Chapter 71
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When the 30 Mins' Star News report was released, everyone was too busy forwarding it to read the text. Now, after waiting for it to come to an end, the fans were finally in the mood to read it.

But wait …

For defending his assistant's justice? Since when did Mo Zhen have an assistant? Wasn't it always the manager who served him?

Wait a minute, that assistant was actually a woman?

And why did she look so much like the model in the magazine?

Even though the photos and videos were not very clear, even though Li Yan's dressing and appearance were completely different from those in the magazine, she was still unable to endure the eyes of her fans.

Soon, there were enthusiastic netizens who used magazine photos and news photos to make a comparison chart, which was posted on the Sea Point Forum.

"My eyes aren't good. Girls, can you help me see if these two pictures are the same person?"

The girls at the forum responded positively to the owner's call and, after careful comparison by the panel, confirmed that the two photographs were of the same person. Thus, the second hottest news of the day was born so happily.

"The model sister you don't know is actually Emperor Mo's personal assistant."

After Chen Qingyang had angrily scolded the troll army on Weibo, she had always been browsing the forums. She had originally planned to check for Chastity No.2's ip, but in the end, such a message popped up. Her heart thumped. An inexplicable sense of nervousness rapidly spread from her head to her four limbs. She felt as if her entire being was in a bad situation.

The mouse moved back and forth on the title post several times. Chen Qingyang finally took a deep breath and mustered up her courage to click on it.

This was a summary building. The OP had combined the analysis of the enthusiastic netizens with the analysis of the forum girls to make it convenient for those who had no patience to climb the building.

When Chen Qingyang saw Li Yan's photo, she only felt her head explode. It was as if a bolt of lightning had struck down from above, causing the entire world to fall apart …

Thunderbolts in a clear sky is not just a saying 

She sat in front of the computer and looked at Li Yan's photo with a more frightened expression than when she was watching a ghost film. 'They actually said that Mighty Yan is Mo Zhen's assistant! Pfft Li Yan as Mo Zhen's assistant! How come she didn't know that rumours are a crime?! '

"This invitation's price is 8cj, please do not follow this invitation."

After sealing this building, Chen Qingyang still did not feel satisfied. He even sealed up both the OP and that enthusiastic netizen …

Let you make up a rumor, let you make up a rumor

This time, all the girls in the forum were thoroughly angered

"The moderator is amazing! The moderator can seal a building in disorder just like that! Do you have the balls to seal a building? Do you have the guts to open the door?"

"OP, calm down. I think the forum master has gone insane again."

"Are you sick? Go home and take your medicine! What are you biting people for? Is it mental illness or rabies?"

"You have to be lenient with the patient. She has sealed up a building, we have to open another one, she only has one person, and we have thousands of people to see who is faster than whom."

As he said this, a tall building had been built on the front page. All the girls from the previous building moved there to continue the gossip.

Chen Qingyang was so angry that his eyes were almost spitting fire. You people dared to slander this version of the master, you are defying the heavens.

Just as she was about to seal up the building as well, her gaze inadvertently landed on the 38th floor's reply.

"I don't think the moderator would accept the fact that his model sister is Mo Zhen's assistant. 

It would be strange if the needle hit the nail on the head …

Who can't accept this! It was clearly you guys who created the rumor here, yet you refused to explain?!

"Holy shit, that building was sealed just now! The moderator has already entered Madness mode. Non-combatants, please leave as soon as possible!"

"The moderator is great. Tonight is 10 o'clock in the morning, a battle of life and death is at stake. Bye and by the way!"

"I've already complained to her. The other moderators should deal with it soon."

"Upstairs, for the first time, I went to file a complaint. The moderator of the forum, Feng Lou, follows the rules and not his personal preferences, alright?"

The other two moderators quickly dealt with the matter. The ban on Chen Qingyang's account was lifted, and even the moderator came to have a friendly conversation with her. As a result of the conversation, she was suspended for a month.


The half-peeled apple fell off his father's hand. He looked at the room where the roar came from and said sorrowfully to his mother, "Mother, I feel that our daughter's condition is getting worse and worse."

