Chapter 1 – My sexy childhood friend returned. And… Moved into our house!
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My sexy childhood friend returned.
And… Moved into our house!

I walked through the dimly lit, empty corridor of my school. It was the first day of the new semester and this was my third year. Being sixteen years old, I knew I didn’t have much time before I’d have to step out into the world and look for a job. Not that I minded it.

As I turned the corner, I was surprised to see the back of a girl in front of me. For three years, I was always the first, the one who came to school the earliest. I was the only one from my class whose bus came so early… Sad life.

The girl had long and dark brown hair, slender waist, wide hips, and sexy legs. I couldn’t help but run my eyes down on her body a few times and I got stuck on her round bottom numerous times. She had a white shirt and a short black skirt, black stockings, and high heels on. Nothing out of the norm. Except for the fact that she looked very familiar to me.

Out of curiosity, I picked up my pace and looked at her face as I walked past her. Realising who she was, I laughed as I ran ahead, “The best place will be mine.”

“Screw you!” her sweet voice came from behind. I knew she ran after me, but she wasn’t able to catch up with me. As I reached my classroom, I went to the row of tables beside the windows and took the table in the middle of the row. It was the best place for numerous reasons. One, I had a great sight on the schoolyard. Two, I wasn’t too much in the back of the class and the teachers didn’t think by default that I would be a troublesome kid. Since that was how it was with most of the people in the back… Three, my classmates didn’t think of me like the teachers’ handyman. Shortly, it didn’t put me anywhere on the social ladder and I was able to stay a simple grey person.

The brown haired girl appeared in the door and walked up to ‘my’ table. Looking at the table in front of and behind mine, she muttered, “I could sit there, but then some random person would sit beside me. So I’ll sit by your side…”


“Don’t laugh, you’re still as much of an asshole as you’ve been!” she rebuked me, not really meaning it.

“It’s good to see you again. How many years? Six?” I asked.

“I left when I was about to turn twelve, now I’m almost seventeen so only five,” she shook her head.

“Ah, right. Still a long time.”

“Mhm,” she nodded her head and put her things on the table and sat down beside me.

“Say, you came earlier and I don’t wanna bully you right after coming back, so I’ll offer you a choice. What if one day the inner seat was mine and the next day it’d be yours?” I asked.

“Bruh, it’s the best deal I could get out of you unless I tried to use some other tactics… so okay.”

A grin formed on my face when I heard her reply. “What happened to you while you were gone? And to begin with, why did you leave?” I asked raising a brow.

“Uhm, since my mother died at that time, my father had to work more to make a living. He was offered a higher salary, but in turn, he had to go to another country. He accepted it since we’d have had it rough without his new job, but by the time he told me we had to leave, it was the day of moving. That’s why I didn’t even have enough time to say goodbye to my childhood friend~”

“You had it rough then, huh. And what was your life like?”

“Hmm, nothing strange, I guess. I just had an ordinary or even humble school life.”

“Haha, okay.”

Ugh- considering your beauty and your talent I’m sure it was anything but ordinary.

“And you?” she asked, leaning on the table. “Do you still have it? The sealed-” she gazed into my eyes.

“Shh-Don’t talk about it!” I covered her mouth. “I have it and my life has been the same as before. Go to school, go home, do my own stuff. An infinite repeat,” I pulled back my hand.

Turning her head to the side, she looked at me, “Boring as ever. Not that I blame you, I’m no different.”

“Mhm,” I nodded. “By the way-” before I could continue, I heard a phone ringing. The ringtone was a piece of rock music I also knew and liked. Unzipping her bag, she took out her phone and after looking at the person who called her, picked it up.

“Hello, dear,” the voice of a man came.

What? Did she get a boyfriend after all? I thought a bit curious, knowing her.

“Hello, dad. What is it?”

Or not…

“Have you arrived at the school safely?” he asked.

“What do you think? It’s not like I can’t find a school. We lived here before, you know?”

“I know, I know. Dear, I’m sorry but it seems like I won’t be able to stay…”

“What?! But we came just now, don’t screw with me! You said we’d stay here for years!” she raised her voice while looking at me from the corner of her eye. “We also took care of all the papers and I took the tests to get in the school. Was that all for nought?”

“Uhm, I know but my employer suddenly told me he changed his mind and he was sorry for it. I’d like to punch him but I can’t do anything about it… that’s why I decided to go alone. Since I have to travel every time, most of the money I earn goes to the hotels. I’ll just stay in cheaper ones and put aside some money for you every month. I should be able to pay your rent that way,” he replied, his voice conveying his sorry. Even I felt bad for Mr Michael, her father.

“But I don’t want to make it worse for you. In that case, I’ll look for some part-time job and take care of myself,” she replied.

“Lien, it’s my responsibility as your father to take care of you. It’s no big deal to me and I don’t want you to waste your youth just because of me.”

“I’m not wasting anything, I’m not really like the others either so-”

“Lien! Enough. Just accept it. Look for a rent instead, but not one that is like an abandoned ghost house,” her father said.

“Fine… I’ll still look for something simple. How many days do I have?”

“About two days,” Michael replied.

“Alright. Thanks, Father.”

“No problem, I love you, dear,” he said and cut the call.

“What now?” Lien talked partly to herself, partly to me. “Do you know of any good and cheap places nearby?”

“We’re close to the capital city so… every rent is quite pricey here, even the bad ones,” I said feeling sorry for her.

She looked at me with a sad face that threatened to break my heart. I wasn’t a sympathetic person, but I guess I had a soft spot for my one and only childhood friend, who probably knew the most about me. I stood up from my seat and walked out the door.

“Where are you going?” she asked.

“I’ll be back in a moment, I’ll try to help you out,” I said.

I closed the door behind me and called up my mother.

“Hi?” she greeted me, her voice half asking me what I wanted. I rarely called anyone…

“Do you remember Lien?”

“That little girl from back then? Of course, she came over a lot. What about her?”

“She came back with her father and they’re staying in a hotel for now, I guess. But her father’s boss suddenly changed their mind and told Lien’s father that he’d have to leave. And now she’s looking for a place.”

“And you’re asking me to?”

“Well, couldn’t she stay in our empty room?” I asked.

Lien suddenly opened the door and stopped in front of me, her arms crossed in front of her chest. My brows twitched as I asked, “Mother?”

“Ah, sorry. My boss came in with a stack of papers. So where were we? Empty room.”


“I’m alright-”

“Hi, Miss Anna. If it’s alright with you, I’m willing to pay and help around the house!” Lien leaned closer to me.

“It’s fine, it’s fine. You don’t have to pay, it’s not like anyone was going to use that room. At least, I won’t have to clean it anymore,” she laughed. “Right?” she added.

“Hahaha, yes. Thank you very much!”

She has got a nice fragrance, I thought and couldn’t help but look downwards. Round…

“It’s fine. Maybe my thick-headed son will finally get a gir-” I quickly ended the call, knowing what she wanted to say.

Lien looked at me with a smirk on her face.

“What is it?” I asked as I felt pressured by the silence.

“We both know what she wanted to say, it was pointless to end the call so suddenly. But it’s funny to see you react like this~”

“Sure,” I replied with a bland voice. Slipping through the gap between her and the wall, I went back to our classroom. Just as we sat down, my new classmates started arriving one by one or in smaller groups. My bus was the only one that arrived a good fifteen minutes earlier than the others, which was annoying me most of the time, but I was happy about it at these times.

“They don’t seem to know you, why?” Lien whispered into my ear. I think my ears twitched as I looked at her. Her hot breath was ticklish.

“It’s simple. They don’t. In this school, every half a year the classes are randomly swapped up, so most of the people I know are likely to be in other classes. There are a few people who came around this time, so there is still a chance they were assigned to my class, but I’ll see.”

“That must be pretty annoying… I mean, starting out from scratch all the time,” she said.

“Well, I’ve got used to it already, I guess. It helps out socially awkward people.”

“Eh, sure.”

Looking around, I noticed that about half of the class was of the female gender. Out of the four classes I had before, I had so many girls in my class only once. Looking at the door, I saw another guy enter who looked through the classroom and upon spotting Lien, stayed unmoving for a bit. This was about the seventh guy who reacted the same way.

I know she’s a beauty, but they could hide their surprise better…

“I’m off to the toilet. Be right back~” I stood up and left her alone.

“You didn’t have to tell me that, though.”

“You’d have asked anyway,” I winked at her.

“Hmm, true.”

By the time I returned, I noticed two of my classmates from the second semester of my first year in school. I was in an okay relationship with them, so I ignored the guy standing beside Lien and greeted them.

For there to be a pest so soon, I’m amazed. She simply leaned on the table and didn’t even open her mouth while the guy was talking to her. I’m not sure I could do that… openly ignore somebody. She hasn’t changed one bit, I inwardly laughed at the scene.

“Hi,” I greeted my friends, called Alex and Leo. Alex was a short and brown haired guy, like me, and a hundred and eighty centimeters tall, again about as tall as me. Leo was a blonde haired and blue eyed guy, who despite his handsome face was a bit of a weirdo, again like me.

“Yo! It seems like the trio is back again! Haha. I never thought we’d all get in the same class again!” Leo said.

“You sure you wanna be so happy about it? Seth never really bothered with us. I’m surprised he came here to greet us,” Alex crossed his arms in front of his chest.

“Leave me alone, I’m a free-minded person,” I shrugged my shoulders. Sometimes being with others tired me out mentally, which wasn’t the case with Lien. That’s why I always thought of her as my one and only true friend. A shame she had to leave, but now that she was back, I thought I’d be happier with a notch.

“Screw you. Anyway, look at the class man! We’ve got a hella lot of grills!” Alex said.

“Girls” Leo corrected him.

“No, grills!”

“...You’re an idiot,” I shook my head, finding joy in verbally abusing him, as usual. But those who knew me knew that I never really meant it.

“But we’ve got the winner of this class, that grill” Alex pointed at Lien in a sneaky way and said in a low voice. “She’s hot.”

“These are the types of conversations that tire me out in like a second,” I commented as I turned around to leave.

“Wait, wait! But how come I’ve never seen her before in the school? You’re always here before everyone else, I’m sure you know something!” Alex said, looking at me.

“Although being here earlier has nothing to do with information, I know that she moved here a few days ago and will live here from now on.”

“Leo, go and try to talk with her,” Alex pushed Leo’s back.

“Why me?”

“Because you’ll size up the terrain for me!”

“Hell, I won’t. I’m not interested.”

“Damn you, why do I have to do everything alone?” Alex stood up and walked towards Lien.

“Cuz’ you’re an idiot,” I remarked.

“Hahaha, good one,” Leo bumped fists with me.

I used my mana to amplify my senses and listen in on their ‘conversation’.

“Hello, what’s your name?” he asked.

Lien turned to look at him, but her eyes stopped on me for a moment and there was a clear sign of annoyance in them.

“I’m called Lien.”

“Nice name. Did you move here this year? I haven’t seen you before.”

“Yes.” Met with her short answers and a pressuring silence, he stopped for a second before continuing. “Want me to show you around in the city? You probably don’t know what’s where” Alex asked.

“No thanks, I’ve lived here before,” she replied and then turned towards the window.

“I’ve got it. See you later then,” Alex turned around and came back to us. I was on the brink of laughing my ass off, but I held it in.

“Huh, guys. This girl is a tough opponent,” he whispered.

“Since when are girls your opponents?” I asked laughing.

“Fuck you, says the one who kinda never talked to a girl before…”

“I just wasn’t interested. And what now that she openly showed her uninterest?” I asked.

“I won’t give up! At first, I thought she thinks highly of herself, but her eyes showed otherwise. She seemed to be bored of the type of talk I had with her, I think. Maybe if I get to know her better I can score,” he said.

“How optimistic. I’m going back to my place now,” I waved my hand.

“Where is it?” Alex asked.

