Chapter 74
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That day, like countless little fans, Chen Qingyang opened the Emperor Mo's Weibo, preparing to say a happy birthday to him. In the end, she saw the latest Weibo post at the top. Although it only had four words and an expression, it was even more bloody than the notice for the make-up exam.

Chen Qingyang suddenly felt that she had nothing to live for.

It wasn't just because Emperor Mo was in love, but because the person he was in love with was her best friend!

Just a little bit more and it would've been her!

… …. #

Oh, no, she thought that no one in this world would understand her feelings. Oh, no, maybe the Young Master Xiang would understand her. After all, his goddess had been taken away by his friend, but just because this guy hung up on her a few days ago, she couldn't possibly be on his side. She definitely couldn't forgive him for lying to her!

She posted her complicated feelings on Weibo, hoping that everyone would be able to read her. However... What the f * ck is wrong with all the people who said that she's going to the Underworld!

She felt that her feelings were too complicated. She clearly just wanted to go on a trip to change her mood. And they might even run into a flirtatious encounter on the road!

Alright, she admitted that this was the main point. However, as the saying goes, a cure for heartbreak is a new love affair.

She didn't explain anything on Weibo. Instead, she fell asleep with a broken heart in her arms. She had thought that after suffering such a huge blow, she would definitely lose sleep, but she actually slept soundly, to the point where she couldn't understand herself.

When she woke up the next morning, she received a notice saying that "White Robes" was officially on.

The "White Clothes Examiner" was the novel that had been adapted into a movie and television, "The Sleeping Young Erlang." The title of "White Robes" was given to the TV show again. It was not because the spy liked to wear white, but because of the white lab coat.

However, obviously, "White Robes" wasn't good enough, so the screenwriter cleverly took out "White Robes".

Chen Qingyang only wanted to laugh in response. Even a white shirt with this kind of setting would rot on the street, okay? How could it be compared to "The Sleeping Erlang", whose name was loud and clear!

Chen Qingyang once again experienced the feeling of loneliness from high above.

The one who played the role of the white coat in the TV series was none other than the popular Little Heavenly King of the Kaiser, Zhang Chengye. Although Chen Qingyang wasn't a fan of his, he still had some understanding of him. At the very least, he had a pretty good face and had always been the most popular person in the group. Although he had previously heard that he wanted to fly alone and had committed suicide once, it seemed to have stopped now. At the very least, he was still staying in the oh ~ mygod! In this combination.

The news of the start of the TV show was the only good news that Chen Qingyang had heard for a long time.

However, on the same day the news was announced, a large number of negative fans appeared under the article "The Sleeping Erlang".

Her readers had discovered this earlier than she had, and had automatically made up for it in Wen Wen's account. Some had even climbed onto Weibo to check on her.

However, when Chen Qingyang saw her, not only did she lose, she was also hung on the Pudong website's Little Pink forum.

[Hanging Wall], a great god of the river who Boiled Lemons in water, sure enough, there were plenty of divine sparks. After publishing a signed film and planning to change to a screenwriter, he could just cut off and write a newspaper article? And even encouraging the reader to do the right thing for him? He had already reported it.

Chen Qingyang was an old author of the internet. What kind of bloody storm hadn't he seen before? It was obvious that someone was trying to backstab her.

Usually, there were only two reasons for being blacklisted. One reason was because they were blocking the path of others, while the other reason was because some people were jealous.

It was obvious that someone was jealous and did not like her. She had been in Pujiang River for so many years, and she had gotten to know many of her friends. She had also made quite a few enemies, such as the big chrysanthemum flower from last time.

For Chen Qingyang to be able to become the moderator of the Sea Horn Forum, his combat strength was absolutely valiant. She quickly found the IP address of the poster. After comparing it with the IP addresses of the suspects, she found out that this person was indeed a friend of Flora.

Chen Qingyang felt that the chrysanthemum flowers were not only lacking in EQ, but also in IQ. Didn't he do the promotions for her free of charge by insulting her at this time? Actually, the chrysanthemum flower greatly loves her, right?

However, since the real culprit was already known, it would be easy to deal with it next. There were definitely many more black spots on Chrysanthemum Flower's body than her.

She and her friends had filled up all the posts on the forum that were previously filled with black chrysanthemums. The entire front page was filled with posts hanging from the walls, creating a spectacular scene. She edited another long Weibo post and washed her face. She then mocked and ridiculed the chrysanthemum for a thousand words. Finally, she circled a bunch of great pink authors who were on good terms with her.

The people around her all helped her forward. Although the people who posted her name on the forum had left in a dejected manner, the great army of people under "Little Erlang" was still alive.

However, there were those who were negative, and there were also those who made up the points. For example, this reader who tirelessly made up the points from the first chapter to the last chapter. Although each comment was only two words, either to make up for the points or to throw away the flowers, Chen Qingyang was still somewhat touched. This was because before every comment was a mine!

Chapter 103 - 103 mines This reader, called Flowerspeck, had suddenly become the patron of Boiled Lemons.