Mother Chen was very calm. "It's fine. You won't be able to go out and say that you're a code word even if you have one or two mental states."

Father Chen: "…"

Chen Qingyang finished shouting and posted a new message on Weibo. If life has deceived you, don't be sad, don't be anxious and depressed days need to be calm: believe it, happy days will come.

Reader A:

Reader B: I know this poem. It's Pushkin's. If life had deceived you, I would have just recited it a few days ago

Reader C: v What is the excitement of the lemon again?

Reader Ding: I just hope that this is not the beginning of a break: 3

A few minutes later, Chen Qingyang posted another post on Weibo. My rabies has worsened and may continue for a longer period of time. Bye

Reader: F * ck.

Even the reader would have to fight hard to find such an author.

After logging off from Weibo, Chen Qingyang took out his phone and took out Li Yan's phone number, "Tonight, 10 o'clock at the peak, a life and death battle, I will see you again before you leave."

Li Yan, "…"

Is that a duel warrant? But at least give me the address of the lighthouse.

She glanced at Mo Zhen who was filming at the front. She walked out and gave Chen Qingyang a call. The other party hung up the moment the phone rang. She unwillingly made another call and was hung up again. Li Yan pursed her lips. Fine, since that's the case, then you can just wait at the peak of the light by yourself.

Ever since Xingwen found out that she was Momo's assistant at 30%, she had received many phone calls asking about her family and friends. Originally, she was worried about how to explain it to Shampoo, but if the other party didn't pick up the phone, then she didn't need to explain.

On the other hand, Gao Tiancheng was not as dark as Mo Zhen this time, but he himself was like a pile of dust, a lump of anger that had accumulated in his chest and nowhere to vent. Seeing him keep drinking, Zhu Peng came up with a rotten idea for him. "Second Young Master, the backers of Mo Zhen are too hard to deal with, but isn't that assistant of his hard to deal with?"

Gao Tiancheng's gaze widened as he put down the wine cup in his hand. "What do you mean?"

"Didn't you like that little girl? Bro, I'll get her for you!"

Gao Tiancheng was clearly moved, but he was a little fearful of Mo Zhen, "Mo Zhen seems to care a lot about that assistant. If he does that, he might not let it go."

"Heh heh, then can you swallow this down?"

He couldn't swallow.

He had been around for such a long time, so how could he be afraid of anyone? This incident not only caused him to lose face, but also caused him to be severely scolded by his father. How could he just let it go like this?

He would never be able to figure it out in his life.

Gao Tiancheng turned around and made up his mind, "Okay, what do you say we should do?"

Zhu Peng smiled mysteriously. "Leave it to me. You don't have to worry about it."

A few days had passed since the incident, and Li Yan had gotten her one day holiday. It was rare that the film crew didn't take any pictures, and since Mo Zhen didn't have any other work to do, she could finally go home and not be complained about by her mother. Mo Zhen originally wanted to take Li Yan out for a good meal after sleeping that night, but when she thought about how long it had been since she returned home, she nodded in agreement. As for him, he would sleep at home for a day.

Even though it was a weekday, because Li Yan rarely had a holiday, Mama Li still gathered all her aunts and uncles at the Jiang manor and invited Li Yan here for lunch. When Li Yan heard the list of people attending, she felt depressed. How was this just eating? This was clearly the third round of interrogations she was going to be held.

Before, she had become the assistant of Mo Zhen without her family's knowledge, partly because of the company's regulations, and partly because she felt that her family's acceptance of the entertainment circle might not be too high. Although she was only going to be an assistant and couldn't be considered a true insider, Gao Tiancheng happened to happen, causing her family to be even more dissatisfied with her job.

She didn't dare to tell these things to Mo Zhen. If she told him, he might come home with her today. Thinking about the worth of Senior Martial Brother's martial arts, she could only smile and say to Mo Zhen, "Mo Zhen, I'm going out."

Mo Zhen looked at her and nodded, "Yes, I came back early. I still have work to do tomorrow morning."

