Chapter 72
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At the Gao Family villa.

Gao Tiancheng had come to excitedly wait for Zhu Peng's call, but the call hadn't arrived yet. Instead, he had waited for his own father, who had a face full of anger. Once inside, Gao Hongwei threw his handbag on the sofa and shouted at Gao Tiancheng, "You little bastard, stand up!"

Gao Tiancheng frowned. He hadn't been out the entire day, so where did he get in his way? He glanced at Gao Tianrui, who was following behind Gao Hongwei, and thought to himself, "Could it be that his big brother is causing trouble in front of this old man again?"

"What is it?" Gao Tiancheng put his phone into his pocket and casually stood up.

"Why do you still have the nerve to ask?" Gao Hongwei pointed at Gao Tiancheng's nose as if he was extremely infuriated. It took him a long time to recover his anger. "Didn't I tell you not to mess with Mo Zhen's assistant anymore? Why don't you listen? Didn't you lose enough face last time! "

Gao Tiancheng pursed his lips. This old man's information is really well-informed. This person hasn't even been kidnapped yet and he's already come to denounce him for his crimes. Did I tell you that again? You've always believed that he wouldn't believe me. "

"Bullshit!" Gao Hongwei wanted nothing more than to slap him to death. "You brat, you're still not admitting to this, do you still need your brother to tell me about this?" "The people from the Jiang family have come all the way to my head!"

The Jiang family? Gao Tiancheng's eyes flashed. Wasn't that girl surnamed Li?

Gao Hongwei took two steps forward, then pointed at Gao Tiancheng's nose and cursed, "The Jiang family came to ask me about this as soon as the report was released last time. I managed to get rid of them with great difficulty, yet you still dare to ask for people to kidnap us now? Do you want me to tell them that you kidnapped the wrong person!? "

Gao Tiancheng narrowed his eyes as he looked at his enraged father, "What kind of background does the Jiang family have to be able to scare you to this extent?"

Heh heh, you haven't even heard of Jiang Zhengqing's name, yet you dare to kidnap his granddaughter? You are also a pretty aggressive person. "

Gao Tiancheng: "..."

Gao Hongwei seemed to be tired from walking. He sat down on the sofa and took out a cigarette from his pocket, lighting it up. "Jiang've never heard of Jiang Yuanxin, have you?"

Gao Tiancheng was stunned for a moment. "It can't be the Thousand Faces Buddha, Jiang Yuanxin?"

"Heh, at least you have some experience." Gao Hongwei looked him up and down before spitting out a mouthful of white smoke.

The Thousand Faces Buddha was a legend in the martial arts world. He had only heard stories about Jiang Yuanxin from his grandfather when he was young. The Jiang family had been so powerful back then, it could be said that they stood at the top of the pyramid. Could the Jiang family his father was talking about now be the same Jiang family?

"Heh, you're afraid now?" Gao Hongwei raised his eyebrows as a mocking smile appeared on his face, "Although the Jiang family has been washed clean, their relationship is not something that can be broken so easily." Do you know how many famous people in the underworld are the disciples of Jiang Zhengqing? If he wants to, he can throw a gunny sack over your head to feed the dogs at any time! "

Gao Tiancheng: "..."

Although he had once fiercely worshipped Jiang Yuanxin for a while, the old man didn't need to say such things about his son, right?

"I'm warning you one last time, stay away from that assistant. There are so many women in this world, yet you still want to mess with Jiang Zhengqing's granddaughter?"

Gao Tiancheng pursed his lips. Although he really didn't want to part with that girl, his life was still more important. "I understand."

"Stay at home obediently for the next half month. Don't go out again and embarrass yourself!" Gao Hongwei grabbed the ashtray on the table and stubbed out his cigarette. "I really don't understand. How could I, Gao Hongwei, have given birth to a son like you?"

Gao Tiancheng pursed his lips: "You yourself are of poor quality, blame me."

