Chapter 7 – Breath of the Wild (part 2)
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--- Michael’s POV ---

Stopping the car, I got out of it and then locked the door. Before I could press the bell, my daughter and Seth walked out through the front door and opened the gate with telekinesis.

“I’m back, dear!” I shouted as I ran up to my daughter, hugging her with all my might. She has grown up to be even more beautiful than her mother, which was a big deal. Lana was an incredible woman in every aspect and I was in love with her all the way through secondary school. Despite knowing that she was noble and that I was an ordinary person, I followed her along for a long time until I made up my mind and confessed to her.

At the time she agreed to go out with me, I became incredibly happy. Although there were many ups and downs because of her family, she always said that she loved me and stayed by my side no matter what her family wanted. It was a bit sad that she had to break her connection with them entirely, but Lien’s birth compensated both of us. She was the most beautiful present Lana left behind.

When I heard from her clan that she died, I broke down. At the time of Lana’s death, the Zerun clan handled me like a normal human being, which was a first for me. I thought they would change the way they handled me or that they'd start supporting Lien like their own. It’d have made me happy if Lien earned their support. Unfortunately, I had to be disappointed in them once again since they took away everything we had instead.

It was just too much to lose so quickly and I couldn't handle it. Looking back, I felt sorry for neglecting my good friends, but thanks to their son, I could talk to them again without making things too awkward. Well, things would never be the same, but I still had my cute daughter to raise. Although she was talking about marriage at her age, I knew Seth as a child and he was a very reliable person. Based on what I’ve seen, he was still the same kind of person so I had nothing to fear, except for a single thing.

Everything would be nice if we lived two hundred years ago, but that wasn't the case. It was exactly because of my daughter's beauty that I feared that one day, someone would force their way onto her. She was strong enough to protect herself, but I couldn't be sure about Seth. Although she told me that he was stronger than her, I had trouble believing it. I couldn't help but think that she said it only to gain my support. After all, Seth didn’t have noble blood in his veins and he never attended any special school or went through some extreme training. How could he be stronger than Lien?

If that was the case and Lien really lied to me, I’d have to start teaching him whenever I had the time. I knew that she would never consider breaking up with him, especially not because of something like that. She turned into a real fangirl when they were separated and kept telling me all kinds of things about him. He probably didn’t know this, but I knew him much better than he thought, even his ‘dark side’. Well, I made sure to teach Lien that she shouldn’t tell people’s secrets so easily to others.

I was a bit shocked when she admitted that she lost her purity, but my shock wasn’t caused by my surprise. I was more shocked by the speed which their relationship progressed at. Well, love was a beautiful thing and I had the luck to taste it. I was just hoping that Lien's wouldn't end up like mine. And for that, I believed they both had to be strong enough to protect themselves and each other.

Slowly separating from her, I looked at Seth and started contemplating about how to ask what I wanted. Coming to a decision, I shook his hand as I said, “It's good to see you again, son-in-law. By the way, don’t you dare thinking that I forgot about our bout of strength, I’m not a coward!” I laughed.

I tried to make it sound as if I wanted to prove that I wasn’t afraid of him and I spoke playfully, so I was hoping that he wouldn’t misinterpret my words to be a threat. Last time we met, he had the balls to accept my challenge and told me about their relationship without a shred of hesitation. Unless Lien really lied about his strength, he shouldn’t be surprised to hear my reminder.

Satisfying my expectations, he said unperturbed, “Yes, we have yet to exchange pointers. I'm alright with it anytime, even now.”

He seemed to be pretty eager to be over with it. I couldn't help but wonder whether it was a bother to him or if he just wanted to get over his loss as soon as possible. I hoped it was the former. The third option was that he was eager to beat me, which I really hoped wasn't the case. I’d be happy for my daughter if Seth could beat me, but it would be a terrible thing if it made him happy, like really.

“Dad, can we do it now?” Lien grabbed my hand and urged me.

“Huh? But I've just arrived,” I shook my head. “Also, what do you mean by ‘we’? It’s unfair if the two of us gangs up against him and-”

“Bullshit. Us fighting him isn’t fair for us to begin with,” she cut into my words, saying something really interesting to me.

Raising a brow, I looked at Seth who just shrugged, “I'm alright with it.”

Nodding my head, I followed them to the yard where I started out by warming up my body a bit. I seriously didn’t know what were they thinking, everything was so sudden. It felt as if we’d be done with this in a minute, which should be impossible unless one of us was much stronger than the other.

Stopping by my daughter’s side, I took a stance and said, “I'll let you make the first move since you're my junior.” I was prepared to defend against anything that came my way. It wasn't like Lien to say stuff like that so I couldn’t help but start anticipating the outcome.

”Yay! But Dad, you better not think about giving him handicaps because he isn't someone you could handle. You must give it your all, you got that?” Lien said, fired up.

Seeing Seth looking at us unperturbed, I nodded my head. Although his 'ignorance’ made him look a bit pompous, I knew that wasn't the case. For the first time in a while, I felt something familiar I haven’t felt for years. He stood silent and steady like a mountain, filling me with a sense of dread. I wasn’t sure why, but even the air felt so heavy. I felt this way only once in my life and that was when I ran into an SS ranked brown bear.

Unfortunately, there were quite a lot of them around here since they didn’t have anything or anyone stopping them from reproducing and growing up. I was lucky enough to escape at that time, but if Seth was really as powerful as my senses told me, I was supposed face the same kind of monster.