"Got it." Li Yan waved her hand and ran out happily. When she went out, the taxi was already waiting outside. It was Mo Zhen who called the taxi for her. The sun wouldn't shine too brightly in the June morning, and the temperature of the sun was just right. The short wall by the side of the road was covered in vines, which were intertwined with each other in large areas. It was so green that it looked as if they were dripping with water.

The taxi driver looked at the rearview mirror and could not help saying, "Miss, I feel like a car is following us."

"Okay." Li Yan turned around in disbelief, looking through the glass. The rows of cars were moving in an orderly fashion, and it was impossible to tell which one was following them. But then again, why was she following them? She was neither famous nor was she a political figure. Who was it that could be so bored so early in the morning?!

The master said, "It's that black car that followed us the whole way."

Li Yan frowned as she thought about it. She turned around and said, "It's alright. Ignore them. They're about to arrive anyway."

Even though she said so, the driver didn't feel at ease. With the current chaotic society, it was easy for such a beautiful girl to suffer, and he knew her, he had just been harassed by a hooligan a while ago. "Why don't I take the car to the police station?"

Li Yan said, "It's alright, my grandfather's family runs a dojo. If they followed me to the dojo, they would definitely be the ones at a disadvantage."

The security of the old mansion was especially good. Their dojo had done a great job.

"You can stop the car at the intersection up ahead. You don't need to drive in."

The driver didn't press her further. He pulled over to the side of the road and stopped. The money was all on Mo Zhen's account, Li Yan didn't need to pay. When she got off the car, she intentionally looked at it and sure enough, there was a black car parked nearby. She curled her lips. In broad daylight, in broad daylight, there was still the traffic police uncle in front of her. Did they dare to just directly put a gunny sack over her head?

He turned into a slightly less spacious alley and walked along it for three to five minutes before arriving at the Jiang manor. The sound of footsteps came from behind her. It sounded like she was running, but Li Yan also subconsciously quickened her pace. The footsteps from behind were getting closer and closer to her, and she felt a hand reaching towards her. Li Yan did not turn around, but directly grabbed that hand and threw it over her shoulder.

With a dull thud, a man in a black suit was thrown to the ground in front of him. In his hand was a small handkerchief. The people behind did not expect the plot to progress in such a dramatic manner. It was the painful groans of the men that brought them back to their senses.

The man closest to Li Yan grabbed her arm. Li Yan flipped her hand and grabbed him. She then bent her knees and hit the weakest part of the man's body. The man cried out in grief. He had lost the strength in his hands, and was jumping around with his hands covering his lower body.

Although her previous moves were only a few basic moves, it was a pity that with her strength, the two of them could easily multiply their damage by three. She turned around and pushed a strand of hair from her chest behind her back. Looking at the remaining two, she smiled as she stretched her joints. "Big sister hasn't beaten anyone in five hundred years. Since you've come today, you should accompany me to have a good time."

The man in the suit: "…"

'Wait a minute! This girl's description isn't right! Before they came, they never heard that she was a female hero! '

"Heh." Li Yan suddenly grinned and let out a light laugh. The person facing her immediately quivered. Before he could take a few steps back, a spin kick landed on his body along with Li Yan's fluttering black hair.

Dong! Another man in a suit fell to the ground.

Li Yan tilted her head, looking at the last person, "I say, it's not convenient for you guys to fight in suits, is it?"

"Witch, have mercy!" Hot tears streaming down his face, the lone suited man turned and ran towards the alleyway. He hadn't even run two steps when he was stopped by a strong man in front of him. The brawny man was really strong. The man in the suit seemed very mini in front of him. Moreover, with his chest muscles, it was obvious that he had trained. If his hand was holding a weapon instead of two cabbages, the scene would be even more harmonious.

"Why aren't you leaving, eldest senior brother?" An impatient voice came from behind the brawny man. The man in the suit looked past the brawny man in front of him and saw two, three, four, five, six brawny men.

The brawny men looked as if they had just returned from a market, carrying all kinds of vegetables and ducks and fishes.

The scene was so beautiful that two streams of tears flowed down from the man's face.

"Junior Sister, what's the matter?"