Gao Hongwei: "…"

Why didn't you shoot you on the wall?

For some time after the kidnapping, Mo Zhen no longer left Li Yan alone. Although Li Yan knew martial arts, he couldn't guarantee that Gao Tiancheng, that scumbag, would use any underhanded methods.

It was only when Li Yan told him that Gao Tiancheng's brother, Gao Tianrui, would personally pay a visit to the dojo with a gift to apologize and promise that his brother would not take a step closer to her that Mo Zhen finally relaxed her control over her.

It was now July, and the filming of "Ghost School" was nearing its end. For the past few days, she had been away from home. Li Yan felt that she was not used to the soil and water. The day she had come here had been one of low fever, and now she had finally gotten used to it. Still, she missed the house at Kenney Hall a little. She had planted a few scallions in the garden and wondered how they were now.

That's not right, why did she want to miss Mo Zhen's home? It had obviously been a long time since she had returned to her home!

Li Yan reflected deeply on herself. Mo Zhen walked over and sat beside her. "The film crew will be back in A City the day after tomorrow." He could see that Li Yan didn't like staying in a hotel, even though they were staying in a five-star hotel.

"Really?" Li Yan was obviously very happy, and even her eyes unconsciously lit up.

"Mm, in half a month's time, I'll be able to relax. At that time, you can also rest a bit." After Mo Zhen took a sip of water, Director Xu started to bid again.

Thinking that she would be able to see Little Spring the day after tomorrow, Li Yan happily posted on Weibo. Originally, she wanted to say that she could return to A City the day after tomorrow.

Ye Ci's recent update was still on June 17th. That day, Xiangbo sent two messages: one was Pushkin's "If Life Deceives You," and the other was to declare that it was over. She took a look at Duan Jin's Weibo. There were more than 500 messages written on it already. They were all written by readers urging them to change it, but the Shampoo was still playing dead.

Hmm, Li Yan thought for a moment, then edited a text message to Chen Qingyang, "Shampoo, it's been almost a month, are you still in the light?"

Although it was already late in the morning, Chen Qingyang was still sleeping in his bed. This month, she no longer felt any pressure from the update. Suddenly, she felt that her life had become extremely good. Whenever it was good, she would especially want to spend money.

With her standard of living, she naturally wouldn't go shopping on the streets. Thus, besides staying up late to play, she spent most of her time on Taobao. Buy clothes, shoes, bags, snacks, and cosmetics. Once activated, the desire to buy seemed to be unstoppable. In the past month, the amount of money he spent on Taobao alone was around 10,000 yuan.

Father Chen expressed his heartache at the state of his daughter's self-indulgent and degenerate life. However, Chen Qingyang refused to change, neither hard nor soft (indifferent nor caring), so the father could only ask his mother for help.

Mama Chen admired her fingernails as she calmly said, "Don't worry. When this month's bill is out, she will naturally stop."

She knew her daughter's future best. Although she was spending so much money now, when she saw the bill, she would definitely cry and beg for a refund.

As usual, Chen Qingyang slept until lunch before getting up from his bed. She picked up the phone next to the pillow. She wanted to check the time, but she found that there were two messages lying on the screen waiting for her.

The sender was still vigorous.

Hmph, she must want to make peace with me. There's no way that's going to happen.

Chen Qingyang hugged herself and tapped open the text message with a determined look on her face.

"Shampoo, it's been almost a month, are you still on top of the light?"

… …. Pfft, she didn't have the leisure to run to the peak of light!

The truth was that the driver had driven her off on the pretext that he couldn't find the top — with a kind of snake disease.

Chen Qingyang's gaze shifted down and continued reading the second message.

If I were to tell you that Yun Ze is a classmate of Mo Zhen and the two of them are good friends for many years, would you transfer your hatred towards me to him?

Chen Qingyang: "…"

Crazy! Crazy! Crazy! She can't continue living anymore!

