Chapter 67
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In addition to Chen Qingyang, the Internet has already caused a ruckus over the incident.

Tomato invited Mo Zhen as a model, originally intending to advertise their merchandise, but now the publicity has played a role, and everyone was too busy watching the models. No one paid attention to the clothes.

The front page of the Haiguo Forum had almost been taken over by the news about Tomato. Chen Qingyang scanned the front page and casually clicked on the one with the most views.

The writer had scanned the pages of the magazine and made a jigsaw puzzle of the images. He also made a lot of notes on them, such as the tender gaze of King Mo, the pink bubbles that could be seen across the screen when he kissed his hair, and the blushing lips of the two.

The final closing statement was just one sentence — only true love could take such a picture!

“Emperor Mo has never seen the world, but that is because Emperor Mo’s acting is good. [Bye bye]”

“To have Mo Zhen kiss her hair, for Mo Zhen to wrap his arms around her waist, for Mo Zhen to stick so close to her, kill the photographer!”

“I’ve already submitted my resume to Tomato. Please bless me!”

“Am I the only one who cares who the model is? She’s not even a contracted model for Tomato! "

“Upstairs + 1. She doesn’t have any information on her on the official website, but if she was able to squeeze out so many pillars of Tomato, her background should be pretty solid.”

“I’ve turned her face into my own face!”


“Why do I think that model looks so beautiful? Why do I think that model looks so beautiful? She's a good match for Emperor Mo. Wake me up!”

“Kill the one upstairs!”

“I like her dress. It’s pink and blue and cute!”

The Editor-in-Chief was almost moved to tears. Finally, someone noticed her clothes.

It was like opening the door to a new world, and the attention was successfully diverted to their clothing, haircuts, makeup, shoes, and bags.

“This model’s shape is made by Anda. I want to heat up a wave like this as well!”

“Big waves tend to look old. The models look good because they look young.”

“F * ck, that bag is actually selling for more than 2000 RMB. Since when did Tomato become so high-end?”

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Tomato upstairs (?). The recent prices have already forced a student to die with a face covered in blood.”

Chen Qingyang: “… …”

What about the agreement that was agreed upon! Why are you suddenly chatting so happily! The first person to pick up the conversation about the clothes was probably an agent of Tomato who was lurking in the forums!

Li Xiao was also stunned after receiving the magazine! Her cousin had secretly hooked up with Emperor Mo, she simply couldn’t tolerate it! She took the magazine with her and immediately went to Li Yan’s house to report on the incident.

“Is this really her face?” Mother Li held her face in disbelief. “How can my daughter be so cute!”

“That’s not the point!” Father Li slapped the table and stood up, forcefully poking the picture of Mo Zhen, "Who is this kid? “Why is he so close to our daughter?!”

“This is Emperor Mo. I see his advertisement every day on television.” Mother Li said with her starry eyes, “I never thought that my daughter would know such a handsome boy.”

Father Li: “…”

He felt that the intelligence in the room had been lowered.

In the Jiang family ancestral home, the eldest senior brother rushed into the garden with a magazine in his hand. “Master! Master!” “Junior sister has been taken advantage of!”

Following the eldest senior brother was the second, third, fourth, and fifth senior brother. They flung the magazine onto the table and all looked eagerly at Jiang Chen.

Old Man Jiang put down the teacup in his hands, picked up the magazine and flipped through a few pages: “It’s really a great change for Li Yan. Her face is even more beautiful than her mother’s when she was young.”

Eldest senior brother: “…”

We want to hear this! “Master, look at that kid next to Junior Sister, he’s even putting his claws around her waist! He’s simply intolerable!”

“Elder Senior-apprentice Brother is right!” The three, four, five, and six senior brothers all joined in the discussion.

“Then what do you want to do?”

“We have to talk about life with him!” “Verify his martial arts!” “Become friends of the martial competition!” “Ha ha-ha ha-ha!”


Old Man Jiang glanced at them, then glanced at the magazine in his hand: “Speaking of which, you guys still read magazines like this?”


“It’s not ours. It was brought here by a little girl who came to learn the art of self-defense!” The eldest senior brother hurriedly tried to defend his reputation.

At the same time, a new report appeared on Haiguo Forum.

“I think I know this model sister. She is the junior sister who taught me how to defend myself. She also taught me a lesson in the past. She’s a good person, and she’s also very amazing!” “I won’t say she’s not my goddess.”

“What the f * ck? Are you serious?!” “The model sister is so cool?”

“Really, the coach seemed to recognize her just now. He took a bunch of coaches out to find the head coach. From their tone, they seem to think that their junior sister has been taken advantage of and is trying to get justice for her.”

“Why? I suddenly want to light a candle for Emperor Mo.”

“Emperor Mo, take care.”

"Do any of you follow the microblog of Boiled Lemon? “This is a picture that she once sent out. Does the girl on the right look like a model sister?”

“Holy shit, she’s obviously the same person!”

“The one on the right is Su Yan, right?” “You really have a good foundation!”

“The latest microblog post on Boiled Lemon, said that her best friend is holding a god. She wants to break her friendship. Is that what she’s talking about?”

“I’ve found a previous microblog post of Boiled Lemon. The model girl’s microblog should be this.”

Chen Qingyang: “… …”

The girls on the forums were all brimming with fighting spirit. In just half a day, they had managed to dig out all the information on Weibo.

