Peace and Prosperity Over 10 Months?
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(A/N For those of you that did not know, sorry for this slow update, I have been having a blast with my new story, DxD: Motohama! Try it out if you like my style of writing, thanks for reading!)

Chapter 235 Peace and Prosperity Over 10 Months? by Harem-Fan


     After conquering the Amazons and forcing their Queen under my rule, it was time to leave for home.

     As a betrothal gift, I left Amazon Island with 20 Moon Metal Golems as guardians. Queen Bella Tempest is given authority over them, and I set them to kill all males and monsters as they are placed over the Island.

     I banned the Amazons from capturing Northern humans for their reproduction slaves, and only allowed them to capture and enslave Southern men. But to compensate, Elfland, Crimson Court, and the Northern Tempest Kingdoms will send ALL male human prisoners to the Amazon, death by [Snu-Snu] is the new punishment! See I am a glorious tyrant, I meant ruler!

     After my days spent with Bell, we had to part for a time, yes sadly, becoming the Queen meant more time spent raising the strength of the Amazons, sigh. But it's fine, I have Ark to let me visit my wives regularly. When Bell finds a strong enough successor loyal to me, she will return. Also Amazon will wage war for me anytime.

     So it was finally time to sit on my damn throne once more to lead the Elf in becoming the true rulers of Gaia once again.

     Narcissistic, yes it is, but I must do this. A kind-ruler will be overthrown, and that's why the Emperor ruled most of the world for so long.

     My return to the Capital spread exciting news around the world!

     First was the slaying of Tame Pride-tail the Beast King! And the Savage Lands took this face-slap without retaliation.

     Second was the capture and subjugation of the Amazon nation. This too was a first in history to be married to a proud Amazon Queen and her subjects becoming subjects of the True Elf King.

     Third bit of shocking news was the recovery of Legendary 9th Level White and Black Magics! This hands down was the most shocking news.

     This is like when the first Atom Bombs were used to create forced world peace.

     All of my wives and lovers are given this magic, sadly I have to not give it to many, yet. The cost is just astronomical.

     I was offered a large sum by many to learn the magic, but till the South is dealt with, 9th level magic will remain under tighter control. I don't need the Emperor enslaving a bunch of Meteor users to use against the Elf.

     So in an overview, ten months have passed in Peace, Prosperity, and Re-population. Sadly this counts for me as well! Yes, I had some surprises in store for super Daddy!

     A number of new Princes and Princesses were born to me in this time of peace. They are in this order...

     Carla... She should have given birth already and I don't know anything about both of their fates. All I know is, she is alive, and her line with me is Pink, that's all I know, oh and she is to the East. I hate not knowing about my child, but this is the consequences of a life like mine.

     Delta my Murder Puppy, gave birth to a strong and handsome white-haired and gold-eyed little rascal who she named after her little brother, Hero Tempest!

     Eli gave birth to my little terror Ema Tempest. She is a troublesome baby that gives Eli so much hassle, but we both love her very much. I really cried like a baby when she was born, due to my heart being moved. Eli was so happy to be able to down her first bottle of Moon Wine that she too was crying, he-he!

     Lily then gave birth to Enthrall Tempest and the Kingdom really celebrated the first High Priestess birth in a very long time. Lily broke her normally elegant mask and I had to console her for days due to her being too happy.

     Sin gave birth to my daughter Diana Tempest, yes she was a huge surprise to find out I had knocked her up immediately behind Lily. So just as I calmed Lily down, I was once again calming down Sin, who also could not believe her fortunes, he-he. Phew, wait there's more....

     Bella gave birth to an adorable Half-Elf Amazon girl who was named after the Summons of their Island, Titania Tempest!

     Elena gave birth to my daughter, Song Tempest, and she was really a cute baby that was so cute and adorable. Like she only got her mothers adorable genes. My sister in name was so happy, she gave all of her subordinates a month of paid-vacation, they were floored.

     Damn, that's a fucking lot of kids right?! I am overwhelmed, my brothers and sisters.

     This is the price for not pulling out! But I love being a dad. Oh are you not shocked?

     Then guess I should tell you about the little bundle of joy I am holding right-now?!

     "Sniff, Sniff, My King please let's name our baby girl, and pet her ears before me, and I will pet her tails first."

     Mofu Mofu, and another Mofu Mofu!

     Vivian who is laying in the bed, after just giving birth to our daughter is fluffing her baby's tails, and with a warm smile looking at this sexy fox goddess, I rub my newly born daughter's ears. Our baby is smiling cutely.

     "My little Princess, I want to name you Moon. Let your Moon Elf bloodline make you as beautiful as your mother and as kind. Light up our hearts little Moon!"

     Vivian, this sexy woman who reminds me of that Kalawarna anime character, is crying nonstop at my words, so I wipe her tears.