She threw away the phone in her hand, held her head and shouted once more, "AHHHHHH!"

Father Chen: "…"

Silently, he picked up the ball that had dropped on the table and threw it into a nearby trash can.

After Chen Qingyang roared, he rushed to the ground to pick up the phone and dialed Yun Ze's number, "Yun Ze, you get out right now! I want to duel you —! "

He looked at Yun Ze, "..."

He hung up the phone and smiled at the student beside him. "Let me tell you more about that problem."

The student pointed to his phone, looking as if he wanted to say something but hesitated, "About that... Are you sure you don't need to worry about it? " Judging from the decibels, the other party seemed to be very crazy.

"It's okay, that's one of my patients. She's often sick."

The student looked at him in astonishment, his eyes still flashing with admiration. "Professor, you can treat illnesses?"

"Yes." He smiled at Yunze and said, "But the results aren't too good."

After that day, the Boiled Lemon miraculously began to update, but not to update the old article, but to dig a new hole and fill it with dirt at eight thousand per day. The reader would have scoffed at the idea of digging a new hole before the old one was filled, but he couldn't resist the temptation - especially at the speed at which it was updated, he still clicked on it to take a look.

After that, his entire being went insane.

What the f * * k was this newspaper article! Could the main character be even more mentally ill!? She was a prisoner that had imprisoned her best friend and then worked to make the male lead strong!? (E/n: This was a hecka confusing sentence that I just changed to make a little more sense in context) F * ck, author, my three views are crumbling bit by bit, do you see that!?

Let the three views be with the wind and the wind #

Although the next article greeted a large number of losers, Chen Qingyang was still very happy to update. She finally climbed onto Weibo and posted a new message: "The author is a pervert.:)"

Readers:. We knew that even before you said it!

Li Yan followed Chen Qingyang's Weibo and found her newspaper article. She glanced at the mine clearance reviews below and then her lips twitched.

It was one thing to imprison him, but would Xiangbo really do anything to Yunze-gege? There was still that thought?

The world was crazy. She should continue to choose gifts for Zhen Zhen.

It was going to be Mo Zhen's birthday soon, so Li Yan had been worrying about what to give him. He didn't seem to be short of anything, and anything he sent himself seemed to be unnecessary.

She turned off the computer and walked out of the room. Mo Zhen also walked out of the room. It seemed like he had just finished his shower. Li Yan smiled awkwardly, "Zhen Zhen, are you taking a bath?"

"... "Right." He had just been exercising in the gym for an hour, so he came down to take a shower.

"Uh, nothing, it's just … "Then …" Li Yan finally steeled her heart and got ready to cut straight to the point, "What else do you lack?"

… ….

Mo Zhen thought for a while before he answered, "I need a wife."

Li Yan: "..."

"Can you help me?" Mo Zhen moved closer to her, closing in step by step.

"I … I'll go take a look at Taobao!" Li Yan turned around and quickly returned to her room, closing the door behind her.

Mo Zhen: "…"

Can a wife buy it online at Taobao? Taobao was truly omnipotent.

Li Yan sat on the small sofa, her heart thumping. If she had been any slower, she would have agreed!

She didn't know what she was running away from. Maybe it was because she was twenty-two and she didn't want to get married so early? But then again, he was only 27 years old, and his career was still on the rise. He wouldn't have wanted to get married so early, would he?

Li Yan leaned back and lay down on the small sofa. She was actually worrying about her marriage with Emperor Mo.

It was quite luxurious to have such worries.

She got up from the sofa and went on to post a thread about her boyfriend's birthday in the Weibo forum. What gift would she give him?

"Holy shit, the virgin actually has a boyfriend?!" Is your boyfriend a beggar? "

"Catch her!" What is your relationship with Zhenzi No.2? Are you really Emperor Mo's assistant? If so, are you the model sister? "

"I don't have a boyfriend, so I won't have this trouble." "Bye bye!"

