Chapter 4 – Father in law (part 1)
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Father in law

"Coffee?” the waitress standing next to us asked.

“Yes, I'd like it without sugar. And you?” Aphrodite replied and then turned to look at us.

“I like it with lots of sugar and some milk,” I said.

“Double that,” Lien added as the waitress turned towards her.

“Anything else?”

After looking at the menu for a few seconds, Aphrodite said, “Please bring me today's speciality,” eyeing the illustration of a chalice filled to the brim with ice cream.

“Nothing else for me,” I shook my head.

“Please bring me the same,” Lien’s eyes lit up as she spotted the speciality.

Looking at her, I raised a brow, “You sure? We’re supposed to hurry to school.”

“I'll be quick,” she said sternly. I knew she liked sweets, just like me, but I didn’t know that she was so much into it.

Looking after the waitress who left to take care of our orders, Aphrodite leaned forward and asked, “Why did you not answer my messages?”

“I’ve got more than a thousand messages, do you think I had nothing better to do than to keep reading them?” I raised my brows.

“Fair enough,” she nodded her head. Eyeing Lien, she asked, “What's your name?”

“You have yet to introduce yourself,” Lien replied.

“Haven’t I told you that I’m Aphrodite?” she tilted her head to the side, visibly annoyed.

“I meant your current name.”

“What does it matter?” she raised her brows.


Being met with silence, she answered her question, “Fine then, my current name is Mary White and I live in the northern area of the city. Are you happy now?” Mary replied quizzically.

Ignoring Mary’s scornful tone, she introduced herself, “My name is Lien Newin.” She seemed to dislike Mary, which I found rather funny. Especially because the reason wasn't even Mary’s scornful attitude towards her.

“Is she your apostle?” she turned towards me.

“I am,” Lien replied in my stead.

“Hmm- Are you in a bad mood or what? What is your relationship?”

“She’s going to be my wife in the near future, so I wouldn’t mind if you stopped sizing her up,” I said. Although Lien wasn’t just a trophy of some sort, it felt really good when I called her my ‘wife’. I was really proud of having such a talented beauty as my fiancée.

Nodding her head, Mary crossed her fingers and asked in a serious tone, “Then answer my question, why'd you sell a soul-related spell?”

“Because I wanted some money,” I shrugged my shoulders.

“And was there nothing better or simpler than that?” she frowned.

“There were, but this was a sure hit,” I laughed.

“Are you an idiot?” she shook her head.

“Huh? Why?”

Her eyes twitched upon seeing my ‘surprised’ and ‘confused’ face. Sighing loudly, she said, “If you release spells like these, they could easily change the structure of the current society. If either of the spell making companies got their hands on the scroll, they’re surely experimenting with it by now. Do you really want to lose your head start by letting common people learn about souls?”

“Ah! I never thought about it like that!” I cried out.

“What are you doing?” Lien used Link to ask.

“Curiosity is dangerous, I want her to think that I’m just a fool so that she’d stop sniffing around,” I replied.

“Oh, then I guess I’ll play along.”

“You should, but only if you don’t mind that she’ll think that you’re stupid, haha.”

“Who would care about her?” she grumbled.

“Seriously, it was a terrible idea to release a spell like Link, even if it’s just a simplified version,” she sighed, shaking her head.

Did she notice that she was talking about something that she shouldn’t know unless she bought the scroll? So she's rich. I bet she was born in a noble clan. There may be a White clan in the northern part of the city, I guess I’ll look them up.

“I’m sorry,” I hung my head. “I wanted to sell more of it later, but should I reconsider it then?” I raised a brow.

“Bah, what is there to reconsider?! The answer is obvious, you mustn’t sell more of it unless you want the world to find out about souls!” she cried out. At least, she used a wind barrier in advance, so her voice didn’t get out.

“Okay then…”

Well, it seems my plan to draw out a god worked. But considering that nobody else came to find me, they’re either stupid, maybe too young to understand the consequences, or they just don't care. Or maybe Aphrodite, aka Mary is some sort of contact for a group of gods. I wonder which is it.

The waitress arrived with our orders and put it on the table. After we thanked her, she left to serve others. Mary focused her attention on me once again and said, “The other reason I came to see you was to find out what are you the god of,” she looked at me expectantly.

I was prepared for this question long ago, so I replied without a shred of hesitation, making it sound natural, “My origin is Zagreus.” It was for the best if she didn’t know my real origin.

“Zagreus? I… don’t know him,” she muttered as she took out her phone and googled it. I didn’t inherit memories about other gods or their abilities. Even if in history my origin was the child of another god or if he was in a bad relationship with another god, it had nothing to do with us, the current incarnations. Knowing that I was the incarnation of one of the gods, I learned quite a lot about them while growing up, but I didn’t know about Zagreus either. I just looked for some minor god randomly. I wasn’t even sure if Zagreus was actually a god, some half-blood, or if he was powerful. Seeing that ‘Zagreus’ was just a minor god with no power, she forced a smile.

“I see. Supposedly you may be Hades or his son, is that true?” she raised a brow. That’d surely change my standing in her eyes.

“I don’t know about that, supposedly, I’m some kind of hunter and I can shapeshift into animals, but I failed to do so up till now,” I forced a laugh as I scratched the back of my head.

“Ah- hahaha, is that so?” she followed my example and quickly took a sip of her coffee and then started eating her dessert.

You’re forcing this so much it hurts… you aren't a good actor, but that’s all the better for me!

“Can you use your abilities? What are they like?” I asked as I leaned forward in anticipation.

“This- I’m not sure I should tell you,” she replied as she gulped, averting her eyes.

“What? But I told you mine, it’s fine isn’t it? I won’t tell it to anyone!”


“Oh, fine then. I guess I was being pushy,” I hung my head.

“It’s fine,” she waved her hand. I bet she thought I was an idiot.

Hmm, so she doesn’t want to tell me about her abilities either and even accepts that I was being ‘pushy’, even though she asked even more specific things about me. Well, the information on the internet is very old and who knows if they’re actually true. They may give me a general outline about her abilities, though. That much should be accurate.

“Do you have any apostles?” I asked.

“Yes, I have a few of them.”

“And do you have restrictions as well? What is it in your case?” I asked.

“Well, I don't know about any restriction on my part,” she muttered.

“We’re going to have a talk about this after this meeting,” Lien's voice resounded in my mind as she raised her cup to her lips.

“Sure, I wanted to tell you for some time now, but I just couldn't find the right moment,” I admitted.

“What?! That's great! I have to catch an animal and sacrifice it in a ritual to turn another person into my apostle. Isn’t that ridiculous?” I sighed in exasperation.

“That's… one really stupid restriction,” she nodded her head. She seemed to believe everything I fed her, so this was a pretty good start of our relationship. It was truly incomparable to my relationship with Lien which relied on our true feelings and thoughts. One that we tried to not restrict with all kinds of small and convenient lies.

“By the way, how did you find me despite the fact that my business details were set to hidden? You shouldn’t be able to see anything else other than the name and location of the company, so is there something wrong with the settings or what? Should I actually fear my privacy?” I asked.

“Hehe, I just charmed the local boss of the Spell Market to get some information out of him. I’m not the god of beauty for nothing,” she winked at me as if she just remembered something funny.

Bullshit. If your beauty alone would be enough, then every other hidden company would rebel already and other clans would be flocking at me. You charmed him, huh? I guess it’s best if I assume that you can seduce people somehow. I hope it doesn’t have effect on me.

“But can others find out about me?”

“I don’t think you have to worry about stuff like that,” she said with a smile.

Nodding my head, I stood up. I was sure that she had some sort of seductive ability. “Now then, we have school today, so if there is nothing else that you wanted to talk about, we should be going. We're quite late already,” I said.

“Ah, no, sorry for keeping you, go ahead. Your order will be on me,” she waved her hand.

Normally, I’d pay, but it’s better if she thinks I’m some lousy and stupid guy.

“No problem, and thanks,” I said as I almost reached out to take hold of Lien’s hand and help her up, but that wasn’t the image I was going for, so I raised my moving hand to my chin and scratched it. It probably didn’t look all that natural…

“Sorry, but I’ll forget all about propriety while she’s around,” I apologised to Lien through Link and made my way towards the door.

“To be honest, I don’t care,” she replied.

“Yeah, you can be a bit tomboyish,” I chuckled as I left the building.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It was a compliment,” I replied, closing the door of the restaurant behind her.

“Thanks, I guess. Should we go to school or should we go back home?”

“Skipping one class is better than skipping all of them, so we best go to school,” I sighed, not really in the mood. I was never in the mood for school, not even after a long summer spent alone. It was just too boring for me.. Since there was no bus that would take us there at this time, we either walked or flew there. Our choice was obviously to enter an alleyway and then use telekinesis to fly.

We were always there on time in class and behaved well, so once I told Tim that something important came up, we were actually let off with a verbal warning, but to my dismay, when the second period ended, the second years left the arena and the one replacing it was Olaf Asuma's class.

