparky. If you keep this up, I'm going to be very upset with you."

The Raikage's hair wasn't as spiky as it was at the start of the fight and seemed slightly messy as his chakra was slightly drained. But at the same time, it wasn't as if he suffered any injuries from Esumi. The soldiers noticed at this time that this little girl was actually giving the Raikage a run for his money. The slaves started to get rowdy themselves.




The cloud shinobi were slightly worried and started to get antsy. Some of Esumi's army felt as if they might dive in to save their Raikage at a moments notice. They actually got excited at this prospect. They would be able to continue their release of desires upon the cloud nin without interruption.

"Hey Sparky if you want a break I can give you one. But it'll only cost you this much…" Esumi said while pinching her fingers.

"Give me the Eight-Tails and surrender to the Hidden Demon Village. If you do that much I can give you a 5 minute break before we continue fighting."

The Raikage nearly spat out blood in fury.

"Little girl do not toy with me!"

His lightning chakra spiked in intensity as he combated against Esumi once more. Esumi, however, decided to stop playing around and take out her main weapon. Samehada. She shredded the Fourth Raikage's lightning aura apart after each move he made. He didn't stop after his lightning chakra aura was gone though. He turned around and chopped towards Esumi's neck.

"Bakaaa.. You should've gotten rid of the lightning when you saw I could steal it."

An electrical field expanded from Esumi's figure and blocked the attack. The yellow lightning bubble slowly expanded until it formed completely over Esumi who started to hover in the air. The Raikage stared at the terribly strong little girl.

'Maybe I should have stopped using my lightning technique.' He thought before suddenly receiving an influx of chakra.

He recognized this chakra…. It was his brother.. B!

"Jinchūriki-kun. Now you know this was an honorable 1 on 1 battle. Now I'm going to have to punish everyone equally now that it's come to this. Army go wild!!!!" Esumi ordered as the Raikage and a miniature Eight-Tails stood side by side.

The Eight-Tails was just 3 or 5 feet taller than the Raikage instead of being tall enough where every soldier on the field could see where he was.

The slaves acted as if they were let loose from their cages and went on a rampage. Esumi flew towards the Raikage and Jinchūriki with her swift-natured chakra coursing through her body and Samehada in hand. Esumi thought to herself where that peace-loving idiot Itachi was before seeing him take out some cloud ninja non-fatally. She shook her head while slashing Samehada at the Jinchūriki. The Jinchūriki slammed down with his tentacles. Esumi's blade shredded through the tentacles and grew larger in response to the tailed beast chakra. The Raikage weaved through some signs and attacked with an earth dragon from the ground. Esumi flew around it and was greeted with the sight of the Raikage's fist and the Eight-Tails charging a large dense chakra sphere.

'I don't think this cute shark sword of mine could absorb that much chakra hehe.'

Esumi dodged the non-lightning using Raikage and kneed him in the chest. She tried to slash through his flesh with her sword but she saw a shinobi try and sneak attack her from behind.

'Darui?!' The Raikage thought in shock.

Darui chopped down at Esumi from above with his cleaver sword. Esumi who didn't even look back only smiled at the Raikage.

"Amaterasu." Esumi said happily.

A black flame appeared on her attacker's outfit and rapidly spread until it engulfed him in black flames as he shouted in agony. The Raikage tried to rush in and help his right-hand-man but Esumi took advantage of his desperation. She used Samehada to bite into his chest and repeatedly chomp down. The teeth of the blade managed to bite through his defenses. He shouted in agony as Darui was being burned into ashes. The Raikage gripped Samehada and tried to rip it off but the blade continued to chew and chew until the Eight-Tails transformed back into his Jinchūriki form and appeared above Esumi in his version 2 chakra mode. He struck down and forced Esumi to release the fatally injured Raikage.

A blonde-haired shinobi appeared next to the Raikage and attempted to heal him using medical ninjutsu. Esumi lost her Samehada momentarily and was combatting with Jinchūriki who seemed very angry at her right now.

"You're even stronger than Sparky over there Octocow-kun. You might be more fun than he is you know." Esumi chatted while taking out two jet-black steel tonfas.

Esumi deflected the claw attack of the Jinchūriki and uppercutted him with her tonfa and launched him further in the air with an electrically charged kick to the gut. He was sent soaring high in the sky and Esumi blasted off after him. The Jinchūriki spat some ink at the incoming Esumi and managed to blind her momentarily.

"Ah! You got it in my hair!!! You fucking asshole!" Esumi shouted as the Eight-Tails shot a miniature tailed beast bomb at Esumi.

With an angry look on her face, Esumi maneuvered around the tailed beast bomb and let it crash towards the ground while she nearly instantaneous switched from her black tonfas to her Executioner's blade (Zabuza's sword) and coated it in lightning chakra. The blade vibrated intensely as she cut towards the Jinchūriki's neck. But alas, it wasn't enough to slice through the dense chakra armor of a Jinchūriki. So, she did the next best thing.

Her blade had a blue aura coated over the yellow electricity running through her weapon. Her blade started to absorb the Eight-Tails's chakra and transfer it to Esumi. The Jinchūriki noticed what Esumi was doing and ejected a chakra claw from his chest and pushed Esumi away. Esumi levitated in the air and watched the Eight-Tails fall. She made eye contact with him and trapped him in a sharingan genjutsu.