"There's only one thing a man will ever want, and that's your … Body:)"

Li Yan: "..."

She had to admit that she was horrified by the last message. She subconsciously turned around and looked at herself in the mirror. Her body. Not yet.

Thinking of this, she silently looked at the poster on the bed. She sniffed and felt that this suggestion seemed … Not bad?

It was now the 24th of July. Li Yan hesitated, but she still missed the time to buy a present. Although it was her annual birthday, Mo Zhen still had to make a movie. In fact, he almost always celebrated his birthday in the production crew.

There were very few people in the circle who didn't know of Emperor Mo's birthday, so everyone sent various blessings early in the morning. They even paid for a birthday cake together, symbolically celebrating it. Wen Xiaoxiao even sent a gift to Mo Zhen on purpose. Li Yan glanced at the beautifully wrapped gift box and snorted in disdain.

More attractive than my body, hmph!

… ….

Help, what was she thinking!? She knelt down to herself.

After lunch, the afternoon filming proceeded normally, but today's filming would end at around 8: 00 PM. This was definitely good news for the film crew. They really hoped that it would be Emperor Mo's birthday every day.

Li Yan thought that since she couldn't get the gift, she should go back and make a luxurious dinner. She remembered that there was a recipe book in Mo Zhen's room. If she followed the instructions written in the book, it shouldn't be that bad, right?

Thus, she happily went to ask for a leave of absence from Mo Zhen before returning to prepare dinner.

The food in the refrigerator was very complete. She had just bought it from the supermarket not long ago. She estimated the time and found that there were about 3 hours until Mo Zhen returned. It was enough for her to cook dinner!

She hopped over to the door of Mo Zhen's room. The door was not locked, so she easily opened it with the handle of her hand. Although both the master bedroom and the side bedroom had keys, they had never locked the door. After Li Yan entered the room, she used her own impression of the recipe to find it. She sat down at the computer desk and started flipping through it.

Well, the steak was good, she should be able to do it; the lobster number was too high, she might not be able to handle it; and the crabs, if she had known, would have called Don.

While Li Yan was still researching the recipe, her computer suddenly beeped and she turned it on herself! Machine! It was done!

Li Yan was scared out of her wits. At first, she thought that she had accidentally touched a power source, but why did she turn it on without having to plug it in! Don't tell her there are batteries, this is a desktop!

Li Yan felt that since she was young, although she had bullied so many people before, but … She hadn't bullied anyone to death, so there shouldn't be anyone looking for her to take revenge. qaq

The computer's performance was very good. The entire process only took about 20 seconds. Li Yan thought that everything would be fine after the computer was switched on, but the mouse had actually moved on its own!

This computer was the personal computer of Zhen Zhen. Other than him, no one had ever used it before, but now … Li Yan's face was covered in tears. She wanted to get up and run. After all, this situation was too exciting. However, she found that she couldn't move at all!

The mouse clicked on the desktop and opened a hidden file. This file was still encrypted, but it even knew the password! The keyboard crackled a few times and the file was opened.

Li Yan thought to herself, hidden and encrypted, this must be a highly confidential document, it was better if she didn't see it. She was about to close her eyes when she was shocked again.

The folder was full of photos, all of her. The back of the face, the back of the face, the odd smile of anger, was as vivid as a picture scroll before her eyes.

But! She never took those pictures!

The background of the photos was obviously not in the country. There were even photos taken on hot air balloons. She recalled that Chen Qingyang had once mentioned that Mo Zhen had made a trip to Grumei, so it seemed like these photos were all taken over there.

The mouse is still sliding down on itself, followed by a double click on a photo. The photo suddenly enlarged, Li Yan looked at the two people who were leaning their heads against the wall, as if all her surprise had turned into a different kind of emotion.

It was so familiar that she wanted to cry.

She finally understood why when she first met Mo Zhen, she wasn't shocked, but rather felt an inexplicable sense of familiarity, just like how she knew this person.