Upon noticing us, he casually came over to us and called out Lien as if they'd have known each other for a long time, “Yo! How you doing? Feeling like dumping your boyfriend yet?”

“Who are you again?” Lien asked with a serious face, though I knew that she was just ‘joking’. She always looked at something else for a moment before joking like this, though she had been doing it less these days. Maybe she was trying to fix her habits that sold her out, but that clearly didn't work this time. Her hate must have been too strong.

Olaf seemed to freeze on the spot, especially because Lien said it just loud enough for the people nearby to hear. Once a few people started staring, it was only natural that others joined as well. A crowd staring silently wasn't something that just anyone could bear. Even I sympathised with him for a moment, though just a tiny bit.

I’m so fucking proud of you, Lien. If only you knew how much!

“Are you kidding?” Olaf forced a smile on his face.

Knowing the limits, Lien didn't press him too much and said with a mysterious smile, “Who knows?”

As she looked into the eyes of our classmates, they silently turned away and went on chatting as if nothing happened. They were most likely a bit puzzled by the sudden turn of events and although some of them started whispering and mocking Olaf, most of them didn't bother with it anymore and went on as if Lien just made a bad joke.

Clearing his throat, Olaf asked, “Have you decided yet?”

“No. I’ve told you before, but you aren’t the only noble around,” she replied.

Is she trying to make the nobles fight each other over her? Well, that’d be pretty good if it worked out, I wouldn’t have to mind them for a while. But I don’t know of any noble guy seeking her besides Olaf, so what if he…

“And who could this other noble be?” he asked.

Although I was prepared to step in, thinking that she was cornered, she replied calmly, “There are three of them in Ushua who are quite passionate ones… I could always just go back there, don’t you think?”

“That’s news to me,” he grumbled as he glared at the shorter one of his henchmen.

“What? Did you not know that I came back to Eglon this year?”

“I didn’t know,” he replied.

Olaf probably made himself believe that Lien would be protected by other nobles if he tried to make a forceful move, even though that was all just his assumption. Theoretically, he didn’t have to mind nobles of other countries, but Ushua and Eglon were on more than ‘friendly’ terms with each other.

Even gossips about the union of the two countries could be heard these days and neither the language nor the culture differed by much, so there wasn’t much stopping it. In fact, two hundred years ago, Ushua and Eglon were both part of the same nation. It was just that when the monsters rushed the world, many cities and countries were destroyed and Ushua and Eglon happened to be once such country.

The friendliness of the two countries went so far that even the laws stated that the armies of the two countries could move freely on each others’ lands. This meant that if Lien really was under the protection of numerous noble clans, Olaf would have no way to force himself on her. It would be akin to disrespecting three clans and declaring war against them. Due to the existence of monsters, people were generally more tense and on the edge, which led to violence quite often, especially in the noble clans who got used to abusing their authorities.

“Well, that’s that. What you offer is nice, but it isn’t any better than the other three,” Lien said aloud. It’d feel kind of bad how others would think that she was with me for whatever reason and not because of our mutual feelings. I didn’t want that, so I used a wind barrier to prevent others from hearing the latter half of the conversation. Since my control was way better than Olaf’s or anyone’s in the arena, he didn’t even notice it.

This was because one needed knowledge, a lot of practice, and experience to control mana as precisely as I did. Naturally, that resulted in much sharper senses, which was necessary to sense subtle changes in the flow of mana.

“I understand that, but why’d you stay with him in that case?” he turned to look at me.

“Isn’t it obvious? Unlike you guys, he is with me because he loves me,” she replied. Hearing that, Olaf just rolled his eyes as if he had just heard something stupid. After asking for the names of the other three clans in Ushua, he turned around to leave and stopped bothering us. We’ve just made even more enemies, probably, but I didn’t really care. By the time he got through with his messages and his meetings with the other three nobles courting Lien, I’d have nothing to fear, even if they tried to use force. Hopefully, it wouldn’t come down to that. The rest of the day passed by peacefully, though I was being stared at quite a lot during class. It felt rather uncomfortable…


“Haah- what a pain in the ass. Why can’t we just simply be together instead of all this shit?” Lien grumbled. We were on the way to the office of the Spell Market since I had some business to deal with. “Whatever, let's hurry up, my father should be waiting in front of your house already,” she locked arms with me and pulled me towards the nearest alleyway.

“Good idea, flying will be quicker than walking…” I muttered, and then raised into the air. “Right, regarding the matter we talked about earlier, I think that we wouldn’t be bothered by nobles if we became part of a clan, or better yet, we made a ‘clan’ of the sort,” I said.

“Oh? And how do you intend to do that? You’d have to become a public for something like that to happen,” she replied, moving behind me and getting on my back.

“What are you doing?”

“Take me back home, I’m too lazy to fly,” she said cheerfully.

“What am I to you? A travelling service?” I laughed.

“Noes~” she said, coiling her arms around my neck. Holding onto me tightly, she whispered into my ear, “You’re my one.and.only-”

“Only what?” I tried to turn around, but I couldn’t because of her arms.

“Find out for yourself!”

“Meh, it wouldn’t be so good to hear if I was the one saying it,” I replied.

“Aww, are you that desperate to make me say it?”

“I’m not desperate…” I rolled my eyes.

“I love you~ Happy now?” she whispered into my ear. No matter how many times she said it, it always made me happy. It was like a sugary venom…

“Anyway, I’ll try to think of a way to make our lives peaceful without ruining others,” I said.

“Hah? What was that? I thought you’d say it back! Where is my ‘I love you’? And did you just ignore my confession?” ignoring my statement, she cried out.

“I didn’t, but it lost its charm. You should have finished your sentence earlier.”

“I can’t hear my I love you,” she put her hand behind her ear and turned her head to the side, stubbornly awaiting my confession.

“Can’t I say it later?” I asked.


“It’d feel too forced for me, but you must know that I’ll be always beside you to support you. Or under you. Or above you!” I replied.

“This sounded more like you were talking about sex poses, but whatever… We’ve arrived anyway,” she said as I landed in front of the building. Lien had yet to find out that I sold her spell and considering that five copies were bought in a single day, I believed it was an amazing outcome, especially because she was just sixteen years old. I was really proud of her.

The main reason her spell was worth so much was that at the time the monsters rushed the world, many data centers were lost and a large part of the internet ‘disappeared’, including millions of web pages containing important knowledge. For example, it wasn’t commonly known why were there thunderstorms and people had no way to look it up like in the past. If they could, then the spell Lien created wouldn’t be worth as much since many people could have done it by now.

I was sure that many things that were known in the past had been reinvented, but only companies that dealt with spell creation were in possession of related knowledge. I found it funny how people in power kept the weak in the dark, despite the situation the world was in. Monsters ran amok outside the cities and here we were, hiding things from each other all because of greed.

A nation had no more than four to five large cities, all barricaded and encircled by huge walls. We were living like animals in cages. Each city had a few noble clans on which they relied when powerful monsters attacked, while people like Mr. Michael regulated the monster population in the forest near the borders. Even the monthly real combat training where we had to fight against real monsters were held inside cities in smaller monster parks. There were just people who caught weaker monsters and put them in a ‘cage’ in the city.

It all made sense to me because the existence of humanity wasn’t directly threatened anymore, so it was only natural that greed appeared once again, and to top it all off, now they had the perfect tools to control the masses as they willed, unlike in the past.

With Lien by my side, I’d have the power to change the world. But the real question was… did I want to? Would it even make anything better? And more importantly, would it be worth it? Without knowing the answers to those simple questions, I definitely wouldn’t try to play the role of the hero. I wasn’t one anyway.

After buying a few scrolls and preparing them, I handed them over to Mason, who was the administrator I dealt with last time. Since we’d be likely to meet regularly, we introduced ourselves and got a bit more friendly with each other. Once he received the scrolls, I thought I could leave, but he had some good news for me. “Wait a moment, please. We delivered all the scrolls you brought last time and sixty people verified it already. Would you like to wait for the rest of them to verify it first or would you like to withdraw the money you earned immediately?” he asked.

“I’ll just wait for it,” I replied, a bit annoyed by his curious eyes.

He was definitely a pro and covered his lust really well, though not well enough to hide it from me. Whenever Lien turned away and I seemingly wasn’t focusing on him, he instantly looked at Lien’s slender legs or her cleavage. That white dress just fit her too well, well enough to break the focus of a pro… I expected that much since she attracted quite a lot of attention among guys, but it was still a bit annoying. Honestly, it was nothing out of the norm.

I was more shocked by the fact that I came in possession of fifty-four million dollars from one day to the next, even though barely enough time passed since I sold my first spell. I knew this would happen, but knowing and experiencing it were two different things. But what made me even happier was that Lien seemed to be happy for me, instead of feeling inferior and stuff like that. She probably got over it by now.

“I understand. I’ll notify you when every client verified their copy of the scroll,” Mason nodded his head and then led us out of the building. He was very respectful with us despite our young ages. Well, age mattered little when I was selling millions of dollars worth of scrolls through their company. They earned six million dollars just on my spells alone and who knew how many spells they sold a day?