Li Yan pointed at the man in the suit and said, "They seem to have come to kidnap me, but they are too weak. I don't know which master they learned it from."

"What, kidnap!" The senior brothers were so shocked that they almost threw away the food in their hands. "Tie them all back up and let Master deal with them!"

In the courtyard of the Jiang family, four men in suits who had been tied up with all sorts of things were kneeling in a neat row.

The Third Aunt and the Sixth Wife Group, who were going to interrogate Li Yan, also began questioning them. The man in the suit was probably frightened by the scene and quickly revealed the culprit.

"Zhu Peng, I don't know this person." Li Yan doubtfully blinked. She had never heard of this name before. Why did this Zhu Peng come to kidnap her?!

"We don't know about anything else. We are just following orders. We just need to bring you back."

The eldest senior brother frowned and looked at the old man sitting in the very center of the room. "Master, have you heard of this Zhu Peng?"

Jiang Chen shook his head, "I've never heard of it."

"Lil 'Six!" The Eldest Senior Brother turned his head and called out to the Sixth Senior Brother. "Go find out who this Zhu Peng is!"

"Alright, I got it!" The Sixth Senior Brother answered and ran out of the room. However, he bumped into an anxious figure. He stopped and looked across at the man. How eye-catching was the sunlight? She wore such a large sunglasses on her face, but the exposed half of her face was pretty handsome.

"Zhen Zhen …" Li Yan looked at the person who had just entered and asked in disbelief, "Why did you come?"

Mo Zhen took off her sunglasses and followed the sound to see Li Yan. She walked towards her and said, "The taxi driver called me. He said he had a car following you. Are you alright?"

Li Yan shook her head, pointing at the four people kneeling on the ground: "It's them."

Mo Zhen's eyes fell on the four of them and they shivered in fear.

"Who told you to come?" Mo Zhen's face turned cold, and even his voice turned cold. Although the courtyard was bright with sunlight, the men in suits still felt as cold as winter. "Zhu Zhu Zhu Zhu Zhu Zhu Zhu Zhu Peng!"

"Speak clearly. How many Zhu are there?"

"One Zhu Peng!"

After shouting that, the suited man heaved a sigh of relief. The moaning Emperor Mo was even more terrifying than the brawny man in front of him.

The brows of Mo Zhen moved. Zhu Peng, Gao Tiancheng's friend, often hung out with him. Very good, it seemed he didn't take his warning from last time seriously at all.

After the interrogation, the yard suddenly became quiet. It was only then that Mo Zhen noticed that everyone in the yard seemed to be staring at her.

As a Heavenly King's superstar, he was used to being stared at. However, when he thought about how this was Li Yan's home and these were all her family, he felt, uh, a little restrained.

Just as he was thinking about the opening speech, old man Jiang had already stood up from his chair, "This is Mr. Mo, right? Hello, I'm Yan Yan's grandfather."

Mo Zhen wanted to shake hands with him, but immediately changed to a bow, "Hello, I'm Mo Zhen."

When Li Yan saw them greeting each other like that, she hurriedly jumped to Mo Zhen's side and introduced, "Grandfather, this is my boss. He usually takes good care of me."

She pulled Mo Zhen's arm and leaned towards the Eldest Senior Brother, "This is my Eldest Senior Brother. The one you almost bumped into earlier was the Sixth Senior Brother, and the remaining one was the Middle Senior Brother."

The senior brothers in the center were very dissatisfied with this introduction.

"Hello, eldest senior brother." Before Mo Zhen finished his sentence, the senior apprentice brother had already punched Mo Zhen. Mo Zhen pushed Li Yan, who was beside him, aside and dodged the punch.

"Who is your eldest senior brother? Don't randomly call him that." The Eldest Senior Brother failed and took two steps in the direction of Mo Zhen. Li Yan saw that the situation wasn't looking good, so she hurriedly stood in front of Mo Zhen, "Big Senior, don't act recklessly. Be careful that I don't beat you up!"

Eldest Senior Brother: "…"

The eldest senior brother's heart was broken like an orange petal.

