Kigal-Note/Plants/Trees: Fuxing Yinghua
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Name: Fuxing Yinghua
Rank: B+
Type: Ancient Tree
Attribute: Life, Death, Wood
STR: - VIT: - MAG: - RES: - SPD: - DEX: -


A massive Sakura tree with a dark grey trunk and branches, with lilac flowers blooming on the tree at any season of the year.


A Fuxing Yinghua is a special sort of tree, said only to evolve after having matured over a millennium. The three is known as a divine tree, granting life to its surrounding. It is also considered a divine tree, having obtained the [Divinity] skill over its many years.


Due to the great life-force of the tree, many monsters will try to take the bounties of the tree for themselves. The tree has two methods of protection:

One is to summon the spirit of the dead to protect itself. This does not work if there are no spirits to call upon.

The second method is to use its Quest Administration Privileges that are granted by the Ultimate Gods.

The warriors who accepted the Quest are gifted with a Shengmìng Yinghua seedling as a reward. The seedling has basically the same powers as the Fuxing Yinghua, except for the divinity and Quest Administration Privileges.

The Fuxing Yinghua has the power to grant life to its surrounding based on how infertile the land is. The worse the land around it is, the more power of life can be created. 

This ability is also inherited to the Shengmìng Yinghua seedlings, so people wish to obtain this plant to create wood equipment with recovery-powers that can even resurrect the dead, but only if it's processed by the finest artisans.


  • [Tree of Rebirth]
    • Attribute: Life
    • Materials from the skill holder have high recovery effects.
      • At high levels, even resurrection effects are to be expected.
  • [Tree of Dead Spirits]
    • Attribute: Death
    • The skill holder can summon the spirit of the dead to protect itself.
      • Only spirits that want to protect the tree can be summoned.
      • The same spirit cannot be summoned by the same skill holder twice.

Garami's comment: Oh? This was more impressive than I first thought.

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