Excitement filled every fiber of my body alongside my anticipation. After losing everything I held dear, only Lien was left in this world that made it worth living. If Seth was really at the level of an SS ranked monster at the age of sixteen, I could feel at ease leaving Lien to him. Winning a hundred million dollar would probably feel similar to me. However wrong it may sound, I always felt worried that one day I wouldn't be able to protect my daughter. People had to know their limits and I knew mine.

“Before you start, you don't have to worry about the yard. I'll fix it,” Seth remarked.

Erm, I won't tell him that I completely forgot about it because of my happiness. Anyway, good to know!

“You shouldn't use your body,” Lien added another ridiculous restriction when I was about to make a move.

“Lien… that's,” I shook my head.

“No, father. I know what you want to say, but don't worry. I’m a fair person and that’s exactly why I want this set up. Honestly, I don't think we have much chance even like th- Stop grinning!” she shouted at Seth, seeing that he was about to laugh.

“Haha, fine, fine. I just found it funny considering what happened last time. Are you trying to avoid body contact with me now? Would you prefer my magic?” he mused, for some reason making me think that there was something perverted going on between them. I believed I was better off not knowing.

“I’m sorry, Michael. Please don't mind us and don't worry about her restrictions. I'll tell you something later which will make you understand why are things as they are,” he said, waving his hand.

While he was talking, my daughter was dirty enough to cast a fireball and shoot it towards his head. I stood there confused for a moment, seeing him grabbing the fireball which then turned into dirt and fell on the ground.

Not wasting the opening my daughter gave me, I charged at him with a dagger in hand. Weapon storing accessories were one of the most useful inventions of the alchemists. Most magicians had a huge weakness, which was close range combat. I was a Spellcaster as well, but I defeated countless opponents by relying on my enhanced body which I mixed with my powerful spells, often surprising my opponents. After years of hard work, I’ve grown strong enough to beat a few adult nobles, which was also the main reason I’ve gained their respect.

Seeing me charging at him, he actually gave zero fucks about me and turned away to deal with Lien instead. I couldn’t understand why, but she was many times faster than when I last sparred against her. I knew that sex strengthened people, but for her to grow this much in such a short span of time, they’d have to do it about ten times a day. I couldn’t imagine that something like that was possible, even if they were young.

Could it be that she learned something else while I was gone? If she didn’t learn anything during her stay here and grew stronger because of that… I’ll have to tell her that the way they are doing it is unhealthy. But I must be overthinking it. Yeah, Anna and Peter are there and they’re going to school as well so that shouldn’t be possible, right?

Realising that I was rude to my opponent by thinking about all kinds of things instead of focusing on him, I took a deep breath and re-assessed the situation. Lien was about to punch Seth in the face, but before her attack could connect, an incredibly powerful blast of wind stopped her fist and threw her towards me. Stepping to the side, I used wind magic to slow down her fall, but when I looked back up at Seth, I found him pointing his palm at us.

I raised my arms to cover my daughter, but instead of attacking us, he just lowered his hand and smiled at me. “That’s one. I could have killed you already, you should focus on your opponent,” he said.

“I’m sorry, there's just something bugging me, but we can talk about it later,” I apologised.

“Alright. Also, you don’t have to worry about Lien. That movement was really unnecessary and you just blocked yourself from doing something useful. She’d have landed on her feet anyway,” he remarked, looking past me.

Turning around, I found my daughter looking straight at me. “Dad, just focus on dealing with him and stop worrying about me. You don’t have to slow down my fall…”

My own daughter reprimanded me? Well, that’s not something I experienced many times, though it’s understandable.

“I’m sorry,” I apologised again.

“I know, Father. You don’t have to worry about it, just do what you’re supposed to in a battle!”

“Are you done talking?” Seth asked seriously this time.

It seems like he knew since the beginning that my mind was wandering elsewhere.

Taking a stance once again, I nodded my head, “I’m ready.”

Glancing at Lien, he said, “I don't like fooling those that are important to me, so I am sorry but I’ll stop playing around.”

“I guessed that much, we can 'exchange pointers’ later,” she sighed, seemingly giving up the battle. For some reason, a bad feeling started filling my heart, but before I could say or do anything, Seth pointed his palm at me.

A dark orb the size of the house engulfed the yard, hiding us from the outside world. Following the dark orb, a wave of fire covered his body and once he mixed the earth element with it, it turned into floating lava. It was so incredibly hot that the air started sizzling and even my skin started burning. Although we were about fifteen meters apart and my body was enhanced, I couldn't withstand the heat.

“I'll beat you with commonly used elements just so you would understand the difference,” he said.

Following his words, he effortlessly added wind magic to the other two elements, still having perfect control over his magic. Looking at the top of his hands, he started playing around with the fire while saying, “I call this firewave. I won't fire it since I don't want to kill you, but I imagine you understand what this means.”

The wind was blowing all the heat towards my body, causing my clothes to catch on fire and the air pressure kept growing. If he ‘fired’ this spell, the air would explode and probably destroy everything within an area of a few kilometers. Despite the magnitude of this spell, it took no more than a second for him to cast, which should be impossible even for the leader of a noble clan.

Although I knew I had no chance against this level of magic, I didn't want to lose without doing anything. Covering my body in a layer of water, I felt my body cool down even if only for a little. Sadly, before I could take a step forward, all the water around my body evaporated. His magic was simply way too powerful to defend against. Seeing my clothes catching on fire again, I used water magic again and then created a stone wall in front of me.