I sat down beside Lien and turned his way with a grin on my face. He made a confused face, then it turned into surprise, followed by anger.

“You bastard… I heard you the whole time. You let him come here to have fun…” Lien grumbled beside me and elbowed my side.

“Agh, hahaha, but you can’t imagine how much fun I had watching you two and hearing your conversation.”

“You’re really an asshole. When will class start? Is there anything I should know about the school?” she asked after calming down.

Feeling Alex’s burning gaze, I turned his way and stuck out my tongue before replying, “Today will be a short day. Everyone will have to introduce themselves in a few sentences, then the usual paper stuff, a quick explanation of the usage of tools and the battleground and off we go!”

“How much time does this take?”

“About two to three hours. Depends on which teacher we get. Some are quicker while some are slower. The quicker the better, I’ve heard all the stuff I need to four times already…” I sighed loudly, already tired of it.

“I imagine it isn’t much different than in Ushua, the country I went to,” she said, brushing her hand through her hair. Captivated by her beautiful green eyes, my mind stopped working for a moment, which was truly unusual for me. Shit, I’ve got to get it together. I’m too used to showing everything when I’m around her.

“You don’t have to hide your face, it can still be like in the old times,” she suddenly said, noticing my quick change of facial expressions.

“It’s easy to say,” I sighed out loud. You were only a little girl back then, it’s harder now…

I was different than other kids. They were all so childish for so long while I matured in just a few years. My mental age has been stuck at a young man’s for many years now. Back in the times I first met Lien, I was already well ahead of my peers. She was easy to read and ‘manipulate’ if I could call it that, like most children.

It was fun to be around her for some reason, and I kind of tamed her in a few weeks… but then she had to leave and I was left alone. What nobody knew was that I invented a huge number of spells for all sorts of elements in my childhood. This led me to grow way stronger than anyone at my age and I was pretty sure I could put up a fight with the strongest magicians.

At the age of ten, I realised I had a seal in my body which hid some sort of power. Despite having many spells, I lacked mana the most which restricted my abilities a lot. I taught Lien a few of my weaker spells and since she had a lot of mana, she turned into a prodigy.

The teacher came through the front door of the classroom and closed the back door with a wave of his hand. Why was I here? It was the law that stated that we had to finish high school, so I was pretty much forced by outside influence.

The teacher put his staff on the ground next to his small stage and looked at the class. “We’ve got a perfect ratio of girls and guys, huh. Alright! My name is Tim, but most of you probably know me already. I excel in Gravity Magic, Telekinesis, and I’ve got a few other tricks as well. I’ll be your teacher for the next half of a year and I’ll teach you all about Mana Control and the stuff I know. If you’ve got any complaints, then please tell me.”

“Anyone? No? Okay. Then introduce yourselves and then I’ll quickly get done with the ‘important’ stuff. Let’s start with the row next to the window.”

The girl at the front desk stood up and introduced herself. But I honestly couldn’t be bothered to pay attention because Lien was leaning forward and I was enamoured by her cleavage… She is making it really hard on me by showing me such things. God, save me, I called her to live in our house… I’m starting to dread the coming days. How will I stay sane if she keeps flashing her body like this?

“Hey, you’re next,” Lien elbowed my side and broke my staring contest with her breasts. I quickly stood up like the others and said with a monotonous voice, “My name is Seth Clearfall, I’ll turn seventeen in a few months like most of you, I excel in Dark Magic, lazing around after a tiring training session, and I know some Fire and Water Magic. That’s all.” I quickly sat back down, already feeling bad because of all the gazes on my back. I hated it when many people were looking at me. It made me feel uncomfortable…

“I’m called Lien Newin, I’m sixteen, I lived here in my childhood then moved to Ushua and now I’m back to Eglon again. I excel in a few types of Magic, but nothing out of the norm,” she said and then sat down.

“Not being flashy, heh. Nice of you, but I’ve heard of your strange spell from the director already. I’m looking forward to seeing a talent like you,” the teacher said. This is why I never told anyone about the types of magic I knew other than the three I mentioned. When the teacher called you out and praised you, it only made things even worse for most. I just didn’t like attention. Seeing Lien’s face, I was sure she felt the same way which wasn’t surprising since we had quite similar mindsets.

She covered her face with her left hand as she leaned on the table and looked at me from the corner of her eye. She had to go through a test to get in, like every student. I suppose she did her best and caught the director’s attention as a result. Since I lived here, I knew what was enough and never revealed more than necessary.

The rest of the class introduced themselves and then the teacher got on with the boring stuff. Thankfully he was the quick type. Two hours later we were on the battleground, which was actually a huge stadium with many smaller fields in it. After the teacher finished talking, we were let off.

“Do you live in the same place as before? I guess,” Lien asked.


“Alright, I’ll go and get my things and then go to your house,” she said and turned around to leave.

“Hey, wait. I am going with you,” I followed her. When we reached the entrance door, I felt somebody grab the back of my shirt and pull me backwards. It was Alex.

“Come on here for a moment, you bastard. What’s going on here? And most of all, why did you let me make a fool out of myself if you knew her!” he questioned me.

“It was fun. And she’s my childhood friend. She returned after years and I’m the only one in our class who knows her.”

“Childhood friend, huh. You’ve got a nice head start…” he grumbled

“Shaddup, I’m going now.”

“Where?” he tilted his head to the side.

“To her ‘house’,” I replied laughing and turned around. She was looking at us from further away, her hands behind her back.

“Let’s go,” I said as I caught up with her.

“What did he want? Is it still about me?” she asked.

“Who knows~”

“So it is. Next time tell him to leave me alone, I’m not looking for a romantic relationship,” she shook her head.

“So you’re seeking pure carnal pleasure,” I frowned.

“What the fuck are you talking about? I’m still a v-” realising what she wanted to say, she forced out a cough.

“I’m not that kind of girl, got it?”

“I know, I was just teasing you,” I laughed. It was nice to see that she was still as easy to get along with.

“Okay. Now that I think about it, it’s pointless to go there on foot and then carry everything in our hand. Our car is at home and I have a driving license, so it’s easier if I drive you there and then back,” I offered.

“I’m fine either way. I can use telekinesis to carry my stuff so it wouldn’t be a bother even if I had to carry it. Makes me remember… ‘I excel at dark magic and know some water and fire magic’, was it?” she tilted her head to the side.

“Wipe that goofy smile off of your face…” I replied.

“You sure keep your secrets,” she laughed at me.

“I do. Not that I’d protect it with my teeth and nails, I’m just not interested in garnering attention,” I shrugged my shoulders.

“It seems like I’m the only one in the class who knows you? Unless your friends know about it-”

“They don’t,” I cut into her words.


“You seem to be happy about it.”

“Why would I not be? This means I’m the only one you trusted enough to tell and it’s been years since then,” she said, visibly amused.

“Screw it, we walked a lot already… it’s not worth going home at this point,” I said as realisation dawned on me.

“I told you it doesn’t matter, it’s pretty close anyway,” she replied. About five minutes later we arrived at a simple hotel and went to the second floor and to their room which was the twenty-second. She opened the door with her key and entered the room with me behind her back.

After a very short corridor, we arrived at the living room which had a dark blue sofa, a television in front of it, and a small table in between. The walls were peach coloured like in most hotels. It was a cosy room. There were three other rooms, two leading to bedrooms and one to the bathroom and toilet. There was also a kitchen behind the living room, separated by a thin wall. I was sure the hotel served food, but like at most places, that was expensive so they probably looked for a room with a kitchen.

“Father? I’m home,” she raised her sweet voice. Sweet, sweet, damn it, everything about her is sweet! Something is wrong with me, I’m way too happy about her return, I thought.

“I’m here sweetie,” Mr Michael came out of one of the bedrooms and stopped in place upon spotting me. He had very short and black hair on the top of his head and brown eyes. He was about a hundred and eighty centimeters tall, the same height as me. Furrowing his brows, he looked at me until realising who I was, “Ah! You must be Seth, right?”

“Indeed, good afternoon!” I nodded my head.

“I remember you hanging out a lot with my daughter back then. What brings you here? How have you been?” he asked.

“I’m fine and I just came to help Lien carry her stuff.”

“Where? What’s going on? Did you already find a place to stay at?”

“I did…” Lien replied, looking down a bit.

“You’re suspicious, what about it? This was way too quick…” Mr Michael furrowed his brows.

“Hehe, the thing is… we have an empty room and after talking about it with my mother, I offered it up to her,” I chimed in.

“That’s really generous of you, but teenagers of your age living in one house is a bit… even if she is your childhood friend. Maybe you should look for another-” Mr Michael furrowed his brows, concerned over his daughter.

I guessed this would happen.

“Father, I know that you’re worried, but it’s alright.”

Pressured, he asked, “And how much will it cost?”

“Nothing,” I said. “If she helps out around the house it’s more than enough. It was a bother to clean that empty room anyway.”

“That’s certainly something I can’t allow. Name a price at least if she really intends to move to your house.”

“I do,” Lien added. She surely didn’t want to burden her father and my offer was the best choice for her, even if she had to live with me. Well, I wasn’t one to bug others and she knew it as well. I didn’t know about anyone having problems with me.

Lien walked closer to Mr Michael and waited for his acceptance. Leaning closer, he whispered, “But Lien, you’re both at that age. How could I let you-”

“Father, I told you it’s fine. Seth isn’t like that anyway,” Lien replied.

I’m sorry, my hearing is good and I can’t shut my ears without being obvious, I apologised in my mind for listening in on their conversation. I’m not like that you say… I’m starting to feel unsure of it with you around.

“Fine then!” he raised his voice and nodded his head. “But Seth, make sure you take care of my daughter! I don’t want anything bad to happen to her!” he said looking deep into my eyes.

“Of course,” I nodded my head. Seeing my seriousness, he heaved out a sigh of relief.

“Haah- alright. The earlier I go, the better it is, so I might leave today evening. Pack up your things,” he said.

Lien went to her bedroom and after throwing a few things into her luggage, she returned.

“That was quick,” I commented. I thought she’d take a long time to pack up.

“Well, I haven’t taken out my things before, so it didn’t take much to put everything back. Do you need me for anything, Father?”

“Well, you cooked last evening and there is still some of it left. I’ll take that with me on the road. I can also pack my things alone, so no. Come here for a big hug!” he opened his arms. Lien looked at me a bit shy before going towards her father and hugging him.

Don’t look at me like that, I would never laugh at you because of this… I rolled my eyes.

I saw Mr Michael was about to tear up, so I turned around. But in the next moment, Lien was already beside me and he was walking around in the room as if he was searching for something. I couldn’t help but start laughing. “You know that I don’t consider this a bad thing, no need to hide a thing!” I said.

“It seems like she will be in good hands,” Michael commented, visibly in a better mood. “I’ll take you two back home,” he said.

“No need, Father.”

“Don’t stop me because you can’t! Go, go. I’ll drive you to your new… house,” he shooed us out of the room. Lien put her things in their car and took the position of the driver.

“You wanna drive?” Mr Michael asked.

“Mhm. You can drive enough if you have to go back to Ushua.”

“Ah, this time I won’t go to Ushua. I’ll stay in Eglon, but in another big city close to the border.”

“Is that so? Well, you can still drive enough.”

“Haha, you’re right,” he replied and sat in the passenger seat while I took my place in the back seats.

“I didn’t know you had a driving license,” I commented.

“What do you take me for?” she chuckled.

Although an idiot cut in our way on the road, Lien handled it well and nothing bad happened. Unfortunately, it was quite usual in this city. There were too many idiots. Since nobody was home when we arrived, Mr Michael had no way to talk with my parents and after taking Lien’s baggage to her new room, he said goodbye.

“I’ll call you when I arrive!” he shouted out the window and left with that.

“Okay! Bye and have a safe trip!” Lien waved her hand.

