Carla My Cruel Lover?
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Chapter 239  Carla My Cruel Lover? by Harem-Fan


      Slap, Slap, Slap!

     I don't know how long Carla and I were entangled, but as I fully come back to my senses, I can still feel I am pumping inside her as she is breathing heavily.

     I remember making a mistake earlier and casting [Cure 4] on her to help her out, but that was a huge mistake, due to it replenishing her pheromone glands. Yes our session is twice as long due to negligence.

      Slap, Slap, Slap! Carla's nails are trying to dig into my back as she is squeezing my waist very hard with her long legs. I can feel her pussy clench on my dick and I know this is her climax, and I just keep going to finish for the, probably tenth time tonight?

      Slap, Slap, Slap! This time I don't go deep but keep the sloppy thrusting as I am finishing in her again!

     [Imaginary Final Fantasy victory music here!]

     I collapse on her large breasts, and her eyes come back into focus after a few minutes. At first she was smiling and then she realized she couldn't show me she was happy, so she said to me in a displeased voice.

     "Get off me you horny bastard, don't trigger me again. Hurry and pull out fucker."

     Yeah, she said this twice before but never once called for help, attacked, or pushed me off. I have realized, her pride and hostile upbringing make it so she can't show affection like normal couples. Well I don't blame her.

     Fuck when I pulled out a white river happened, damn! She and I looked dumbly at how full she was, and the couches all over were stained with our playtime as well.

     "You healed me three times damn it! We have been going at it for 16 fucking hours. Look at this mess, and I just killed the maids, shit."

     I pulled out a wash basin with hot water and a rag and began to clean up my body.

     "I have another bucket if you want to clean up, Carla?"

     "Why waste time telling me, just get it out, look at this state you let me in, humph!"

     She turned her back to me and I saw for a split second she was smiling while cleaning, yeah she wont show me she is happy, plus I just looked at her pink-line and its deeper, sigh. Well it's not her fault she is like that and she loves me so I will take it.

     "You really look beautiful Carla. But I guess you know that already."

     Her hands stopped for a second and then she said.

     "Who cares what you think of my looks. No one wants your opinion."

     Yeah, but I see the tips of your ears blushing woman, ha-ha! She may have forgotten it last night, but she told me she loves me, she is in denial.

     As we finished washing we got dressed and she asked.

     "What are your plans, oh great True Elf King?"

     "Get into the portal to the Black Moon, kill shit, find who is calling up there. Then kill Astos, open the Elf Gate back, and find you and Haze, become the Dark Elf King, and then have a repeat of last night? That is the rough draft of it."

     She looks at me like I am a special mental patient, and she asks me seriously.

     "Kris, is this how you have done things till now? And you actually succeeded? There are so many things wrong with your plan, I am speechless..."

     I put my face mask back on and said to her seriously.

     "I am now level 77 Carla, I have 9th level magic, and I am strong with every tool in the box needed to win. The only part of my plan I am not sure about is you? Will you accept me if I win? I want you and Haze in my life, and I will do anything I can to make you happy."

     She just looked at me in horror for the things I said, the level, magic, and confession.

     "Fuck you moron, but if, just if, you manage to pull off this stupid as fuck plan of yours I might, just might consider you. I don't know why I want you to live, but..."

     Her red-eyes bore into my soul and she said.

     "I don't want my daughter to be fatherless, even if he pushes her mother around. So I guess I'll want him to come back."

     I pull out a crystal and hold it. Then I told her.

     "Hide all of your best or trusted men from going to attack the Elf, or go into the portal. Elena is using a new weapon of the Moon Elf that is unstoppable and has a huge kill area, so don't go there. And anyone on the other side won't be coming back to Gaia. I won't let whats there harm Gaia, so I will come back alone."

     I tossed her the [Meteor] crystal and when she saw what it was her hands trembled.

     "What, why are you giving me this?"

     "I give that to the ones I love, now protect our baby and stay safe for me. Carla, when I get back, please become my Queen?"

     The crystal felt like a ton in her hands hearing me say insane things, like an Elf King marrying a Dark Elf woman, then she remembered I had a Dark Elf wife who actually sits on the throne of Elves, and she calmed.