This time, the water ball had a diameter of three meters, but it started boiling and then evaporating with an incredible speed. I was forced to cancel the water ball else I’d have cooked myself in hot water.

Turning to the side, I realised my daughter was standing in the same zone as me, but she wasn’t affected by the heat. This meant that Seth’s control was so perfect that he stopped the heat from going anywhere else other than my direction. The wind started carrying long tongues of fire towards me, slowly encircling me and slashing against the rock wall in front of me.

Although saying it would have taken some time, in reality, he made the rock wall crack and break down into clumps in no more than a second. No matter what type of magic I used, he simply overpowered it with his mixed magic. With a single spell that could level a quarter of the city! I could feel its power slowly increasing, but it wasn’t even because of his mana. The spell seemed to feed itself in a circle, growing stronger over time, even though he added mana to it only once.

I've never seen such powerful elemental magic in my entire life. Clenching my fists, I charged towards him desperately, ignoring the scorching heat. As I started nearing him, it became many times hotter, enough to burn me.

But before anything of the sort could happen, he cancelled his spell entirely and shot towards me akin to a bolt of lightning. I couldn't even perceive him clearly as he appeared next to me and put his left hand over my ear. I flooded my brain with as much mana as I could to perceive him, but I could barely catch a glimpse of him snapping his fingers. Thanks to his hand covering my ear, I heard nothing but a muffled booming sound as the air exploded and then everything turned dark.


I opened my eyes and sat up, massaging my slightly hurting head. Remembering what just happened, I looked around and found my daughter and Seth squatting next to me.

“He’s up,” Lien said in a low voice. Placing her hand on my shoulder, she asked, “Are you alright?”

“My head hurts a bit but I'm fine. More importantly…” I looked at my tattered clothes.

“I'm sorry but that's not something I can fix. I'll pay for your expenses,” Seth said something ridiculous as usual.

“Are you serious?” I rolled my eyes as I sat up. I requested this battle, it was only natural that I’d pay for my own losses.

“Like father like daughter,” he shook his head, making me laugh. Sure enough, Lien took after me in many aspects. She lost her mother at the most critical time and didn’t have a woman to take after. Seth and I were the only people around her who she could look up to.

“Hah? What do you mean by that?” Lien cried out.

“You're equally headstrong and neither of you are willing to accept my help easily,” he shook his head.

My headache slowly dispersed while I listened to their bantering, it was nice to see them getting along. The yard was completely burnt up during our battle, but it was back to normal this time. Scratching the back of my head, I was a bit unsure of what to say to Seth. It couldn't be called a real battle, he just overpowered me in everything. I wasn’t sure how good his judgment was but he seemed to be a clever person, so I believed he had no trouble deciding what element to use, when, and where.

I was about to ask him what was going on with his mana, but before I could utter a single word, he raised his hand and said, “Drop the matter for now. We will talk about it later.”

Furrowing my brows, I nodded my head. I was sure my daughter was hiding something from me ever since she started going out with Seth. Maybe she never realised this, but whenever she had something good to tell me and wanted to keep it a secret, the sides of her lips rose up a tiny bit from time to time. I was curious about it, but I didn’t want to pry into her matters too much and since she was happy about it, I had no reason to.

But hearing Seth’s words and seeing that she started smiling in that secretive way, I had a feeling that her little secret had to do with what Seth wanted to tell me. She wouldn’t betray others, no matter what, but when she was in front of me, she lost her ability to hide her emotions completely. It was only natural that I knew my cute daughter the best in the world!

“Lien…” Seth shook his head.


“I’ve been thinking about asking, but could it be that you’re a bad liar when you’re hiding something that you find joy in?” he asked.

Her smile seemed to freeze as she asked, “Why?”

“Because you can’t hold back yourself from smiling,” he laughed.

NOOOOO! He knows it as well!

“I can’t help it!” she cried out.

“Hahaha, it’s fine,” he put his arms around her back and hugged her in front of me. I wanted to hug my daughter as well, but she surely didn’t want it. Turning to the side, I stood up from the ground, ready to go back to my car to change my clothes.

“Like father like daughter, he can’t hide his envy either,” I heard Seth’s voice.

“Huh?” I raised my head and found Seth looking at me. Following his eyes, my eyes were met with Lien’s. Smiling at me, he turned her towards me and then pushed her back, making her fall straight into my arms.

“I’ll let you borrow her for a little bit,” he chuckled as he turned his back on us and went back to the house. Feeling her slowly hugging me, I was filled with happiness. I could feel a piece of Lana in her, and it was a wonderful feeling. My daughter was really the cutest in the world!

Yes! I have the best son-in-law! I must support them! Wait, was that a grin on his face? It must have been my imagination…

“Lien, I have a question,” I asked, seeing the door closing behind Seth.

“What’s it?” she raised her head.

“Are you happy with your current life?”

Taking a step back, she showed me the brightest smile ever, “Yes!”

“That’s good then. I think I’ve told you last time, but I’ll give my blessings to you. I’m not sure what you want to tell me, but it seems to be something good and Seth is more than strong enough to protect you, so I can feel at ease leaving you to him.”

“You bet,” she laughed.

Sighing, I couldn’t help but shake my head as I said, “I miss you a lot, but I know that I can’t keep you by my side forever, you have to live your own life and follow your own dreams, so I can only wish you the best.” I was trying to stay strong and hold back my tears, but I was starting to have trouble with it.