She clicked on the blotchy reader's column and looked at it. It was a new number, with only one subscription record, and that was her own essay, "The Little Erlang." Furthermore, there was only one author on the list of Overlord votes.

She even suspected that she was the one who gave him the floral spots to make up for it.

Wait! Floral spots, Flower Spot! Could it be that the flower of her family turned into someone to give her some points?! Just thinking about it made him excited!

"Meow ~" The fat Flower Spot formed a ball, lazily yawning in the corner. Chen Qingyang's mouth twitched. With this fat cat's intelligence, it was impossible for it to have such a high level magic.

Then, who could it be?

Chen Qingyang was still vexed, but this reader called Flowerspeck once again left a comment for her in the first chapter. This was different from the previous' Saying Flower 'review. This was a long review with over 2000 words, and every word was being discussed with her … The unreasonable knowledge of physics in her language.

The other party was clearly an expert in this field. The terrifying crimes that he had written could not be described as childish or laughable. It was simply wishful thinking. Chen Qingyang faced a large piece of this theorem, this kind of proton, just wanted to die.

Don't you know she hates physics the most!

Don't think I'll be grateful if you throw a deep-water torpedo with two shots!

Eh, wait, why did she seem to suddenly know who this Flower Spot was? She remembered how, on Valentine's Day, she had called for a drunken Dazzle Spot at the hotel, and how he had happened to be a Ph.D. in physics.

F * ck, can you be so scary!? A Ph.D. in physics came to see her sentiments and cast two hundred and three Overlord votes for her! Ah, no, he threw another deep-water torpedo! Three hundred and three votes!

… …. Did he want to apologize in this way? Hehe, he wanted to bribe her with money … This was not enough!

Just as he was about to throw another deep-water torpedo at Yun Ze, the student behind him called out to him, "Professor, you're actually reading novels on Pujiang Net?!"

The horror in his voice was as if he had just woken up and discovered that he had suddenly become transgender.

Ye Zichen chuckled towards Yunze, then calmly shifted the screen towards the students. He used the mouse to check the text: "Look, she actually said that the final speeds of these two balls are the same. It's really unbearable."

The student looked down at the computer and agreed, "I really can't endure it! The surface friction work of the second ball is calculated using calculus, and she did not take into account the effects of the smooth and sudden contact on her speed. "

"That's right." He nodded with satisfaction towards Yun Ze. "The most unbelievable thing is that this author can use displacement to calculate the friction force. Even middle school physics isn't enough. It seems like I still need to have a good talk with her."

The student raised his head and looked at him in admiration. He didn't expect the professor to not only teach and educate people in the classroom, but also spend his spare time on teaching web writers! How much she loved to work!

The student was in awe of him.

While he was focused on himself, he threw another deep-water torpedo at Yun Ze.

Chen Qingyang had a true love for wealthy readers, called "Smash Your Face with Blood." Ever since Pu Jiang had obtained the Overlord Banner, she had occupied the top spot on the Rankings for the Boiled Lemon. This one was not only willing to smash your face with blood, but also very planned. Chen Qingyang had been writing for five years, and the long and short texts added up to more than a dozen.

But today, she had met an opponent. That small splotch that had appeared out of nowhere had actually squeezed her down from the first place position and placed her at the first place of the essay "The Sleeping Erlang".FSPOT

Three deep-water torpedoes plus 103 mines outnumbered her by a full 99 votes.

She did not hesitate to boil lemons in the water and throw a deep-water torpedo at you. When the page updated itself back to the first place again, you will finally feel comfortable with your face covered in blood.

He wanted to see if Chen Qingyang had replied to him. After all, he discovered that Chen Qingyang had quite a lot of readers, including quite a few high school students. If she had misled them, then they would have all failed the physics exam.

Saving an author was equivalent to saving thousands upon thousands of readers. Yunze felt that his complaints were very meaningful.

Chen Qingyang replied. Under the two thousand word long commentary, he replied, "I want to study physics and read physics. What kind of novels are you reading!"

He twitched the corner of his mouth at Yunze. He had always had a forgiving heart towards this kind of student who hated studying so much. So instead of getting angry, he threw a grenade at her.

He would definitely be able to move her with his righteous and vengeful spirit.

Whether Chen Qingyang was moved or not, it was not known for now, but he was definitely angry after he smashed your face. Did this Flowerspeck guy pick a fight with her? She looked at Flower Spot, who had once again risen to the top of the Overlord Billing List, and activated her tycoon skill.

Because of the Overlord Banner that had been focused on feeding Chen Qingyang for the past two days, he had already reached the top of the Monthly Ranking of Overlord Bills and was almost hung on the wall again. Today, she threw torpedoes and rocket launchers at you as if you were mad with blood. The corner of her mouth twitched, and she hit her in the middle of a crowd of readers.

Boiled Lemon: Face, what's the matter with you?

Smash your face with blood: Lemon, there's a guy called Flower Spot fighting me for the first qaq.

Boiled Lemon: …

Boiled Lemon: Ignore him. He's a friend of mine for three yuan.

Smash your face with blood:... Him?

Smash your face with blood: F * ck Lemon, you already have a boyfriend?!

