Chapter 5
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"This is where the tracks died", Kai said , stooping down beside the tree that  our johnoya was found. 

Kieran was observing the area, in her mind she remembered that  this was an area where herds and wild fruits were gathered by nearby villages. With these foot prints , someone encountered the monster.

"Are we going to acknowledge the fact that whoever or whatever we are looking for has at this point been dragging itself through these woods and was not approached once by any animal. Not only that, along our travels did u hear a bird? A wild rabbit? All the way through the green night and day, there was no sound , Nothing, like we were being watched"

"Stop freaking yourself out newbie, it is normal this far into the green,  when the animals are spooked they tend to move out of the area". Kai said sighing having notice too. Not long after he addressed Kieran 

"Advisor, I believe we must go back and inform the king of what we have already found and not engage any further"

"And what exactly would you tell our king Kai? That we found the crater and saw that it wasn't a monster that landed in our forest but a powerful being that we know nothing about? Are you trying to create a panic in our kings mind and allow me to look incompetent? We move forward the sooner we capture this damn monster  and figure out how it got here and what it wants, the faster we can resolve whatever this is" Kieran said following fading footprints leading to a narrow dirt road.  

Following close behind, was Kai with a thoughtful expression sighing every now and then. 

"Would you please say what you have to say, your internal battle is as loud as our foot steps" the advisor said  not sounding breathless at all even though they have been on the dirt road 20 minutes now.

Dark green tunics that looked like leather and knee high boots made of the same material. They looked like something out of the matrix.

"I believe we should turn back, you said it yourself, we know nothing about this monster yet we are heading directly for it, what if it attacks us? How will we defend ourselves"

"Are you not the son of one of the most powerful man in our kingdom, have you not  fought battles with little to no information about our enemies and won. What is it that troubles you so that you are determined for us to turn back.?" Kieran said sounding rather disappointed

"Because the youngling is correct", he whisper shouted glancing behind to ensure that the others could not hear them. 

"We are two days away from that crater and the green is silent, this is not natural, it does  feel like we are being watched. After we sent back the beast we rode upon that is when I noticed it and it has been bothering me ever since. "

"I know , I feel it too, that Is why we must hurry . And Kai ,we are not being watched , we are being followed." The  advisor said.


.....Knock ,knock... " I have clothes for you" a tiny voice came from the door. Johnoya half  open the door and saw Tali the little girl smiling up to her

"Thank you,"

"Mama said to tell you to put those on and come to the table for a meal."

Shutting the door and putting on the clothes given to her,  "that was the girl that found me , she doesn't look over five years old round face big green eyes a delicate nose and tiny red lips , she looked exactly like her mother with the crown like horns. She too was beautiful." The clothes given were a little too close in the chest area but otherwise it  was alright.

"How was the bath?" Angus , Tali's father asked as she walked in the living/kitchen room. He was already sitting at the table eating mashed potatoes and he had a slice of the meat pie there as well.

"It was wonderful haven't had a bath like that in a while " johnoya said smiling politely.

Almanda took a seat beside her husband on the opposite side of the table and Tali sat beside johnoya visa versa. 

Almanda shared a plate of the mashed potatoes and the meat pie for the strange girl. She couldn't help stare at the girl as she ate wildly . There was an uncomfortable silence. 

Johnoya looked up and saw everyone watching her eat. " I Am sorry I didn't realize that I was so hungry. I really appreciate you doing this for me , u know, even though u don't know me."

It was Almanda that answered.

" There is no need to thank us child you don't know it yet but this is a blessing for us . This will be a hard road for you, but I hope you continue on regardless of your fear"

Angus with wide eyes slowly looked at his wife. 

"What? I don't understand." Johnoya said  brows frowned looking and the woman who was looking out the window behind her.

Angus cleared his throat and said " why don't we just finish our meals and you have have a rest in the room beside the powder  room you still look exhausted." 

With brows frowned she nodded her head everyone finished up and she went into the room to lay down . She didn't know how long she was in the room but looking out the window it was already night time and she decided that she would like to talk some more with Almanda because at the table it sounded like she knew something . 

Opening the door quietly and walking back to the area they were eating in, johnoya noticed that only Almanda was sitting at the table. "Don't be afraid, Angus and Tali went to a friend's house for tonight not too far away." 

She was drinking what johnoya assumed was tea. 

"I would like to talk to you , if that is alright" the girl said. 

Sighing , Almanda said yes.

"What did you mean? at dinner when u said that my road will be hard or something, what were you talking about?"

" Actually child , I know what you are, where you are from. Your appearance though long forgotten by many still fresh for some. Few like me remember. I am a demon, but my husband is human.  I was there long ago when people like you walked among us.  A country prosperous and beautiful. A war that killed so many, I feel bad for you". Eyes briming with tears. 

"I don't understand anything that you are saying" the girl said rather confused. 

At that moment loud knocks were heard at the door . Startled, Almanda frowned her brows and ordered johnoya to go back to the room immediately. She was hesitant. 

"What are you waiting for girl , go" standing up to open the door.

For some reason ,something was telling her not to move. The feeling she had when daisy was in danger rose in her chest again . Clenching the area she got shot and staring at the door.