“Now, what a big crybaby you are,” she chuckled, seeing that I couldn’t hold it any longer.

“I’m sorry, it’s just that your father is too touched,” I wiped my eyes. “You grew up so quickly and turned into such a strong and beautiful woman. I’m really proud of you!”

“Sheesh, are you trying to make me cry?” she turned to the side.

“Booo, fake drama!” Seth shouted through the window, making the both of us laugh.

Wait, did he hear everything even after entering the house? I better remember that he has sharp ears…

After entering the house and catching up with my friends, Seth and Lien told us that they had something to show us. As it turned out, they built a fucking house while I was away! I couldn’t believe my ears. Last time I left them alone, they got engaged. Now they have a house. What would follow next, a child? Well, later I found out that it was a wedding…

At least, I knew she couldn’t give birth in a matter of weeks, so even if she became pregnant, she couldn’t surprise me with a grandchild when I next visited!

As they guided us through the yard, we found a few willow trees and a large pool behind the house, making the place look like a nice park. Lien had a great sense of fashion and design, so it was probably her doing.

“Is this your doing?” I asked Lien.

“Well, as it turned out, Seth sucks when it comes to picking colours and designing stuff, so the layout was mostly decided by me and he just agreed with everything I said… But the process of building was mostly done by him, though I had a fair share in it,” she replied.

Heh, I knew that’d be the case.

As we entered the house, we found ourselves in a long corridor, leading straight to the backdoor. There was a shoe cabinet on the right side of the corridor and a coat hanger on the left, followed by two steps. After taking off our shoes, we were led to the first door on the left. There was a nice living room awaiting us, though it just had the usual stuff in it. A long couch, a few armchairs, a tv, and whatnot. The walls were a slightly darker shade of blue which filled one with calmness.

The room following straight after was their room with a single large bed, two wardrobes, two small cabinets next to the bed, and a few other things. The walls were a mild shade of orange colour, once again a warm and calming colour.

Only one bed. Well, it’s not like I don’t know that they’re sleeping together every night, but still. Why is it so hard to accept?!

Turning around, I quickly left the room and looked at the room opposite of theirs. It was a spacious bathroom which had another door inside, leading to the toilet. The smell wouldn’t spread outside that way, so it made sense. Surprisingly, there was an air conditioner built into the wall which would keep the air fresh even if one of them dumped a nice brown bear! When I told this to Lien playfully, she actually slapped the back of my head and reprimanded me for talking obscenely…

Following the bathroom and opposite the living room, there was a doorway leading to the kitchen. There were brand new cupboards placed in an L shape with a fridge and a fireplace built into them. The top of the cupboard seemed to be made of marble, so it was definitely an expensive and high quality piece. The number of questions just kept piling up in my mind, but Anna and Peter seemed to be just as dumbfounded as me. I’d be sure to question them once we finished touring the house.

They didn’t make a separate dining room and put a table and six chairs around it into the kitchen instead. It had enough space to fit in that much anyway. At the back of the kitchen was another door, leading to a chamber where they’d probably put compotes, jams, and whatnot. Additionally, there was a door in the chamber which led to the basement.

Neither of us was interested in checking out an empty basement, so we went back to the living room. After everyone took a seat, Seth stood up in front of us and started speaking, ready to reveal that secret we all wanted to know of.

“First of all, I want to tell you all that what I’m going to tell you must be kept a secret from everyone. You should never tell it to anyone unless your life depends on it. That’s my only request regarding the matter,” he said.

“What could be so important?” Anna asked, her voice a bit hoarse. I couldn’t help but doubt my own thought line as well. Maybe it wasn’t a nice secret, after all.

“I don’t know whether you remember or not, but a few years ago, I told you that I was the god of sex… Although you laughed at it saying that I was at that age and that I was just being delusional, that wasn’t the case.”

“The world you know differs quite a lot from the world I know and just to demonstrate what I meant by my words…” he stopped talking and raised his hand. He started writing letters in the air which were made up of mana. I’ve never seen anything of the sort, but the aura those letters exuded was even more majestic than that SS ranked monster I met in the past. Just their presence alone was enough to make everything fly into the air in the room.

As he finished the word ‘LEVITATE’, he told us to look out the window. Doing as told, we found out that the house was standing in the middle of the air. After writing ‘RETURN’, the house moved back to its place. “This is just a tiny slice of what this type of magic is capable of and there are even more types common people don’t know.”

“I’m sure you know the brand new and super famous company, World Path. The owner is…”

“Me,” he didn’t even move his lips but I still heard his voice directly in my head. Based on the description of Link, it was something very similar. “The other spell I sold was Lien’s electric field, but I was the one who used it at that time. In the video, I mean, though I don’t know if any of you had seen it.”

Before we could settle down with what we learned of, he started barraging us with even more ridiculous things like commandments, gods, souls, all kinds of magic I’ve never even heard of, and whatnot. I knew that everything he said was true, but I still had trouble accepting that there were these kind of beings in our world. It all sounded surreal, but I knew that wasn’t the case. Still, there was one thing bothering me more than anything he told us.

