Rocky start
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It all started on the night of March 2 1990 which was the birthday of the orphan he found himself in. "Urg! Why the fuck do I hurt all over?" Nick muttered as he opened his eyes groggily seemingly right after going to sleep only to freeze when he didn't recognize his surroundings. He found himself in a putrid alley with trash strewn all around him and brown brick walls on either side of him.-

Nick didn't even have time to process this new environment before he felt a wave of agony roll over him from his body and he had to hold in a scream. 'What the fuck happened!?' nick thought in panic as he finally turned his gaze towards his own body only to once again stiffen when he realized it definitely didn't belong to him. Small pale hands covered in dirt an outfit consisting of rough burlap pants and a torn cotton shirt that was equally covered in mud and other unidentifiable things.-

The size was all wrong as well as unless the world got much bigger he was barely four feet tall which lead Nick to quickly figuring out he was in the body of a child. 'Stay calm , stay calm breath in' he took a breath 'And out' he exhaled. Nick was always good about controlling his emotions and in this instance it really came in handy as panic had begun to set in. 'Before I even start to unpack the implications behind becoming a child I need to get to safety and maybe get checked out if this pain is anything to go by.' Nick thought seriously.-

Gritting his teeth Nick lifted himself up out of the pile of trash he was laying on as pain flared up from his ribs specifically at the movement. 'Definitely have some broken or at the best bruised ribs.' he noted mentally while trying his best to ignore the throbbing pain coming from his head and the stiffness of the skin on his face like it was coated in a thick layer of dried blood. 'Probably is' he mused seriously. When Nick stepped out of the alley but ran into someone and fell back with an audible whimper of pain from the impact.

"Are you alright?" a male voice with an english accent asked seriously and looking up Nick say that the person he had just ran into was a man with blonde thin hair and a narrow but decently handsome face in a black uniform it a matching cap. Nick recognized the outfit as an older version of the british police uniform and was momentarily surprised to see someone cosplaying it before the pain brought his thoughts back to his current situation. "No sir , I can't seem to remember anything and I just woke up in this place , you You know what happened?" Nick asked while acting like a scared amnesiac , which he may as well have been.-

The mans brows furrowed as he frowned while genuinely giving Nick a thorough look over as he started finding clues that painted a very unpleasant picture in his mind. How could it not when Nick clearly had a terrible head wound and was holding his side as though he was seriously hurting from it while being horribly dirty. The mans face softened in pity "what do you remember lad?" he asked seriously while taking out a note pad and pencil from his uniforms breast pocket.-

Nick frowned as though in deep thought but that caused his head to hurt so he stopped and shook his head "just my name mister." he said honestly. The man sighed as his hopes were dashed "Alright lad whats your name?" he asked calmly while trying to smile reassuringly at nick. "Nicholas Iron." he answered honestly and the man wrote that down. "Okay lad if you come with me we'll get you sorted back at the station and see about finding your parents , alright?" the man said reassuringly while holding his hand out which Nick took.-

Nick quickly learned that rather than cosplaying an old english police officer the man actually was in fact a modern police officer. Thanks to the news paper the officer had in his white police car Nick had learned that he was not only in the body of a child but also nearly thirty three years in the past as well! The officer didn't think much of Nicks reaction to the date since he had just assumed it had something to do with his amnesia. 'What the fuck is actually going on!?' Nick couldn't help but feel anxious and afraid at this ludacris scenario he found himself in.