Chapter 240  Black Moon Painted Red?
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Chapter 240  Black Moon Painted Red? by Harem-Fan


     With Masamune in hand I step out of the corrupted Elf Gate, and the sight was not the beautiful Paradise I once saw with Luna, but a miasma blood-pool.

     The sounds of intensive fighting can be heard for miles in all directions. Blades, Spells, Claws, and Teeth are seen interchanging with one another.

     Dark Elf, Zombies, Demons, and Vampires are in bloody orgies and all sides look delighted for slaughter and fresh blood.

     I cast [Haste] on myself to gain 16 attacks per round, because I too have just been engulfed by an endless tide of enemies! But unlike the two warring factions, I am on my own and everyone here is my enemy.

     Swoosh, Slash, Stab! All of my swings tend to bring down every enemy in one or two hits and I move from the portal quickly due to Astos spotting me. He will send elite troops to deal with me, so the deeper in I go the harder it will be to find me.

     Swoosh, Slash, Stab! This whole planet seems to be blanketed in a grey necrotic haze or gloom. The once lush forests look sad and half dead from all of the rot and decay. Even if you held your nose on this battlefield it would be impossible to avoid the wretched smell of blood and dead flesh.

     Swoosh, Slash, Stab! I finally see way off in the horizon a massive World Tree even larger than the Elf World Tree on Gaia, and its leaves are all black and its bark too looks half dead. When I see the state of the tree my soul cries because the Tree is still alive and in pain.

     Swoosh, Slash, Stab! It's been almost 30 minutes, and my blade has not yet stopped swinging, as I aimlessly wade through both sides in an incredible battle. The Vampires feast like they have been starving for good blood all this time. The Demons are doing things to the wounded and dead Dark Elf that I can't unsee in my life.

     Swoosh, Slash, Stab! Something I noticed that is bothering me... After every Dark Elf from the Astos army dies, that Black-Curse that left Luna's body when we got married is visibly being drawn to the World Tree!

     Crap is that Astos plan all along for Cursing the Dark Elf of Gaia? He is feeding the curse to the Tree for some gain?

     [Growl, Come this way Summoner, come this way...]

     Swoosh, Slash, Stab! I looked behind me where I heard a distant voice in my mind. This growl and talking is like the roar I heard in my Dream World with Luna?!

     I am now traveling Eastward away from the Gate and Tree, but the war is still thick even here. But unlike where I came from, I am encountering more Zombies, Demons, and Vampires. But what shocked me to my core was the fact they were all talking in English and not the Gaia language!

     "Oh, I want to fuck that strong one, fufu, my lucky day! Come Dark Elf, give me your body!"

     No, that is not a sexy nasty Succubus yelling that in a coquettish voice but a burly 7 foot tall Demon with a very impressive dick swinging in the wind!

     "Come forth Ifrit and burn this filth away!"

     And from my outstretched hand the 20 foot red-fiery portal came out a fiendish looking Spirit looking a little bit like the enemy he is cooking!

     Ifrit with disdain on his face, opens his mouth and spits out gouts of [Hellfire] turning the massive group running at me into ash!

     He smiles at me as he is sucked back into his portal, and I move forward.

     [Growl, Come this way Summoner, come this way...]

     Swoosh, Slash, Stab! I re adjust my direction to follow the call. The hoard is seemingly endless but I recast my Haste spell and wade in. 

     I at this point look like a blood man. I had to remove my mask long ago, and the only color not red on my body are two light-blue-eyes.

     "Dammit, now I am even getting exhausted! Well I will pull out my trick then, [Cure 4] [Haste] and now I can go on, ha-ha!"

     Swoosh, Slash, Stab! I had not noticed the tears coming out of my own eyes for fighting for almost 2 hours mindlessly had put me into a killing zone only an avid RPG gamer could understand. My emotion has long turned off, and I just want this fight to end.

     [Summoner, push on, this is your trial of bravery! Find me and free the innocent!]

     Swoosh, Slash, Stab! Just as my mind was empty I heard the voice louder than before and my mind awakened from the mental grinding. I know I leveled up at some point, but I just don't care about it. This is the first time in my Gaia life, where level does not interest me anymore.

     Swoosh, Slash, Stab! A large group of Vampires encircled me and I heard one of them say something interesting.

     "How did this enemy make it so far in our home?! He must be as strong as our Vampire Lord, Darius Long-shadow !"

     "He is heading straight for [The Zero Sanctuary] and we can't let him get there! We can't touch him there."

     I am done with this group and I am tired of holding back. So I let out a double cast of [Meteor]+[Meteor] and the enemy for a large area just vanished and only dust was left.

     I take a deep breath of this foul air and if my mind was in order, I would have recognized the name of the Temple they mentioned, but I just press on in this endless gauntlet. The only difference is I am alone without Dark Elf to draw fire for me so wounds slowly begin to build.