“It’s a bit too much to take in so suddenly, but I’ll get over it. I have only one question, what do you mean by that you’re the God of Sex? Based on what you told us about commandments, you’re…”

Looking at me, I could see his eyes twitching, “Erm, can we drop that part of the matter? It just means that sex has more effects on us than on normal people.” Clearing his throat, he looked at me expectantly. I guess it was embarrassing to talk about in front of his parents, though I wasn’t sure why. Well, if I was still young, I’d surely understand him, but with my current mindset, I didn’t think it was something embarrassing to talk about.

“My, my, aren’t we confident in our skills?” Anna said playfully as she smiled at him.

“Mother! I’m not calling myself anything of the sort, it was my ancestor Khem who did it, not me, okay? Maybe not even him but others… Anyway, could we drop the matter?” he shook his head and started massaging his forehead.

Peering at my daughter, I could see her face becoming redder and redder because she knew that I was looking at her, but she refused to look at me. In fact, she actually turned away and covered her face, looking at me only for the split of a second.

Sighing, I stopped delving deeper into the matter and just accepted the truth. I didn’t want to embarrass her even more and she seemed to be happy with his ‘skills’. When I imagined my cute daughter being defiled by him, I couldn’t help but start disliking him a little bit. Still, I knew I felt the same way about Lana at that time and I didn’t want to become an unreasonable person. They were young and in love, it was only natural to do those kinds of things.

Since they were embarrassed anyway, I couldn’t help but use this time to ask, “This may sound embarrassing for you, but as your father, I must tell you that you should limit how often you’re doing it. You’ve grown a lot during these last two weeks and I can’t help but feel worried that you’re doing it so much that it’s unhealthy.”

“Father! Seth told you a moment ago that it has stronger effects on us, and I’ve become stronger because he taught me many things, not because of that!” Lien cried out as she kept looking back and forth between me and her mother-in-law and father-in-law.

Looking at Anna and Peter, I couldn’t help but laugh, “Aren’t they entertaining?”

“Haha, you’re right. They’re both shy when they’re in front of their lovers’ parents. We should meet up more often,” Peter replied with a smile. He was basically telling me that we could go back to the way we were years ago. I really appreciated his efforts, maybe it’d do good for me as well, especially now that Lien would probably start spending less and less time with me.

“By the way, Seth. I usually don’t ask you about your financial things, but I must make an exception,” Anna said all of a sudden, reminding me of something. A copy of his Link spell was worth one million dollars and he sold all of them, not to mention Lien’s electric field. Raising my brows, I couldn’t help but look at the young couple questioningly.

“Erm, after building the house and buying all the furnitures and stuff, we have a hundred and twenty-four million dollars left,” Seth dropped the bomb.

“W-What?” I stood up, not believing my ears. The Spell Market took ten percent of every spell that was sold through them and considering that World Path earned a hundred and fifty millions by selling only two spells, it was no wonder. I knew it already, but hearing it was still shocking, even more so than his background tale. Well, maybe it was because I still didn’t know enough to comprehend what his background meant.

Honestly, all it meant to me right now was that he was stronger than anyone I knew and that he’d be able to protect my daughter even if I wasn’t there. It made me quite happy, but that was all there was to it. He was still the same Seth I knew with the same personality I knew.

As parents, we couldn’t help but jump around in happiness and wish the best for our children. Despite having so much money, they didn’t seem to fall over the horse and start spending money like crazy. I was quite sure that we didn’t have to worry about the way they handled money.

After saying good nights, we old folks returned to Peter’s house while the love birds stayed back in their new house. I wanted to stay with my daughter for a bit longer, but I was sure they had different plans for tonight, their first night in their new house. I’d be able to meet her tomorrow anyway.

--- Seth’s POV ---

Taking hold of Lien’s hand, I continued looking after the receding back of our parents. I’ve been desiring my beautiful girlfriend all day, but I couldn’t lay my hands on her while they were around. When they finally got in the car, Lien turned around and closed the door with her back, sighing loudly.

“Is something troubling you?” I raised my brows, a bit confused by her reaction.

“No, it’s just that I feel much better now that they know your secret. I won’t have to lie to them anymore,” she smiled at me.

“Ah, so that’s why,” I nodded my head, feeling the same way about it. Although her eyes moved quickly, I noticed her peeking at my crotch, even if just for a moment. She was waiting for me to make a move, which I found quite funny. It wasn’t like I didn’t know how much she wanted to do it.

Seeing that I was just staring at her silently, she smiled at me a bit awkwardly as she asked, “Do you have any plans for tonight?”

Stepping closer, I took her chin between my fingers and raised her head to look into her beautiful green eyes. Reaching behind her back, I locked the door while keeping eye contact. As the sound of the lock clicking rang in my ears, blood rushed towards my lower half. We were all alone, just the two of us, and there was nobody to interrupt us in any way possible.

“Stop playing the saint, it’s time,” I pushed her body against the door, leaving her no room to move. Pressing my knee between her legs, I put my arm around her back and ran my fingers through her silky hair. Pulling a few locks to my nose, I took a whiff of her fresh hair. Her shampoo always made me feel a bit hungry, for her body.

Without saying anything, she turned her head to the side and showed me her neck, one of her weak spots. Tracing my finger down the line of her throat, I slowly moved my hand over her shoulder, down her back, stopping only when I reached her round bottom. Raising her right hand, she put it on my chest and started caressing my upper body. We were so close, we could hear each other’s heavy breathing.

Every time I felt her hot breath in my ear, it reminded me of her feverish pants and moans. Grasping her ass strongly, her body perked up from the sudden pain, though it probably didn’t hurt much since she didn’t give out a single sound of complaints. Closing her eyes, she rested the back of her head on the door, basically telling me to kiss her neck.