Because she really did know.

Many scenes flashed before his eyes like a movie, but they were engraved into his heart. In that instant, she understood a lot of things. She also understood why he called her Ah Yao.

She didn't know when she had cried.

"Piao Piao, is that you?" Li Yan sniffed and her voice echoed in the empty room. She floated to the side and looked at Li Yan in surprise, "Little kitty, do you remember now? If I had known that this move would be so useful, I would have shown you these photos long ago! "

"Wuwuwu, I'm sorry Piao Piao. I actually forgot about you and Mo Zhen." The more Li Yan thought about it, the more sad she felt. She thought about the scene when she left, thinking that they would part forever. She didn't expect to forget about him the next time they met.

"No problem, it's good that you remember!" You didn't know that Emperor Mo has to look at these photos every night, just like a pervert! " After saying that, she happily circled around Li Yan once more, "But it's good now. Since you've remembered, hurry up and push Emperor Mo down!"

Li Yan: "..."

"AHHH!" Then, Piao Piao suddenly shouted, "Emperor Mo is back, you can do it!"

As soon as she finished her words, Li Yan heard the door creak open. She turned her head and floated away. She took a tissue from the table and tried to wipe away her snot and tears, but her legs were too long for her.

Seeing Li Yan, who was crying so hard that she looked like she was about to cry, Mo Zhen was stunned by the door. He frowned subconsciously and was about to ask her what was wrong when he saw the picture on the computer screen. His eyes slightly narrowed as he finally experienced what it meant to have all sorts of emotions intertwined once.

Taking a step forward, he looked at Li Yan and said softly, "Ah Yao?"

"Zhen Zhen!" Li Yan pounced on Mo Zhen, wiping her tears and snot on his designer clothes, "Wuwuwu, I'm sorry, I forgot about you."

Mo Zhen's body stiffened, she raised her right hand and wrapped it around Li Yan's waist, "You … Do you remember now? "

"Hm!" I remember it all, thanks to Piao Piao for showing me these photos! " Li Yan wrapped her arms around Mo Zhen's neck and raised her head to look at him.

Mo Zhen lowered her head and looked at her for a while before saying, "Go and wash your face first."

Li Yan: "..."

Now was the time to care about such matters!

However, she obediently went to check her face. When she came out, Zhen Zhen had already changed her clothes and was sitting at the computer desk, looking at the pictures. Li Yan walked up and said embarrassedly, "Zhen Zhen, I was going to cook a big meal for you, but I didn't expect you to return so quickly, so …" "The feast is gone. "

Hearing that, Mo Zhen turned his head around and looked at her for a while before his gaze turned deep. He stood up and walked in front of Li Yan. He took her arm and gently pulled her into his embrace. "It's alright. I want to eat something else."

Li Yan: "..."

As expected, it was still … her body!

After saying that, the man gently kissed her lips. The kiss was extremely lingering, and the two of them seemed to have imbued it with all of their emotions, passing it on to each other through their intertwined breathing. And in the process, their clothes became less and less.

At some point, Li Yan had been lying on the bed with her body pressed down by Mo Zhen. He bent down and whispered in her ear, "The first time might be a little painful, but it will pass soon."

Li Yan: "..."

All she wanted to do now was shout out a famous saying — Let the storm come harder!

However, what happened after that was like a storm that swept past her body. Mo Zhen's heart was filled with unprecedented satisfaction as he looked at the listless woman lying at his side. This kind of feeling could not even be compared to his few times  of becoming movie emperor.

He kissed Li Yan on the shoulder, casually slipped on a nightgown, and sat down in front of the computer. Flipping through Li Yan's Weibo, he found a follow-up post she posted previously.

Da Li: "I just wanted to say that actually, the person that Emperor Mo mentioned on the red carpet was me."

Staring at the Weibo post for a while, he then smiled and forwarded it: "It really is her."