     "Thank you for loving me Vivian, and bringing Moon into my world. I am very happy. I love you. Now get some rest, even with [Cure 4] on both of you, you should sleep well. I will tell the others you're fine, oh and here drink this bottle of Moon Wine to restore your body."

     Before I go, Vivian grabs my hand and with a smile that always moves my heart, she simply says.

    "Kris my love, thank you for being born."

    Fuck she is very unfair, and I start to cry now. But I put on a manly-smile under my waterfall and say.

     "I will always love you..."

     And that event happened just last night. I don't have any current pregnant wives I know of at the moment, so I am at least done with births. This was the main reason I have not traveled the world causing trouble for everyone. Being a dad is more important. I was there for every birth!

     Currently we are holding court disguising current local and abroad affairs of our Kingdom.

     The General of the Ocean Fleet is delivering intelligence to the council of unsettling movements.

     "Some of the escaped Elf slaves of the Dark Elf managed to get free with some insider help. We don't know who helped them or if it's a trick, but they reported a massive military build up by Dark Elf King Astos Black-moon. He seems to be forming two armies. One to attack us, and a ground based army of soldiers to enter an almost open Elf Gate. We don't know what his plans are, but it looks like some kind of final decisive battle he is preparing."

     Sally, of all people in the room, asks the General a question.

     "Did the freed Elf say the name of the insider was named Pink by chance?"

     The General's eyes opened wide and he nodded to Sally and explained.

    "Indeed, 1st Queen, the person that freed them, said their name was Pink, do you know this insider?"

    Sally elegantly crossed her sexy legs and told the court.

     "If the news came from Pink, then it is true and accurate."

     When I look at Sally she smiles and winks at me saying with her gestures that it's all her doing! Damn Sally always surprises me. I just smile back.

     Elena then dismisses the General.

     "Thank you for that excellent report, ready our forces to mobilize on the King's command, make it happen within the month."

     I look to my immediate left and ask Lily.

     "Does the World Tree want to weigh in on this decision?"

     Lily smiles at me then while holding the leaf, her eyes glow-white, then she tells me.

     "Elena should defend with the Sky Fortress, while you head into the portal after Astos. There are important individuals there needing you badly. Only you can stop the Invasion of Gaia."

     "Lulu, when the time comes, I need you to follow my Queen Elena's command, can you do that for me?"

     [Affirmative Captain! I shall let Officer Elena Tempest have temporary authority to defend the Capital. Please fight without fear of your home being harmed.]

     Ariel then stood and asked Lily.

     "Does our King need to enter that trap?! We only recently had our True Elf King returned to us."

     Lily, with a warm-smile, sees through her friends true thoughts and tells her.

     "Trust me Elder Ariel, this is the path that you must endure like the rest of us. So be brave and be rewarded."

     Sigh, Yeah, she and I have had some business dinners, and my heart has been moved with her. We have not done anything together, yet, But I really enjoy my time with her. And from what Lily just said, it looks like, my heart will open for Ariel as I thought. So I smile at the Elder.

    "Don't worry, Just knowing the Elder council needs me will give me the strength to defeat the threat on the Black Moon, so rest assured, I will come home with another victory for us to celebrate."

    That last part I had looked into her eyes, and I saw her emotions. She admitted to being ashamed of finding a young man alluring, so she is in some shame, hence why we have yet to proceed.

     Elder Lumen then said.

     "Let us all go back to our homes and prepare for the upcoming Elf War. We still have time to be prepared thanks to this alert, so I conclude the meeting."

     All of my Queens but Sally go, and I see Lily take Ariel's arm as they are talking on the way out, sigh.

     Now only Sally and I are left, and she sits sideways in my lap with her arms around my neck. She looks into my eyes and tells me.

     "Sorry I did not tell you before. I was not sure if she would choose you or not, but naturally Pink is Carla. So when you meet her again, be kind, even if she yells, hits, or curses you. It is not how she truly feels about you, but she is a proud woman."

     I kiss Sally and nod.

    "Actually, I am worried for her and the baby. As long as she does not want my life, I will give her what I can, I owe her that-much, right."

     Sally kissed me and patted my face and told me something that floored me.

     "I knew you would say this, so when I sent her off, I put in the letter you wanted to marry her and make her your Queen, Ufufu."

     Yeah, Sally knows me more than myself it seems. So with a defeated smile I ask her.

     "Do you want me to marry her?"

     "Yup, I actually like fighting with her, it's like having a real sister. The fact she is helping you proves her heart is yours."

     I hold Sally tight and I grin, then ask her.

     "Hey my wife, do you want to be my first?"

     Sally reading my naughty-face puts on an act for me.

     "No Kris, we can't do that on your throne, it's disrespectful, so no."

     And with lots of playful giggles and moans of pleasure, my throne finally lost its V-card!

     I love this woman with all of my soul!



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