I put my arms around her waist and the middle of her back, pulling her as close to my body as I could. Obliging with her desire, I started giving small pecks on her neck, slowly moving down to her collarbone. Reaching the shoulder strap of her bra and her tank top, I took them between my teeth and pulled them down from her shoulder.

Deciding that I’d go and buy a new one for her, I changed my mind and simply tore it off of her, revealing her pink bra. Biting her lower lip, she looked at her torn top on the ground and then back into my eyes. I didn’t think it’d arouse her, but that seemed to be the case. She probably felt how much I was desiring her.

“What’s your cup size?” I couldn’t help but ask, seeing the sheer volume of her breasts.

“Do you really want to know?” she asked, her voice a bit dry. Seeing me nodding, she replied, “It’s 32F, though I don’t think it tells you a lot.”

“I know what it means, I’m a gentleman,” I said playfully.

“A pervert, you mean?” she chuckled, but her smile soon turned into a slight gasp as I kissed her neck once again, this time using pleasure touch.

“Mhn~ This is so… unbearable,” she started rubbing her thighs against each other.

“Are you itching down there?” I asked as I started rubbing my knee against her place.

Her soft lips quivered as she shut her eyes and focused her attention on the slight pleasure. Placing my hand on her face, I pressed my thumb against her pink lips, feeling a burning desire to taste them.

“Why don’t you taste them with yours?” she asked, looking at me with upturned eyes. She was so incredibly cute, I instantly gave in and stuck my tongue straight into her mouth. I started sucking on her tongue as she entered my mouth and rolled it around mine. Quickly running out of breath, we separated for a short moment before continuing.

In the heat of the moment, I felt her grabbing my shirt and tearing it into two halves. With my upper body free, she traced her fingers along the lines of my muscles, slowly moving her hand over to my crotch. Separating from me for a moment, she grabbed my erect penis through my pants and smiled at me.

Leaning closer, she stuck her tongue into my ear as she got her hands into my pants and took hold of my member directly. Pulling back her tongue, she whispered, “I can’t wait to get this inside of me. Do you think you could do something about it?”

The way her warm breath tickled my ear, it felt so close and satisfying. Even though she hasn’t done anything yet, just the fact that she was touching my penis made me even more aroused. I just couldn’t get enough of her touch, of those slender fingers and that small hand. Her hand wasn’t even big enough to wrap it all around my member.

“Why don’t you prepare me, in that case?” I asked. Without a shred of hesitation, she put her hands on my sides and went down to her knees, pulling off my pants at the same time. Resting my palms on the door, I looked down and continued enjoying the sight in silence.

Looking up at me, she wrapped her fingers around my member and said, “It’s scorching hot, are you in pain?”

“Haah- just take it into your mouth already, I can’t wait anymore,” I panted heavily as anticipation started filling every last bit of my body.

Sniffing my penis, she actually rubbed it against her face before wrapping her soft pink lips around my glans. Closing her eyes, she started bobbing towards my root, stopping only midway. Taking a deep breath, she opened her eyes and put her tongue under my shaft before continuing towards my root, this time keeping eye contact with me.

Lowering my right arm, I put my hand on the back of her head and ran my fingers through her silky brown hair. I couldn’t help but grab her hair and put more strength into my grip than usual, but she seemed to like it. Without saying anything, I started shaking my hips and pushing her head onto my dick. I loved her, but every time I saw her mouth filled up with my penis, I couldn’t help but feel some sort of devious satisfaction. Maybe I was a bit of a sadist deep inside.

“Buh- slhow dhown,” her muffled voice were like good music to my ears. No matter what she said, she loved when I handled her a roughly. Seeing that I didn’t listen, she grabbed my hips and started rolling her tongue around my tip. Her mouth was barely enough to fit me in, which just added to the charm of the moment.

“Haah- Lien, answer me honestly, are you a masochist?” I asked, finding it a bit hard to speak. It felt better enjoying her mouth in silence. I could hear all the cupping and squelching sounds her mouth gave out.

Her eyes were turning hazier and hazier by the seconds as she started giving in to her emotions. Pulling her head back on my shaft, I took a quick look at my shiny penis before pushing her head back to my root. Unlike at the first time, she knew how to keep her teeth far enough from my penis, though she hasn’t given me many fellatios. She was a quick learner in everything as it turned out. Letting go of her hair, I moved my hand down to her neck and let her move on her own instead.

I loved eating her up and she loved giving me blowjobs. Maybe we felt that way because we both loved pleasuring one another and despite letting her move on her own, she didn’t slow down and kept moving at the same pace. Having enough of fooling around, I pulled her head back by the hair and made her stand up.

“You have yet to answer my question,” I remarked.

Looking into the corner of the room, avoiding my eyes, she muttered, “Just a little bit. That’s why I like rough sex, but I don’t want anything really painful, okay?”

Leaning close to her ear, I whispered, “Okay. I’ll also admit that I love abusing you in the way you love it.”

“Now it’s time for rewards for being honest,” I added as I knelt down in front of her and pulled off her shorts along with her panties. A long line of liquid stretched out between her soaked panties and her lower lips, connecting the two. The scent I knew so well soon reached my nose, intoxicating my mind even more.