Of course, most spells weren’t this expensive, but the one I sold was a real deal breaker. Some noble clans who weren’t quick enough to get it went as far as to use the media to send a message to me and requested that I sold more scrolls. What I found even funnier was that a smaller clan put up their copy for an auction and resold it for twenty million dollars. If the larger noble clans knew that I’d never sell this spell again, they’d have definitely spent even a hundred million dollars. Communication was of key importance, only an idiot wouldn’t understand it.

As we left the building, I took a quick look at my phone to see the time, while Lien asked, “Hey, what kind of spell did you sell this time? You haven’t told me anything about it, I didn’t even know you were selling something new… and shouldn’t you visit the bank and make a real bank account? It’s easier to verify and handle than the virtual one and I think it’s safer as well.”

“Hehe, are you curious?” I said with a smile.

“I am, and I’m annoyed because you keep having secrets while I tell you everything,” she frowned.

“No, no, this isn’t a secret, this is a surprise~” I mused.

“Is that so?” she seemed to be more interested after hearing that.

“You’ll find out about the spell soon enough,” I laughed. “Anyway, I was thinking of visiting a bank as well, so let’s hurry up,” I added as I took hold of her hand and raised into the air, dragging her after me. Instead of flying, she sat on my back once again, though it felt nice so I didn’t mind it.

Despite my flight speed, it still took about five minutes to get to the nearest bank where I had to spend another twenty minutes before everything was finished, finally. We silently returned to the house where I spotted Mr. Michael’s car.

“That’s our car in front of your house, right?” Lien squinted her eyes.

“It is,” I replied, and soon landed on the street.

“Are you nervous?” she asked as she got off of my back and took hold of my hand.

“Actually, I’m not. By the way, your father could sleep in your room,” I said with a grin on my face.

Massaging her temples, she muttered, “I’d like that, but it feels kind of weird when I think about how he could think that we’d do it while he was sleeping.”

“You’re thinking too much into it,” I remarked.

“Hmm- that might be the case,” she shrugged her shoulders.

“You know what? I’m sure that it’d be really dangerous, but it’d be definitely a very… exciting night,” I put my hand on her round bottom.

No. No, no, no! We aren’t doing that, not today!” she shook her head vehemently and slapped my hand away. “Get it out of your head, you damned fool!” she waved her finger threateningly.

“Hahaha, we’ll see about that,” I mused as I opened the door and let her into the house.

“I’ll sleep on the sofa,” she grumbled as she walked past me.

“I wouldn’t allow that,” I used Link to reply since I didn’t want to say something like that in front of my parents and Mr. Michael.

They were sitting on the sofa in the living room, chatting about how bad the roads were east to the city. Hearing the door being opened, they all stopped and turned towards the noise.

“Hi,” I said.

“Oh, you’re back? What took you so long?” Mother asked.

“I’m sorry, I had some business to deal with, so we came home later,” I replied.

“It’s fine, we had some time to catch up with Michael, at least,” Father laughed, patting Michael’s shoulder. Back in the old days when we were still neighbours, our parents met quite often, and from time to time, we even had dinners together. That being the case, Michael knew my parents well.

Sadly, when he lost his wife, Lana, he stopped coming over. Only I visited Lien from time to time, though I didn’t really have to since she came over on her own to see me almost every day. Much to my dismay, they moved out soon after and I was left behind. I was really broken down at that time, but now that Lien was back, I was much happier than ever before, especially because she didn’t turn into a completely different person.

Nodding my head, I walked up to the sofa, still holding Lien’s hand. Mr. Michael stood up and looked back and forth between me and Lien. “Good afternoon.” I stretched out my hand, not even sure how to greet or talk to him.

“Good afternoon,” he said, furrowing his brows. He grabbed my hand firmly and shook it strongly. He didn’t seem to be all that happy about me, though I couldn’t blame him. He had to find out through the phone that his dear little daughter lost her chastity only two days after he left her here. If I had a daughter, I wouldn’t be happy about it either, probably.

I wanted to avoid an awkward mood, so I quickly turned towards my father and asked, “How come you aren’t at work? Were you let off earlier?” It was four in the afternoon and he usually came home at five, so I found it a bit weird.

“I’ll have to go to work at night, so I was let off sooner to take a rest,” he replied.

“Oh, okay, I was just a bit surprised.”

“Ah, I’m sorry, Peter. Was I keeping you up?” Mr. Michael said as he turned around, surprised to hear that.

“I usually rest only a few hours before I have to leave. I can’t sleep in the middle of the day, so no,” my father laughed.

“Alright, but go ahead and take a rest if you want to, don’t mind me,” Mr. Michael said as he turned towards Lien and let go of my hand.

“It’s fine, I’ll retire at six.” Father waved his hand.

Nodding his head, Mr. Michael opened his arms and stepped towards Lien, while I quickly let go of Lien’s hand and let her father hug her. “I missed you a lot, my dear,” he said emotionally as he threw his arms around her and started caressing the back of her head. He seemed to be really happy to see her after a whole week.

In the past, they lived together and Lien often awaited him with her homemade food, but now that she was living with us, Mr. Michael not only lost contact with her, he was left all alone as well. I felt sorry for him a bit, though I had trouble feeling his pain, especially because Lien made me all fluffy inside these days. What could make you happier than being with your lover all the time? Those damned nobles would never get to understand this kind of happiness.

While they were still clinging each other, Lien decided to make a run for it, “I’m glad to see you as well, Father. And I have something great to tell you!” she said as she pulled back and grabbed both of his hands.

“Hmm? What is it, dear?” he asked with a smile, expecting something good.

“I’m engaged to Seth,” she said loud enough for my parents to hear.

“YOU WHAT?!” both my mother and Mr. Michael cried out, though while the former sounded happy, the latter sounded despaired.

Raising her hand, she showed him the ring on her finger, “Seth made this for me all by himself, isn’t it beautiful?” Seeing her having a large smile on her face, Mr. Michael seemed to become even more despaired.

“Dear, I’m not against you marrying, but you’ve barely met. Did you think this through seriously?” he asked.

“Yes!” Lien beamed at him. “Also, what do you mean we barely met? We grew up together. Although we lost five years, we didn’t change much and I’m still in love with him!”

Turning towards my mother, he said, “Come on, Anna, you should help me…”

“Michael, we’ve known each other for a long time, but I can’t side with you this time! Lien is like a daughter to me and they’re in mutual love. Isn’t that wonderful? She also helps around the house a lot, so why would I not be happy to hear that my son had finally got himself a girl like her? Although I agree that marrying is a bit rash, I can’t be bothered enough to stop them. You don’t get to have a beautiful daughter in law every day!” she said happily, looking back and forth between me and Lien.


“What but? You should have seen them together last week. They spend all their time together and do everything together. Ever since Lien came here, she’s spent all her time with Seth,” Mother put her hand on his shoulder and soothed him.

Nice job, Mother!

“I’d like to have a talk with you later, if you don’t mind,” he said sternly, realising that he wouldn’t get anywhere with my mother around.

“That’s good, I wanted to talk with you as well,” I said with a smile. He seemed to be a bit taken aback by my reaction, but he nodded his head nonetheless. Turning around, he sat back down on the sofa and continued chatting with my parents as if nothing happened.

I was sure he wanted to spend more time with Lien, but he probably thought it’d be inappropriate to just stand up and follow his daughter wherever she went and keep asking her about all kinds of things.

Grabbing my wrist, Lien pulled me towards the stairs and dragged me up to my room. Maybe I should call it our room since she was there with me almost all the time and even slept there. Closing the door behind us, she pointed me towards the bed and then pulled out a chair and put it in front of me. Crossing her legs, she sat down facing me.

This feels like an interrogation…

“Uhm, did I do anything wrong?” I asked, feeling a bit nervous.

“I have something I have to tell you. You are very important to me but so is my father, so I was hoping that whatever he wanted to tell you, you would take it peacefully,” she frowned.

“I don't want to see you two fighting and arguing and I know that you hate to be controlled, but if possible, would you go along with my father's wishes? Of course, only if it wasn't something ridiculous,” she pleaded, gently holding my hand. “I mean, you don’t have to cancel our marriage,” she added.

Calming down, I nodded my head with a smile on my face, “I planned to be more passive than I normally am, so you really don't have to worry about it. Also, I don't think that your father would tell me something like 'get away from my daughter’ anyway.”

“Mhm, I think so, but you're my first boyfriend, so I’m not sure what to expect from him in a situation like this.”

“Worry not,” I waved my hand.

“Thanks. The other thing I wanted to talk about was your origin. My father is going to be busy for some time, so we should talk about it until then. Although it doesn't really matter to me who is your origin, I've become curious ever since I heard you talk about it,” she said.

“Hmm, you know that I lied to Mary, I suppose.”