While they had their sad goodbye scene, I buried my face in my hands, thinking about the trouble I brought upon myself. It wasn’t a bad kind of trouble, I just knew it’d be mentally or maybe… physically tiring if not dealt with. I mean, no matter what I said, but thinking about it, to live with a beauty like her was probably going to be hard. Especially if anyone in the school found out. I’ll be murdered in cold blood because of the guys’ jealousy. I must keep it a secret.

“What are you standing there for?” Lien waved her hand in front of my eyes to catch my attention.

“Ah, sorry. I was just spacing out. Come in, I’ll show you around.”

“Unless you reorganised the house, I still remember what is where,” she said.

“Then you know everything,” I said and led her to her room, which was right next to mine.

I’m killing myself.

The room had a bed in it under the window, a table which was empty with a chair, some random pictures on the wall, a wardrobe and a bookshelf. The latter had a few books in it about Magic, which held my personal experiences and test results. But since she knew about my ‘hobby’, I didn’t care even if she read them. Since this country had an oceanic climate, it was quite warm most of the time.

She sat down on her bed and leaned back on it. “Haah- I feel tired for some reason…” she sighed loudly.

“Well, travelling can be really tiring. This summer I drove with my father to Ushua about three times. We transported apples and a few other types of fruits and I can tell you, I was tired after driving six hundred kilometers. If I had to drive the whole one thousand and two hundred kilometers alone… It could have been even worse,” I said, leaning in the doorway.

“Want me to help you organise your things?” I offered my help.

“Ehm… Unless you want to take my panties right in front of me and similar stuff, then no…”

“Ah, uhm, no… that would be way too awkward,” I laughed, my eyes twitching.

“I think so,” Lien replied.

“I’ll be in my room or in the backyard,” I was about to leave but turned around for another sentence, “Oh, and make yourself feel home!”



When my mother and father came home, they both welcomed Lien and questioned her about her life in Ushua. The dreaded moments of every teenager, but Lien knew it’d come. After telling them about it, we had dinner, and I went back to my room.

It came as a surprise when Lien entered my room without any warning and joined me. In learning, that is. Both of us had an interesting skill. We often forgot to knock and just swung open any door we found. I never minded if others did it, but unless somebody told me to knock on their door, I just let myself in. Since Lien was quite alike in that, I realised I’d have to be careful in the future for numerous reasons.

“What are you reading about?” she asked as she sat on my bed, her shoulders almost touching mine.

“I’m trying to find a way to transmute metals and turn them into anything that’s soft. Vegetation, water, mud, I don’t care… It’s annoying when telekinesis users start throwing daggers and swords at me.”

“And you need to use dark magic to stop it, I take?” she tilted her head to the side.

“Yeah. If they don’t have sight on the blade, they can’t control it, so I usually use black clouds to hide the blades from their sights. But I want a way that can help me get rid of those shitty weapons!” I said.

“Did you lose against somebody because of this by any chance? You seem to be pissed off.”

Looking at her, I nodded my head.

“Haah- sometimes I really don’t get you. With your talent, you could easily turn into a rich and famous person,” she sighed and looked at me. A smile formed on her face as she started laughing, “Of course, I understand you, I would never want to turn into a famous person. It’d be very annoying, probably,” she shuddered. She could have become one herself.

“Hell, yes. So I’ll just keep a low profile for now,” I agreed with her.

“By the way, back to your problem, I believe you’ve heard of infusing transmuting. It might be the thing you’re looking for since it’s very quick.”

“Oh! That might work, thanks! I’ll go and test it,” I said with a smile. Looking out the window, I realised it was already dark, “Well… or maybe I’ll test it tomorrow.”

We continued to read about the things we were interested in. Every person was born with a type of magic, mine was called transmuting. I was basically able to change the shape, mass, or even the components of a material. Gases were counted as materials too, so mine was one of the most powerful types of Magic out there.

The only problem was that except for gases, I had to touch the materials to change their attributes. Exactly because of this reason, most people with my type of magic went to laboratories and other similar places. We were often good at creating new magic since other than our inborn magic, we were able to learn others as well.

The one that was Lien’s strongest spell was also my creation, though I had no idea how much she progressed with it since then. But this was also true only if it was still her strongest spell. The only difference between me and most transmuting people was that… my ability wasn’t limited to ‘upon contact’, though others didn’t know this. After checking it in the library when I was young, I realised my kind was called Blank Alchemist.

Lien’s class was called Spellcaster, which was the same as our teacher’s, Tim’s. She was able to learn almost any type of Magic, so when I was younger, I taught her a few things. What others didn’t know about Lien was that she could enhance her body and fight like a warrior with swords. This was also due to my teachings. Which made me wonder…

“Where is your katana while we’re at it? I haven’t seen it,” I raised my head and asked.

“My katana? It’s here,” she pointed at her necklace, which had a tiny katana symbol. “Since we lived in one place, my father was able to save money continuously and bought this as a birthday present to me. It can store one weapon and its sheath. I could summon it anytime if needed, actually- Don’t look at me with those shining eyes, here, you can hold it,” she shook her head. Holding out her hand, her katana appeared in it and then she gave it to me.

I couldn’t help but jump up and swing it a few times. I was also able to use weapons because unlike simple transmuters, I was able to transmute my body as well. But since I never told my parents my true class, they didn’t know I had enough body strength to fight even against warrior types. Well, other than Lien who had seen me train many times, nobody knew it. The fact that I had an affinity for every element and any magic was again a secret of mine and I happened to be a sucker for cold weapons.

“Look at yourself, you're like a kid,” she chuckled.

“Hush, you’re no different.”

“What? But I’m-”

“Who do you want to lie to? I was there when you’ve got this katana, I still remember your face!”

“...No fair,” she pouted.

This girl is way too destructive. I bit my lower lips.

“Here, you can have it back,” I said. When she stored it again, she stood up from my bed and flicked my forehead before leaving.

“I’m going to take a bath and sleep.”

“Ah, that’s the only thing that changed. We replaced the bathtub with a shower now,” I said realising.

“Oh, great, I’ll be quicker that way.”

About five minutes later, I heard the door of the bathroom open. “Woah, a girl that showers about as quick as me,” I talked to myself surprised. Leaving my room, I went down the stairs ready to take a shower as well, only to see her with nothing but a towel around her body.

“Are you being serious?” I stopped in my tracks.

“What?” she asked.

“...Please, next time wear more… clothes when you leave the bathroom.”

“Okay~” she mused as she went past me. I didn’t even dare to turn around. Looking down, I cursed in my mind, I can’t sleep with a boner like this, can I?


Next morning I woke up to the alarm on my phone. “Aahh-- I hate school time,” I grumbled.

I quickly stood up before I fell back asleep and dressed up. When I went down the stairs, I felt a nice smell hit my nose. Although I wasn’t really hungry in the mornings, like most people, a sense of hunger still raised in me this time. I found my mother and Lien cooking something together. My cooking skills were good as well and I was the one who had to help Mother in the evening before. Maybe that will change from now on… or I’ll cook together with them!

“Morning,” I yawned.

“Good morning, Seth. Lien is helping me out, but don’t you think you will be able to leave everything to her and spend all day with your experiments! You’ll help her as well,” my mother quickly shut down any sort of imagination I had about my new free-time activities. But at least, I’d get done with it quicker if Lien helped me out!

“I didn’t think about things like those,” I lowered my head.

Lien didn’t even look at me as she started laughing, followed by my mother. “Father is already off, I suppose.”

“Yeah. Lien, are you looking forward to your first day? You probably didn’t have much time yesterday to get to know your classmates,” my mother asked. “Oh, and call me Anna, no need for the miss!”

“Okay and I’m not sure if I’m looking forward or not.”


“Yesterday two boys came to me already… It’s tiring and annoying.”

“Oh, I can understand them.”


I sat in silence at the table and listened to their conversation until I noticed that Lien was wearing black leggings, with a straw coloured sweater. Her leggings showed the perfect shape of her legs and round butt, intensifying my morning wood. By the time she turned around, I was banging my head on the table.

“What-What’s wrong with you?” she asked concerned.

“Nothing…” I replied. “I’m just going nuts!”

“You seem to be enjoying yourself,” my mother commented and sat down at the table, bringing two plates of food. She put one in front of herself and the other in front of Lien’s place.

“I don’t get it?”

“You didn’t help so you get it yourself,” she laughed, but Lien arrived in the next second with my plate in her hand.

“Aww, you’re being spoiled. Look at your girlfriend.”

“Of course, of course, thank you very much, Master Lien,” I said with a monotonous voice.

“Please tell me if I do something I shouldn’t in the future. I’m just a freeloader here,” Lien said before anyone could take a bite.

“What are you talking about? Seeing the amount you eat and considering that you’re even going to help out, you’re more of a present than a burden! Just do as you wish and make yourself home, alright? You’re totally like my son sometimes… Makes me wonder if he did something to your brain.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment,” Lien laughed.

“You can, I’m proud of my son!” Mother said.

“Good for me,” I said while stuffing my mouth. “What is this? It’s good as fuck.”

“Lien made it, she said it’s quite common in Ushua. Also, watch your mouth,” she raised her hand.

“It’s called Piri, a quick to make food, light on the stomach and delicious. Perfect in the mornings,” Lien explained.

“I agree with that,” I muttered with my mouth stuffed to the brim.

“You’d make a great wife and daughter-in-law,” my mother blurted out something like that out of nowhere. My eyes twitched when I heard her, unsure of how to react to this delicate matter.

“Thank you,” Lien laughed a bit awkwardly.

“For fuck’s sake, Mother…”

“What? I was just telling the truth.”

“Whatever,” I shook my head helplessly. After finishing breakfast, we stood up from the table and left for school. I left a bit ahead of Lien to take a look outside, hoping that nobody would be outside. Seeing that the area was clear, I urged her, “Hurry up, Lien. We’ll be late.”

“What are you talking about? The bus will arrive in ten minutes and the station is just a minute of walk from your house,” she grumbled, still doing as told. In this world, it was commonly known that the act of reproduction had great benefits to the advancement of our mana pools and our magical powers. That being the case, most teenagers my age had lost their virginity and went at it with their girlfriends or boyfriends maybe a bit more often than they normally would.

What made me and Lien a bit of a weirdo was that neither of us bothered with something like relationships, not to mention just single nights. Personally, I didn’t like the idea of laying down with all kinds of girls I didn’t even know, even if that would be the shortest way to increase my mana pool. Seeing her behaviour and considering what she said yesterday, I hoped that Lien thought similarly about this matter.

I wasn’t sure if I ‘loved’ her or not, but I definitely liked her and didn’t really want to see her with another man. But that could be just me trying to monopolise her and she wasn’t an object, hence the reason I wasn’t sure. Maybe I’ll talk to her about this later. She shouldn’t mind it too much, I think.

When we reached the bus station, two younger guys, around the age of fifteen were chatting while sitting on the bench. Seeing Lien, both of them stood up but didn’t have the courage to call out to her and offer their places. I honestly felt like just sitting down like some kind of troll, but I held it in and continued to stand.

“You noticed, didn’t you?” I whispered into her ear.

“I did, but I’m fine with standing. I have weights on my body so this is training as well,” she mumbled.

“Weights? But where did you hide it?” I asked confused, not seeing any bulges under her clothes. Since her leggings fit her legs perfectly, it’d be hard to miss something like that.

“My shoes,” she replied.

“But… if you keep standing in one place, it doesn’t really count as a training,” I facepalmed.

“Yeah, that’s the point. But I can tell others that I’m training.”

“You must be desperate.”

“It’s hard to avoid to rely on all kinds of guys when they keep offering me all kinds of things,” she grunted.

“Hmm, but doesn’t coming to my house count as relying on me as well?” I pondered.

“It does, but I’ve known you for many years and even if we were separated for five years, that fact didn’t change. Right now, you’re the only person I’d rely on other than my father,” she smiled at me, making my heart skip a beat. She was dangerous and destructive.