     Swoosh, Slash, Stab! I finally entered a heavily guarded valley and the battle intensified for me. If I was not being drawn here, I most definitely would not have entered this rat's nest.

     "[Bolt 3] + [Ice 3]!!"

     With a combination of strong electrified-glaciers destroying the last of the defenders, I drop to my knees for a moment's rest.

     [Warrior, why rest when you achieved victory, now come to my Sanctuary. Those inside are not your enemy, Summoner!]

     I am feeling icky and dump a large amount of water from a barrel from my amulet to wash off most of the gore, and undo this shitty man-bun.

     "Seems the nasty blood from Demons and Vampires removed my hair dye, hmm, no matter I am the enemy to all."

     I press forward feeling like I cleaned the filth from my soul and not just my body.

     When I reached the valley exit, the site I saw blew my mind completely!

     I see a stretch of beautiful forest of black trees and life surrounded by a shimmering silver-barrier, no its platinum in color!

     This area must have a diameter of at least 20 miles?! I see a massive stone temple in what I guess is the center of this Sanctuary. And this forest looks like the one from my visions with Dream Luna!

     [ROARING! Now come in Summoner, to the temple center, find me!]

     This time the voice was not in my head but heard in the entire region. So I walk to the barrier in the far distance. A few Demons tried to desperately stop me, but they were only the crazy-ones, the rest fled fast when they saw me. I think its my white-hair scaring them off?!

     After 10 minutes I reached the barrier and to my surprise I saw some frightened looking Dark Elf on the other-side in simple primitive clothing. They too heard the call and are nervous about my approach, and my white-hair is something they have never seen before or my blue eyes for that matter.

     I see the platinum-barrier and then step through it, and to my surprise all the blood of the Demons and Undead had been purified from my body and I am left with only my normal looks. I put Masamune back on the hanger and put my hands up to calm the nervous Dark Elf inside. Then I speak.

     "Hello everyone, I come in peace."

     I noticed the confusion on their faces, so either the trope gag-line did not work, or they don't speak the language from Gaia! So I switched to English.

     "I am True Elf King Kris Tempest, I won't harm you."

     Due to my words all of the 1000+ Dark Elf got on both knees and prostrated before me? Okay I guess they know the title then?

     "Get up everyone, I was called here by the voice in the center, can someone take me there?"

     When they all got up and heard my words, a slender Dark Elf woman came to me, and she seemed to be the leader or one of the leaders of this band of primitive Dark Elf.

     "I am Della, Priestess of the Temple, did you say Lord Bahamut called for you King?"

     "Bahamut! Yeah that makes sense now that I think about it! yea Della, I am also a Summoner, and he has been calling me for a long time now, can you please take me to him?"

     "Lord Bahamut has already told me of your homecoming King of all Elf! Let your humble servant guide you, this way."

     I follow this Dark Elf woman that looks like she has lived a simple and primitive life her whole existence, Based on the outside world, I would say for at least 75000 years they have been trapped generation after generation in this small space, sad really.

     I think they were left behind due to being Dark Elf. And it seems this mighty Spirit has been keeping a small piece of the Black Moon alive all this time as a true Guardian.

     "Della, is life hard here for you all?"

     "Inside the Zero Sanctuary life is peaceful and good, but, if you leave the protection of our Lord, you never return and your end is very bad. Here we live in harmony with nature and are caretakers for our Lord. We only take what we need and cultivate the land to prosper. We have been tending for longer than our history remembers. But it seems we have been waiting for your return my King. So now we of this generation have some hope for a better life!"

     Along our twenty minute stroll I noticed the three legged crows and the two headed snakes and other fantastical creatures from my dream. So my dream was about this place and not the rest of the crappy Black Moon.

     As we approached the massive stone Ziggurat, I saw something that amazed me, at the base of the Ziggurat was an unused Elf Gate!

     I quickly made my way to the Gate and I instantly found the slot for the Moon Metal Card with the coordinates. Nice! I can go home with this!

     I make sure it is functional but do not activate it. Seems when the Gates were placed on Gaia, they used the Gate here to evacuate the Elf, and the Dark Elf came into this Sanctuary after the Elf bailed, sigh. I pre-programmed coordinates from the Gaia points, in case I need to beat-feet!

     "Amazing my King, you can activate the Gates! So it's the power of a King?!"

     "Yes, Della, it is based on my Royal lineage, only the Moon Elf can activate and use them, even though you can read it, it's useless unless your Royal bloodline."

     "Incredible my King. Well let me take you in to meet with our Lord, I am so very excited to aid you, my King Tempest, this way..."

     So, I look up the many stairs of the stone monument and suck it up, and follow this Dark Elf woman,...

     Let's meet the mighty Bahamut!


     (A/N If you like my writing, then read my latest story DxD: Motohama!)



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