Chapter 234 Bella’s are Ringing?
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Chapter 234 Bella's are Ringing? by Harem -Fan!


     After freeing the Savage Lands from the tyrant, by having Fahrenheit take me away, we instantly appeared over the main City of the Amazons!

     "Hello my Bell, I have come for you."

     Soon we hear Bella's voice on the command-deck.

     [Hello Kris my master, and how was your trip? I think you're here way too early, right?]

     Manya excitedly jumped in.

     "Husband over-hunted again, and made us all super-strong super-fast, and he wants to impress you, giggle."

     [I will greet you in the center of the main arena for you to welcome then, hurry master~! Click.]

     Mary, Manya, Fran, Sin, and I are the ones to go down. Luna is not yet well received amongst most races, yet.

     The small platform brings us down to the sandy arena, and the many glaring lesbians are looking at me like I am a Dark Elf. Yes, the hatred for free men is strong, and even more for non-humans.

     I just grin at the women and release my intensity, and many of them flinch. Yes once you break that level 50 gap, you radiate an aura of authority that is intangible but can be felt.

     I opened my arms for Bella to hug me, she of course noticed the big ass sword on my back, and grinned at me.

     "So it was there, the almighty Masamune you told me about?"

     I unsheathe it from my back so she can see, and I twirl it around one-handed and say.

     "Without buff-magic, I can drop any level 45 or below in one round. It's even better than I thought it would be. I think the Boss using it on me was probably level 110 if I am guessing right."

     "Good, you need to be that strong to show them you are worth marrying."

     I kissed her lips to the anger of the Amazons around and said.

     "No, the sword is to beat you, for the rest of this rabble, I have something even more powerful, he-he."

     Then Manya came over and stole Bella from me, and Sin took my arm as my loving courtesan Queen.

     After hearing Manya whispering in her ear, her eyes got big and she then turned to everyone. Bella then yelled to the Amazons.

     "Tonight we feast! Then tomorrow the grand battle will take place, and all the strongest Amazons will challenge my master at the same time!"

     WOOOAAAHHH! All of the Amazon got excited at the thought of beating me to a sliver of my life, for defiling their Queen as her master.

     Fuck how pissed would they be if they knew she was pregnant with my child, he-he.

     My party of 5 were brought into the grand Palace for the Queen by Bella, and she had a seat put next to hers. At this time it would be pushing my luck to sit in the Queen's seat with her in my lap, but after tomorrow, who will complain? The only reason I am allowed to even sit with her, is the fact I am the Elf King.

     Bella however did push her luck by feeding me food and filling my wine-cup. I can tell she is doing this on purpose. She wants to make her Amazons underestimate me, sigh, she is cruel.

     Bella then stood at the end of the feast and raised her cup of water and said to everyone.

     "Immediately after the Grand Trial, I will be wed with my master and become his Amazon Queen. Now hold your tongues. You could not defeat me, so how can you beat the man that beat me? Naturally, if you can beat him, he will be your slave, so try hard!"

     CHEEEER! Wow, Bell is using the carrot and big ass stick approach with the retarded dikes?! The majority of Amazon women are lesbians that have sex with men only for kids, so thanks to Bella's mom she did not turn into Yuri.

     So yes, right now I am forced to watch a sea of Amazons making out, and it's not as hot as I thought it would be. Well when you're not a part of it, it's like watching dick-less porn I guess.

     But just when I thought this party sucked, it actually did suck! Bella with no fucking shame, pulled my dick out in the middle of the entire feast and started giving me an erotic-blowjob!

     Over half of the Amazons looked at me with death-glares, but this actually turned me on, a lot! I ran my fingers through Bella's long red-hair and smiled at all the women. Honestly it did not take much time to make me cum in her mouth, and into her belly!

     [Imaginary Final Fantasy victory music here!] (A/N Yes this is the one blowjob that entered the list of Victory Fanfare music!)

     She cleaned out her mouth and then sat on her throne with a smug smile, and I said to her.

     "Can I just make you Bella Tempest now and skip the bullshit?"

     Bella smiled at me and said.

     "I am a Queen now, so good things come to those that wait. Just sleep tonight, and I am yours tomorrow, my future husband."

     So my party of five was led to the Queens chambers for a cuddle session, and Sin's other blowjob for me.

     Late the next morning.......

     I am standing in the middle of the arena and waiting for this joke to begin.

     Soon a group of 21 Amazons with Bella included,come and surround me. I have my sword in hand, and the defense barrier for nonlethal duels is put up.

     This group of women are all of one of three Jobs, the Light Knight, White Wizard, and Master. They are sexy and seasoned veterans. All but one wants me under their feet as their personal fuck-toy, he-he. Correction, Bella might also?

     The announcer Amazon is yelling to the fully packed beyond-fire-regulations arena. She is explaining that this is a 1 vs 21 fight, and the Amazon to strike me down gets to be my owner, but if I win, I marry their Queen and they submit to me, not Elfland. So all of their futures are on the line here, hence the crowd.

     "Male who thinks himself stronger than Amazon, do you have any last request before the start?"

     I look to the judge and I take her up on her stupid as fuck offer.

     "Yeah, let me cast one defense spell before we start. Well there are 21 of them, right?"

      "Then that will signal the start of the fight, but if it's attack magic then you're forfeit."

     I then nod and double cast...


     This is technically a single cast since it's basically simultaneous, well the Reflect goes after the first spell, but the chick did say the battle started on the casting of Haste, so I am not cheating.

     Unfortunately, I went before Bella so I will cast something else. Because it's an only [the caster] spell it bypasses the Reflect spell, so I double cast my [Blink] spell to add to my impressive evasion, now it's 80 points higher on top of my Agility.

     Then Bella leaps high, and I smile as this is my signal for the extinction of the Amazons.

     Needless to say the White Wizards were stupefied why their own [Holy] spells hit them back in their face. The others mostly missed their attacks and I received superficial wounds from the ones that did, this is in the bag already, as long as I survive the Cruise-Missile! Please don't critical me!

     Naturally before Bella drops in range of my two Meteorites, I decimate the 20 Amazon's who all were instantly ejected from the arena, then Bella landed on my shoulder!

    Well she would have if she did not miss due to my rapid-blinking and super-high evaid-rate, he-he, even she is looking at me dumbly!

     "Sorry my Wife, I won't hit the baby but it's over!"

     Even with her almost 100 Defense, with my 14 attacks and mega-high damage, she too was taken out in a single set of attacks before she could leap! I taught her that class, how could I not know its weakness?!

     So there I stood without a single scratch on my body, with Masamune on my shoulder, and a face that wanted to be punched.

     I break the almost silence thanks to Manya giggling, and tell them all.

     "So who wants to come see Gaia's Blessing, as I marry my wife, Bella?!"

     Bella with 1 health staggered to me, and I fully heal her with [Cure 4] and take her hand.

     "Come with me my precious Bell, let's make your mother happy."

     And with my words she hugged me so tight, I think I finally took damage, ouch!



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