“Thanks.” Hearing me say that, her smile turned even brighter and more beautiful. I really felt like tasting her lips all of a sudden.

“Maaan, the air is hot around them,” one of the kids whispered.

“Yea, what a lucky bastard,” the other replied. Normal people wouldn’t have heard them since they used a wind barrier as well, but they stood in front of me and those kinds of weak spells weren’t worth anything in front of me.

“By the way, do you have practical classes here as well?” Lien put away her phone and looked at me.

“We do have practical class once a week. We spend the whole day fighting each other and then there is the monthly monster hunting events. Those are in the first week of each month. We’ll probably have to go to a forest and hunt monsters either tomorrow or maybe Friday,” I replied.

“Oh, that’s good. I prefer practical classes over boring theories.”

“Why’d they be boring? Don’t you like researching? You seemed to have fun yesterday as well,” I frowned.

“I do like it, but academic stuff is boring since you taught me those long ago…” she lowered her voice.

“Well, that’s true and there are also parts that are, in my opinion, wrong, but that’s beside the point. Have you learned anything new since then?”

“If you mean other than the spell you created for me, then not really. Nothing fancy, just normal spells, but I enhanced yours to a whole different level,” she replied proudly.

“Hmm- I’ll be looking forward to seeing it. Do you want to go somewhere after school?” I raised my brows.

“Is there anything new in the city?”

“Not really.”

“Then I’ll just spend my time in your room instead,” she shrugged her shoulders.


My fap time is doomed. I guess I’ll have to do it when she goes to bed.

“Are you sure it’s okay? Tell me if I’m being a nuisance, you know I wouldn’t want to bother you,” she asked, seemingly a bit concerned.

“Uhm… I wonder if you’d get angry with me for this, but I’ll tell you anyway. I was just a bit worried about my worldly desires if you get my point.”

She looked at me with a blank face for a few seconds before nodding her head. “Should we appoint a time for it when I shouldn’t go?”

Kill me, God. Kill me now. I can’t answer this shit. Is she trying to murder me?

Forcing out a cough, I replied, “There is no need to change anything. You can come anytime and it’s not like it works like that.”

“Is that so? I’m quite sure your body could be conditioned to get aroused only at set periods.”

“The way you talk about it so calmly makes it less awkward. I can only thank you for talking like that about such a touchy matter,” I slightly nodded my head out of respect. I wanted to get hit by a car or something right now. The shame.

“It’s not like I don’t know what guys do in their rooms and humans have their instinctual need for stuff like that as well. I’m doing it as w- Anyway, if you don’t need changes, then I’ll let myself in from now on as well.”

Ignoring her slip up, I said, “Sure.” Now I want to see her doing it… a bit. Okay, I want to see it very much.

When the bus finally arrived, I turned to the side only to see the two kids looking at us strangely which made me realise we didn’t really bother with our surroundings. Well, they were in that age already, so I didn’t really care, but it was definitely a rather strange topic to talk about, especially because it was early in the morning and out in the open.

We sat on the bus and ten minutes later, we reached the school. It was empty as usual when we arrived and our class was just as empty. Since we had the classroom all to ourselves, Lien talked freely, “Do you… do you mind if I take a look at it? I’m sure you’ve enhanced it since then and my curiosity is killing me,” she asked while leaning close to my face and gazing into my eyes.

I didn’t have the strength to say no, but it wasn’t a secret in front of her anyway. “I’m fine with it, but what if somebody comes in? It’d be hard to explain without putting me in a bad light.”

“There would be no need to explain, they can believe whatever they want to. Just go on,” she urged me. Rolling my eyes, I pulled up my shirt and showed her the seal around my navel. All six gates were shining with a dim green light and held in some sort of power. It made me feel happy that despite not being a true prodigy based on her assumptions, she still seemed to like me. At least, I knew she wasn’t with me only for my power.

“It’s so pretty. The ancient language has nice letters,” she put her finger on the carvings in my skin and slowly moved it across them, not minding the fact that she was touching a rather ‘dangerous’ part of my body. My spear wasn’t far away… was what I meant. Feeling my blood flow towards my lower half, I pulled down my shirt and fixed my clothes.

“Well, that was it. Happy now?”

“Yes. But I still find it weird that you don’t know how it came to be and that it keeps extending on its own,” she shook her head.

“Y-Yeah, that’s indeed strange.”

“Do you remember what you said yesterday?”

“What do you mean?” I raised my brows.

“About your place…”

“Oh, damn it.” After switching places and taking the right seat of the desk, I slumped down.

“It’s so much better in the corner,” Lien shuddered, completely understanding my feelings.

The day passed by and our teacher announced that we’d have our monthly practical class tomorrow and that our weekly practical class would be held every Friday. The day passed by peacefully, though Alex still kept glaring at me with envy.

“Wasn’t he your friend?” Lien asked when we left the school.

“I guess he is something like that. But you know me, I’d just call them ‘people I can spend time with’. If they were really my friends, I’d dare to rely on them in anything and they’d know all my secrets and the other way around.”

“Oh, I get your meaning. But why does he keep glaring at you?”

“It’s because of my little joke with you on the first day,” I scratched the back of my head.

“Uh… I don’t like when somebody tries to pick me up. His motives were so obvious even though he didn’t even know me. What if I was some stupid bitch? Would he be fine with any girl as long as they fit his taste? That’s what I like in you the most. I know that you check out girls all the time, but you don’t go after them with your tongue hanging out of your mouth like a dog. But I haven’t met another guy like you yet. You must be weird,” she said with a thoughtful face.

“I’m here, you know? And on that note, I could call you weird as well for not enjoying all the attention you get like most girls do,” I replied. “They spend so much time with makeups, nails and other shit while you clearly don’t care about either of those.”

“Uh, I’ve tried using makeup before, but it seemed pretty pointless and was a real bother. Nails… why would I want those claws or what? I think it’s them who are weird,” she replied.

“If you’re the one who’s different than most, then you’re the weird one. But it doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing.”

“That’s true,” she nodded. She was so easy to deal with and I just loved that part of her. I wasn’t sure if she was like that due to spending her childhood with me or because she had good nature, but I didn’t really care. I was just happy to know that she was different than most of the girls.

I’m starting to sound like someone who’s in love. What to do, I wonder. But talking about something like that would be weird for me as well. I’ll have to make up my mind and confess later. I’m no good like this, I keep thinking of her all the time.

“Seth? You hear me?”

“No, I was spacing out, sorry.”

“I can see that,” she rolled her eyes. We got onto the bus, spent the afternoon cooking and the evening learning about magic. She was a real help around the house and my tests as well. With her around, I finished everything quicker and had more time. I went to bed a bit excited to go and hunt a few monsters. But what made me truly nervous was that I planned to convey my feelings to Lien.


“Stand in line,” Tim shouted at the class. Lien stood next to me while Alex stopped on her right side.

“Yo, friend. How come you two are always together?” he asked with a meaningful tone. “Did you two enjoy making fun of me?”

“Uhm, I’m sorry if it felt like that to you. I didn’t have that kind of intention, but you were pretty obvious. If you want to tell me that I misinterpreted your ‘friendly’ motives, then all I can say is that I’m sorry. But only if that’s really the truth,” Lien looked into his eyes to voice her thoughts. Poor Alex couldn’t even respond.

Lien was a rather straight and honest person on the outside, so Alex had no way to refute. Since Lien already answered the case where she ‘interpreted it wrong’, Alex just shut up.

“That’s unfair,” he muttered.

“Haha, I’m not a fair person~” she laughed, her bright smile making my day.

“Well, I’m Alex. Nice to meet you,” getting over his embarrassment, he ‘started over’.

“I’m Lien and likewise.”

“Stop chatting,” Tim shouted and everyone went silent. “Now then, your task will be to take down a Fire Salamander alone or as a group of four at most! Once you’re done, return here. Now wear these wristwatches which will record your locations and send us pictures as well. This means that I’m going to see everything you do. You have two hours to finish this task from now on. The test starts in thee…”




While everyone ran off, both Lien and I looked at each other. “Ah, does this not bring back memories to you?” she asked with a smile.

“Yep. Fun times, we should go as well, I’m not going to go all out,” I lowered my voice towards the end.

“I guessed that much.”

“What are you two doing? Do you want to fail?” Tim yelled at us “Lien! Let me see what you’re made of! I heard you were talented, but that doesn’t mean you should slack off!”

“Teacher, I’m not slacking off, I train even when I’m at home. I was just in the middle of talking and it’s not like I’m in a hurry to finish this test,” she turned around and said. “Also, I’ll be going with Seth.”

Raising his brows, he looked at me a bit dissatisfied. “Hey, what are you doing? I’ll be disliked by the teachers if you keep this up,” I used telepathy to talk to Lien without moving my mouth. Of course, other than Lien, nobody knew I could use it. But I had even more abilities people didn’t know of.

“Haha, serves you right for hiding your true power and yet I showed everything in concern that I wouldn’t get in. I thought you’d be in an elite school and that the entrance exam would be hard. Then it turned out I overdid it, all because I thought you applied to a good school,” she replied.

“I’m sorry about that. I guess you wanted to keep a low profile as well.”

“Yes, I wanted.”

“Uhm- but you should have contacted me earlier if that was the case. I’d have told you more about my school.”

“Well, but I wanted it to be a surprise,” she fidgeted.

“Then you succeeded because I was surprised to see you of all people.”

“Hehe, then-”

“How long will you two keep staring at each other?” Tim said while tapping his foot on the ground.

“Sorry,” I waved my hand and ran off towards the forest. I heard Lien’s footsteps right behind me a moment later, as expected of her.

“Where will we go? Can you sense any fire salamander nearby?”

“I can, but I’m not sure if I should go there. If we finished too quickly, it’d be a bother,” I nodded my head.

“Well, since my ‘talent’ is revealed anyway, you might as well blame it on me. Just follow me and let’s finish this test,” she ran ahead and led me to the nearest fire salamander. After a whole minute of running, a two meters long and one-meter tall red salamander entered my sight as I stopped next to Lien. Its tongue flickered in the air as it ran down from the tree and hissed while looking at us.

I started out by forming a blade of water in front of me and shot it towards the salamander which responded by spitting a fireball. Although it was a bit more than I usually let the teachers see, it was still fine. I ran while casting which was something only advanced magicians could do, most of the time. This low-level beast couldn’t do anything while it spat that ball of fire, so Lien was already behind the monster and even I managed to get to its right side.

I shot another blade of water towards the monster’s side and while it defended, Lien used a bit more mana to shock the monster with a torrent of lightning. She walked closer to it and squatted down next to it, “Uwah, I think I overdid it. It’s charred black now,” she poked the monster’s corpse.

Shaking my head, I covered my face, “You think? Why would you use so much mana on this weak thing, is this what I taught you?”

“W-Well, it’s been a while that I fought something so weak and I forgot…” she hung her head apologetically.

“It’s fine, just show some self-restraint next time and stop looking like that or the teacher will question me,” I waved my hand.

“Fine, fine! Let’s take its core and go back,” she sighed as she used earth magic to dissect the carcass and retrieve the core. “Let’s go~”

We returned to the base outside the forest and gave the core to the teacher, “We’re done, right?” Lien asked.

“Y-Yes… That was quick. That was a powerful lightning and Seth, I didn’t know you could cast magic on the run!” Tim praised me very much to my surprise.

“But I have something to ask the two of you. I’ve heard that Miss Lien’s father had to leave the country and that she had to stay at a friend’s house.”

“Where did you hear-” Lien was about to ask with a frown, but Tim interrupted her.

“That’s obviously a secret, but my point is that I was curious who this friend was and I soon had to realise that it was Seth. I find it wrong for two teenagers your age to live in one house, especially when Lien is so talented. So I asked the director if there could be something done about it and he told me that you could live in the female dormitory for free if that was alright with you!” the teacher came up with shit like that out of nowhere.