Seeing her nodding her head, I continued, “My real origin was called Khem or his other name was Min. He was an Egyptian god, the god of sex and I’ve read articles about him that said that he was something like the creator of everything. As I don't have memories about those kinds of things, I don't know if I'm the incarnation of the god of sex or if I’m supposed to be more, but given my memories, I’d say that he was both. Either way, I’m quite sure that my origin was a powerful one, though not necessarily a well known one.”

“About the apostles…” I stopped for a moment to collect my thoughts. “Like I said before, we can turn other people into our ‘apostles’ by forming a powerful soul contract of the sort,” I continued.

“The ’link’ spell I sold isn't as effective as the real deal and it just barely touches upon the boundaries of soul manipulation. The ones who bought it maybe aren't even sure how exactly they're doing what they're doing. But the one we share is different in that I basically ‘gave’ you a copy of a part of my soul… I know, it sounds pretty complex, but that’s the way it is.”

“No, no, I get it, though I don’t know much about souls,” she shook her head.

“I’ll teach you. Anyway, one person can’t do it more than twelve times and different people have different conditions. Mine is that I must make,” I paused for a moment and cleared my throat. I found it a bit hard to say. “I must make sexual contact with them.”

“Can you do it with guys as well?” she asked.

“What? Hell, damn you, I don’t know and I’m not going to try it!” I cried out.

“Hmm?” she raised a brow.

“I- I can, but…”

“Well? And would you do it with other girls for the sake of power? I imagine having more apostles is a good thing, right?”

“It is, but you’ll be my one and only apostle, okay? You don’t have to worry about it!” I said seriously.

“I believe you and now I understand why you didn’t tell me about it earlier. It wouldn’t have done any good for our budding relationship,” she muttered. She seemed to be a bit jealous, I found it really cute..

“Mhm, but I know that we can trust each other mutually, so I told you about it,” I nodded my head.

“Your condition sounds quite bad, in my opinion… No, it’s just annoying me,” she clicked her tongue.

“Hahaha, I’m sorry, but that’s not something I can just change. To make an apostle, you need to reach the top in a given field and only then can you divide and copy parts of your soul. This Khem or Min or who the hell was he, experimented with something like this, probably… When I teach you more about souls, I’ll tell you what kind of differences there are, but you should just take this in for now,” I replied.

“Okay. By the way, you told me I’d find out about the perks of being your apostle, but would you mind telling them?” she asked.

“Yeah, but firstly, I can’t remember, did they teach it in school how does sex make your mana pool grow larger?” I asked with a frown, trying to remember.

“Uhm- I think they taught it in elementary school, but I kind of forgot it. I just know that it has positive effects, why?” she asked.

“Well, it’s scientifically proven that when a male orgasms, the substance of the sperm changes depending on how it happens. For example, if I fap, the components of my sperm will be slightly different than when I do it with you,” I explained.

I couldn’t help but clear my throat, it was a pretty weird theme to talk about, but seeing her looking at me attentively and unperturbed, I calmed down and continued, “You can look up on the internet how sperm is produced right before orgasm, so I’m not going to talk about that… Anyway, since the ‘appearance’ of mana, our bodies draw upon our mana pools each time we cum and mix it with our bodily fluids, which starts a biological reaction.”

“This biological reaction is about a new kind of hormone that appeared along with mana in our bodies and it’s been named ‘Manalus’, which influences the growth of our mana pools. Manalus is produced in our bodies in three cases. The first is when you age naturally and more and more of it is produced until the age of twenty-five. The second is when you empty your mana pool during training or a battle or whatever, and then refill it. It’s like exercising your body. And the third is when our bodies are producing sperm to pass on our genes. Well, or in cases of females, when they orgasm during sexual act.”

“Whether we use protection or not, that doesn’t really matter, and theoretically speaking, pleasuring yourself could have good effects on your mana pool, but it hasn’t been proven yet. I can’t say it worked for me either…” I averted my eyes in my embarrassment.

My love was staring at me while I was talking about something like this. It felt so embarrassing for me. I closed my eyes and massaged them for a moment before continuing, “You can check it out on the net, but even the taste of the excretion our reproductive organ produces change depending on what we eat. And here comes the main difference.”

“If you have sex with me, our bodies will produce much more Manalus hormones than normally and I can change the ‘taste’ at will. Although the effect is weakened in your case, it’s still going to make you stronger overall. Additionally, as my apostle, it’ll not only make your mana pool grow larger, it’s also going to enhance your soul a bit each time I cum in you, be it in your mouth or your… pussy,” I lowered my voice, a bit paranoid of the possibility of her father overhearing it somehow.

She looked at me in silence for a few seconds before she broke out in a fit of laughter. After calming down, she stood up and pressed my face into her soft mounds as she said, “Hahaha, saying all that, I had trouble keeping a straight face, so thank God you finally finished. I don’t think I could have held it in for long,” she laughed, caressing the back of my head.

“Well, I think that you’d have made it easier if you just laughed…” I grumbled.

“I know, but seeing you struggling was more fun!”

“You… I can’t believe you,” I shook my head and sighed loudly. “Did you keep staring like that intentionally?”

“Haha, yes, but don’t worry, dear,” she mused as she kissed my face and sat down next to me. Although she didn’t tell me about it, I knew that her mana pool grew larger these days and that she was becoming stronger after each intercourse.

Reaching down to my crotch, she grabbed my member as she said playfully, “And what do you think? Do I make you stronger only if you cum?”

“Yes,” I replied as I quickly pushed her hand away. She was just playing with me and I really didn’t want to get aroused while her father was here. It wasn’t even night time. Sadly, she really wanted to see me struggling since she knew that she could have the upper hand, so she got over me and sat down on my lap, facing me.

Raising my hands, I said, “I’m not going to touch you, okay? Please, leave me be… holding it back is such a pain in the ass.”

Her answer was that she put her hands on my chest and pushed me down. Her silky dark brown hair flowed down on her slender shoulders, creating a perfect contrast with her white dress. “Well? What are you going to do now?” she leaned closer to me and kissed my neck.

“You like kissing me here during sex, right? I wonder, do you like it as well?” she mused.

Having trouble holding back, I was about to move my hand down to her round bottom when I heard the door click. Mr. Michael came in and stopped in place upon seeing Lien sitting over me. Yes! I can’t believe I’m happy that he came in on us! It’s plain to see that I’m being attacked here, so now he must understand, that it’s his daughter who’s seducing me!

“What are you doing to my daughter in broad daylight?!” he raised his voice.

WHAT?! Why me?

“But it’s not even me who’s touching her!” I cried out.

He continued looking at me sternly for a few more seconds and then a smile formed on his face which soon turned into laughter, Lien following his example. At that moment, I realised I was being led around by the nose and that Mr. Michael was no different than his daughter. I even thought that maybe Lien was just playing a prank on me when she said that her father would attack me.

“I’m sorry, but Lien told me to-” he started, but Lien cut into his words.

“I didn’t even say it! I swear, don’t believe him!” she looked at me frantically. I really wasn’t sure who to believe at this point, they both seemed to be troublemakers.

“I’ll just consider this a joke the two of you cooked up,” I rolled my eyes.

“But I really had nothing to do with it!” Lien kept defending herself.

“Honestly, it’s not a problem, so I won’t think about who I should believe, though I’d probably end up with you anyway,” I said, brushing her hair to the side. Her face was so entrancing.

“Good then,” Lien nodded her head proudly.

“Hahaha, it was actually me,” Mr. Michael admitted. “I just wanted to check on you two, but I didn’t think I’d see my daughter making a move on you while I’m here,” he said meaningfully as he looked at Lien.

Shrugging her shoulders, she sat down next to me, “I was just fooling around with him, but whatever. Is there anything you wanted?”

“Well, mind if I talked with Seth? About this whole marriage? Since you called me, I had enough time to accept that you were going out and that you wouldn’t be my little daughter for long,” he sighed. “BUT THIS!” he raised his voice.

“I’m all ears,” I replied before Lien could say anything. Nodding his head, he came over and sat down on the chair that Lien pulled out earlier. He got really close for a simple conversation, though it wasn’t meant to be simple.

As I sat up, he crossed his arms and started, “Lien’s very, very important to me. I can’t express it enough, you see. And you must understand that she is my only remaining family member and that she’s my daughter. There is nothing and nobody else more important to me than her and I don’t want to see her being hurt, I hope that you understand this. So do you really like her?” he asked with a frown. I wasn’t surprised by the sudden change in tone. He was very serious this time.

Although many guys and girls at our age were just fooling around, so he had no reason to be like this, he seemed to be a rather serious and strict parent at times, but I didn’t mind it. In fact, I liked it.

I always thought that it was mostly me who made Lien turn out to be the kind of person she was. She spent a lot of time with me in her childhood and she could be quite tomboyish at times, despite her natural beauty. That wasn’t something that came in pair all that often, at least, I had yet to come across a similar girl. After his prank earlier, now I knew that I was quite off. She took after her father quite a lot.