That Junior Sister who had pestered him everyday behind his butt when he was young and now wanted to beat him up for another man, Eldest Senior Brother felt that this world wouldn't be better. He bit his lower lip and squatted in the shade of the tree to heal his wounds.

The other juniors looked at him with sympathy. Although this kind of cute little junior sister being taken away by this stinky man was not a good feeling, they had to admit that this stinky man was very handsome, and this world was a world where one looked at one's face.

At the beginning, they had also been negative towards him, just like their eldest senior brother. However, the moment when he angrily beat up that hooligan for his junior sister, he had improved their affability level by leaps and bounds. Furthermore, he had dodged the sudden punch from the eldest senior brother just now. It seemed like he wasn't an incompetent, pretty boy.

Most importantly, Master seemed to like him a lot!

"Mr. Mo, I'm sorry, but my eldest disciple's brain isn't working."


The Eldest Senior Brother had taken another arrow in his knee.

"It doesn't matter." Mo Xing shook her head without a care, then looked towards Third Aunt and the Six Wives who had been releasing their pink bubbles on the side.

"Uh, it's my aunts over here. They don't usually look like this." Li Yan facepalmed. Weren't they here to persuade her to resign? Why did she become so cowardly when she saw him?

Mo Zhen greeted them, smiled politely, and the concentration of pink bubbles in the air rose to a new level.

"Mr. Mo, do you know that Zhu Peng they spoke of just now?" Although the topic had long since drifted far away from them, old man Jiang still hadn't forgotten about this matter.

Mo Zhen nodded and said, "Yes, he is Gao Tiancheng's friend. Gao Tiancheng is the person I beat up last time."

Old man Jiang didn't speak, but seemed to be thinking about something. Mo Zhen subconsciously pulled Li Yan closer to her and said to him: "He probably came for me, so let me handle this matter. I promise I won't let him get a step closer to Li Yan."

"You can guarantee it!" The Eldest Senior Brother seemed to have recovered all the blood as he jumped out from under the tree. "If it wasn't for the fact that Junior Sister knew martial arts, you would have been kidnapped by them long ago! Your day here is getting cold!"

Mo Zhen frowned, and her grip on Li Yan's hand became more and more forceful. Li Yan glanced at him, then turned to her eldest senior brother and said, "That's why I don't need the protection of others. I can protect myself."

Mo Zhen glared at him, pursing her lips but didn't say anything.

Old man Jiang coughed and finally spoke, "Yan Yan is my granddaughter, I can't just ignore her matters." Mr. Mo is a public figure, so it's not convenient for him to step in. I'll handle this matter. "

Mo Zhen didn't know about the Jiang family's background, but she could see that they had some skills. It was obvious from one look that this old tutor Jiang was no ordinary person. He nodded and said, "Alright."

After the negotiations were completed, the old tutor began to size Mo Zhen up again. That piercing gaze pierced his body, and even Mo Zhen couldn't take it anymore. Fortunately, old man Jiang opened his mouth not long after, "I don't know if Mr. Mo has the time or not, but Mom and Dad will be coming over soon. If you don't mind, let's have a meal in the Han house."

Wait a minute Master, you are prepared to be the eldest senior brother in the heart.

Li Yan was a bit embarrassed. What was with this feeling of letting her son-in-law wait to be inspected by her mother-in-law? She wasn't mentally prepared yet. No, her mother-in-law definitely wasn't!

"Then I'll thank Grandfather for the hospitality." Mo Zhen gave a very gentle smile.

Wait, who's your grandpa? Why are you calling him grandpa!? Why are you calling him eldest senior brother!? You want to rush up and give him a punch, and you even want to hit him in the face?

Seeing that Mo Zhen was following old man Jiang inside the house, the Sixth Senior Brother shouted anxiously, "Master, what should we do with them?!"

The man in a suit kneeling on the floor looked at Jiang Chen with a clear look in his eyes, and there were even tears in his eyes.

"Let it go."

'Wuwuwu, I'm finally saved! '

During the entire morning, Mo Zhen was chatting with old man Jiang while Li Yan sat at the side. From time to time, she would mix tea and pour water for them. After all, it was easy for them to get thirsty just by talking.