Here I wanted to confess to her and now she might leave. So annoying. I wonder what will she do now.

“Uhm- I thank you Teacher, but unless I’m a bother to the household, I wouldn’t like to leave,” she half said and half asked while looking back and forth between me and Tim.

“My mother has told you already, has she not?” I raised my brows.

“Then I’m going to stay~” she said with a smile.

“B-But you, I hope that you aren’t being threatened!” Tim shouted and looked at me angrily.

I was about to refute when Lien raised her voice, “Teacher is very impudent to say something like that. I’ve been friends with Seth since childhood and after they took me in, in my time of need, Teacher accuses him of something like that. No wonder you don’t notice talented people like-mfmfmfmfhwgh” I covered her mouth just in time.

“What are you doing?”

“It’s no fun alone!” she replied.

“You little, are you trying to get me busted?”



“I apologise for my rudeness,” Tim slightly bowed in front of me.

“It’s fine, I understand your side as a teacher as well,” I waved my hand. From his point of view, he probably couldn’t understand why would a talented beauty who had a limitless future want to stay in one house with a guy she barely met, even after hearing an offer like that. Normally, I’d accept since I wouldn’t want to live off of another family’s money and she probably felt the same way. And that was why I was surprised to hear her answer so quickly right after hearing my question. I couldn’t deny that it got my hopes up!

“Well, you two will get A grade for finishing so quickly. You may leave now,” Tim said as he cleared his throat. We both said goodbye and after giving back the wristwatches, we left the place behind.

“Hey, why don’t we move in the air instead? I’m not in the mood to wait for that slow bus and there is no one around anyway,” Lien stopped in her tracks and stretched her body when we were about to enter the city.

“Ehm- it should be fine,” I nodded after spreading out my senses and making sure that there was nobody around. We both used high-level telekinesis to rise into the air and fly at high speed towards our home. A minute later, we were already in the yard.

“Do you have any plans?” Lien asked.

“I was about to ask that,” I laughed. “I’ll experiment with the spell we mentioned last time,” I added.

“Hmm, okay. I’ve got some stuff to do so I’ll be in the house,” she replied.

“Do you need my help?” I shouted after her.

“No,” she waved her hand and closed the door. I lost track of time somehow and by the time I finished, it was evening and even my parents came home.

I entered the house and went towards the kitchen, knowing that I’d have to cook with Mother, but very much to my surprise, everything was done.

“My son, anything to say?” Mother turned around in the kitchen and tapped her finger on the cupboard. That was no good…

“What is it?” I asked, fearing a scolding.

It came as expected and it turned out that Lien washed the clothes, cooked, and cleaned up while I was out. If I knew what she was doing, I’d have helped, but alas, I was lost in the magic. My mother’s scolding was reasonable this one time, so even I felt bad. She probably did it alone because she wanted to work for her place here. I’d do the same if I was in her place, but as the home side, I felt bad for leaving it all to her like that. Was I a nice person, after all? Hell, no.

I went up to the stairs and stopped in front of her door. Remembering that I wanted to tell her how I felt about her, my heart started beating in my ears. It was rare for me to be nervous. I didn't like it. I wanted to say it and get done with the confession. Whether my heart would break afterwards or not was up to the future. I didn’t know how I would react if I was refused, but I was pretty sure I’d be sad for a few days. Or maybe longer?

Raising my hand, I opened the door. The room was completely dark and silent. “Lien?”

I peered in and turned to the right towards the bed, thinking that she was sleeping, but I found her bottom pointing at the ceiling instead. I had to enhance my eyes to see, but it was worth it. She had a laced black dress on with matching French panties which accentuated her fair skin perfectly.

Clearing my throat, I tried to catch her attention, “Lien, what are you doing?”

“Ah! I didn’t even notice you,” she exclaimed as she sat on her legs, holding a book in her hands.

It was a strange position to read in, but when I read something for a long time, I took up weird poses as well.

I guess it’s not just me, though sticking out your ass with your chest on the bed is still a strange one.

“I was reading one of your test books,” she waved it and turned on the lights at the same time. She was probably reading while her eyes were enhanced. I’ve done it before as well.

“That’s the book related to your spell as well,” I muttered.

“Yeah, I added the modifications in here if you don’t mind,” she beamed at me.

“Uh, not at all. How come you changed?” I tilted my head to the side.

“Well, have you ever had the wrist of your shirt get wet?”


“Well, since I had leggings on and I got sweaty because of running in the forest, it stuck to me and it got pretty annoying,” she explained while playing with the hem of her black dress, sometimes accidentally flashing her thighs.

“Got it. Also, thanks for doing the chores, but next time don’t do it alone. I can guess how you feel about it, but still…”

“I can’t promise you anything,” she stuck out her tongue.

“I’ll be paranoid and will do everything earlier. Is this your or Mother’s scheme? Are you trying to make me feel guilty and work harder?” I laughed.

“Yes, yes,” she nodded. “Right, did you want something or just came to sneak a peek at me?” she kept raising her brows as if I was some peeping-tom.

Remembering my original reason, my nervousness returned.

“Eh? Why the serious face?” she looked at me with a confused face.

“Uhm, I can’t say it anymore. I’ll tell you later,” I replied. The mood was nothing like it should be at the time of my confession! At this point, I’d have had more chance when we had our chat in the morning!

Still, being the kind of person she was… “What? Why? Don’t mind it, even if it’s embarrassing. You know me well, don’t you? I wouldn’t laugh at you or anything like that. You could have - I don’t know - crapped in the hall. I wouldn’t laugh at you, so out with it!”

“It’s not that kind of thing,” I covered my face as I couldn’t help but force a laugh.

“Then what is it?” she frowned.

“Look, whatever you think or feel, I want you to answer honestly. Also, don’t worry, your answer won’t affect your stay here.”

“Of course, I know you,” she nodded, taking me seriously this time.

Clenching my fists, I said, “I’m sure you’ve heard this many time given your beauty, but I’ll say it nonetheless. I fell in love with you, would you go out with me?”

As I finished talking, I felt a huge stone fall off of my heart. I wasn’t one who feared to lose ‘friendship’. I wanted to be together with her in that way and if that wasn’t possible then that was it. If she would want to keep distance, then I’d accept it. If I didn’t take that step, then I shouldn’t say that I was ‘friendzoned’ and shit. That was just an excuse for those who wanted to preserve their relationship because they were afraid of change.

“Well, no, I’m sorry,” she replied bluntly and looked at me expectantly.

“How sad. Then be my wife, just kidding,” I laughed, seeing that she was still calm and ‘lax’ around me despite my confession. It was better to ease up things.

Tilting her head to the side, she smiled at me, “Yes!”

“Hey, that’s taking it a bit too far,” I rolled my eyes.

“Why? You dared to ask me out, I replied honestly.”

“If you’re joking, I swear I’ll kick your ass,” I grunted. She stood up from the bed, walked up to me and pressed her body against me. I felt her arms lock around my neck as she leaned close to my face.

“Silly, do you think I’d joke about something like this? No matter who asks what, as long as they put their heart into it, I’d answer with respect and honesty,” she whispered into my ear while my heart wanted to break out of my chest.

“Do you have any idea how happy I am right now?” I asked as a huge smile formed on my face, probably.

“What if I told you that I nagged my father to bring me back here because of you? He was nervous for a reason,” she whispered as she kept gazing into my eyes. Every movement of her lips felt like a seduction of a succubus to me, but I loved it.

“I was curious before, but was that the reason why you didn’t accept the teacher’s offer?” I asked.

“Well, I was happier than anyone when I realised I could get so close to you, not to mention that I wouldn’t want to live in the girls’ dormitory. I’m not fit to get along with the majority and friends would be hard to find among them. Boys, on the other hand, keep pestering me which is annoying as well, but you- you’re easy to get along with, are nice to me, and are taking good care of me. I’ve also been in love with you since childhood, but I knew you were a pretty heartless and unemotional guy, so I never thought you’d actually do something like this.”

“I’d have been happy with being your girlfriend, but since you took the courage to ask me out, I decided I’d go for more,” she said.

I embraced her body long ago and as soon as she finally finished talking, I leaned closer to kiss her. Sure, it was my first kiss, but I wasn’t a retard. Seeing her turn her head a bit to the right, I also turned to the right and reacher her tender lips. It was just a peck.

As she pulled back, she bit her lower lips and then moved in by herself. I wasn’t trying to be cocky, but knowing her true feelings, I wanted to see her make her move as well. Her rosy and tender lips slowly inched closer and stuck to mine and when I couldn’t hold it any longer, I forced her lips open with my tongue and pushed it into her mouth. I felt around in the new place, but rather than the taste or anything of the sort, I just got lost in the feeling. I was so happy when I thought about how our tongues intertwined.

“Seth! Are you in here?” my mother shouted and after knocking, she opened the door. Although I knew we were found out, I couldn’t stop. I didn’t want to. As I opened my right eye and looked at her from the corner of my eye, she covered her mouth. “My~ congratulations!” she turned around with that and left.

If not for knowing that she was still around, I’d have pushed down Lien, but that was impossible right now. I panted slightly as we slowly separated, a thread of saliva still connecting our lips. “That was wonderful.”

“Mhm,” her face turned a bit red. If only Mother hadn’t intruded… “I,” she paused for a moment, “wanted a bit more.”

Clenching my fists, I refused to give in because I had trouble restraining myself. Trying to find a way out, I said while laughing, “Wife, I’ll go back to my room.”

“I’m coming as well,” she replied and grabbed the book she was reading.

Does she want to stick around? Ah, what should I do? Should we go out to have a go at it? But it’s dark already… ARGH my member is going to kill me if this goes on!

“S-Sure. By the way, what would have you done if I hadn’t asked the second question? Even though I meant it as a joke to ease the mood,” I asked.

“Are you curious?” a sly smile formed on her face.


“Not telling~”

“Uuh- fine then,” I shrugged my shoulders.

“You’re no fun, you should have started pleading me to tell it to you,” she grunted, shaking her head.

“Yeah, most people would do that,” I nodded.

Lowering her head, she murmured, “Truth be told, I planned to tell you my feelings long ago, but it was hard. Sure, I’ve seen you look at my body many times, but you do that with everyone and I wasn’t sure if you were liking what you were seeing or if you were just running your eyes as usual. Seriously, you can be such a bother sometimes.” Shaking her head, she crossed her arms in front of her chest and sighed.

“Although all those guys confessing and coming on to me filled me with confidence, I still couldn’t be sure whether you liked me or not, exactly because I know what kind of person you are. So your words made me very happy… and to answer your question, I’d have seduced you,” a bright smile formed on her face in the end. That smile was worth everything.

“Hehe, why is your face red?” she chuckled.

“It’s because you’re being incredibly charming,” I replied seriously and then left the room. My mother was around and our kiss still lingered in my mind which made it hard for me to restrain myself. I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea for her to come to my room right now, but I wouldn’t send her out by any means.

ARGH! What should I do? I should take a shower and calm my head, yeah, that’s it, I massaged my temples while thinking. As I went down the stairs, I found my mother sitting in the living room, watching TV.

“Haha, are you done, my son?” she laughed as she turned around upon hearing my footsteps. I wasn’t sure if it was normal in other families or not and I didn’t know how much other guys shared with their mother about their romantic lives, but despite being close to her, I found it embarrassing to talk about those kinds of things. I just really didn’t want to and it wasn’t like I had to or needed to. I mostly took care of my own things, after all.

“Are you happy now? She’ll be your daughter-in-law,” I said. Since the door was almost in front of the stairs, I opened the door and went to the bathroom.


Served her right.

After taking a quick bath and relieving myself, I went back to my room. Lien still wasn’t there. Hmm? Where’d she go? I’m afraid I’d find her doing something I shouldn’t see if I went to her room again and I wouldn’t be able to stop myself if that was the case. Wait, this is just me assuming that she’s as perverted as I am, surely, she isn’t masturbating. Or does she? I’ll just stop thinking about it instead. Still, I wonder where she is.