Nodding my head, I replied, “I fell for her like a blind horse into a hole, without a doubt! You may think that I’m just talking big, but I’d do anything for her, as long as she doesn’t betray me. I’m a very faithful person and expect the same in return, luckily, you raised her to be that kind of person,” I smiled.

“So that being the case” - I took hold of Lien’s hand and showed him the ring I made - “I asked for her hand.” Mr. Michael opened his eyes wide and looked at the ring and then at Lien. This was the first time that he actually took a look at it. Back then when we were downstairs, nobody seemed to care.

Raising her right hand to cover her reddened face, Lien turned away, “This is so embarrassing, you two should have talked without me being here.”

“What is there to be embarrassed about?” I raised a brow. She had been grinning since the moment I brought up the engagement ring, so she probably felt a bit embarrassed to show how happy it made her.

“This… but I barely left her here for a week!” he massaged his temples and sighed loudly.

“I’m sorry if this causes you a headache, but I’m the kind of person who takes some things too seriously. Well, too seriously from others’ point of view. I never thought I could be together with a girl whose company I wasn’t enjoying and I always believed that if I found a girl like that, I’d want to stay with her, you know? And Lien is… she happens to be exactly that kind of person to me, so I’m not going to let go of her. I just wanted to let you know that,” I said unperturbed and smiling.

Maybe there were times I felt a bit embarrassed, but this wasn’t the time to be shy and blush and whatnot. I preferred getting everything straight with the people close to me. It always saved me from the trouble of ‘being found out later’ and other similarly troublesome outcomes. Maybe that was the reason why most people who actually got to know me got along with me or took a liking to me. They knew what to expect from me.

“And did you say yes?” he looked at Lien.

“Come on, Father, why would I have the ring on my finger if I refused him? I feel the same way, so I had no reason to say no, even if it’s so soon,” she said in a low voice.

“Haah, you’ve been running from guys for as long as I can remember and now that I left you alone for one week with Seth, you turn into his fiancée,” he shook his head.

“Lien… what about your father beating me up and fighting me?” I rolled my eyes.

“Uhm, that was just a joke, but he took it better than I imagined,” she laughed.

“I’m still here, you know?” Mr. Michael said. “But you’re right, I came to talk with Seth to see how he reacted. If I noticed that he was just fooling around or using you, I’d have made sure to beat some sense into his head. But Seth, you must understand how much you mean to her and how much she loves you. I know because I raised her, she’s been longing for you for so long. Ever since we moved out of Eglon, she’s been crying for me to come back,” he sighed.

“You can make her happier than I ever could, I’m really happy about that. But you can also crush her more than anyone else could ever do and that possibility scares so much, you know? I don’t want to see her being hurt, ever,” he said meaningfully.

Nodding my head, I said, “I knew that she loved me, I mean, she told me, but I didn’t know that she was so much into me,” I smiled as I looked at her. “Also, I understand your point, but let me tell you, the main reason I never bothered with other girls is that, I feel too deep. I would have never started a relationship with her if my feelings weren’t strong enough because I don’t like doing things half-assed. I’d just hurt myself if I did, that may be the main reason I’ve been a single for sixteen years.”

“Well, in that case, I’ll give you my blessing, but don’t forget that she is a real troublemaker. Nobles may come after you if they see her talent and my daughter is a real beauty as well. You probably know that Lana was a noble and Lien inherited her genes. She’s also talented in mana manipulation and has a large and strong pool of mana. She may be a ‘commoner’, but that doesn’t mean she’s desired less.”

“If a commoner is born with talent like hers, they’re often even stronger than the descendants of noble clans. She can protect herself and I’ll try to help if you need it, but I’m not a noble and I don’t belong to any clan. Lana left her clan to be with me, so we can’t rely on them either,” he warned me.

Should I tell him about the Asuma clan? Nah, now that we dragged even the other three clans into it, he’d definitely worry about it. Considering all the bad things that happened in his life, I’d rather let him think that everything was happy and fluffy. I’m sure I can fix our problems with these clans anyway.

“Anything you want to tell me?” he asked, probably noticing something from my expression. Sometimes I slipped up a bit when I was with people close to me since I didn’t feel the need to lie to them.

“Well, let me tell you that you don’t have to fear for the healthiness and happiness of your daughter, as long as I’m by her side. I may not look like it, but I’m not one to be trifled with,” I replied seriously.

“Being confident is a good thing, but you should never get overconfident. Noble kids are really something else. If you ever fought against Lien seriously, you should understand the difference. She may be stronger than me by now,” he sighed loudly, eyeing his daughter.

“Uhm- Father, I can assure you that he isn’t just overconfident…” Lien shook her head, helping me out. I found it pretty funny for some reason.

“Oh? Is that so?” he raised his brows. “I’d like to see that now, but it’d be inappropriate of me to request a duel with a minor, even if he’s really as powerful as you say.”

“Dad, you really don’t have to. You must understand that he taught me everything I know. It’s enough if you believe me, I never lied to you, did I?”

“That’s true,” he nodded.

“We can spar later if you want to, but I don’t think this is the right time,” I remarked. “Instead of fighting, I have something I’m curious about, father in law,” I said with a smile. “Do you know of a clan with the family name ‘White’?” Since he dealt with many people, I was hoping that he’d have some info about them.

“Father in law…” he repeated my words, glaring at me for a moment. He still had trouble accepting it, after all.

“Does the name Mary White tell you anything?” I added, breaking him out of his thoughts.

Clearing his throat, he replied, “I don’t know about this Mary since we lived abroad for a five years, but I do remember the White clan. It’s a pretty large and powerful clan in the northern part of the city. Most of them are born with the Taming trait. It’s not rare to see them being followed by powerful monsters who follow their commands to the letter.”

“Why? Did you get in a fight with this Mary White?” he frowned.

“Nothing of the sort,” Lien waved her hand, not revealing anything about it. Actually, I never told her to keep my origin a secret, yet she didn’t even try to tell it to her father. It was true that I didn’t want it to be revealed, though. “We just get along well, but she’s been hiding her background for some reason. It’s just that we found about it,” she added, drowning his rousing suspicion.

“Maybe she didn’t want to intimidate you with her name. It’s not rare to see people avoid nobles, she must have thought that you’d be afraid of her and stop spending time with her,” he concluded. I loved the kind of assumption he made, I didn’t even have to come up with lies anymore.

“Well, I’ll leave you two alone,” Michael stood up and made his way towards the door. Turning around, he raised his finger, “One last thing, I hope that you don’t plan to welcome me with a grandchild next week. That’d be pretty... shocking…” he laughed awkwardly.

“I don’t plan to become a father so soon either,” I rolled my eyes.

“Good to hear,” he said as he opened the door and left.

“Yeah, children later,” Lien muttered.

“The god of beauty who reincarnates in a noble clan with the taming trait. I think it’s better if we’re careful with her. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had a way to control people or at least, affect their thoughts. It’s possible that it works only on men, though I don’t see why would it be like that. I mean, a soul manipulating spell would work on both genders…”

“Are you telling me that if you ever start behaving differently, you’ll be under the control of Mary?” Lien asked.

“I meant something like that, but I don’t want to blame my bad habits on her,” I replied.

“I know, I know, but it’s not like I don’t know your ‘bad side’, you know?” she laughed.

“Yeah… By the way, did you know that traits are the physical effects of our souls? For example, I’ve always been a curious person who wanted to unveil the world, who wanted to know about many things around me and I wanted to control them so that they’d benefit me. You’ve got to be that kind of person to get the blank alchemist trait. If you don’t desire control and you’re just curious, you get the common alchemist trait.”

“Since we usually get our traits at the age of six, save for one or two years here and there, kids with the blank alchemist trait are very rare. I mean, you have to be pretty ‘clever’ for your age to get it, but I had vast knowledge by then, so I had no trouble getting it.”

“Is this something that you ‘remembered’?” she asked.

“No. I can tell people’s trait when I make physical contact and I started experimenting with it in grade school for a few years until I could say this for sure.”

“And what’s necessary to get my spellcaster trait?”

“What most people had in common was a strong and logical mind. I mean, let’s take your father’s joke as an example, though it’s a bit silly, but whatever… If he really meant it and blamed me because you were sitting on me, that wouldn’t have been logical, and those kinds of people have no chance to get your trait. They also looked handsome or beautiful, don’t ask me why, but I swear I’ve never seen an ugly person with the spellcaster trait.”

“Hahaha, and who would prove it better to be true than you? Just look at yourself… Other than that, they’re usually curious, calm, collected, and generally silent people,” I added.

“Thanks for the praise, but I’m not that silent these days,” she muttered. “Could I lose my trait?”

“About the first question, that’s only because we often have something to talk about and have common hobbies and stuff, but you don’t talk much when you’re with others, so my clause is still valid. That’s why I said generally, after all. The answer to your second question is that I don’t know. I haven’t heard of anyone changing trait, but I don’t see why it couldn’t change. Good idea, I’ll look into that later,” I said happily.

“Makes sense,” she nodded.