While looking into her eyes, I sank my fingers into her ass and pushed my face against her private place, carefully inserting my tongue into her. Taking a long breath filled with excitement, she grabbed my hair and started pushing herself against my face, slowly rocking back and forth. She was like a fountain inside, endlessly spewing water onto my tongue, drenching even my face in it.

Her folds gripped my tongue and started pulling on it, visibly excited to receive my sperm as soon as possible. Sadly for her insides, my tongue wouldn’t cum.

“Argh, it’s pointless to lick you!” I growled as I pulled out my tongue and stood up. It was time for the main dish, I had enough of fooling around.

Sealing the end of our foreplay, I decided to give her one more kiss before getting into it, but she instantly pushed her tongue into my mouth and started sucking on mine. Quickly running out of air, we both pulled back and took a deep breath before continuing. I loved sucking on her tongue, I could never get bored of it.

Slowly separating, we put our foreheads together and looked down. While she took hold of my member and guided it towards her pussy, I spread her labia. Not wasting the time, I thrust straight into her deepest spot and gave her the biggest dose of pleasure touch ever. She convulsed and gripped my shaft, instantly cumming after a whole week of waiting. I felt her fingers sinking into my flesh, but her grip just made me feel like going even wilder.

Grabbing the back of her head, I pulled her against my chest as I sat down on one of the stair steps behind us and spread her legs into splits. As she sat down in my lap, her folds gripped me with even more strength, yet they were so soft, wet, and scorching hot inside.

“Mh- Move. Start moving, please,” she forced out those words, exciting me even more.

“Are you sure? We’re sitting in front of the door. I wonder what would happen if someone entered the house right now,” I whispered into her ear. As I expected, her folds spasmed and gripped my shaft with even more strength than before.

Placing her hands on my shoulders, she showed me the most lustful look she ever made as she replied,“ I don’t care. Just do it hard already.” Pressing her breasts against my chest, she leaned over my shoulder and whispered into my ear, “I want you to pound me hard.” Unable to resist her temptation, I put my hands on her waist and started rocking her back and forth on my dick.

“Ahhn- W-What is this?” she cried out, most likely feeling a kind of pleasure she never felt before.

“This is three days worth of pleasure touch. Enjoy,” I replied, actually finding it a bit hard to talk. She wasn’t the only one affected. Looking over her shoulder, I ran my eyes down on her perfectly arching back and stopped on those two round bulges I was holding. Her bubbly ass was as amazing as ever, especially in a pose like this.

Trying something new, I gently took her flesh between my teeth and bit her shoulder, making her folds spasm once again. Embracing my back, she sank her nails into my flesh and pulled them across my back like some wild cat. Biting with a tiny bit more strength, I thrust my penis as deep as I could and came into her deepest parts. Even I had trouble believing how much I came, it just kept shooting and spraying out of my penis, creaming her all the way to her womb.

“Mhm- my god, just how much did you cum,” her eyes trembled as she let out a small moan of pleasure.

“I was really pent up,” I replied. “Also, ‘my god’? Who’s your god? What god are you praying to?” I asked playfully.

Lowering her head, she gazed into my eyes as she replied, “Only to you.” She was looking at me so obscenely, I could see how much she was lusting after me even though she was cumming almost non-stop. Her lust seemed to be insatiable after a week of withholding.She kept clawing my back, grabbing my hair, and embracing me with all her strength, as if she was afraid that I’d disappear.

When I finally finished loading all my sperm into her, I grabbed her legs and made her put them around my waist. Placing my arms around her back, I stood up as we were and started walking towards our room. I had enough of sitting on the hard steps.

Locking her arms around my neck, she looked into my eyes as she asked, “I’ve been wondering about it, but do you like spreading my legs to extreme angles?”

“I do,” I replied.

“How so?” she tilted her head to the side.

“I think it’s because it makes me feel like ‘I’m forcing her into this pose and she obeys my will’ sort of thing,” I replied, not even sure myself.

“So you just want to completely dominate me, don’t you?” she chuckled.

Opening the door with telekinesis, I nodded my head, “I can’t deny that. I love being in control, especially in the bed.”

“Grr~ I’d lie if I said it didn’t turn me on,” she said playfully, imitating a cat. Reaching the bed, I put her down on its side, my member still inside her.

“Haha, I know.”

“The way you brought me here feels so dirty, I can’t help but love it,” she said, looking at the part where we were connected.

Smiling at her, I traced the lines of her smooth and shiny labia before moving her further to the middle of the bed. We made sure to buy a high quality and super soft bed, so my knees sank deep into it, making it much easier for our private places to be at the same level. I was about to start moving when she put her hand on my abdomen and said, “Wait a moment.”

“Hmm? What is it?”

Rolling to the side, she reached under the bed and pulled out a pair of high heels. Smiling at me, she said, “Don’t look at me like that, I know it turns you on when I’m wearing them.” Placing her feet on my chest, she pushed me back a bit as she added, “Put them on for me.”

“Do you think it’s weird?” I asked as I got to work. “I think that it makes a woman sexier and more womanly.”

“I don’t think it’s a rare thing,” she replied. As I finished putting them on for her, she put her legs on my shoulders and pushed herself closer to my penis.

“Well? Do you like it?” she asked.

Leaning closer, I growled into her ear, “You’re freaking sexy.”

“Fufu, so? What kind of pose do you want? I’ll let you do whatever you want tonight, but you should make sure to please me in return.”