Realising that I wasn’t doing anything but thinking about her, I shook my head and tried to focus on the article I was reading, but even though I’ve read it about five times, I still had no idea what I was reading. Sighing, I slumped down on my bed and closed my eyes.

Just as I looked at the door, I saw it being opened. Lien closed it behind her as she stepped into my room and looked straight at me while licking a chocolate flavoured popsicle. It was pretty obvious due to its colour. If not for relieving myself not long ago, I’d have felt excited for sure, but lucky me!

“Where’d you get that from?” I asked.

“I couldn’t find you in your room so I went downstairs but then your mother uhm, had a talk with me,” she smiled. “Anyway, she gave it to me.”

“What did my mother-”

“No telling~”

“You devil,” I grunted.

“Haha, she just gave me some guidance.”

Could it be? Awawaaa, I think I’m better off not knowing!

While I was chewing on my finger, Lien came closer and sat down over my leg and took out her phone. “By the way, how come I couldn’t find you on any social media?” I asked. “Don’t tell me you use some retarded name as well.”

“No, I never signed up. Well, I did once when I was missing you a lot, but then my phone got destroyed by the notification flood of all kinds of guys trying to chat with me and bug me so I deleted it, after all,” she furrowed her brows.

“Ehm, you could have just blocked them and turned off the notifications,” I remarked.

“I did that, at first, but that didn’t solve the problem because even though I never replied to any messages, the guys and the girls who wanted to be friendly with me kept asking me why I wasn’t replying and stuff. It turned into a mess way too quickly,” she pulled up her legs and rested her forehead on her knees.

“Aww, being popular sure sucks,” I laughed. “But now I get to have you all to myself~”

“Yes, yes,” she waved her hand.

Turning serious, I said, “Lien.”

“What?” she raised her head, surprised.

Looking into her eyes, I continued, “I just want you to know that I’m a very faithful person, so you will never have to worry about me in that aspect, okay? Of course, I expect the same…”

“Hahaha, what are you saying? I agreed just today and you’re already coming with something like this? Seriously, do you think I’d let anyone close after so many years? Hell, some started ridiculing me back in Ushua for being ‘conceited’ and refusing everyone,” she shook her head.

“Ah, sorry, I wasn’t trying to restrict you, I just wanted to tell you about this. You know, I believe that the foundation of a good relationship is to clear all of our doubts and share all of our problems,” I said as I sat up. “After all, it’s much easier to understand my stupid ‘habits’ or reactions if you know what could annoy me or piss me off.”

“Haha, I know, don’t mind it, but I wasn’t joking. If you see me with another guy, most likely he’ll be nothing more than an annoying pest following me, so make sure to get rid of them~”

“Well, I don’t think I talked more than a few words with any girl other than you, so I’m pretty sure you don’t have to mind me either,” I scratched the back of my head.

“They must be blind,” she beamed at me.


Placing her hand on her chin, she muttered, “Is it because of your expressionless face? Women have better intuition and maybe they find you dangerous or untrustworthy, unlike guys.”

“It’s more like that I don’t go out to parties like the other teenagers and I’m not very sociable either, so I simply don’t know people,” I scratched the back of my head.

“Ah, that makes sense. Unlike guys, girls wouldn’t go over to a handsome guy to ask him out. Well, most of them wouldn’t, at least,” she kept murmuring. Although I was sure that I wasn’t as handsome as she made it sound, maybe a bit above average, it still felt wonderful to hear her praise my looks. I looked at her with ease and kept listening to her murmurs, even though I lost track of what she was saying.

“Why that look, I wasn’t lying,” she put her hand on my face.

“Ah, sure,” I turned away and looked at my phone instead.

“You’re cute when you’re being shy,” she giggled as she caressed my face.

My body twitched when she called me cute, but I ignored it and stayed silent. I didn’t want to be cute. Seeing from the corner of my eye that she started reading, I slumped down and focused on that damned article once again. I didn’t even know what it was about.

Damn it, why does she have such a nice smell? Our shoulders are touching. If I turned towards her, I could push her down so easily. Would she even resist? She wouldn’t, would she?

NO! I’ve done it not long ago, why is it coming back again?!

Am I cursed? Wait, my mother is watching TV and her ears aren’t all that good. Father is sleeping next to her as usual and we’re upstairs with the door closed. Everything is alright, right? Yes, if she holds back her voice a little…

Wait, what makes me think that she’d moan? If my skills sucked, maybe she’d just laugh at me instead. Although it sucks to base it on my skills being lame, maybe she wouldn’t even moan which means we could do it without being found out. Damn it, the idea of doing it in such a dangerous situation is rather thrilling.

I curse my damned perverted mind!

Still… I turned a bit to the left to look at her from the corner of my eye. Her long and brown hair was tied into a ponytail and was let down on her left shoulder, revealing her neck. I still remembered her laced black panty which was most likely still on her. Her dress was tighter beneath her breasts, at the waist, which accentuated her large and round breasts. Well, I wasn’t sure if she used push-up bras or anything of the sort, but her mounds were pretty big even if she did and I was an honest boob lover. Seeing her tongue roll around the popsicle, I couldn’t help but grunt as I imagined it being replaced with something… else.

“Hey, I wanted to ask for a while, but why are you breathing so hard?” she leaned forward and looked into my eyes with a knowing smile on her face. My mind and body froze on the spot.

There is no turning back.

Clenching my fists, I grabbed her shoulders and pushed her down. It felt so good for some reason.

“Heh?” she looked at my hands in surprise and then up into my eyes. Raising her hand, she pulled out the popsicle and raised it up, “Want some? I know you love chocolate, but I couldn’t stop it.”

You little- you aren’t dense, you know exactly what I want, I laughed in my mind.

I looked into her eyes with a burning gaze, my throat dry. For the first time in my life, I decided to go on the offense and kissed her soft yet meaty lips. Tasting the remnants of the chocolate, I gave her another kiss. I felt my mind turn a bit hazier and my reasoning go out the window when I saw her sticking out her lips, asking for more.

My heart was beating in my ears as I embraced her and when I closed my eyes, I started kissing her vehemently. My left hand slowly inched down on her back to her sides and to her thigh while I coiled my right hand around her back. Knowing I was the first guy who held her in his arms, filled me with a sense of happiness and pride.

We separated for a moment to catch our breath. “If you want to stop, say it now,” I said, not really meaning it.

“Don’t be stupid,” she whispered before stealing my lips once again.

I soon pulled back and put my forehead against hers, “Lien, I love you so much. Maybe I always did.”

Seeing how serious I was, she blushed and averted her eyes for a moment. Turning back, she said, “I love you, Seth”

“That’s great to hear,” I replied and kissed her again. For a few seconds, we didn’t even close our eyes since we wanted to look into the depth of each other’s souls.

“Is your heart beating as quickly as mine?” I asked her.

“You could always check for yourself.”

I felt more blood rush into my lower half hearing her words. I pressed my knee against her crotch and waited for a reaction. She turned away as she replied, “You can-You can go on. But be gentle.”

“I’m desiring you so much,” I whispered into her ear.

Although she didn’t answer, I felt her body twitch in my arms. Feeling hot, I took off my shirt. She turned my way once again and put her finger on my chest and slowly moved it downwards, towards my abdomen. Our eyes met for a moment, making my heart beat even quicker and louder. I grabbed the hem of her top and pulled it up on her body, revealing her frilly black bras and panties and her fair skin.

“You’re the most beautiful woman in the world,” I blared through gritted teeth, my desire building up in me. I felt both an animalistic lust in my lower half and a sense of gentle love for Lien in my heart.

“Be gentle,” she reminded me again as if the craze in my eyes was visible. It was, probably.

“Okay,” I whispered into her ear again and then gave a kiss on her face. I slowly moved downwards and kissed her cheek, her lips, her neck, and her chest. I reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, revealing her plentiful and round breasts. Her pink nipples stood at attention and when I rested my hands on her breasts, I felt them poking my palms.

“You do realise that you’re damned hot, no matter where I touch you or look at you,” I complimented her.

“Shh-” she silenced me and looked into my eyes with a red face.

Leaning forward, I gently bit her lower lip and then slowly kissed my way down to her nipples. Picking the left one, I started nudging it, pinch it, and bite on it while I reached towards her private place with my right hand. Sticking my hand into her panties, I felt her soft and meaty labia and a tiny knot-like thing. As soon as I pinched it, she shut her legs around my right hand.

“If anything hurts, please tell me,” I moved back up to whisper in her ear and kiss her lovely face.

“It’s fine. I prefer pinching, though,” she murmured.

“This much strength?” I asked.

“Mhm,” she moaned a bit as her body shuddered. It didn’t take to be a genius to realise that she was talking about her clit. Some liquid came in contact with my fingers as I kept pinching. “You’re getting wet,” I whispered into her ear, trying to arouse her some more.

I noticed that every time I pinched her clit or when I whispered into her ear, her body made a similar reaction, though the former caused more. This made me understand what she preferred or liked and what she didn’t like or just didn’t enjoy as much. Although playing with her soft and big breasts was fun, no matter how much I pinched her erect nipples, it didn’t seem to cause too much of a reaction. It was turning me on more than her.

Unlike that… I moved up to her neck and gave small kisses on it only to feel her labia move a bit and her body shudder. Her fingers also clamped on my arm, so I was pretty sure she loved when I kissed her neck.

“H-How attentive,” she said.

“I’m trying,” I said as I bit on the top of her ear. Seeing her react a bit to it, I knew I found another one of her switches.

Being as impatient as I was, I moved up to her clitoris to pinch it and then went back down to her entrance to pull her labia apart and insert a finger into her hole. Her walls coiled tightly around my finger and tried to pull it in. Raising my head, I looked deep into Lien’s eyes as I started moving my finger inside her hole.

Her face was a bit red, but she was visibly enjoying it and didn’t look away. I pulled out my forefinger and inserted my middle finger instead and started rubbing the upper wall of her vagina. Remembering a few pieces of important information, I tried to find her g-spot. Supposedly, not every girl had it, but if she had, it would only make pleasuring her easier.

I didn’t have to look for it for long since I soon found a rougher spot and upon rubbing it, I felt her whole body twitch.

“No, that’s…” she moaned as she pulled up her legs, her knees touching. For some reason, her pose only aroused me even more. Feeling that her whole pussy was wet, even on the outer parts, I pulled out my finger and moved towards her lower half on my knees. Raising her legs, I slowly pulled off her panty while gazing into her eyes and revealed her private place. Our breaths were a bit ragged due to our excitement, which raised my lust even more. Her pussy lips were slightly opened even without me having to pull them apart, showing that she loosened up quite a bit.

I unzipped my jeans and pulled out my thing. She looked at it with interest but feeling my raging lust, I couldn’t care any less and moved closer to her lower half. After a short moment of searching, I inserted the tip of my penis. I leaned forward and put my hands at her sides. She grabbed my wrists and looked into my eyes as she said in a low voice, “You can go on.”

Gritting my teeth, trying to hold back my animalistic lust, I slowly pushed forward and inserted my whole thing into her in one go, not minding the thing I tore on the way. We could have had sex without breaking her hymen, but I wanted to take her and make her mine. Her clutch on my wrists strengthened, but I didn’t mind it. Gritting my teeth, I leaned forward to kiss her. I just listened to my instincts and believed in myself, even though I wasn’t sure if I was doing well.

“Is it good for you as well?” I couldn’t help but ask.

“Shh- you’re ruining the mood,” she said through gritted teeth. Seeing that she was in pain, I didn’t move and leaned forward to hug her. I put my right arm behind her back and used my left hand to move up behind her neck and brush my finger through her long and brown hair. “This makes me feel good,” she remarked in a low voice.