“Seriously, though, you’re quite a bit like your father,” I chuckled.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, the way you joke is similar, you both use the ‘pretty’ word in front of other words quite often, your body language is also similar, and the way you handle ‘serious’ things is the same,” I listed a few things.

“I can’t deny that,” she shrugged her shoulders as she took out her phone and looked for something.

“What’re you looking at?” I leaned closer to take a peek, only to find nothing but text.

“Your speech earlier made me a bit curious about sperm… don’t ask me why or how, it just happened.”

“Haha, you could ask me as well, but I think I’m happier to see that you’re reading about it instead of asking. It could be rather embarrassing to talk about, though I don’t think I’d mind it at this point,” I said. She didn’t seem to listen to me, though.

“Ahahaha, this article mentions that it could be used as a cooking ingredient, isn’t that hilarious?” she laughed.

“Well, that sounds prett- quite strange,” I corrected myself. “This is starting to stick to me,” I shook my head.

“Haha, I know, that’s how I started as well. I think once my father told me that it was Mother who used it often,” she said with a smile that hid her sadness. It hurt seeing her like that.

“Aww, don’t make that long face, it’s alright,” she caressed my face and then continued reading as if nothing happened. Why was I being consoled? It made no sense to me.

Hugging her, I said, “If you ever feel like crying or whatever, just go ahead, okay? You really don’t have to feel ashamed and stuff like that, I’d never laugh at you.”

“When I think about her, I always feel saddened, but I’m sure that’s normal. Luckily, you’re here for me to light up my everydays~” she kissed my face. It was just a short peck yet it felt so fulfilling.

“AAAA! I love you,” I raised my voice as I tightened my hug. Her body was so soft and delicate.

“Uh- you’re crushing me,” she grunted. “Also, lower your arms because you’re squeezing my breasts and they hurt!” she tapped my arms.

Loosening my arms around her, I kissed her face, “You’re the best.”

“Fufu, I love you,” she returned my kiss.

Realising that we still haven’t told our parents about our plans to move out, I separated from her before we did something we shouldn’t. “Let’s go down, we have something to tell them,” I winked at her.

“What do you mean?”

“Didn’t we agree that we’d move out and live on our own? With the money I earned, we’d have no problem doing that. Of course, only if you want to,” I replied.

“Oh, that! Let’s go then, I’m totally fired up!” she raised her fist and jumped up from the bed.

After going downstairs, we told them about our plans. Naturally, they didn’t take it that well, and upon hearing another sudden piece of news, my father in law just shook his head helplessly. Thanks to the talk we had earlier, he took it easier. My parents were happy about everything, except for that we planned to move out to start living together.

Sadly, for them, we both wanted it, so after both me and Lien started reasoning with them, they gave up on the case and told us to do whatever we wanted. After we were done with talking everything over, my father in law wanted to go to a hotel for the night, but naturally, he was told to stay in the empty room. And it was at that moment he realised that there was something wrong with that statement.

“Wait, where will Lien sleep? Isn’t the empty room hers?” he asked. “Of course, I could sleep on the ground as well, in case you meant that.”

“Oh, she’s been sleeping in Seth’s room since the second day she came here,” my mother said casually.

“T-The second day?” he repeated her words as he turned to look at me with a frown on his face.

“Well, things happened,” I cleared my throat. I’ve done it way too many times today…

“Things happened, you say. Lien? Are you even serious? Just one day?”

“But he confessed to me, so… it kind of happened and then I got used to it, so I find it more comfortable to sleep in,” she paused for a moment to make sure she wanted to say it aloud, “in his arms.”

My father in law started massaging his eyes, visibly defeated. He just gave up on the case and waved his hand, “Whatever, it’s not like it matters at this point. But I never thought that my little daughter would fall head over heels into the little boy who came over to play with her.”

“Oh, come on, Michael, it must be fate,” my mother laughed.

“If you say so. Does she behave while staying here?” he asked.

“I have no complaints, her room is kept clean, she helps around the house and even cooks. These days all I have left to do is their breakfast, but even that’s only because I want to,” Mother replied.

“That’s good then,” he said as he reached into his pocket and pulled out his purse. He offered money for letting Lien stay here, but my parents refused to take it and even stuffed it back into his purse when he just left it on the table. My mother repeatedly told him that Lien was like a daughter to her and the usual stuff that was said at times like these. Maybe Michael thought that she was just saying it out of courtesy, but that wasn’t the case. I could see it in my mother’s eyes that she really meant it.

Leaving them alone, we went back to my room and after closing the door, I said, “I’ve got a question.”

“Hmm?” she raised a brow as she turned around.

“What do you think, should I tell my parents about the money? And more importantly, would you tell about your ‘origin’ to your father if you were me?” That was the only thing we left out from our conversation.

“I- I'm not sure,” she said with a short pause.

After contemplating about the matter for a bit, she replied, “I tell almost everything to my father, even things I don't really want him to know, so I’d probably tell him about it sooner or later.”

“Hahaha, yeah, you basically admitted that you’ve lost your virginity as well. You were giving way too many signs that sold you out,” I said meaningfully.

“Leave me be,” she rolled her eyes. “Anyway, you told me that you’ve tried to tell them once, right?”


“In that case, you could always go and show your true power to them and maybe they’d believe you like that,” she added.

“But I don’t really want things to change. I’m quite happy with everything as we’re right now. I don’t see why should they worry about things they aren’t even supposed to know. I mean, I imagine if I ever got in a conflict with another god, maybe it'd be better if my parents didn't know about it. They’d just worry needlessly. Argh, it’s such a pain! It’d be better if they were kept in the dark in some cases, while in others, it’d be better if they knew about it. How should I know which is the right decision?” I sighed.

“Mhm, yours is a pretty delicate case. Maybe it would be one of the things I wouldn’t tell my father, but I can’t be sure, I’m not you,” she said.

“I kind of want to make it so that only you know about it, I’m not sure why,” I chuckled.

“Oh? You want to share a common secret with me? How lovely~”

“Come on, don’t make fun of me…”

“I didn’t do a thing,” she mused.

“Whatever,” I rolled my eyes. “I’d tell them about the money, but since it's related to my origin, I think I’ll keep silent about that as well,” I muttered.

“Aren’t you missing something?”

“What do you mean?” I raised a brow.

“Well, what about moving out and living together? I was getting totally ready for it. If they don’t know a thing about it, isn’t everything you’ve done pointless?” she asked. “I mean, they’d surely ask how the fuck you bought a house and stuff like that, no?”

Raising my hand, I covered my face as I realised that I was an idiot and forgot the most important part. Clearing my throat, I said, “Shit happen. I guess I’ll have to tell them one or two things, I’ll come up with something by tomorrow.”

“Okay, and look, I know what it feels like to contain a secret like that. I mean, knowing that I'm the only one who knows who you really are makes your secret so… crushing? Yeah, it feels like it weighs a lot, even though you never told me that it was a secret,” she remarked.

“Oh, I can totally relate to that. I know about many secrets that could turn friends against each other, yet I've never revealed any of them. Some secrets just feel so heavy,” I sighed. What would people around me do or think if word got out? Those kinds of questions swirled in my mind.

“Well, I've told you my opinion about the matter and I definitely won't be the one to sell you out, so while you're thinking about what to do, I'll meditate, then exercise a bit, and then take a nice shower,” she said while she sat down on the bed, crossed her legs, and closed her eyes. True enough, it was getting late, but little did she know that I’ve been anticipating the arrival of night.

This night is going to be exciting, I thought as I started grinning. She paid zero attention to her surroundings while meditating, so a few devilish thoughts popped up in my mind instantly. She was way too defenseless when it was only the two of us. I crept closer to her on the bed and knelt down behind her back. Seeing that she was still deep into meditation, I embraced her body and whispered into her ear, “You'll progress more if we indulge in pleasure than by meditating for a few hours, you know?”

I could feel a small shudder run through her body as my warm breath reached her ear. Placing my hand on her shoulder, I slowly moved them down on her sides and stopped only when I reached her breasts.

“Haah- they’re so big and soft, I love them,” I breathed hard into ear as I started massaging her breasts.

Her eyes shot open instantly and once our eyes met, she said strongly, “No, my father is going to sleep in the next room, you moron.”

“That's what you say, but I know that you want to do it,” I said as I tightened my embrace and took a deep breath, filling my nose with her fragrance. “I love your smell,” I growled as I bit the tip of her ear and continued groping her breasts. Looking over her shoulder, I moved my right hand down to her private place and started massaging it through her clothes, while I used my left hand to pull down the upper half of her dress and reveal her white bra.

“Ah, is this a pure day? Is everything white? Like an angel, I want to defile you even more now,” I growled into her ear. I was getting so fucking horny.

Raising her chin, she rested the back of her head on my shoulder and closed her eyes, giving in to the pleasure for a moment. “Mhm~ Stop!” she pushed my hand away and backed out. She knew that she couldn’t lie to me at a time like this, so she admitted her feelings, “I want to do it as well, but we can't because my father will be sleeping next door, okay? So please, stop it,” she pleaded.