Chen Qingyang: "…"

I called her now and told her not to throw any more thunder, and you don't want to throw any more, save the money for lunch.

Smash your face with blood: I feel like I'm trying to cover this up...

However, Chen Qingyang actually called Yun Ze. Ye Zichen looked at the screen on the table that lit up, then raised his eyebrows in surprise, "Fragrant …"

"Xiang Yun Ze, are you crazy!?" He had so much money, yet he couldn't spend it to repair the road. Why did he have to throw torpedoes! Rather than getting half of the money earned by Pu Jiang, you might as well just give it to me! "

He looked at Yun Ze, "..."

So the main point is the last sentence, right?

"How did you know it was mine?"

"Because you are the only one I know who has the snake essence disease!"

He looked at Yun Ze, "..."

He took a deep breath, a slight smile playing at the corners of his mouth. "Do you know how much I paid for my last class?"

Chen Qingyang: "…"

Who cares about your scientific review! I'll delete it for you to see! He actually dared to charge a fee!

Seeing that Chen Qingyang had stopped talking, the smile on his face towards Yun Ze was no longer as evil as before, "Oh right, why do you have to fight so many times? Did you lose to someone?"

"Isn't it all because of Erlang Shen turning on his computer? Someone's jealous!" Chen Qingyang's tone sounded somewhat disdainful. As the saying goes, one is not jealous of a mediocre talent, but the chrysanthemum is jealous of her. This meant that she was more talented than her, hmph!

The light in Yun Ze's eyes flickered as he asked, "Do you know who did it?"

"A field of chrysanthemums is huge. "Speaking of which, don't throw me any more thunder, don't think that I will forgive you just because you did that. It's a debt!"

Ye Zichen shook his head as he heard the hung up call and the busy signal that came right after, while not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

The student sitting across from him finally couldn't hold back his curiosity. He bit his chopsticks and asked, "Professor, was that your girlfriend?"

The two girls who were sitting beside him immediately pricked up their ears.

"No, the patient I told you about last time."

Student: "..."

Professor, don't think that I can't tell that this is a lie just because your IQ is higher than mine.

After this phone call to Yun Ze, he really did not throw any more thunder. However, the online scrubbing army had not stopped yet. Chen Qingyang felt a bit tired as he thought to himself, "This chrysanthemum is really trying to make a fool of her. It has truly scared her out of her wits."

However, soon, an unexpected piece of news exploded on the forums of River Network.

F * ck, did I see wrong!? A bunch of chrysanthemums under the big new article received a yellow card, the reason is that the author is too ugly! The title had to be long and long!

When Chen Qingyang saw this post, she almost spit water out of her mouth. She quickly pointed it out and took a look. The OP even posted a screenshot. It really said "This author is too ugly, yellow card warning".

… ….

Ha ha-ha ha-ha ha-ha ha-ha ha-ha ha-ha! How f * cking ugly was that, to be warned by a yellow card!

Chen Qingyang almost went mad with laughter on the bed.

This kind of fun had to be shared, so she put this link in every spelling group and invited them to share it with her.

Not long after, the manager of Pu Jiang city said that the system had selected it, and the mysterious yellow card had been cancelled. However, this rarely seen yellow card had already been preserved by many netizens, it was likely to be passed down forever.

It had been a long time since Chen Qingyang had smiled like this ever since she found out about the relationship between Li Yan and Mo Zhen. When she had laughed enough, she finally felt that something wasn't right. No matter how much the System drew, it would never draw such a yellow card. It felt more like it was being blacklisted.

Her eyebrows twitched as she made another call to Yun Ze. It was already past ten o'clock. It was very quiet in Yunze's direction. It sounded like he was about to go to bed. Chen Qingyang seemed to be infected by this atmosphere and his voice had shrunk quite a bit, "Young Master Xiang, did you blacken the chrysanthemum flowers?"

He smiled at Yun Ze and asked, "You know about it again?"

Chen Qingyang scolded, "I just told you about this, and then she was cheated. I have reason to suspect that it was you."

Xiang Yunze pursed his lips and chuckled, "I don't have this kind of skill. I found a friend to make it."

Chen Qingyang paused for a moment, and then said: "Humph! Don't think I'll forgive you for doing that! This debt! "

The phone was hung up once again, and he couldn't help but laugh towards Yunze. Was this the pride of the legends?

The reason he was doing this to Qingyang was indeed to express his apology, but he felt that it was actually quite interesting.

Because of this interruption, the matters between Mo Zhen and Li Yan faded away from Chen Qingyang's heart. Just when she thought she could finally relax, she saw a tree hole post.

[Tree Hole] I am a makeup artist, and for the sake of my work, I beautified my love rival today. But that wasn't the saddest part. The saddest part was the kiss mark on her neck. QAQ

… ….

Chen Qingyang felt that everything that happened right now was just an illusion! A hallucination! 

As expected, she still wanted to run away from home! No, travel the world! She also wanted to travel wherever she wanted!

But could someone tell her why she had met that Young Master at the Grammys? What happened to her! "Ah!"

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