Leaning closer, I kissed her once again. “I love you so much,” she whispered into my ear when we separated. “I think you can start moving, it doesn’t hurt that much anymore. I used some healing magic.”

I bit her lower lips as a reply and put my forehead against hers as I pulled back my hips and then pushed forwards again, doing all this slowly. I continued to look into her eyes as I started moving inside her. Although I had to get used to the movement, it was no big deal. Remembering her g-spot, I tried to rub my penis against the upper half of her vagina.

“God, your pussy feels so much better than my hands… I’ll call it heavenly pussy,” I said while looking into her eyes.

“Pfft, Stop being so silly, just enjoy your- ahn! Yourself…” she started laughing. “That spot felt good.”

“I’m always enjoying myself with you, even if we aren’t having sex. You’re making everything feel alright when you’re around,” I replied.

“Aww,” she bit her lower lip.

I hugged her body even tighter and gave a kiss on her forehead, “I love you so much,” I whispered, my lips still on her forehead. I slightly picked up my pace since it wasn’t getting me anywhere, even if it felt wonderful.

Each time I thrust in, I managed to scrape the rough spot in her vagina which made her folds clamp down on me every time. She let go of my wrists and coiled her arm around my back, her hands rolled into fists.

“Haah- you’re getting better - at this,” she said as she looked at me with a smile.

“Does it still hurt? We’ve been doing it for a few minutes already,” I asked.

“I think it’ll be fine if you move quicker. My healing magic worked pretty well.”

I raised her legs and closed them around my neck and put them on my shoulders. Looking into her eyes, I coiled my arms around her thighs and started to move a bit quicker, still trying to focus on her weak spots which were becoming more and more obvious to me. Although the reactions were rather subtle, I was an attentive person.

“Mhh~ that’s good,” she moaned a bit louder for the first time to my surprise.

Gritting my teeth, I wanted to move even quicker, but I was afraid I’d cum too quickly, so I kept my pace. Her folds coiled tightly around my member tried hard to pressure everything out of my balls.


“Shh- Mother will hear,” I covered her mouth.

“Mh, certainly, that’d be certainly terrible,” she said while looking at me with hazy eyes. Grabbing her hips, I pulled her towards the edge of the bed while I knelt on the ground.

“As I thought, its height is perfect,” I remarked. Since it was much easier to move in our new pose, I was able to pick up my pace a bit more and still watch out to pleasure her. Although that pose was truly enjoyable, I wanted to try a few others before dumping everything into her.

“Hey, Lien. Can I have a request? I know that girls may have insecurities at times like these, but I really want to try doing it from behind,” I asked her as I slowed down for a moment.

She raised her hand and uncovered her mouth to reply, “I trust you wholeheartedly, so I don’t have that kind of problem.”

“Oh, god, you’re so cute. I have the best girlfriend!”

“Am I your girlfriend?” she asked with a smirk as she turned around on the bed.

“No, you’ll be my wife,” I replied.

“Okay~” she mused as she turned her head my way and used her left hand to spread her labia. “Come,” she said, completely destroying any reasoning I had before. I stood up and grabbed her waist to raise her lower half to the right height. Inserting my member, I started moving inside her to my heart’s content. Surprisingly, she didn’t seem to mind it. Her healing magic turned out to be effective.

My fingers sank into her round ass, arousing me even more. The way she showed her bottom to me and how she was so vulnerable in front of me filled my mind with happiness. I was the only one who could enjoy this sight. With her legs closed, not only her pussy was tighter in this pose, even my soul felt better.

“Lien- you must be a goddess,” I leaned on her back and kept pounding her from behind. Each time my crotch hit her round buttocks, a slapping sound could be heard in the room which combined with a low squelching voice. Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter, so I was sure that she was enjoying this.

“You’re talking too much,” she remarked, but I felt her pussy tighten around my penis each time I complimented her. As my crotch and her ass touched, her firm ass bounced a bit every time. I put my finger on the middle of her back and slowly pulled it downwards on her spine, up to her butt. A shudder ran through her whole body and I saw goosebumps appear on her back for a moment. Embracing her, I pulled her up to her feet and made her stand, my arms coiled around her chest.

She rested the back of her head on my shoulder. Leaning forward, I saw that her eyes were closed. I leaned forward and turned her head to the side to kiss her lips and then moved to her right ear to whisper into it, “I love you.” I felt her vagina twitch once again, and when I bit on the top of her ear, she twitched again.

I slowly went down to her neck and started kissing it slowly and gently.

“Haah- this, this feels really good now,” she said between her heavy breaths.

I started caressing her body and when my hands ran over her soft and round breasts, I felt her hard, pink nipples poke my hand. I rubbed my face on the side of her head and after kissing it, I asked, “Do you want me to play with your nipples?”

She looked at me with upturned eyes, telling me everything I wanted to know with a simple look. My fingers sank into her soft breasts, enamouring me. “You know, I love big breasts. These two have been causing me lots of troubles since you came here,” I whispered into her ear before pinching her nipples.

Looking down, I saw her knees turn too weak to keep her up for a moment. Enjoying this sense of domination, I used my other hand to pinch, rub, and pull on her clitoris. Even when I was a bit rougher, she seemed to enjoy it. Maybe even more so than when I was gentle. “Do you actually like it when I’m rough with your clit?” I asked her.

“Muh, silly. Girls aren’t as fragile as” - she bit her lower lip before finishing through gritted teeth - “you think.”

Since she confirmed my thoughts, I started playing with her clit much rougher than before. I saw some liquid ooze out of her pussy, down her thighs, which aroused me to no end. My penis still inside her, I gently pushed her onto my bed and knelt over her.

“I’ll cum soon, I want to finish in this pose,” I said, but she didn’t reply.

I spread her buttocks and looked at the great ‘scenery’ in front of me. Her smooth, spotless skin, her long and brown hair, her cute little ears, her round buttocks, her sexy thighs… I loved every crook and cranny of her body. But what I loved even more was her soul. Leaning forward, feeling my lust swelling up in me, I put my chin on the back of her head as I started calling out her name.

“Lien… Lien, I’m going to cum,” I panted.

I felt her pussy cramp and I saw a shudder run through her whole body. At the same time, I felt a large amount of her bodily fluids leave her pussy. It was so arousing to know that I made her cum, I hoped I'd be able to achieve it many more times.

“Ah, wait! Stop! I- I just came!” she wanted to stop me, but when on the edge, I couldn’t do it and continued pounding her from behind. Knowing that I wouldn’t stop, she turned back towards the bed and bit on my pillow to hold back her voice. Seeing her trying her best to endure and hold back her moans as she kept biting my pillow, I felt my sperm rush out of my balls.

“You’re so darn sexy,” I whispered into her ear as I dumped everything straight into the depths of her pussy. My mind was filled with a sense of satisfaction I never felt before, knowing that the girl I loved and desired had become mine. My penis twitched inside her a few times as I continued to slowly move inside her to release all I had. It was an unusually large amount.

Enjoying the warmth of her insides, I didn’t pull out and just closed my eyes to feel the lingering pleasure. I rested my body on her back instead, embraced her, and pulled my blanket over to cover our bodies. In that lovely warmth, I started kissing her neck and her nape all over the place to show my affection.

“Mhm, let me turn around,” she pleaded. Pulling out my penis, I raised my body and when she was done, I put it back since it was still quite hard. She visibly didn’t have anything against it, so I started kissing her instead. “I love you so much, Seth,” she said and then kissed me.

“Mhm,” I mumbled something as a reply with her tongue still inside my mouth. We continued to indulge in our affection towards each other for a few minutes until both of us were hit with a sense of tiredness. Pulling out my penis, I just hugged her and closed my eyes.

“We should take a shower,” she pointed out.

Feeling up her wet and sticky body, I grunted, “Ugh… I know, but this one time it should be fine. We’ll do it in the morning, alright? Here, I set my alarm fifteen minutes earlier than usual!” I replied and changed the alarm time. I honestly considered using my mana to revive my member, but since it was her first time and we shouldn’t be doing it the whole night, I held back on it.

Her reply was a strong hug. As she closed her eyes and stuck out her lips, I gave her a kiss and then kissed her forehead. I closed my eyes with a huge smile on my face and felt my consciousness drift into the dream world.

This was the best night I ever had.


The next day I woke up to my alarm, followed by Lien. Our bodies were all sticky and now that I was able to think clearly, I quickly jumped out of the bed. “Let’s go and take a shower before my parents wake up.”

Although I had morning wood and her body looked truly pleasing to my eyes, I ignored it for now and just got in the shower with her. I washed her body, while she washed mine. Since we were done quickly, we couldn’t help but do some naughty stuff in the shower. When we were done, we quickly came out, dried our bodies, and dressed up. In our hurry, we finished so quickly that we were ready to go to school by the time we usually woke up.

Since we had enough time, we started cooking breakfast together. My mother came down soon and a smile formed on her face upon seeing her son and her daughter-in-law cook.

When we were done eating, she thanked the meal and looked at us one by one. “I have a question to the both of you.”

“What is it?” I tilted my head to the side.

“This may be an embarrassing question to you, but did you use protection?”

“You heard?” my face turned ashen.

“Well, I did, sometimes. So your reply is?”

I looked at Lien, pulling on my neck, realising that we completely forgot about it. “We- We didn’t…”

Mother looked at Lien with raised brows, “Didn’t I tell you last evening? Well, it’s not a bad thing to have one or two grandchildren, though it’d be a bit soon.”

“Well, Miss Anna, it’s still a safe day supposedly, so I don’t think so,” Lien talked really formally with my mother this time. “And although I never tested this spell in action, I developed one that makes sperm sterile,” she murmured with a red face. It couldn’t be helped, it was an embarrassing theme for both of us.

“Is that so? Alright then. Although I’d be definitely happy to have a grandchild, it’s a bit too soon, I think. So next time make sure you use protection. And Seth, for you to forget all about it.”

“Haah- what problematic children. But finally, my son has gotten himself a girlfriend! I already thought he wasn’t interested in women or something,” Mother sighed.

“Mother! I told you before, I just have my preferences!” I flared upon hearing her say that again.

“Okay, okay. Calm down. Just remember my words, okay? Now go to school,” she tried to shoo us out.

As I stood up, I said, “But you’re wrong about something. She isn’t my girlfriend. She’s going to be my wife!”

“That’s a big step ahead…”

“I know and before you say it, no, I’m not being impatient or hasty,” I added.

“I didn’t plan to, I’ve known Lien since childhood and although at first I was a bit concerned if she was still the same cute little girl as back then or if she changed, but in these last few days I’ve seen enough and if she was just playing with you, she wouldn’t be taking your side so adamantly,” Mother laughed.

Nodding my head, I walked towards the door and wore my shoes. It was only then that I realised that we never cleaned up my room. Hopefully, we didn’t leave a mess.

“I hope that your mother goes to work without looking at your room,” Lien came to the same conclusion as me in the next second, though she voiced it as well.

“Yeah, that’d be very embarrassing. Maybe we should go back and clean it up real quick,” I pondered.

“No, whether we’ll be found out or not will be up to fate and your mother!” she said and started walking towards the bus station. Rubbing my forehead, I sighed and went after her.

Of course, when we came home, I found my bed all clean and proper and sure as hell, we didn’t leave it like that.

“Fuck my life,” I couldn’t help but curse.


Evening came around quite soon, but this time Lien spent her time in silence, meditating. On the other hand, I was amazed by how much my mana pool grew after my first time, it was way more effective than meditating. No wonder people were seeking that sort of relationship when power was very important in this society. After all, the planet wasn’t safe outside the cities and even those were safe only because of strong people protecting it and maintaining the area.

Moving between cities was a rather dangerous thing, but Lien’s father, Michael, was a capable man as well who always helped out in other cities where there was a shortage of magicians. Thinking that far, I asked out of nowhere, “Hey, Lien, is your father still working as a supporter mage? You know, goes around helping out cities and stuff.”