“As you wish,” I said with a smile, looking at her lustfully. It felt so good that she was completely at my mercy, but I hated rapists and I wouldn't force myself on her, even if we both wanted it.

She sprung up from the bed and quickly pulled up the upper half of her dress and fixed her hair. “Thanks for being considerate of me,” she said, once again looking proper like a princess or lady of some sort.

“No problem,” I said with a smile on my face. We both knew that I didn't give up on it, which just made it all the more fun.

“Well, I’ll just train my body then,” she said caressing her arm, looking at me from the corner of her eye. She carefully got on the ground to make a few push ups, but she was watching out for me, afraid that I’d assault her. She was fearing that I’d just push her down and do it anyway. Knowing her, she wouldn’t resist for the second time in fear of damaging our relationship, not that I’d ever feel angered because of it.

I’m an understanding person, you silly, but I’ll make you want to do it anyway, hehe.

“Mind if I join?” I asked.

“Sure,” she muttered.

I bet she’s thinking that, ‘What is he planning?’ Hahaha, I just want to push her down even more when I imagine it.

Every time she let down her body and got close to the floor, her breasts touched it first and deformed. It was a beautiful sight for me. Dear mother nature made it so that men couldn’t resist them, and just because I was the incarnation of a god, I wasn’t any different than normal people.

Last time she stared a lot at my body, thinking that far, I took off my shirt, saying that it would just stick to me because of the sweat. At first, she didn’t make a reaction, but while I was doing my exercises, I noticed her staring many times, and that really wasn’t the first! Thanks to her, I was becoming bulkier and bulkier by the days. This didn’t mean that I turned into a muscle man, but my muscles became much more well-defined.

Half an hour later, I was quite a bit at my wits end since she got a bit sweaty and her shining skin made everything much more erotic. It was frustrating that I couldn’t just push her down as I pleased, but that was most likely a common problem among people of our age. No, maybe it was a common problem humanity shared as a whole!

“I’ll go and take a shower,” she said as she stood up, slightly panting. I was quite sure that she knew I was staring at her the whole time because she made a few sexy flashes from time to time. I wasn’t sure if she was doing this on purpose, maybe as revenge, or if she was just carefree around me since she thought I wouldn’t attack her, but I believed it was the former.

“Okay, I’ll go after you,” I replied. Nodding her head, she got out of my room and left me alone. These past few days we showered together and slept together, so it felt quite strange to be so ‘alone’ all of a sudden.

About ten minutes later, she returned to my room, wearing a different dress than before, but it didn’t look any worse on her. This one was white as well, but it was visibly thinner and it was a bit shorter as well, reaching down only to her thighs. I’ve noticed that she didn’t have clothes for sleeping that didn’t make her look erotic one way or the other.

She probably bought them with me in mind, not expecting that I’d confess to her even before she got to seduce me. She was a cunning little fox for planning stuff like that… though it made her even more charming for me. Sadly for her, now she didn’t have clothes that hid her sexy body properly. She could’ve come in wearing her normal clothes, but who the hell would sleep in their common clothes? Well, I didn’t even have a pajama. I preferred sleeping in my underpants.

That thin white dress made her even more angel-like and made me want to defile her even more. It looked amazing on her.

“I’m done,” she said in a low voice, unconsciously clenching her dress and pulling it down on her sides. I really wasn’t sure if she was trying to seduce me by doing that or if she was really trying to cover herself.

“Okay, I’ll go and take a shower as well,” I stood up and walked past her.

When I put my hand on the handle of the door, she asked, “Should I wait for you?”

Turning around, I asked with a chuckle, “Can you even sleep without me?”

“Of course, I can,” she said with a smug face.

Seeing me looking at her with doubtful eyes, she added, “I’ll prove it if you don’t believe me!”

Old habits died hard and sleeping together became a habit for us. Although just because I had trouble sleeping without her didn’t mean that the same could be told about her, I was quite sure that she wouldn’t fall asleep in five minutes without me.

“Then go ahead and we’ll see if you can,” I mused as I turned around and left the room. I’d wake her up even if she fell asleep, I wasn’t going to let my father in law cockblock me! Since I was a bit excited about my plans, I washed myself in a hurry and shaved my face. I went back to my dark room and walked up to my bed, kneeling down on its side. Once I located her body, I stepped over her and laid down behind her.

She was completely silent and unmoving as she laid on her right side, except for her slightly irregular breathing, which told me that she was just pretending to be asleep. A bit of enchantment to my ears made things easier. Since I wanted to make sure that she was pretending and wasn’t just being silent, I asked, “Are you sleeping?”


“Well, then I’ll go ahead,” I said in a low voice as I gave a loving kiss on her face and embraced her body. I pushed my right arm under her right side and rested my hand on her soft breast without groping her. It probably felt more like an accidental touch, but it definitely had its desired effect. I pushed my left leg between her legs and my right leg beneath her thigh and put my left hand over her crotch, quickly caressing her tummy for a few seconds.

Although she didn’t say a word, I felt her body stiffen numerous times while I took position, so she was definitely awake. She didn’t want to do it, but only because of her father’s presence next door. Once again sadly, for her, I wanted to satisfy the both of us, so I planned to ignore her cute little ‘wish’.

If I just started doing her, she’d push me away again and that’d ruin the mood, but if I made her a bit more excited, then maybe she’d stop resisting. Hmm- oh, haha, I think I know how to do it without becoming suspicious!

Taking in a deep breath of her fragrant hair, I muttered as if I was talking to myself, “Ah, how I love her fragrance and these,” I groped her breasts. “Holy shit, I can’t get enough of this feeling, why does it feel so good to hold them?”

“She’s asleep anyway, would she mind if I used her body as fuel for my masturbation? She wouldn’t, would she?” I muttered. Since my senses were enhanced, I could see the blanket wrinkling right where her hand was. She probably clenched it, prepared for anything that’d follow.

Hmm- I’ll see for how long you can pretend to be sleeping.

Excited to have a taste of her flesh, I pulled off my underpant and put my member between her thighs. Placing my left hand on the upper side of her thigh, I pushed it downward to increase the pressure. Engulfed in that firm softness, I started moving slowly but steadily.

“Haah, damn it, her body is so hot. I want to put it in,” I grumbled. Sniffing her fragrant hair, I panted heavily, “My dick is burning up. I want it in so bad.”

She kept her eyes closed and continued to pretend to be asleep, so I went ahead and started groping her breasts. My fingers sank into her soft mounds without fail, filling my mind with even more erotic thoughts. Her thighs felt nice, but the pressure wasn’t strong enough to make me cum, so I continued moving slowly, just arousing myself more and more. The sound of skin brushing against skin seemed to resound in the silent room, mixing with my sometimes weak sometimes heavy pants.

Breathing heavily on her neck, I gave a small kiss on it and then moved up to her ear. I could feel her shutting her legs reflexively when I came in contact with her weak spots. Knowing that she was getting more and more on the edge, I reached down to her pussy and snuck my hand into her panties.

She was soaking wet.

“Oh, shit, I shouldn’t have done this. My erection is even worse now, I want it in so fucking bad,” I growled into her ear, talking to ‘myself’. Pulling apart her labia, I stuck in the tip of my finger and then moved up to pinch her clitoris. Before I could get any further with my play, I felt a hand touching mine.

Turning her head to the side, she opened her eyes and looked into mine. Placing her left hand on my face, she whispered, “Damn you, why do you have to do this to me?”

“Because I want to love you more,” I said with a smile and then tasted her rosy lips. It was nice playing around with her, but I was getting on the edge as well.

“No,” she pulled back, but her refusal was so half-assed and weak this time, I didn’t even consider stopping. Tightening my hug, I started kissing her neck and pinched her clitoris. She shut her legs and tried to block my hand, but I wasn’t trying to move it anyway. Putting my whole weight on her, I made her turn to her front while I laid on her back, my penis still between her soft and smooth thighs.

After she pulled her hair to the side, revealing her nape, she clenched the sides of her pillow in her small hands and closed her eyes. Enamored by the sight, I leaned closer to kiss the back of her head, slowly moving down to her nape, followed by her bare and slender shoulders.

Her body was so delicate and fragile-looking despite all her training, but she was undeniably a hot woman. Sticking in another finger, I increased my pace, making her pussy give out squelching and cupping sounds. “Haah- can you hear this? You’re so wet,” I panted.

Biting her pillow, she kept her voice down and enjoyed my hand in silence. Slowly moving my left hand down on her back, I stopped upon reaching her ass and groped it strongly, inserting another finger into her pussy at the same time.

“Mhn,” a weak moan escaped her lips, but she held it in really well compared to her usual self.

I’m an idiot, but I want to make her moan in pleasure even if her father notices it. Damn it, who cares about reasons? I want to hear her moan!

