Chapter 55: Making Money with Documentaries
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Although Wu Hao could have produced better coating materials, it would require a completely new processing method.

However, at the current level of the base, it already meets his requirements. Because in the future, a separate new laboratory will be built specifically for research and manufacturing.

After days of continuous busyness, Wu Hao also planned to take a few days off. Additionally, since New Year's Day is approaching in a day, he also planned to return home.

That evening, Wu Hao went to a logistics company in the city again and received the second batch of materials and various electronic components that had been transferred multiple times from abroad, using the same method as last time.

This time, the goods also exceeded 10 tons. Not only were they heavy, but the price of the entire batch was also considerable.

For example, the total price of Wu Hao's previous batch of goods amounted to 300 million US dollars, and this time it was slightly lower. In addition to these two batches, the total price of the remaining batches is also around 800 million US dollars.

In other words, Wu Hao has spent a total of about 1.4 billion US dollars on purchasing these materials. The money he earned from selling jade is almost depleted. Additionally, during this period, he also spent tens of millions of dollars purchasing goods domestically. Now the total balance in his account is only a few tens of millions of US dollars.

Most of these batches consist of raw materials, and electronic components make up only a small portion. These raw materials are mainly used for various elements in 3D printing equipment.

In the future, whether Wu Hao is researching new composite materials or other things, he cannot do without these highly purified raw materials.

Of course, once the base is operational in the future, the purchased raw materials will definitely not be enough. However, the raw materials with higher consumption can be purchased domestically.

The things he collected from abroad and transported back to the country through various channels are prohibited items to be exported to China. Although some of these things are also available in certain military-industrial enterprises in China.

But Wu Hao had no chance of obtaining these things from the country's military units through normal channels. As for the abnormal channels, he didn't want to do anything detrimental to the country, so he could only go to Europe and the United States, where industrial and technological development is advanced, to sweep through.

After all, compared with some domestic enterprises, these countries are far ahead in certain research and material purification aspects, whether it's in terms of technology or production capacity.

Wu Hao is not intentionally belittling domestic enterprises. It's just an indisputable fact. After all, China is a latecomer, and in the past few decades, European and American countries have banned the export of high-precision scientific and technological equipment to China. Therefore, China still needs to work overtime and make efforts in certain areas to catch up with these European and American countries.

For example, even if Wu Hao can research various cutting-edge technologies ahead of the world, without sufficient basic industries as support, it would be impossible to achieve everything.

After delivering the second batch of goods to the warehouse in the base, it was already early in the morning, and Wu Hao only rested for one or two hours. Taking advantage of the opportunity before dawn, he flew towards the small town where he had parked his car.

Arriving at a dense forest outside the small town, Wu Hao walked towards the hotel where he had parked his car. At this time, it was only 6 o'clock, and the sky was still pitch black.

Wu Hao entered the hotel and spoke to the lady sitting at the cashier's counter. "Boss, I'm here to pick up the car. Here's the money for you. Consider it as payment for taking care of it these past few days!" He also took out about twenty red bills and placed them on the counter.

Although he had already paid the fee for showing the car to the hotel staff before, he had left his car parked here for almost two months. He noticed that his white G500 was still as clean and tidy as when he left it. Wu Hao naturally knew that it was the hotel staff who had taken care of it.

Since they had cleaned his car so well, Wu Hao thought it was only right to give them some extra money! Besides, he wasn't short of a little cash right now.

The hotel staff recognized Wu Hao as soon as they saw him, the generous benefactor. They happily accepted the money he gave them and warmly escorted him out of the gate.

After seeing Wu Hao drive away, the hotel staff couldn't stop smiling. "Hehe! This person is really generous. Just by looking at the car, I earned over 3,000 yuan. That's much better than what the hotel makes."

No wonder the hotel staff was so happy. During the time Wu Hao had left his car parked at their hotel, it had attracted many customers. After all, Wu Hao's car had an imposing appearance, and it was the most expensive car seen in their small town, worth several hundred thousand yuan. Luxury cars worth millions of yuan had never appeared there.

It's easy to imagine that Wu Hao's car had caught the attention of most people in the town during this time. Many people even came to take photos with it. However, the hotel staff was always present whenever someone wanted to take a photo.

After leaving the small town, Wu Hao drove directly towards Sanyuan City. Since tomorrow was New Year's Day and schools were already on holiday, Wu Hao had promised his younger sister that he would pick her up from school today.

He arrived in Sanyuan City in the morning, still a few hours before his sister's holiday began. The official break would start around 2-3 PM.

Usually, afternoon classes started around 2 o'clock, but due to tomorrow being a public holiday and considering that some students had long journeys back home, the afternoon classes were scheduled to end early. Students would be let out around 2-3 PM.

Since it was still early, Wu Hao decided to wander around the city and buy some things to take back home.

Meanwhile, his villa, which had been under construction for over two months, was nearing completion. They were now cleaning the interior and conducting detailed inspections.

The swift progress in the construction was naturally due to Wu Hao's financial support. As long as you paid generously, the workers were more than happy to finish your project quickly. However, this construction team responsible for building Wu Hao's villa was not the type that only cared about money and didn't do their job.

After purchasing some festive items, Wu Hao had nothing else to do, so he opened his laptop in the car and connected to the internet, which was directly accessed via satellite signal. Needless to say, the internet speed was excellent.

"Hmm! I didn't expect the earnings from the documentary to be quite high!" After browsing the news for a while, Wu Hao opened his email, where he found several payment notifications from media outlets such as CCTV.