     "Ask me if you come back."

     "Carla, thank you for seeing me before I go. My heart feels better after the cruelty I have seen, it lets me know there are Dark Elves that desire to come to the surface and live free. Help me find the good ones. I am going to leave now. If I stay, I won't leave you."

     Carla yelled for her guards, and I smiled seeing her act.

     "Guards, take this Dark Knight to the Astos pool, he is worthless as a toy, kill him if he resists, now take him away from my sight."

     The guards pretend to not see the crime scene on the couches, and the screaming of their Duchess all fucking night and do their jobs!

     Somehow I felt like the guards gave me room, with some respect, they too did not believe their mistress but who are they?

     After I left....

     Carla had her hand on her heart and tears fell from her eyes in sadness of my parting.

     "How could I fall for a brat who does not even plan well, and level 77! My heart can't take your fathers craziness, my little Haze. Let us hope your father returns. I want you to grow up loving my light."

     Then she felt her bloated belly with a lustful-smile and remembered their incredible night, but she won't admit to him she loves him, nope.

     Back to sad me....

     I left the arms of a black-haired sex Goddess, and now I have been tossed into the general sacrificial army, if my enemies saw me right now I would never live this down, sigh.

     Four giant lizards pull the wagon I am in with about 50 stinky nasty dudes and a handful of women currently letting the men have a go, because they are masochist that like rape, disgusting, but they suffer the curse from Astos. I think if I remove curses and the Dark Elf learn they could not control their urges, how many will commit suicide?

     Well I hear we are being taken to the Capital, but will then travel to the surface where the Portal is. Yes, the Elf Gates are all above ground naturally, so Astos has to carry his ass out of his hole occasionally.

     Ark sends me text messages to let me know what's up.

     [Sally said to tell you she was happy you found Carla well. And the Elf side will get their air fleet moving in two weeks including Lulu. As I see their fleet go I will tell Lulu.]

     "Thanks Ark, and send a message to all of my loved ones, I am here and it's going well, and I love them all."

     [Done and good luck.]

     So it took this slow moving wagon 6 days to make the short distance due to random monster attacks and fighting among the Dark Elf. I only killed what messed with me and kept my head down for this trip.

     We came out of the underground and into the gross-marshlands of the Underdark. This place is so corrupted because of the high concentrations of Status and Poison Magic Crystals.

     When we made it to the portal site, my jaw almost dropped! There has to be like 90000 Dark Elf gathered and waiting to enter the open Elf Gate.

     I was disgusted when I heard Astos opened the gate by sending in his last sacrificial child. Yeah knowing Luna was to be one really hit me hard and made this whole sick affair bring me heartache. Who makes children do that?

     I am grateful for that one act of saving Luna. Sure he only did it to stall Astos till today, but Luna is one of my most cherished light's in my life. A woman like Luna is once in a lifetime. When I look at her, I see the best in the Dark Elf people.

     While we have been placed in sections for entering the Gate, an old and nasty voice can be magically heard over the crowd of dark-elf.

     [My subjects, today is our momentous day to claim back the Black Moon we rightfully own! The Demons on the other-side, are trying to take the Dark Elf World Tree for their own selfish aims. Once we recapture our tree, the Elf can no longer suppress us! Now enter the portal and kill every demon you find! Surround and secure the World Tree for your King, now go my loyal soldiers ATTACK INVADE AND TAKE BACK OUR WORLD!]

     Wow what a load of bull shit. But how do you get 90000 troops to willingly go die? Well I guess I will enter and see what to do when I am in there, but the Tree won't be my destination for sure.

     After an hour my group of dead-meat is being lashed forward and as I get to the blood covered Elf Gate I see him... Astos!

     As our eyes met, my smile was wide and a chill ran up Astos' back, and a feeling of wrongness hit him! His eyes panicked and he screams but it's too late, I passed the Gate.

     (A/N What is happening with Astos right there is he is immune to the Emperors Hypnosis App as a Black Line and this makes him a natural foe to Kris, and his heartfelt instant rage at his sight, also that was the wrongness Astos felt. So Astos cannot be controlled by Kris FYI.)


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