When it was almost eleven o'clock, Li Yan's parents arrived. Father Li immediately recognized Mo Zhen. "You're the brat that took advantage of my daughter."

The Eldest Senior Brother's eyes lit up. He felt as if he had found an ally …

Mama Li's eyes lit up as well, "Emperor Mo is alive, Emperor Mo! Oh right, when will the new season's H-Bath Milk be available on the market? I've been looking forward to it for a long time!"

Father Li: "…"

Mom, you're a traitor

Mo Xing stood up from her chair and greeted the two courteously. Then, she said to Mama Li, "I've already given Li Yan the test outfits for the shower milk. If you like, you can have one for her."

"Really?" Mama Li looked happily at Li Yan. Li Yan pursed her lips and said: "Got it, I'll give you one next time." "Mom, don't think I don't know that you've never used hb in your shower milk! That's a girl series!"

Li's father pulled Li Yan over and said with a stern face, "There is something that I need to discuss with you seriously. You said before that you lived in an employee dormitory, but since the job of editing is fake, I have reason to suspect that you live in an employee dormitory. "

Li Yan, "…"

She swallowed her saliva and looked at her toes without saying a word. Even if she was beaten to death, she still wouldn't be able to say that she was staying with Mo Zhen.

"She's always lived in my house."

On the other hand, Mo Zhen admitted it straightforwardly. However, the moment she said this, the entire room fell silent for three seconds. Then, it was time for Li's father to jump up and beat Mo Zhen up. "I'll beat you to death, you stinking brat!"

"Calm down!" Li's mother hugged his waist and continuously pulled him backwards. Li's father was extremely excited and kept yelling that he wanted to beat Mo Zhen to death.

Li Yan, "…"

A single "chi" was not enough to express her current feelings.

It had to be two.

When Father Li finally ran out of strength, he gradually calmed down. "We live together, but I've never done anything to her."

The eldest senior brother sneered. "From your tone, it's quite a pity, isn't it?"

Mo Zhen, "…"

He was actually quite regretful.

Father Li glared at her and used his last bit of strength to shout at her, "If you say you didn't do it, then you didn't do it! Even if you didn't do it, how could you explain it so clearly when you've lived in your home for so long?"

Mo Zhen looked at him, her black eyes like bottomless pools, "I will take responsibility for her, she doesn't need to explain to other men."

Father Li: "…"

Did he agree to marry his daughter to him?

"Look at Emperor Mo, he's handsome and capable. The key is that he treats our family well, and as a public figure, he's willing to beat people up for our daughter in front of the reporters. What else do you want?"

Li Yan, "…"

"Wait a minute, the purpose of this family gathering today should not be to discuss her marriage, right?"

Until the end of the lunch, Li's father still hadn't completely accepted Mo Zhen as his son-in-law. As for Li Yan, she no longer wanted to speak. At the dinner table, Papa Li was stunned when they asked him how many zeros he had on his bank card.

He actually lost!?!

Father Li was very frustrated. His entire body seemed to be listless and listless.

Since Li Yan's parents still had work to do in the afternoon, they left after eating dinner. Seeing that he was about to leave, Li Yan also stood up, "Grandfather, I'm leaving first."

Old man Jiang smiled and nodded without saying anything. Mo Zhen's car was parked in a parking lot at the intersection. Many people who came to pick up their car would whistle at the Land Rover when they saw it.

Li Yan felt that if the Land Rover had a face, it would be red right now.

Mo Zhen pushed the sunglasses on her face, lowered her hat's brim a bit and quickly jumped into the car. Li Yan followed closely behind and also climbed into the car in a well-trained manner.

"Mo Zhen, don't take today's matter to heart." Li Yan turned her head to look at Mo Zhen, thinking about the performance of her family just now, and felt that it was really shameful.

Mo Zhen turned around and blinked at Li Yan, "Why am I being so serious?"

Li Yan pursed her lips. "What are you serious about?"

Mo Zhen: "Of course it's our marriage."

Li Yan, "…"

Indeed, it was funny.

Mo Zhen looked at her, "Pick a auspicious day, and we'll marry."

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