Since I leaned forward and her legs were on my shoulders, I could feel her legs pressing against my chest. It made me feel as if she would be bending to my will. It made me feel the kind of control I liked in bed. Placing my hands on her smooth and firm thighs, I started caressing them while keeping eye contact. “Why are these so sexy?”

“I don’t know. Because you love me?” she mused.

“I do,” I leaned closer once again and pushed my tongue into her mouth. Once I pulled back, she opened her eyes and gazed into mine, her eyes reflecting her burning desires.

“Haah- shit, you’re so fucking sexy,” I gasped, running my eyes up and down on her body. Looking at her wet pussy, I decided to do her in our current position. While keeping eye contact, I put it inside and slowly moved to her deepest spot. After every inch my penis moved, her lips quivered and her eyes trembled. Finally unable to hold it in, she cried out in pleasure.

Her sweet moan was like aphrodisiac to my ears. Running my fingers through her silky dark brown hair, I slowly started moving inside her, always hitting her weak spots. Closing her eyes, she put her hand over her mouth and tried to hold back her voice.

“Why don’t you let it out?” I asked, raising the effect of pleasure touch to the maximum.

“Hyaahn~ because it’s embarrassing,” she started panting heavily. In the next moment, I felt her folds convulsing and gripping my shaft with incredible strength as she orgasmed once again. I was moving slowly and steadily, but it seemed to please her even more than the usual wild thrusting. She was really complex at times, she loved both gentle and wild sex, though I could understand her perfectly.

Based on the mood, one of the two could also turn me on more. “Can you hear this? As our flesh is rubbing against each other, as the bed is slightly creaking. Doesn’t it turn you on?” I said in a low voice.

“Haah- don’t be silly, of course it does,” she said between her pants. Feeling my load building up, I was unsure of what to do. I really wanted to pump my load into her in the current pose, but I still wanted to cum into her in numerous poses. It filled my mind with so much pleasure when I came into her without any protection, it felt insanely fulfilling.

Probably noticing that I was hesitating, she said, “Mhn- don’t pull it out now.”

“But I want to cum into you in all kinds of-”

“The night is long, you’ll have enough time,” she replied.

Nodding my head, I picked up the pace a little bit and thrust my penis deep into her, right before cumming. Knowing that my sperm was pouring into her hot and wet pussy filled my mind with so much satisfaction, but before I’d go limp, I used chemical magic to restore my libido.

Well, satisfying this seductress was simply impossible through normal means. She was a freaking monster in bed, but the pleasure was of the highest quality in return. It was just hard to last for long.

Biting her lower lip, she asked, “What’s next?”

“Turn around,” I commanded her.

Following my words, she slowly rolled over to her front and started shaking her bubbly ass left and right, asking, “Is this what you want?”

Unable to restrain myself, I grabbed her ass with all the strength in my hands and shoved my dick straight into her pussy, making her cry out in pleasure. Raising her feet, I took hold of the heels of her shoes and marveled at the beautiful sight in front of me. She had only a little bit of fat mixed with her well built muscles on her body, which was enough to create a perfect smooth and squishy texture all over her body.

As I started moving inside her, she clenched the blanket in her hands and bit on her pillow as usual in this pose, though seeing it turned me on every time. I burnt in lust every time I caught a glimpse of her naked flesh, for I couldn’t get enough of it. Resting my chest on her back, I whispered into her ear, “Say, have you realised that we skipped school today?”

“Nh~ No,” she moaned. Her moans were so arousing, I loved listening to them, though she was getting better and better at holding them back, making them even more precious. Well, I got plenty of it tonight since she was tasting a kind of pleasure she never felt before, and like she said, the night was long.

I was such a diligent student, always there on time and never skipping a single class, yet here I was tonight, banging her instead of school. And it felt great! Well, school was in the morning, but we didn’t go because we were too excited and at this pace, we probably wouldn’t go anywhere tomorrow either. But thanks to the red star we got during the trial, we were eligible to graduate, so it was fine.

That night we indulged in pleasure for hours on and since there was nothing to interrupt us, we made sure to enjoy every moment of it.

--- Third POV ---

Complete silence loomed over a dark cavern, deep inside a mountain. Through the only entrance which was a large opening in the side of the mountain, a powerful shockwave rushed in and blasted everything into the air, filling the room with a cloud of dust.

In the back of the cavern, a creature humans only heard of in tales, woke up from its deep slumber. Opening its slit yellow eyes, it looked around in the room, seemingly looking for the cause of the sudden mess. Not finding anything, it looked further into the distance through the entrance, seeing everything within tens of kilometers.

Raising its head, it seemed to find what caused the shockwave. Its forky tongue flickered in the air as it stood up from the ground, its eyes glued to what it found. “Humans?”

Its tongue flickered once again as it continued, “What incredibly high quality of mana, it may be stronger than mine. I wonder what would happen if I devoured him.” Peering at the now dust covered eggs in the corner, it growled in a low voice, “I should call my mate to watch out for these. He shall live for a few more days.”

Standing up, it walked out of the cavern and stopped on the edge of the cliff. Taking one last good look at the boy and the girl in the distance, and the destruction one of them caused, it nodded its head and then spread its wings.

“Well, well, let’s see what changed after two hundred years, I shall remind these puny creatures of who is their lord.” Closing its eyes, it sensed the soul of its mate and reached out to it.

“I’ll show them the breath of the wild, they shouldn’t have forgotten me after a few years,” it growled as it turned around and walked back to its cavern.