End of prologue
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I know, I am unqualified for calling as a father. As I know father is one who wants to catch his child before he falls, father is the one who shows his son the right path on his life, father is the one who holds his son when he cries, scolds you when he makes mistakes, and fill with pride when his son succeed in his life. I haven’t done anything to call myself a father. But, as your father at least I will give you a name barfi (means snow, which will melt at the end of the day).

The boy looked at his father and didn’t know what to say at last he got a name. But there are no feelings can be seen in the boy’s eyes. He just nodded his head to confirm his father’s decision

Seeing the replay from his son, King felt guilty which is eating him from inside as he knows turning back on responsibility as a father is the most spineless thing you can do. But there is nothing he can do. To protect the kingdom from devils, there must be a sacrifice of royal blood needed to please the god. As a king, but not as a father the young man made choose to sacrifice his son instead of people from the kingdom.

The two sages beside the boy raised their hands and chanted a mantra upon which circle is formed on the ground. The king took a gem from his clothes and handed over to the boy, Tears are coming out from his eyes unknown to him. He just instructed the boy to go to the middle of the circle.

Barfi walked towards the center of the circle, when he reached the center, a light piercing from the sky has fallen towards the boy illuminating all around him with thunder sound. Everyone closed their eyes because of the intensity of the light when they opened their eyes the boy has disappeared


When the boy opened his eyes endless darkness greeted him. He tried to move his body, but he quickly learned that he was trapped in this space and he can’t even lift his finger. If there is another person in the boy’s place, he will pound on the self –conscious mind, like rain until he gets insane. But the boy’s mindset was tranquil, there are no thoughts no feelings just like a plant which will grow up and fade away when the time comes.

After some unknown time, Barfi heard the voice, we can’t distinguish any information from this voice like gender, age, and emotion behind the voice.

“What is your name?”

The boy replied, “my name Barfi”.

“Barfi nice name, do you know the meaning of it?” asked the unknown being.

“I don’t know” replied barfi.

“leave it, do you know the reason why you came to hear” asked unknown being

“yes, I was sent here as a sacrifice” replied barfi.

There are no feelings in the boy’s voice. Usually, when people come to this place they will beg for mercy or plead him to grant power. But, unexpected to him they are no feelings in the boy’s voice that surprised the ancient being.

The ancient being approached near Barfi, suddenly gem in the barfi clothe illuminated from which light pierced the darkness and greenery can be seen around the place. This turn of events surprised the ancient being, he knows the reason behind it, but he doesn't understand why the gem gets activated.

“Can u give the gem to me? I will grant you any wish.” said the ancient one.

“If you want the gem, you can take it” the boy handed gem to the ancient one without any conditions.

The ancient being was dumbfounded by the turn of events. Generally, he was the one who supposed to grant wishes. But now he was the one whose wish is full filed by a boy.

“Oh, I won’t take the gem just like that, let’s play a game whoever wins can have the right to take the gem,” said ancient being.

There is no reply came from the boy.

Seeing there is no desire in the boy, ancient feeling embarrassed, what is the need for water drops to an ocean. The ancient one taught boy doesn’t know the value of the gem and explained its importance to impress the boy, but nothing gets fancy in the boy’s eye.

After an unknown time “I want to learn feelings” said the boy.

Hearing this the ancient being laugh for unknown time, he finally stopped and said “Boy, let me tell you something, absence of darkness is light, absence of light is dark, absence of happiness is sad, absence of emotions is death, If you are alive you will feel many emotions which can’t be learned. There is no way to learn, you have to experience it”.

“Ok, then I will let you experience all kinds of emotions, by reincarnating you in another world, and I will ask you questions related to emotions if you gave all right answers you can have the gem otherwise it is mine,” said the ancient one.

The boy just nodded his head as a reply.

A bright light flashed, and the boy disappeared from that place, before disappearing he just heard some sentences with an evil laugh

“Boy, don’t curse me on your journey when you feel sad, as I already told you I will let you feel all kinds of emotion in your journey. This is going to be interesting”