Before Esumi managed to lock the Eight-Tails in a genjutsu, Itachi blocked the tailed beast bomb he shot earlier and had it explode in the air before it could reach the ground. Although the participants in this war didn't verbally say anything, they all appreciated his help. Sasori decided to finish up the Fourth Raikage while he was being healed. His puppets swarmed and attacked the medical ninja healing the Raikage. It seemed as if he was deciding whether or not to continue healing the Raikage, but stood his ground and momentarily combatted against Sasori's puppets. But his combat skills were lacking compared to most. Sasori's puppets overwhelmed him and sliced him into pieces. Sasori sent his puppets after the heavily wounded Raikage.

The Raikage sparked with lightning chakra and smashed Sasori's puppet.

"I guess I'll have to thank that girl. If I never learned this jutsu, I wouldn't be able to get past his defenses.." Sasori said to himself.

Sasori's body took on a blue coating and it stretched to all of his chakra strings and into his puppets. Their weapons took on the blue aura and started to steal away the Raikage's chakra with each passing swipe from the sea of red puppets. The Raikage was overcome by the puppet's eventually. His eye was slashed across, he lost an arm, he was stabbed in multiple places in his torso and stomach, and poisoned all together.

"I guess this part of the war is finished…" Sasori said.

He turned around to see the others watching him finish the Raikage off. The Cloud nin were devasted at the fact that their Raikage and his closest aides were not enough to defeat the Stone army. Even though they outnumbered Esumi's army, they surrendered once the Raikage….

Got up!? The Raikage looked at Sasori with his one eye, blurring and disorientating. He sparked lighting on a single finger of his before pointing it at Sasori and clumsily staggering towards Sasori. This reinvigorated the Cloud shinobi. They saw as their hokage refused to give in and lose to his opponents. He would only rest with his final breath and so would they. They attacked Esumi's army with refueled intensity and focusing especially on Sasori's puppets and Sasori himself. The slaves all had a change in aura. Jinchūriki chakra cloaks formed on their person.

"Impossible…. How did you….."

"It's all over for us…. They still had a trump card hiding from us….."

"I won't give…. Up…." A cloud nin said as he tried to stab a slave who had the chakra cloud around his body. The slave smiled viciously before grabbing the guy's face and stabbing through his chest with his hand.

The cloud nin were forced to surrender or to face the punishment of whichever slave got to them first. Itachi sighed as he saw the tied up cloud nin. He looked at the sky and wondered how his brother was doing.. He hoped he isn't trying to save him and is just living his life… Sasori desummoned his puppets and grabbed the Raikage body. He stored it away in a scroll and this caused the cloud nin to nearly erupt once more. But with a single stare of Itachi's sharingan, they were silenced.


Esumi managed to get inside the Eight-Tails's mind. She saw both the beast and its holder together staring at her. She captured the beast in a genjutsu with her sharingan and captured the holder. The Eight-Tail's eyes turned into sharingan.

"That takes care of that dumb animal. No more healing for you Mr.Rapper."

And the genjutsu broke. Esumi suppressed the tailed beast with her eternal sharingan and crushed the Jinchūriki's wind pipe with her fragile and delicate looking hand. She couldn't have him dead though. So she had a medical nin watch over him after she drained him of his chakra.

"Alright! Good work guys! I'm proud most of you didn't lose your life in this first fight. Now go do whatever you want to their village and people inside. Consider it a reward for our first victory in this war." Esumi said as the slaves went wild like a pack of animals and into the Hidden Cloud Village.

Some stayed behind and didn't bother going. Most of the Iwa nin who came along stayed behind too. But some were influenced by the slaves and decided to let loose as well.

"You'd think they'd be tired after fighting for the entire day. I guess whatever Jabie's pumped them full of is working.." Esumi said to her apprentice.

"I know I'm tired.. I never want to use that much chakra again.." Sho said with a yawn.

"We'll be taking a rest for the next couple of days to get these guys sent to our village as extra manpower. I've captured the Eight-tails.. The Raikage is dead.. I suppose I'll have to get in contact with Suna and check on Skelly-chan to see if he's captured the Hidden Sand Village yet."

"After news of us destroying Kumogakure gets out, the entire world will be against us you know…" Sho commented.

"It'll be fine my little cute apprentice." Esumi said as she rested her chest on his head.

Sho's cheeks turned bright red, but his attitude did not change.

"I still don't know how you're going to convince your old village when they find out it was you, Aomatsuna-san, and Jabie-san that started all this."

"What they don't know won't hurt them. Especially with all the methods we have. Power can be used in many different ways Sho-chan. There is always a way with the right amount of strength."

"But why do you three always choose methods like these?" Sho asked.

Esumi smiled at Sho, but he couldn't see it due to her being behind him and using him as a resting board for her chest.

"Do you really wanna know why me, Suna, and Jabie always choose methods like these?"

"Yea. I just don't understand why you would want to cause all this destruction when there are more peaceful and non-destructive ways of going about things."

"Well too bad ya little brat! Maybe I'll tell you when you start growing some hair on ya balls." Esumi giggled and started walking towards the prisoners.

Sho just sighed at his master's avoidance but swore one day to get her to open up to him. Even if he has to force her to get the answers he wants. So Esumi's army took a three-day rest and Esumi sent the Iwa-nin to escort the prisoners back to the Hidden Demon Village along with the Two-Tails and a modified crown-wearing Suigetsu. Itachi, Esumi, Sasori, Sho, and the rest of the slaves headed towards Sunagakure. Esumi received a message back from Suna about checking on the situation in Suna before taking over Iwagakure. They planned to ambush the Iwa-nin back at the village with Jabie and capture them along with the Kumo ninja. The Tsuchikage will be ambushed as well at Sunagakure ever since Esumi sent him along with the police chief and his two aides.