Chen Qingyang took out Li Yan’s Weibo post and deleted Li Yan’s photo on Weibo, but that didn’t stop the mighty girls on the forum. In just a single afternoon, Li Yan’s Weibo followers grew by a few thousand, scaring her into thinking her computer was infected by a virus.

“Zhen Zhen, I feel like I’m going to be famous!” Li Yan carried her notebook and ran in front of Mo Zhen. They had just returned from the set, and Mo Zhen was still sitting at the table eating supper. He glanced at the computer Li Yan handed to him. Other than the fact that her fans had changed from more than 500 to more than 3000, she had a lot of comments.

“I came from the forums to find the model sister.”

“Sister, is your dojo still accepting disciples?” I also want to learn body defense. It’s too much trouble to be pretty.

“I just want to ask Emperor Mo to carry me to Shu Lake!”

“Little Treasure, part-time job, 300 RMB per day. Please add if you are interested.”


Mo placed the computer in front of him, opened the browser homepage, entered the four words Haiguang Forum. Entering the entertainment business section, he turned the screen towards Li Yan and said, “The answer should be in here.”

Li Yan looked at the front page of the post, which was filled with pictures of the magazine, and couldn’t help but smile. Mo Xiang looked at the title and finally clicked on a post called “Just came back from the model girl’s Weibo and summed up a few points”.

"1. Sister looks like an ordinary university student, in Shi University’s Chinese department. She graduated last June. Those who say she has a tough background, please kneel down.

  1. Last year, sister seemed to have suffered from a serious illness. She only recovered at the beginning of the year. In April, she found a job. My sister had already taken pictures of her boss using pictures of Emperor Mo (?).
  2. My sister is really pretty. On Weibo, I saw her pretty face, and I have already become her brainless fan.

“4. This post is a simple summary. If you want to fight, please open another post.”

Mo Zhen finished climbing up to the first floor in a row. He glanced at Li Yan, who was still in a daze, and said, “The reaction is much better than I expected. I thought they would skin you alive.”

Li Yan: “…”

If the picture of the kiss was published, she wouldn't be far from it.

“However, since your Weibo has already been exposed, you better send a message to reply to them.”

“Huh?” Li Yan was a little nervous when she heard what he said. “What should I say?”

Mo Zhen laughed: “You can use your usual Weibo tone to send a few words of thanks.”

“Oh.” Li Yan began to ponder as she stared at the screen. She wrote, deleted, and changed words a few times before finally posting to her Weibo.

“Although I don’t know how you found my Weibo, I thank you for your interest in me. This time, the magazine took photos of me as an accident happened to the original model and I took her place. I was just a busybody. Finally, I ask for more girls at the dojo. We even accept apprentices. The coaches are all single men of the wedding age, if you are interested, you can text me privately. "

Mo Wei studied Li Yan’s microblog, showing her affability but not flattery. She also tactfully said that she had no backing and she didn’t forget to advertise her dojo. Most importantly, the entire post was adorable.

Her public relations skills were perfect. It was a pity that she wasn’t an artist.

Soon, the official blog of Tomato magazine forwarded Li Yan’s Weibo: “Model girl Meng Meng Da! To tell you guys in secret, our Editor-in-Chief really wants to sign her, but her boss doesn’t agree with that.”

Mo Wei looked at this Weibo, thought for a moment, and then directly forwarded it.

With their help, Li Yan’s fans had already exceeded 10,000 overnight. She finally experienced the sensation of becoming famous overnight.

Even Tang Qiang began to pay attention to this matter. Li Yan’s physique was simply a natural lure. He looked at the time and called Mo Zhen: “Emperor Mo, are you up yet?”

“If you have something to say, just say it.” Mo Zhen’s voice sounded a little hoarse, as if he had just been woken up from his sleep.

With regards to his attitude, Tang Qiang was already used to it. “Last time, when you mentioned the matter of her, did she consider it?”

Although there was no lack of movie kings and emperors, there was not a single Movie Empress. Female artists who could stand up to the limelight have always been only framed as princesses. Now, it seemed, she could finally fill the gap.

Li Yan’s external features were already very outstanding, and coupled with professional training, she could have the confidence to make her into a shining solo artist.

Mo Zhen was silent for a moment before replying: “Give me some more time.”

“Okay, answer me as soon as you can.”

After hanging up the phone, Mo Zhen used his mobile phone to browse the net. After a night of settling down, not only did everyone’s enthusiasm for Li Yan not wane, it was instead, becoming more and more intense. The number of Li Yan fans on Weibo was still growing, and several topics had been built up about her.

Mo Zhen suddenly felt an unprecedented sense of crisis.

Before, when Li Yan was still a ghost, only he could see her, only he could hear her. He was her whole world, and she was very dependent on him. Then she was Li Yan again, with her own family and friends, with her own world, and no longer as dependent on him as she used to be. 

Now, she had a bigger stage, and he could already see her wings spread out, rising higher and higher, farther and farther away from him.

He didn’t like it.

Li Yan finished preparing breakfast and turned around to see Mo Zhen walking down the stairs with an ugly face. She blinked quickly and went up to him. “Zhen Zhen, what’s the matter with you?”

Mo Zhen glanced at her, pursed his lips and said: “Have you considered the contract that I told you about last time?”

The author had something to say: Emperor Mo has extended an invitation to you once more, [Accept] or [Reject]?

Li Yan: Reject.

Author: Why?

Li Yan: Didn’t you see the expression on Emperor Mo’s face that said “If you dare agree to it, just kill me”?