Having enough of just playing with her, I stopped moving my hand and pulled off her panties. Placing my hands on her sides, I slowly caressed her body. I could feel her shiver when I moved my hand down to her thighs, caressing her lower half all over the place, always avoiding her pussy only by inches.

“You’re so going to love this,” I leaned forward to whisper into her ear. Kneeling over her, I put my hands on top of hers and crossed fingers with her.

Slowly taking position, I could feel her clench my fingers when I put my penis in front of her vagina and gently poked her entrance.

Breathing into her ear, I asked, “Do you want it all in one go or do you want me to put it in slowly?”

“Just slowly, I wouldn’t be able to hold back my voice if you shoved it in,” she replied.

“Okay,” I said as a sadistic feeling arose in me. I inserted the tip of my penis, probably making her think that I’d listen to her, but I knew better what was good for her.

“Here I come,” I said to make her focus on the feeling more and shoved it all into her in one go at the same time. Her pussy clenched my dick like crazy while she took a deep breath through her nose and bit her pillow to contain her voice.

“You bastard,” she cursed out.

“I’m going to do you,” I said as I rested my upper half on her back and put my chin on her shoulder, still holding her hand.

“I like this position,” she said in a low voice, clenching my hands.

“Good to know, it’s my favourite,” I said before kissing her nape. Breathing heavily in my excitement, I started moving inside her. She pushed her face into her pillow to hold back her voice, giving in to the pleasure.

Her bouncy ass gave out a cupping sound each time my crotch hit against it, so she couldn’t help but raised her head to say, “Auhn- Seth, please, slow down. We’re making too much noise!” Her hoarse voice was like a melody to my ears. Poor girl, she was trying so hard to contain her voice, even though I used a wind barrier to prevent any sound from leaking the moment I entered the room. Sadly, for her, she didn’t know about it. I was too excited the first time so I forgot about it, but it was different this time around! That visibly couldn’t be said about her.

I let go of her right hand and put it under her waist to pull up her lower half, making it a bit easier to move. Grabbing her hair, I slowly and gently pulled on it, trying to make our contact feel a bit wilder. I could feel her pussy twitch for a moment, so I was quite sure that she enjoyed it. “You like this?” I asked.

“Haah, yes, Ih- I do,” she panted heavily. We spent a few nights together so I had no trouble remembering where to find her weak spots. Feeling her pussy contracting all of a sudden, I knew she was coming. My precum worked as an aphrodisiac as well, so it was no wonder that she had gotten so aroused so easily.

Since my eyes were enhanced, I could see her legs shining from her leaking fluids and even the sheets under her pussy got soaked. My primal and animalistic instincts pushed forward and filled me with a sense of fulfillment and happiness, seeing that. Feeling that I was getting dangerously close to cumming, I pulled it out and turned her over to her back.

As our eyes met, she put her hands on my face and pulled up her legs. “I love you,” she said, almost making my heart burst. Her eyes seemed to be on fire, she wasn’t just saying it, I could feel it through her touch, through her whole being. She killed that cold and dominating feeling in me a bit, awakening my love for her.

“I love you too,” I said as I leaned closer and hugged her strongly. Kissing her one more time, I pulled back and grabbed her ankles. While looking deep into her burning eyes, I spread her legs and then raised them up to her shoulders, making a wonderful sight in front of me. I never tested how flexible she was, but she seemed to have no trouble with this pose, which made me wonder how far I could go. Pushing her legs a bit further, I stopped when they reached behind her head.

Shit, I bet she could easily do splits as well, though it’s no wonder, she’s included stretching in her exercises, probably since a young age.

“I didn’t know you were this flexible,” I remarked.

“You never asked and never tried,” she said in a low voice as she spread her slender legs in front of my eyes and went down to splits.

As I thought. Shit, I kind of want to do her in that pose.

Moving it back up to her head, she grabbed my hands and crossed her fingers with mine. “I loved it while you were holding my hands like this,” she added.

Nodding my head, I leaned on her as I inserted my penis and started moving in her incredibly tight pussy. This pose was something else. The pressure of her folds felt almost twice as strong as before, which made holding myself back rather hard. Tempted to just lose myself to the pleasure, I started moving inside her and increased my pace. Her hips slightly raised each time I pulled out my penis and then fell back down as I pushed it back in.

“Hargh, you look so damned hot,” I couldn’t help but say.

Covering her mouth with her hand, she looked towards the place where we were connected, probably not seeing a thing in the dark.

“Can you see it? My dick going in and out of you?”

“No,” she moaned.

“Do you want to?”

She stayed silent for a few seconds, only listening to the cupping and squelching sounds of her pussy. “Yes, damn it,” she muttered. Sending my mana into her body, I enhanced her eyes.

Biting her finger, she kept looking at my dick going in and out of her. A bit lost to the pleasure, her voice started leaking from time to time, so I leaned closer and sealed her lips with mine. After a good minute of deep kissing, I felt that she was trying to pull back because she ran out of breath, so I pulled my tongue out of her mouth and moved on to kiss her neck.

Letting go of my left hand, she put her right hand on my back and sank her fingernails into my skin. She hissed in a low voice as she pulled them across my back in pleasure. Luckily, her nails weren’t long and sharp… Looking down, I found my penis covered in a thin layer of white stuff, showing that she was enjoying it very much.

“You’re creaming,” I whispered into her ear.

“Ahn, no way, mhhm~ that- that’s the best,” her right eye twitched as I hit her most sensitive spot.

Feeling that I was getting insanely close to cumming, I snuck my right hand between her legs, through her silky hair, and behind her head to hold it. Consumed by the pleasure and the pressure on my penis, I didn’t have the will to stop moving and pull it out just to prolong it. I pushed my member as deep as I could and shot my load into her while kissing her.

Looking down, I slowly pulled my penis back out and it shot up as it came out because of the angle. Her pussy was covered in her lubricant fluids, making her labia super shiny. Biting her lips, she put her hand on my chest as she lowered her legs and rested them at my sides.

Turning to the left, I took a look at the clock. Following my eyes, Lien said, “It’s midnight, we should sleep. We’ll have to go to school tomorrow.” Despite her words, she reached down with her hand to play with my member.

I knew I’d be really sleepy if we had another round, but the mood was kind of perfect. Her father being next door just gave that extra bit of thrill to the sex, which was something that was a bit hard to come across without being unsafe and going out.

After listening to the sound of her hand rubbing my member for a while, I asked, “If so, then why are you massaging my penis?”

“Well, it’s fun!” she laughed.

“You can do it all you want later, but we should really sleep for now,” I sighed, a bit sad about it.

“I’ll rub you until you shoot it far away sometime, okay?” she asked.

“That’s a very specific wish…”

Okay?” she repeated her question.

“I told you a moment ago that you can do it all you want, didn’t I?” I rolled my eyes.

“Mhm, but it’ll be punishment for making me do this even though I told you not to do it!” she flicked my forehead.

“Then I’ll enjoy that punishment very much,” I mused as I grabbed her panties on the side of the bed and held it in front of her.

“Put it back up if you took it off,” she said, clearly amused by my reaction.

“Are you kidding me?”

“No~” she said as she opened her legs a bit and rested her feet on my chest. After shitting around with the ins and outs of her panties for a moment, I quickly put it on her legs and pulled it up to her thighs.

“There you go.”

“It’s not on me, pull it up to my waist as it should be,” she laughed. Grumbling, I moved my hand towards her thighs, but stopped for a moment and reconsidered doing it another time. Gritting my teeth, I closed my eyes and resisted the temptation to do her another time and put it back on her, quickly turning away when I finished.

The way she was looking at me the whole time was so arousing. I knew if this went on, I’d lose it. Seeing that I didn’t give in to her temptation, she said, “Aww, you’re no fun.”

“No, I’m not, I’m just trying to avoid ruining the next day, well, or today,” I corrected myself, seeing that it was already past midnight. “Also, what about your fear of your father hearing us?”

“Well, if he hasn’t heard us yet, he isn’t going to hear is for the second time either and if he heard us, then it doesn’t really matter at this point,” she replied. “But you’re right, I shouldn’t give in to what my body wants,” she added as she pulled down her dress and then laid down on the bed.

Ignoring the fact that she’s just said that she wanted more, I embraced her and took up my usual position “We should get you something to sleep in,” I remarked.

“Ah, don’t even mention it. Could we go on a date tomorrow afternoon? I’d buy one for sure. My nightgowns are meant to seduce you and I can’t wear anything at times like these,” she replied.

Resting her head on my arm, she turned towards me, “Seriously, though, you’re going to ruin my relationships if this keeps going,” she laughed.

“What? How?”

“Everyone is going to label me a pervert…”

“Nah, it’ll be me anyway, I’m the man, after all,” I laughed.

“True~” she said as she kissed me on the lips. Putting her right arm around my waist she closed her eyes.

Caressing her beautiful face, I said in a low voice, “You know, I never felt as happy in my life as in these last two weeks.”

Opening her eyes for a moment, she replied, “Me neither.”

Kissing one last time, we both closed our eyes and fell asleep in each other’s loving embrace.