Opening her eyes, she looked at me, “He is, but where’d this come from?”

“I’ve just remembered and got curious.”

Slumping down from her stuck-up position, she replied, “Well, I did tell him to stop, but he likes doing it, so I guess it’s fine. To be honest, I don’t really care about others, so I would never bother with a job like that unless I had no other options,” she sighed. “It’s definitely not a type of job I’m fit to take.”

Seeing that I was staying silent, she asked, “Are you disillusioned maybe?”

“What? Why would I be disillusioned?,” I laughed.

“Should I not be a good girl who protects the weak?” she put her hands in a praying position and looked at me with upturned eyes.

“Well, when you were little, I already had my current ‘intelligence’, even if lower than right now and I kind of turned you into this kind of person, did I not?” I couldn’t help but ask.

“That might be the case, then I’ll blame my cruel, evil, and dirty side all on you for my own convenience. Please bear with me,” she chuckled.

“I’m alright with that. Being all good isn’t fun anyway. And while we’re at talking about good things,” I paused for a bit before continuing. “Was I, uhm - Was it good?” I chewed on my finger, waiting for her answer expectantly. I just wanted to make sure that I didn’t misinterpret her reactions.

She raised her hand and smacked my forehead, “What sort of retarded question is this? Of course, it was.”

“That’s good then,” I heaved out a sigh of relief. Placing my hand on her face, I said with an honest smile, “I want to make you happy in every aspect.” Once I loved, I loved with my all which would have been dangerous if not for the fact that I’ve never felt love before Lien. I didn’t even ‘like’ somebody.

She bit her lower lip which she usually did when she was thinking hard or when she was trying to hold back something. I tried to act as if I hadn’t noticed how she slightly pulled up her skirt, but my eyes moved automatically and I blew my cover instantly.

“It’s quite hot in here,” she murmured.

Gritting my teeth, I leaned closer and stole her lips, though she was expecting it. Just as I started losing my cool, she pulled back and pulled down her skirt. “Wait! We-we shouldn’t do it, after all. I don’t want another embarrassing scene. Your mother even made a remark on how the blanket was dirty.”

Gritting my teeth, I couldn’t help but nod my head and agree. Even if we both liked the trill, we weren’t exhibitionists who would go around having sex even when my parents were home, knowing that they’d hear us. I definitely wasn’t avoiding my father on purpose, okay?

While Lien was talking, I was focusing on her red lips which seemed so delicious I wanted to bite them. I leaned a bit closer, her fragrance reaching my nose once again, “Just one more kiss?”


Met with my gaze, she nodded her head and leaned forward as well, placing her squishy lips against mine. Sucking in some air through my nose, I put my arms around her back and pulled her closer. Her body was so soft and delicate all over and I just wanted to cuddle her and hug her all day. She put her hands on my shoulders and gripped them tightly as she raised to her knees and put her knees on my sides.

I opened my eyes to take a look at her only to see her grab my head and forcefully push her tongue into my mouth and intertwine it with mine. Seeing that she was getting wilder and wilder, after a minute of french kissing, we finally ran out of breath and separated, panting heavily and trying to catch our breath. The urge was so strong, but it wasn’t like me to lose control of myself, so I let go of her and pulled back. Seeing her disappointed and dissatisfied eyes, I really wanted to push her down.

“Tomorrow, we’ll go out,” I said.

I could have sworn I’ve seen her eyes shine for a moment as she happily nodded her head. “Ah, but isn’t it Friday tomorrow? The class should go to the battle arena, right? How long will it take? Will we be able to go on a date or will it take longer than usual school days?” she asked.

“It’s usually shorter, actually,” I slumped down and tried to take her out of my mind somehow. “I think that we’ll be let off sooner, so we’ll have even more time,” I added as I grabbed her hand and pulled on it. Understanding my implications, she crawled closer to me while I crossed my legs and leaned on the wall and she sat in my lap, her back against my chest. Even if I couldn’t do that to her, I could still feel the warmth of her body.

Feeling my arms around her, she also touched my hands and started to play around with it.

“Haha, what are you doing?”

“To be honest, at first I was worried that you actually liked nothing but my body, but moments like these put my heart at ease,” she clasped my hand.

“Mhm, but you do know that I’m usually very gentle, right? What if I was just faking this gentle atmosphere to make you feel that way?” I asked.

“That’d be a bit sad, but my feelings wouldn’t change for you just because of that, though I’m not worried about that because I know it’s genuine. Even if you could keep your composure at other times, I was the one who took your first time as well and I’ve seen plenty of your true reactions,” she turned around and winked at me.

“Haha, fair enough. Well, I can’t say I ever felt love for anyone before, but I do know that I’d cry if something bad ever happened to you and I think about you a lot. I also don’t want to see you with anyone else, though that’s because of my own possessive personality. Many would say that if I truly loved you, I’d want to make you happy even if you’d have to be with another man, but I don’t care about any of that,” I murmured in the end. “ I’m a selfish person, after all.”

“How rare to hear you talk about your true self,” she said with a smile.

“What if it’s not rare? You haven’t been here for five years,” I laughed.

“Yeah, but you’re still the same brick head.”

“That so?” I raised my brows.

“Yes~” she showed me a bright smile and then turned forward.

“About your last sentence,” she paused for a bit, “I think that there are two types of love. One is pure love while the other is possessive love. I don’t think either is good or bad or stronger or weaker. I think that they’re just different forms of it which are mostly dependent on your own personality.”

She pulled my arms around her before continuing, “Certainly, pure love is more heroic, but I’m pretty sure there aren’t many people who’d feel that way. My point is that just because neither I nor you have that sort of ‘pure love’, my love for you certainly doesn’t fall short compared to anyone’s. How strongly you feel about me is something only you know, though.”

As she finished talking, she started to meditate as if she had just said something simple. I felt my heart tighten when I heard her last sentence and as I recalled played her words again in my mind, I hugged her body even tighter.


“I’m sorry, but I just wanted to put all my strength into it,” I muttered as I pressed my face against her back and pulled her closer. “I love you as well, a lot. And I will never let go of you.”

“Good to hear,” Lien clenched my hands and gave a kiss on the right one. “Hehe, it’s so much rougher and what are these tiny scratch-like scars?” she chuckled as she inspected it.

I was so happy to be in this calm and peaceful mood that even my earlier lust subsided and I felt nothing but my ‘possessive’ love for her. Maybe I was something like a Yandere, though if I was that, surely, Lien was one as well. But being ‘something like’ and being that were two different things.

“My, what a lovely talk,” I heard my mother’s voice out of nowhere. I raised my head in panic and turned towards the door and saw her standing there.

Mother?” I asked in a meaningful tone.

“I’m sorry, I came in when you two started, but you were so into it that you never noticed me and I didn’t want to cut into it, so I waited and waited and waited, but you kept going. Anyway, don’t worry about it. I was so happy to hear all that!” she clapped her hands.

“Oh, right, I found it rather important to tell you that since I’m off this whole week, your father also took the next day off and we’d go on a family trip. Of course, Lien will come as well, how about it?” she explained herself.

She was being reasonable because I really didn’t notice her and my mother wouldn’t lie to me in something like this. She rarely lied since she was a rather pure-hearted person who cared about her family the most and others as well. Sometimes I wondered how I turned into a bit of a devilish person given all the caring my mother showered me in.

“Where are we even going?” I asked the most important question.

“We’ll go to a wellness hotel. You can get massages, enter a big and warm bath and other similar stuff. I just want to relax!”

“Uhm, do you mind if I miss out on it?” Lien pulled on her head.


Clearing my throat, I said, “I’d like to stay at home as well. I’m not interested in a place like that.”

“Not even Lien?” she asked surprised.

“Well, truth be told, I don’t like masses that much and I wouldn’t enjoy some random person giving me a massage either, not to mention an indoor bath with all kinds of old- with all kinds of people.”

“Pff- pfft- hahaha,” seeing my mother’s face, I couldn’t hold back my laughter. It was no secret, they were both over forty and although they weren’t old, they did enjoy stuff like that.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to say that you were old or anything like that,” Lien fidgeted.

“No, I wasn’t hung up on that. I was just amazed by how much you two thought alike. Last time my son refused to come because of similar reasons,” Mother said. It was fun to see her fidget in front of my mother because normally she wouldn’t care about others’ opinions.

“Since you two don’t plan to come, we won’t wait for school to finish and will leave in the morning. We’ll stay until Sunday, so take care of the house until then. I’ll cook something for you two to eat. Any wishes?”

“I’ll help then,” Lien jumped up, but Mother closed the door in front of her with a no need. “Train hard!” her shout came through the door.

“She isn’t angry with me, right?” Lien turned towards me.

“Haha, no. Believe me, you’ll notice when she is angry with anyone because she’ll shout. And loudly,” I replied.

“That so?”


Nodding her head, she sat back down on my lap and continued meditating. When it was getting late, we both took a quick shower one by one and decided to retire for the day. I opened the door to my room and was about to turn off the lights when I noticed Lien awaiting my arrival in my bed.

“Are you trying to kill me?” I asked with gritted teeth, seeing her wearing nothing but a black gown. She was way too destructive and I wasn’t supposed to touch her. This was even worse than not having a girlfriend. Right after tasting it once, it was taken away.

“Look, I know it must feel terrible, but believe me, it's just as bad for me and yet I still want to sleep in your arms. Can’t we?”

I may have gulped a bit louder than usual as I turned off the light and walked towards my bed saying, “If I refused a request like this, I’d have to be gay or something.” I raised up the blanket and snuck into my bed, right behind her back. I embraced her body in the dark and gave a kiss on the back of her head as I took a whiff of her fragrant hair. She used her toes to playfully grab one of mine below the cover and then pulled on it. Although I had a very strong urge to start harassing her, I kept my hands on her waist and under her head. It was best if I couldn’t move my hands.

I can’t wait for the moment when she learns to hold back her voice a bit better. I’ll definitely indulge in her at that time. Ah, and my parents won’t be home this whole weekend which means I’ll be alone with Lien.

Just thinking about that, my sleepiness went out the window and I became erect. “Shit,” I muttered. Her soft and smooth skin, her lovely voice, her fragrant hair and body… since it was dark, my senses were focused on all those things even more.

I don’t think I’ll sleep anytime soon.

It took about an hour of struggling to keep my self-control until I fell asleep. Since we went to bed quite early, I didn’t feel tired when I woke up, though I had some sort of wet dream. Or so I thought, but when I woke up, I found my pants clean and dry, unlike my member. The light shone through my window while Lien crawled out of my bed and stretched her body, yawning. I ran my eyes down on her hourglass body and laid back down seeing her round ass. It was best if I didn’t stare.

I couldn’t help but feel suspicious of Lien for my wet member, so I went ahead and asked, “Did you do something?”

She turned around as she took up a white shirt from the chair in front of my desk and wore it. White bras and panties. I’m usually not a fan of the white colour, but it fits her perfectly and accentuates her dark brown hair. My ‘wife’ has got a great style.

“What do you mean?” she smiled at me.

I really didn’t know if I was thinking of something very perverted even though she didn’t even touch it or if I was correct, but I decided to let it be instead and stop dwelling on it. If she really used her mouth then she’d do so again in the future. What a perverted morning… it’s great!

“Why do you keep sitting there, watching? You’ll be late, you know?”

“I wouldn’t mind looking at you all day, though,” I said.

Shaking her head with a smile on her face, she picked up her leggings and slowly pulled it on her legs, all the while keeping eye contact with me. She definitely knew what she was doing. She wasn’t just hot. She understood what was erotic and she could make herself look erotic at any moment! I definitely loved that part of her as well.

With a satisfied smile on her face, she turned on her heels and left my room, leaving behind only a short sentence, “Don’t be late- Husband~”

Oh, shit, she’s going to tease the shit out of me if I don’t get it together today. It's hard to deal with a beauty, after all...